Talpa Supermercados - Mableton
1245 Veterans Memorial Hwy SW, Mableton, GA 30126, United States
Talpa Supermercados - Mableton
Review โ„–1

Omggg you gotta try their pork carnitas they are the best Iโ€™ve ever tried in AtlantaTienen las mejores carnitas sin duda ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค

Review โ„–2

I really like the cafe inside the supermarket. The food is good, authentic and affordable. I like to get the taco combo and try different tacos. It comes with 2 tacos, rice and beans. The asada is seasoned so well. There are many other dishes too. The soups look so good. I also love the pina agua fresca. It is so good! Yum!

Review โ„–3

I love this food supermarket. Good price and excellent customer service.

Review โ„–4

First real Latin supermarket Iโ€™ve been to in all of GA. Being Latin is hard in this part of the country, I come from a diverse city (NY) you get a little bit of everything out there, and here you really donโ€™t . So I appreciated walking in there and seeing so much of what my kitchen actually needed and will need from here forward . I wish they had more stuff, packaged meat, so you donโ€™t have to buy stuff by the pound, different Latin American spices and foods, I feel like itโ€™s more Mexican stuff than anything else but I wonโ€™t complain too much, Iโ€™m just grateful Latino people have location to shop. (Iโ€™ve never seen so many Latin ppl like I did today in one place, here in Georgia by the way)

Review โ„–5

The best little deli inside this carnitas ever...but that one guys that works in the meat department needs to get slapped..he was so rude..thinking i couldnt speak or understand spanish...i wish i could ...i wish i knew his name..

Review โ„–6

To big to get customers some attention, bad service

Review โ„–7

5/14/21. Came in for some lunch to go. Ordered some nachos and a kids quesadilla along with some other stuff. Went home to my surprise to find no cheese dip on nachos! Iโ€™m a former server and worked many years in Mexican restaurants and Iโ€™ve never came across nachos without cheese! Was really looking forward to it. Didnโ€™t want to go back for just some cheese dip because the employees already have attitudes. Also the kids quesadilla was suppose to be just cheese and they gave me a whole asada quesadilla and charged me for a kids asada burrito. Itโ€™s fine but she literally repeated the order back correctly and salen con sus mamadas. Yโ€™all can do way better since you are the biggest supermercado in town.

Review โ„–8

Good selection. Place was crowded. This was my first time. Great Horchata drink

Review โ„–9

Great food at the Resturant .

Review โ„–10

They have a little cafe inside that sells wonderful authentic Mexican food! I love the 2 taco combo with rice and beans for $5! Unbeatable deal

Review โ„–11

We order food and it really good . Very Clean and organized store Customer service is really top notch . Location is perfect. The Man who accommodated on one of our dishes was great . ( son is Vegan) So the food was delicious. Thank you for making it possible for our family to enjoy together.

Review โ„–12

A variety of authentic herbs and spices. Very reasonable prices. Love this place!

Review โ„–13

Clean and friendly they try to help you in every way I like that

Review โ„–14

1st timer..Nice CLEAN Hispanic Market with an Abundance of Fresh Produce and Meats...I even found Fresh Chamomile...Yes in its Natural Form๐Ÿ˜

Review โ„–15

Hablan espaรฑol. Masks required. Very clean store, nice employees. The in store restaurant has delicious readymade food. The bakery has delicious goodies.

Review โ„–16

Good variety of products.

Review โ„–17

Great store with super customer service! They just started a breakfast aria. Delicious food and all natural fruit drinks!

Review โ„–18

I moved to Atlanta from East LA nearly 3 years ago and found myself without all of my favorite Mexican staples. I only recently discovered Talpa and all of my homesickness was stricken away! They have EVERYTHING. The meats are fresh and excellent, reminds me of home! Their candy section has the BEST collection Iโ€™ve ever seen and I absolutely LOVED the bakery. Their fresh rolls made for some amazing Tortaโ€™s. This place is clean, the people are hospitable and the big tv up front is super cool at check out. Got my free Fanta for my big haul and suddenly I felt back at home. EXCELLENT place. *Bonus* They have all the ripe avocados that Georgia desperately needs. I contemplated not sharing that but . . . youโ€™re welcome! :)

Review โ„–19

Great place to eat for lunch

Review โ„–20

Tampa had everything I was looking for. It was nice and clean and I was in and out quickly.

Review โ„–21

City Farmers Market is a great place to shop!!!

