Gravity Dance Center
7236 s, Airport Rd, West Jordan, UT 84084, United States
Gravity Dance Center
Review №1

Amazing place to become an amazing dancer and make awesome friendships... IF youre ready do dedicate. This is not your grade school dance, theyre #1 in the state for a reason. We love them personally.

Review №2

I love the teachers and the Directors at Gravity dance center theyre amazing. My daughters first teacher was Megan when my daughter was 4 and shes 11 now. My 11 year old and 4 year old love going to Gravity. If your looking for a dance studio for your child this is the place you wont regret it. The whole team at Gravity are very nice from the Directors to the receptionists. Theyre awesome!

Review №3

My granddaughter started dancing and tumbling at Gravity Dance Center 6 year’s ago. We simply couldn’t ask for better Directors and Instructors for our tiny dancer to have as roll models. Gravity Dance Center is like one big family, everyone is always there for one another should we need something. It’s extremely comforting to know that I can drop my dancer off for her classes and know that she’s going to be in great hands and most importantly with people she trust’s! We will remain at Gravity until Vanessa age’s out and then she will probably still hang around to help out with anything they might need help with. This studio is by far the best Dance Studio in Utah hands down. I refer everyone I know to come join our Gravity family.HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DANCE STUDIO10 stars ⭐️ Rating from us.Thank you Gravity for all of your hard work you put in to our dancer’s it definitely shows in their competition’s and performances.

Review №4

This is my daughters first year at Gravity, after dancing at other studios for 4 years. We both love it here! Everything is so organized. The teachers really care about the dancers. My daughter looks forward to dance every day!

Review №5

The instructors are awesome and it has been an amazing dance center for my daughter, she loves going to dance class here.

Review №6

They are the most talented, inspiring, good natured but diligent, creative, caring dance instructors ever!If you want to give your child confidence plus joy of accomplishment, you will love Gravity Dance Studio. 🥰👍🏼👯‍♂️

Review №7

My girls have been at Gravity for 6 years and we have loved every second. All three directors are amazing and we love all the teachers. Best studio around.

Review №8

We have been with Gravity since the beginning. Their teachers and staff genuinely care about the students. Gravity dance center is our home away from home! We love it here!

Review №9

We love Gravity! The Directors are so kind and welcoming! Cant wait to see what the summer/next season brings.

Review №10

Gravity dance center is an amazing environment to dance in. The teachers and directors are super welcoming to everyone. I love dancing at gravity!

Review №11

Gravity has been my daughters home away from home for the past 6 yrs and my son started this year too. I love feeling like the directors and every teacher they have is invested in my children and their continued success. My girls have grown into beautiful dancers through their training at Gravity and they continue to grow both in technique and in love of dance. They have learned so much more then dance at this studio. Gravity is truly our family.As a parent I appreciate that I can entrust my children to people who love and care for them as much as I do. I also appreciate that there is always open communication from our directors and teachers.

Review №12

I’ve left another review about how much we love this studio before but really want people to know just how awesome of a studio Gravity is. You really get to know people through tough times and I can say that the owners and instructors have been a bright spot in these dark times. They are great at finding creative ways to keep students engaged and have been amazing at communicating with parents. They really do put their students first, keeping them safe while making sure they don’t loose anytime training. I have, and will continue, to recommend them to all my friends!!

Review №13

My son and daughter are currently on a company and competition team, respectively. My oldest son also danced here before middle school. We have loved being a part of the gravity family and my kids love all their instructors as well as the directors. They have made many friends throughout the years and they truly enjoy the family atmosphere. I would definitely recommend the studio to my family and friends.

Review №14

This studio is so amazing. My daughter loves it here and has taken dance from them for the past 7 years. The teachers are outstanding and really care about each student. She is on a competition team and puts several hours in at the studio. My daughter loves it and never complains. She has made such good friends here and it truly is her home away from home. They have a cafeteria where she can sit and eat dinner or have a snack. The studio is always clean and the receptionists are very nice and helpful. All in all this is a great studio for any child that loves dance!! Highly recommended!

Review №15

The directors at Gravity are amazing and they have all played a crucial part in some of the most influential and important years of our daughters life. Our daughter has gone to Gravity for 6 years and we wouldnt change it for the world. The staff has always genuinely cared for our daughter and they are very professional. Their creativity and dance techniques are diverse and hip. They have taught our daughter so much about dance and performing. They treat our daughter like family and have helped her grown into an amazing dancer. Its so beautiful to watch our daughter express her feelings and emotions through dance. The staff is always friendly and helpful. We are lucky to call Gravity our home away from home.#gravitystrong

Review №16

Gravity Dance Center is the best studio! It truly is family and the owners and teachers love all of their students! They are so organized, keep parents informed, affordable, and so much fun! My child is only in non competitive but she hopes to compete when she gets older. Even during this pandemic, we got to continue dance virtually. And although it impacted the world financially, they went out of their way to give us all a discount so we could stay afloat. Seriously amazing company, studio, staff and family! Bring your kids here!!

Review №17

We love this studio! My daughter has been dancing at Gravity for 5 years. She has always loved all of her teachers and loves to be at the studio dancing and learning. The directors are very involved and really care about each and every student. We would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, safe, skilled studio. Its a great place!!

