Auto Loan, Good Credit, Bad Credit, Florida Car Truck Loan
302-A Ave O SW, Winter Haven, FL 33880, United States
Auto Loan, Good Credit, Bad Credit, Florida Car Truck Loan
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Car is completely broke down after 3 months. Keep telling me that i owe more and more money

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This dealer was so amazing! Daniel and Matt were so awesome, helpful, and knowledgeable about the car I bought. They gave me an awesome deal and worked with my mom and I with the car. This is truly the best place to buy a car and have people that will tell you the truth about the car make up. They have great cars and they detail them really well!!

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My experience here was AMAZING.!!!! The staff here were very understanding and genuine. They help pick out the perfect car for me in my price range and never pushed to get me in something that i couldnt afford like some dealers do. They also went out their way to help me find a good insurance company. It was a great experience. Go check them out.

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Great team and customer service. Very professional. Got to have full coverage insurance before leaving with dealership with the car. Very understanding and willing to work with you. Definitely would come back again.

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Daniel from Auto Sensation was a real big help to me today. A very understanding family man that puts himself in buyers perspective!I really appreciate the time you took to ensure my purchase details were accurate and met the needs of my budget!Adisa - Ford Focus 2012

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The Customer service is up the roof awesome and the service that was providing to me awesome. The time opening and closing is great even waited for me when I was running late. I recommend this place to anyone that went to Rent a Uhaul of any type or buying a car or truck great people.

Review №7

Brought a car from lot with a few minor problems and amazingly everything i needed done got done no is running like new and owner daniel never hesitated to squeeze me in for repairs. Great customer service best i ever had from a car lot. Recommend highly for customer looking to pull off a lot and feel highly satisfied.will upgrade with same lot no doubt.

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Had an amazing experience working with Daniel! The group here are all awesome! Very helpful and have your best interest in heart!!! Def would buy from them again!!!

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Excellent customer service fast and friendly. I will always use them for my uhaul needs. Thanks guys you are the best.

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I gotta agree with Jay. Prices are very high for the conditions and mileage. And they don’t seem very open to negotiation. It’s really no wonder the same cars sit on their lot month after month.They need to understand, cars are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. Book value means nothing, what they paid at auction means nothing. They are welcome to ask whatever prices they want, but don’t expect people to pay ridiculously high amounts for cars that don’t justify the prices.This is the internet age. Buyers can easily get better deals elsewhere. The days of the “stealership” are dead. Either adapt or become extinct.

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Dan and Matt at Auto Sensations are 2 of the nicest car salesman I ever meet in the car sales business. Great friendly customer service they put me in a car same day. I would recommend everyone to buy a car from there☺☺☺☺☺

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Danny was super helpful with getting us into a car today.!! He was very nice and efficiant. Will be coming back for our next vehicle purchase.

Review №13

I loved how attentive they were, will use again when needed be, accomodating.. May your business continue to grow!!Staff was awesome 😊

Review №14

The BEST Car Dealer In winter Haven. Your #1️⃣ Hands Down Your The BEST THANK YOU So Much.

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Very helpful and great attitude. Will definitely be back for another car. Great service!!!

Review №17

Danny help me make my daughter the happy woman in the word my granddaughter pray for a car to found a great person and I went to the right person and to the right place . God bless all them and hes dealer . The auto dealer name ! AUTO SENSATION USA 4390 w colonial Dr Orlando Fl 32908

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Me and my partner have been with auto sensation for a year now and were still happy they were the first to tell us yes out of 7 other Nos Daniel is the kindest and works with you to get you the best deal and I would definitely refer these guys to anyone looking for vehicle

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Friendly people! Paper work done right and quickly! Information was of real help! Thank you!

Review №20

Very nice people took alil while to get uhaul but overall good service

Review №21

Pick up was great, drop off was a horror.Then they over charged me and was not willing to refund, had to go to Uhaul to get satisfaction.

Review №22

Great customer service! Daniel and his team go above and beyond to make things easy.

Review №23

Danny was the best. He was very helpfull i could not have asked for a better person to help me. Im glad i got a car from him. Thank you for all of you help...

