General Automatic Transmission
2726 S Port Ave, Corpus Christi, TX 78405, United States
General Automatic Transmission
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My husband and I had an egr valve problem with our vehicle. Josh fixed the problem quickly and professionally. He is one of the best mechanics there.

Review №2

Ive been dealing with general automatic transmission for at least 20 years honest people that the only place you should take your transmission to have repairs down to it keep up the good work and be safe out there

Review №3

Was extremely satisfied, staff is very knowledgeable and helpful

Review №4

Badass place. This is my Go-To Transmission and repair shop. Guys are friendly and awesome, great work, labor can be pricy but there are different repairs that get the same job done cheaper and these guys will tell you about and do it. Love this place.

Review №5

They do an awesome job they treat you like family

Review №6

Great service and makes you feel like family. Offers Jasper Engines and Transmission priducts

Review №7

Absolute garbage. These people are clueless, please go elsewhere. Your car will thank you

Review №8

Great staff!!! Great prices and honest and I mean “super honest” work!!!! I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else in the Corpus Christi area. Steve showed and explained everything to me about my car. Well done!!! Thankyou to the staff at General Automatic Transmission!!

Review №9

I have been making payments on a job that was never completed. From day one they knew that my vehicle had a manufacturing recall, and they kept giving me the one more week on more week for 3 months. The manager has said oh I’ll pay you back for 10 months now and all he needs to do is call the finance company and tell them to only charge labor. But he won’t do that. The day i was to get my vehicle he called and said fill out this finance form and we will hand you the vehicle it’s ready, after i made the application and approved i get a call oh wait something is wrong lemme keep it here and fix it. Three months later come get your car there’s nothing we can do. As this is the only experience I’ve had I’d recommend you go anywhere else but here.

Review №10

Definitely best quality work for the price!! I wouldnt trust my vehicle anywhere else!

Review №11

My family has always used this place. My first time personally and had a great experience. Great service and customer interaction. Had some questions and mechanic answered everything. Definitely recommend this place. Oh and great prices.

Review №12

General Transmission took my phone call on Christmas Eve made arrangements to pick my vehicle up the day after Christmas and fix it on their day off so I could return home thank guys

Review №13

First time there!I went to have my transmission fluid changed, great service and friendly guy (approachable) .If I am in town and need my transmission fluid changed again, I will be going back!Thanks again for your service G.A.T.

Review №14

Great people good work fair price. I you need help with your transmission and are traveling through or live in Corpus Christi I strongly recommend General Automatic Transmission. We got a free tow and were treated great!

Review №15

We were on a road trip and thought the worst when our Transmission started to give us trouble. We got lucky and went to General Automatic Transmission. They were helpful and explained it was a smaller issue than we anticipated. We were back on the road car running better than ever. Great Texas hospitality, quality work, affordable pricing

Review №16

Worst place to get your automobile fixed. They charged me for a transmission overhaul, $2,300. They never fixed the problem, and refused to give me back my money. I brought my truck in 3 times for the same problem. Each time, they kept my truck for 6 weeks. When I got my truck back I noticed the bed liner was all scratched up, and oil in the bed. Proof that they used my truck for hauling parts. The third time I took the truck back, I was arguing with the son, who is supposed to be the new owner. That is when the father came out and told me to take the truck to a brake shop, to get it looked at. That was the problem with the truck, the whole time. Fixed the brakes, and fixed the problem.

Review №17

Great customer service.

Review №18

Go somewhere else! These people are scam artist. I took my vehicle in for a shifting problem. They told me it needs an overhaul, they took 8 months had to threaten them so they could finish it. The problem wasnt fixed. The transmission almost fell out the next day. They towed it back, the next day the transmission leaked all its oil. The third time I went in I had to tell them off after telling me it was ready, I looked under the vehicle and the bolts on the pan were all loose. The company i work with also had a vehicle there and they went through the same thing, the fly wheel was left loose and they almost burned the transmission. I noticed every person that was calling was told they needed an overhaul. I give them -10 stars!

Review №19

Bad customer service wouldnt let anyone fix my car here unless they take drug test on the mechanic and manager especially. . how would you like having your car or truck worked on a contract employs. mechanic. Bad shop. I would never have my car fixed .Or recommend and I will let all my friends know. And no so habla Espanol. Probably only mechanic does but manager doesnt. Dont go there

Review №20

My transmission died and I got stranded. They went out of their way to help me and get me home.

Review №21

Just had my filter changed and had a small leak. Once my truck got in there it took them a few hours. No contact.. truck runs great.

Review №22

Do not take your car here. Charged 2,300 to fix transmission and broke more than they fixed. They said free quote and then refused to give me my car back unless I paid $500. So I was forced to take their price of 2,300 for a car that I paid 1, 500 for. They broke a cable to my shifting and told me that they were not responsible because the car was older. The transmission still was never fixed right and still has issues that it had before I took it in.

Review №23

The best shop I have been to. Very professional. Fast service, free tow, and the warranty is great.

Review №24

Great shop and you will get a fair price with quality work.

Review №25

Very rude manager, spoke to on the phone and he did not give me an accurate price on a transmission gasket repair, his excuse was “he was the new sheriff in town”. What a prideful and hot-head manager, get over yourself.

Review №26

Went there to get transmission fluid change on my ford expedition . It has a sealed system. Some guy there told me it would cost $575 just to drop the unit for repairs. I told him all I wanted was a fluid change because it was due for maintenance and was affecting the shifting performance.I left and took it to the ford dealership and had the job done for $210. The shifting problem was solved.

Review №27

They did an awesome job . Thank you every much.

Review №28

Wouldnt give my friend a direct answer wanted her to leave her car run test make repairs then give her a price very shady business

Review №29

Great transmission work here

Review №30

Whatever you do, dont go to this business. Took them nearly 8 months to complete a transmission rebuild and acted repulsive and rude when i called about MY car. Wouldnt recommend this place to anyone.

Review №31

The worst place to get your transmission repaired. I pray this place gets there crap together. We paid a lot of money to get our vehicle fixed and it was not properly repaired. You will make huge mistake if you give these people your hard earned money.

Review №32

Great service and staff

Review №33

Good people

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Review №35

They are useless just to scam you they tell you its one thing and then they come up with something else I paid $ 1800 and they didnt compose anything

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