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KLEO provides services in minibar and room equipment products market for the areas defined below. 1. Corporate and Retail Sale Services It constantly supports its customers with direct sale operations, provides project assistance on corporate sales. 2. Dealership Organizations Negotiates with the companies that want to sell the products in the country and provide after-sale services, and it provides necessary project and introduction support for these services in its market. It creates the results of co-operation necessary for the continuation of these negotiations... 3. International Marketing Activities It makes world-wide preparations for new products and new markets. It provides necessary negotiations by researching distributor or sale channels. It makes the necessary agreements as a result of the negotiations. 4. Product Management It carries out directing researches about technological developments and design of the products. It prepares projects to realize them and makes reports by getting end user feedback according to the production results. 5. International Agreements It enables international agreements, whose administrative,legal and risk conditions are defined in the correct and proper way for the parties, according to the contents of the commercial capabilities, to be arranged.
Tanay Cosmetics & Hotel Amenities have had a great role in the Hotel Guest Amenities Industry since 1991; from design to production... Since then; due to the success of our creative designs, complete
As three women entrepreneurs experienced in different areas, we combined our souls and capabilities to create OtelBukletim. As OtelBukletim, we embarked on a journey to provide hotel amenities services to our clients. On this journey we aim to develop long-term business partnerships with our customers as well as our suppliers by establishing an ethic, professional and reliable relationship. In order to provide a better service for our clients we have a dynamic product portfolio that we continuously update by figuring in advance possible additional needs that may arise based on the new trends in the market. The sole purpose of our customer focused management approach is to make our customers feel as if they are the only one. Join us on this adventure and enjoy the ride.
Our company, headquartered in Istanbul, has achieved real success and perfection in the areas where it operates in a short time. Success and excellence are due to our company working in full harmony w
KARPATLAR is an international trading company , active mainly in the following areas -hotel and restaurant supplies -logistics -general commodities -export consultancy We are based in Istanbul, have access to almost all main Turkish ports for FCL and LCL shipments and have strong logistic partners for truck deliveries. Currently, KARPATLAR is serving to regular customers in different destinations in Balkans, and worldwide. Our aim is to improve the quality and efficiency of services we provide and add new destinations to our existing clients’ network
Architecture Siss Mimarlik has engaged in architecture, decoration, contract and construction applications, planning, feasibility, consultancy and project management areas since 2013. In our designs and applications, subjects are considered alwaysunder the company motto of ‘Accuracy in details reflect on the beauty of entirety’ . Performing applicable and economic solutions with innovative and creative concept is our main principle. Works, overtook by our company, starts with research, survey and design of structure or concept. All functions and subjects are realized in compliance with the specific preferences of individuals or companies. Designs and projects are constructed by using recent construction technologies under professional management and organization sense and constructions are completed and delivered only after accessories of decoration designs are finished. Textile Having been established as Oasis Tekstil Danismanlik in Denizli in 2002, our company had operated as a representative company which was responsible from exports on European countries until 2013. Since 2013 company has operated with domestic and foreign companies both in architecture and in textile industries by merging with Siss Mimarlik. Siss Production is an experienced company which gives services in designs, r&d, supplies, productions with its successful substructure. Company has manufactured staff clothing, uniforms for its valuable customers in various quality and designs since 2016. Besides this, company gives services with its wide product range including home textiles (towel, bathrobe, bed linen, hotel and sauna groups), sport clothing and outerwear.