Review №24

I am so greatful for these guys over here at sensation auto after having to deal with jd byrider and getting screwed over by them this morning i headed right over here and was helped out on finding a car and getting financed. They were amazing with service and prompt. Over all amazing service and fantastic people

Review №25

This business sells cars right out of the auction, and prices them as if they were new. In addition their customer service is deplorable. I purchased a 2003 kia Sorrento from this dealership and paid almost 14,000 dollars this was due to the fact that I had poor credit, so the interest was quite high twenty nine percent. This business sold me the car at a price which would indicate the car is in excellent condition basically brand new, and this couldnt be more to the contrary. This car had issues from day one the windows dont go down mechanical issues one after the other. This dealership is very unethical selling vehicles that have not even been inspected straight out of the auction it is completely wrong this is done to maximize their profits while hoodwinking each and every consumer. Then when you contact the owner of this business he gets upset he has to attempt to fix these issues on the car I state attempt because he did not fix all the issues he refused to. He stated I am losing to much money fixing the car, but shouldnt have this been fixed before the car was in the lot, and as a businessman money must be spent to make money so operate with integrity so this would not happen. Also the mechanic an older gentleman was absolutely rude and disrespectful raising his voice and displaying no patience at all when dealing with the vehicle I had purchased. The business is ok with victimizing consumers allowing them to spend the money on the vehicle while they reap the benefits. I made a grave mistake purchasing from this dealership I would hate for anyone to fall victim to this business they absolutely lie to the consumers and deception is their core value. I have spent upwards of 2,500 dollars in order to keep the car running so I have almost spent what a new car would cost me. I understand it is a used car, but this should have not occurred this car was sold in a very meager state.

Review №26

The worse buy here pay here in Winterhaven. They told me one thing and tried to blindside me with repo on another. They did service on my car and had it for 3months to get it back with more problems than before which I had to take car of. Will not put me in a courtesy car nor trade in for something else. WILL NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER CAR FROM HERE.

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I wish it was possible to not give them a star. These people are a bunch of crooks. Anyone looking to buy a car run as far as you can away from this place. I wish I could have did some research on this place before I decided to get a car. I had the 2008 I believe Volkswagen. I didnt even have that car for two weeks tops, the car started smoking out of nowhere when it was raining so I pulled over and someone help me and told me it was because I didnt have oil in the car I went and put two things of oil in the car and made it home safely my roommate then checked my car and told me there was no oil in my car. Come to find out there was a leak somewhere in the car. The anti-freeze also had a leak. And to top that all off the speedometer wasnt even working. I took him back the car and told him the problem that I have and they claim they will fix it. The next couple of days I got the car back and I was turning right on OBT and while I was turning the car cut off and started spinning in the middle of the road it would not come back on for a while. After that I took the car to a mechanic who did a free car check for Me. And he told me all the problems that was wrong with the car he wrote them down on a piece of paper and told me the car is not safe to drive because that incident that I had before it can happen again probably at the worst moment. So I took back the car keep in mind I didnt have a car for three weeks yet and he told me I couldnt get my money back for the car if you dont do exchange but just for me hell do an exchange. So he gave me a Volkswagen 2006 Jetta and that car had just about the same problem as the other car. Backfired, jerked back, ran hot, AC didnt work, alarm didnt work, power steering system, and thats just to name a few. I brought this all to his attention and none of it was taken care of. I also have to buy a tag from him which I did and got my receipt for. I have a tag on my car and all of a sudden it was we put your tag payment and as a car payment so you will have to pay for your tag again and I asked him how why would I have to pay for my tag again because youre to use your car payment but how is that possible if I made my biweekly payments on time so basically what I told him is that they can take the car but Im not paying for tech twice $414 just disappeared. Then when I tell them they can take the car back is all we found it we credited back to your account and all you have to do is pay the just the rest of the month you guys can take that car is shove it up your ass the car has way too much PRBLMS and you guys are taking money from me and Im a struggling college student. They have been taking money off my credit card without my knowledge. They also been stealing electronics from me I made a mistake and left my book bag in my car when I was at the dealership to get my car looked at and when I got back to the car something told me to check my book bag my iPod was gone iPod six gold was gone it vanished out of nowhere and I know I had because I was listening to music on it and made the dumbest mistake to leave it in the car and one of his employees stole it. People just run away from this place if you would like to save money!!!!!!!!

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When i came to purchase an car both sales men were very resonable and very respectful i will refer friends here anyday i think them for saleing me an car i an very thankful and happy for the choice i made thank u daniel at auto sensation usa again i really appreciate it.

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There cars are overpriced for what they are and when i gave them a realistic price they were rude to me

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I really like my car they are 👍

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Pretty great customer service, havent been having any car issues. Thanks Daniel

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Let my friend make a payment with my credit card, and they kept my card info and made the payment reccuring, without my acknowledgement. Highly dissapointed.

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Great place to get your car fixed

Review №34

Great service. Ask for Danny

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Very nice great experience and very knowledgeable people

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Theyre awsome!

Review №37

Shame shame shameRipped me off on my altima

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No comment 😐

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Rip offs

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