Review โ„–22

The cake a buy was so ugly I am literally cry about how ugly it looks

Review โ„–23

Love this place great food and very nice people that work there

Review โ„–24

Its a good place, u can find good food and mexican snaks

Review โ„–25

Shopping is convenient, just a few custodians do not wear their masks properly. One of which (carnicero) was very rude and ignored me when I asked him to pull up his mask and cover his nose. The cashier wasnt also covering her nose but she complied to my request very nicely.Shopper beware, some if the workers are not covering their noses.

Review โ„–26

The bread that I got from there is good, however a couple of pieces were burned. Overall, I would go back again.

Review โ„–27

Humongous burrito for a very reasonable price was discovered in the middle of a supermarket might have been the biggest surprise to me. Will definitely be going back to explore all of the deliciousness I witnessed. Cobb county secret.

Review โ„–28

Customer service is always great. The store is cleaner than other Mexican stores in the area. But I have to give a bad review to the restaurant food. I ordered a Cuban Sandwich because the image that was displayed on their screen was very appealing and I decided to give it a try. What I got was the worst Torta I have had in my life. Everything tasted microwaved, the bread was soggy., the hot sauce was bland, the price was a bit high compared to other places in the area. I will keep going for groceries but will NEVER eat food from this place again. Also the bread and cakes from the bakery look and taste โ€œhomemadeโ€ rather than top quality bakery made.

Review โ„–29

The veggie products not the best but their meats are good...I hope they can decrease prices for good and let people buy more for less...they needed to put some offers for costumer appreaciation

Review โ„–30

All very well But buy a Tres leches with Sour milk and expired and it expires in a week

Review โ„–31

Great place but. The music is too loud.

Review โ„–32

Fresh produce

Review โ„–33

Exelent customer service and good service

Review โ„–34

Is not worth it. Too expensive meat old. Not worth it

Review โ„–35

The worst experience for the first time in the restaurant area. 1. Couldnโ€™t pay with my card2. Waited for almost 30 minutes to get some tacos and I had to ask if they got my order done, and of course the didnโ€™t have it (I guess not even the receipt, cause I had to give them mine). They didnโ€™t have many drinks I pick from, I ask for hot Sauce and jalapeรฑos (they didnโ€™t have no jalapeรฑos) and no lime. This time the carne asada was tasteless. Hopefully they can fix the issues that they have in the kitchen, cause it looked like it was a mess.

Review โ„–36

Good supply

Review โ„–37

Great place and very friendly staff! Went there for my first time and I was so impressed with how great everything is there. Definitely recommend!

Review โ„–38

Excellent!!! This is my favorite place. Everything is always fresh, the employees are courteous, pleasant and helpful.

Review โ„–39

Diamond in a rough. Im so glad I found this place. They were available for my familys grocery needs throughout the pandemic.

Review โ„–40


Review โ„–41

Good place

Review โ„–42

Very clean and organized, staff is super friendly and the prices are reasonable

Review โ„–43

Best for all of your hispanic grocery needs

Review โ„–44

My all time favorite Mexican restaurant food is always on point

Review โ„–45

First time here and loved it

Review โ„–46

Amazing, so glad we have one. Its a grocery store, bakery, deli and restaurant in one.

Review โ„–47

Even though I cant understand a bit of Spanish. I really like to go into this store to observe.

Review โ„–48

Love the food and all the people

Review โ„–49

Food was fresh and delicious! Loved the atmosphere.

Review โ„–50

The stores feels so compacted.

Review โ„–51

Great service, great prices and most of the products are very good.

Review โ„–52

I love this store, and you dont have to speak Spanish.

Review โ„–53


Review โ„–54

Everything looks good very clean and very friendly and fast service

Review โ„–55

Pretty cool spot for meats and other things

Review โ„–56

Loved the place!

Review โ„–57

My new grocery store i do love it that the guys in the meat dept speak English cause my Spanish is horrible. Lololo.

Review โ„–58

The guacamole will make you slap somebody! Im not spanish speaking but Im about to be with food this good.

Review โ„–59

Nice people to deal with and very clean store

Review โ„–60

Good plece good Hispanic food

Review โ„–61

The best latin supermarkets

Review โ„–62

We can shop very quitly

Review โ„–63

Very good place to buy groceries

Review โ„–64

It was great, employees really helpful

Review โ„–65

Great food and reasonable price

Review โ„–66


Review โ„–67

Too much money, get your stuff a Walmart

Review โ„–68

Good place to shop

Review โ„–69

Dont no, never shop there

Review โ„–70

Excellent place

Review โ„–71

Loved it!

