Ed Voyles CDJR Collision Center
A, 790 Wylie Rd #1, Marietta, GA 30067, United States
Review №1

Took my 2005 Ram 2500 in for ball joints and an alignment. They said it would be a day or two before they could get to the job and they got it finished in that time frame. They tried to up sell a few services, but that’s what all dealerships do, it’s how the service side makes additional money. I asked them to check the U-joints as well and they gave me an honest assessment that they were good. The alignment was done well and when I got home and checked the bolt torque with my own wrench, everything was done to spec. Communication was a little lacking during the time they had my truck, that and the up sale techniques are the reason for 4 stars. The work the technicians did was great. Labor prices are in line with other shops for the work I had done. Remember that most of the money goes to the shop, not the technicians doing the work.

Review №2

1/12/21 update - got a response to my review below indicating someone would reach out to me. Never heard from anyone....I purchased a new Promaster van from this dealership in 2018. This is a business van and my company depends on this van for revenue (service based). The purchase was smooth and trouble free. However, since that time I brought the van in for service two times (both where appointment were made). The first visit was for a reprogramming due to the key fob that stopped unlocking the vehicle remotely. This process took three days, two of which the van sat at the dealership because they hadnt gotten to it yet. I found them to be non-communicative and not respectful of the downtime of the vehicle. The second time the vehicle needed a recall and the check engine light came on with some transmission shifting issue. This visit was even worse than the first. I made an appointment for first thing on a weekday morning. The van was there on time as scheduled. Service advisor indicated they should be able to diagnose it that day. Well end of day came and no communication from them. Called the next morning and was informed the van was not looked and there were 4-5 other vehicles ahead and they likely wouldnt get to it on day 2 either. I asked about the appointment and was told the appointment is to see the service advisor..... He said they hope to get it in the shop the next day (day 3). Day 3 came along and still not able to get in the shop at which point I told them to get the van ready for pickup and I would take it elsewhere for service. IMO their processes are not customer friendly and they do not handle customers with any sort of respect or care.

Review №3

Best car buying experience Ive ever had. Blake Newcomer with the truck center is top notch. Highly recommend!

Review №4

Nice folks. However, completely oblivious to COVID and safety protocols.

Review №5

Theyve had my vehicle a total of 30+ days and apparently never even popped the hood. Dont waste your time here. The service managers are nice, but thats about it. I bought a used vehicle and brought it in 3 times explaining the same concern: electrical issues when it rains. Starter burned out twice. To avoid having to cover it under warranty they blamed it on me, claiming that I must have connected something to the battery (I have not).Each visit it took them more than a week to actually look at the vehicle and about 10 days to get it back.Still not sure if the problem has been fixed, but after the problem reoccuring for the 4th time, I took it to the Paulding dealership which stated that the fuse box was missing a cover and couldnt believe Ed Voyles had missed this obvious issue. Their corporate rep told me that Ed Voyles would have no reason to pop the hood or look into the battery compartment unless the machine they plug in tells them to do so. What kind of mechanic is that?

Review №6

I purchased a used jeep axel from Rexx Hudgins from the collision center. On Nov 7 i drove 8 hours to come pick it up. When I got there he was still replacing the ball joints in it. Heck he even gave me 2 bottles of chrysler differential fluid for free. The axel was removed from a jeep they worked on and had to replace because of a bent upper control arm bracket (no big deal I will cut it off and weld a new one on). When I was finally ready to install it a couple weeks later I open it up to reseal the cover. I found out it was not 373 gears like he said it was but only 321 gears. He says the jeep it came out of shows it had 373 gear and never checked to make sure it was right. After talking to him it looks like I will have to get a lawyer involved.

Review №7

Good business,, good technicians, good people, and a well appointed waiting area For you to read, work, or just watch tv! If you bring your vehicle in and just let them do there job you’ll be pleased .I had some simple recalls on my ram truck and had nothing but a good experience . I am the hardest customer in the world to please When it comes to my truck and they managed to accomplish this with ease.My time was respected, they did what they said when they said they would do it . I was asked permission to pull my tailgate Matt by tech To access my tailgate latch, and Dustin my service coordinator did a great job . And they even noticed my tire pressure gauge on dash wash lit and handled that for me, it’s been on for 3 yrs.Excellent jobAaron

Review №8

Great people to deal with. If your looking for a new ram go see Monti, she works hard to help you get what you need. Then you can come back Brett and Thomas will take care of your service. The service staff helps and keeps you up to date the entire time. They even text so you don’t have to wait on a call. What a great staff.

Review №9

Excellent service and staff. Timely also.

Review №10

Guys in the service center are awesome. Lounge is very nice. Free WiFi

Review №11

We are a company based in Orlando florida. we just purchased a Ram promaster 1500 and sent it to Georgia to a job site. upon arrival the trucks belt was squealing. The were happy to assit my guy with this issue and doubled the truck to ensure it could saftly travel back home to Orlando. thank you to Ned Beslagic great person excellent customer support. Ed Voyles ram truck center hold on to this great employee

Review №12

I was misled on my “certified” used vehicle. Every aspect of my purchase was misleading. Buyer beware.

Review №13

Stay far far away from this service center. I made an appointment a week in advance, for almost 2 weeks out. Dropped off my vehicle for a check engine light and an oil change, and after 3 days they still hadnt even looked at it.The service managers are ok folks, but theyve been dealt a bad hand by the company and their management. Theyll feed you excuses and outright lies till they are blue in the face.Im never going back to this location, and will actively let people know how awful it is.

Review №14

I have had seveveral of my business vehicles repaired here. Good communication, helpful staff and fair pricing. Would recommend to my family and friends.

Review №15

They got my truck in and out in a reasonable time. The staff was friendly and willing to help.

Review №16

Despite having an appointment, my vehicle has been in their shop five full days (and still counting), and they have yet to even look at my vehicle. I understand that business get behind schedule, the issue is how management is handling the situation. Every day I call for an update, Brett tells me they will be working on my vehicle tomorrow. Instead of making empty promises, I dont understand why they couldnt have been honest and simply rescheduled my appointment.

Review №17

Excellent techs at a fair price

Review №18

Awesome experience!! Long story but.... Brett was amazing!! Im from out of town and had to get a vehiclr towed in. Thw tow truck took way longer than expected but Brett was still able to get me back on the road quickly. Thank you forall your help.

Review №19

This is a special review : I live right behind their new parking lot. The alarm on their cars keep going off. I’m inside my apartment and all I can hear is “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP” for like 5 minutes. Left a message with a manager, called several times, they seem unfazed so we will see. They can’t even address a simple issue, so should you trust them with their finances?! FIX THE DAMN ALARMS!

Review №20

Nice with a separate truck center.

Review №21

Quality service and Quality people

Review №22

Serviced my business van fast and friendly service

Review №23

Fixed my truck right up. Great staff!

Review №24

Not good customer service

Review №25

Best truck center in Ga

Review №26

Great staff and good experience.

Review №27

Go to don jackson instead

3.4 Rating
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