8000 Mall Walk SP5090, Yonkers, NY 10704, United States
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Not impressed mostly team caps

Review №2

It was great, i went to switch my hat that i got from ny. I loved the service

Review №3

Great job customizing my hats for my website. I wish this location had additional machines tho.

Review №4

It says opens at 10am, why am I still outside 40 minutes after opening time? Rep inside the store saw me at the window and refused to acknowledge me. Lost a sale and a customer as this business has had a bad reputation with attitude and customer service. LITERALLY, went across to Finish Line to purchase my hat.Hey LIDS, tiddy up a bit or close this b.s you call an establishment. Thanks

Review №5

Deedee and Patricked rang us out at the register. They also helped my boyfriend customize his hat - those two are hilarious, kind, and definitely deserve a raise (or at least a longer lunch break!)

Review №6

Guy working there july14th 2020, 4pm didn’t get his name because he hid his name tag, was overly rude and disrespectful. I’ve been buying from lids for many years and I’m from NYC. Was going to buy 2 white hats the guy was cleaning the counter which was very dirty, just advised him to clean his hands Before handling the merch also being that they are white hats im going to purchase. And he caught an attitude saying if I don’t want to buy the hats I don’t have too. I would give no stars because it’s not a way to treat a customer. They need more etiquette in regards to customer service and if they having a hard time at work they should leave it at home. Will not be coming back here ever.

Review №7

Went into get a few hats of some teams I liked. Was stared at and never greeted. After looking around for a few minutes I just left without buying anything. I figured I know my hat size and I can always order online. Not for nothing but the job market is terrible and when this store eventually closes and the associates lose their jobs and cant find other jobs this is why.

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Review №9

I paid $18 for a simple decal on my hat and I asked for the lettering to be stitched in white and red but they only gave me red. This is not what I asked for nor what I paid for. This store needs better customer service and better staff who can understand what the customer needs.

Review №10

The store is scheduled to open at 11am and the employee told me not until 12 smh

Review №11

Better selection of hats than the other Lids. Better chances of finding something here you wouldnt at other Lids locations. Staff are friendly and helpful as well.

Review №12

Iesha is awesome! Very helpful and professional

Review №13

I did ship to store with ease and the staff also helped me with my fitted hats.👍👍

Review №14

The stitched text on custom hats are sloppy. Mine didn’t come out clean at all.

Review №15

Wouldnt recommend getting things shipped here for pickup. I enter the store and immediately the worker-Joe- was very hostile. Then he insinuated I was trying to get something free after I told him my other order said it was deliver here in an email. He swiftly and brashly demanded to see the email until he looked at the paper again and saw I was right. Even then was still very arrogant and pompous acting. Its a shame because Ive spent thousands on hats, jerseys, and other things through Lids.

Review №16

I love this place. I have my member card. Every single fitted or snapback I buy whether I buy it at Lids or not I go to leads to get it embroided

Review №17

Went there for nothing, twice smh......

Review №18

That’s one of the craziest store in the history of this country..... very poor customer service..... nobody deserves to shop in such environment. It’s one the place that makes people say bad stuff about the black race. I’ll make sure I tell the world about this place called lids in cross county.

Review №19

The store itself is great but too bad the service is not at all great. The seller wasnt helpful and made me feel like im ruining her time with her phone

Review №20

Love my ball caps

Review №21

Staff didnt greet us, nor ask us if we need help, I ran around getting different sizes of hats for my husband.. customer service is at an all time low here..

Review №22

Kids place good

Review №23

Never answer the calls when calling the store!

Review №24

Great selection

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:8000 Mall Walk SP5090, Yonkers, NY 10704, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 914-375-0090
  • Hat shop
  • Embroidery service
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:10AM–8PM
  • Sunday:10AM–8PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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