Review โ„–72

Cool place

Review โ„–73

Very Clean Supermarket!!!

Review โ„–74

Very clean

Review โ„–75


Review โ„–76

Very nice place but unfortunately my experience was bad, how is it possible that in a place where they sell Mexican food and you order a dish, ask for spicy sauce and their answer is we dont have but in the palapa they sell ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ IT IS A MEXICAN KITCHEN WHERE IT MATTERS OF THE SAUCES COUNTS ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Review โ„–77

Excellent products, good price and dish of the day only 10 us

Review โ„–78

Very good things the fresh vegetables laa meat exelemte and warm tortillas their sauces the best

Review โ„–79

On Sunday, November 9, I bought a tiramisu at the bakery and I just grabbed it, it made it rich and I grabbed it but at the moment of opening it was with a lama on it and it had a date of October 10, at that time I didnt realize it was already a month old and I still had it There I went to return it, they returned the money to me but not even an apology from them

Review โ„–80

Excellent store, with a great variety of Hispanic products, very clean and great customer service.Excellent store with a great variety of Hispanic products, very clean and with good customer service.

Review โ„–81

It seems that the service is very bad during the week and more after 5pm. The food in the restaurant is fine but the cook then gets angry when you tell him that your order is wrong. Butchers, cashiers and bakers are attended by one. The bread of the baker is not to my liking especially the churros.

Review โ„–82

Hello, good afternoon, I know that this Talpa store has supposedly great services! they say all over Georgia. I have not had the experience of entering these stores, but now that I am doing it, this is my second time that I went in and had some (PAN) to eat with my coffee but unfortunately earlier today I left for my work and I I found a prize !! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ In one of the bread came a (HAIR) who knows where from because it looks (RARE) but unfortunately I will not return here they need more (hygiene) ๐Ÿคฎ

Review โ„–83

Ta weno xD

Review โ„–84

I went to buy castile for broth and I asked for 3 pounds and instead of meat they gave me pure net fat that I shrunk because I told him please do not give me fat and it was the first thing he did and it is not the first time but I said the best Now they are different but I see that they are not

Review โ„–85

Super friendly excellent service!

Review โ„–86

I love this place!!! The only one but was that from an employee in the meat area, I asked him for milaneza without breading, and I was very insistent that he bring meat to grill, which was cheaper, which was better and blah blah blah, in the end I said no, that Please, I wanted milaneza, and to attend one of my children, I turned my gaze and until I got home I realized that he gave me meat to grill at the price of milaneza !!! I did not have time to return to the store for several days, so I did not file a claim !!!

Review โ„–87

The butcher shop is dirty as always, thats why I dont buy meat. They throw everything on the floor. And thats not there.

Review โ„–88

Excellent super honest rich taquitos

Review โ„–89

I was happy that they opened one of these stores near me since I live in Douglasville and there is not much to buy Mexican products ... but unfortunately every time I go the butchers are very despotic and rude the owners of the store are created and twice I left the meat because they give me what they want, not what one asks of them, hopefully they would demand that they be humble and attentive because one is not going to ask for anything as a gift.

Review โ„–90

The service in the food area is terrible, since day by day they get worse, today I went to the food area and they gave me rice so raw that I dont even do it like that, they put the tortillas on top of the beans and the wrap all be full. Previous days I have also gone and the food has no seasoning only pepper.

Review โ„–91

Everything varied and good price

Review โ„–92

Is stocked

Review โ„–93

Great service

Review โ„–94

The fresh waters are very good but it is already 2 times that the waters fall from the glass holder. Please invest in glass holders other than wangos thank you

Review โ„–95

Please disrespect you ask for a Milanese chicken cake and they give you rice salad and burnt chicken and some potatoes that I dont know where the worst service in all Mexican restaurants comes from.

Review โ„–96

It is very clean, good atmosphere, very good service in the buffet, everything in general good

Review โ„–97

Mexican style and that fascinates me I always find what I need

Review โ„–98


Review โ„–99

It has everything they should have promotions, there is another thing bad service in the palapa, they should train their employees well ๐Ÿ†— I hope they discuss it with the owner owners apply

Review โ„–100

Very well

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  • Address:1245 Veterans Memorial Hwy SW, Mableton, GA 30126, United States
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  • Phone:+1 678-903-5766
  • Grocery store
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Working hours
  • Monday:8AMโ€“10PM
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Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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