Review №18

Both my daughters have just finished their first year at Gravity they are 4 and 6 and let me just tell you how amazed I am! Their confidence has went through the roof! They are always so excited to go to dance and see their teachers and friends! They are always dancing and tumbling around the house and saying “Hey Mom Watch this”! Definitely go to Gravity you will love it!

Review №19

Amazing teachers and staff! My daughter absolutely loves it here. This studio feels just like one big family, so we will never consider going anywhere else! I highly recommend Gravity to anyone looking for an amazing dance studio!!!

Review №20

My daughter has been dancing with Gravity for about 5 years and we absolutely love it there! The instructor’s are great at giving us feedback on things to work on or to move up a class! They communicate very well and the studio is very clean! I would recommend Gravity Dance Center to anyone!

Review №21

My daughter has been dancing at Gravity for 5 years now and I can not begin to tell you how amazing this studio is. From the first day we started there we felt like family! We have a wonderful relationship with each of the director and all of the teachers. This is not something you always get at other studios. If you are looking for a studio that makes your dancers all feel special, look no further!

Review №22

We have been with Gravity for five years. My two girls have grown so much. The staff and directors pour their hearts into what they do. They are convenient as well with a store to buy dancewear/gear and a small cafeteria for the kids eat at when they have multiple classes. Gravity has become our second family. We love it here!

Review №23

When the studio my daughter was dancing at shut its doors last minute, we were devastated and frantic in finding another studio last minute. We tried out at a couple of places that were still holding final tryouts but knew the moment we walked into Gravity Dance Center that it was our new studio. The staff and Directors treated us like instant friends, not just another child trying out being checked off the list. They were empathic and warm during a time we were stressed. This is how they have been ever since and it has solidified our decision to make this our dance home. We are so grateful to be on our third year with Gravity and looking forward to so many more!

Review №24

Very professional and clean. My favorite thing however, is this studio is like a family! They care! It’s a safe place for your dancer(s). We’ve enjoyed being a part of this Gravity family now for 6 years! Highly recommended!

Review №25

My daughter and I love this dance studio! They are so welcoming and professional. Not like any other studio out there. The money spent is worth what my daughter gets out of classes, ten fold! I cant say enough good things about this studio. Go see for yourself!

Review №26

My daughter has danced here for 4 years and has grown so much as a dancer. We decided to come over from another studio and it was the best decision. The directors are amazing and the staff is excellent. Love this studio

Review №27

Gravity has been an amazing dance experience! It is very organized & the communication has been better than any other dance studio I have been to! Everyone including the teachers have been so positive, even though Covid19 ruined competition season this has been a great experience! Highly recommend this dance studio to anyone!

Review №28

Gravity Dance Center is highly recommend! The directors and teachers are amazing and truly love what they do. My daughter has grown so much over the last few years while dancing with Gravity.

Review №29

My daughter has danced at gravity for a few years now both rec classes and team. We have been very impressed with the studio and how much she has learned. All the teachers are so nice and truly care for your child. Highly recommend.

Review №30

Amazing! Gravity is our second home! My girls love all of the directors and teachers. My girls get so much positive encouragement and have excelled so much at Gravity. We live it here!

Review №31

My daughter is 4 and this is going to be her 2nd year at gravity. She’s not around a lot of kids at home so she gets very excited at dance. Deidra has been so patient and kind. Emily (my daughter) is always excited to go to dance.The studio director are very good at keeping parents updated with monthly emails and have quick response if you have any questions. Front desk is always so friendly and very welcoming.

Review №32

We’ve been at Gravity Dance Center for the last 5 years. Our daughter started in a combo class at 3 and added acro later. We’ve tried cheer and have been part of a team/company for a couple years. We love the friendships that have been created through this awesome dance family. The instructors are so loving and get to know your child. They push them to their potentials. The directors really have your child best interest. They communicate to the best of their abilities and want your child to succeed. I’d recommend this studio to anyone. Be ready to create memory and friendships. We love our GDC studio!

Review №33

We’ve been at this studio for many years. The directors and the teachers are all amazing! Being a part of the Gravity family has been a great experience. If your looking to join a studio and a family I highly recommend Gravity Dance Center.

Review №34

I love the teachers at gravity. They are very talented professionals. My daughter has danced with them for 5 years. She still loves to go to class and has learned tons. My only complaint is that the owners get caught up in the cliques and the communication lacks.

Review №35

My girls have been dancing with Gravity since the day they opened and we have been amazed with how much passion and work the owners and teachers have put into the studio! They truly do put their hearts into it, and work so hard. My girls love dancing here and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Review №36

We love Gravity dance Center! They are not just a dance center it’s a home for the dancers. The teachers and directors make sure the dancers are loved, cared for, and safe.

Review №37

My daughter loves Gravity!! Its also well kept and clean. She hasnt been here long but we dont plan on leaving either. She is excelling very well here at Gravity!

Review №38

My kids have been going to Gravity Dance Center since they opened their doors and love this studio. Great teachers and staff. We love Gravity Dance Center 💚💚

Review №39

My children, a 7 year old girl and 10 year old boy, have improved so by learning from Gravitys very skilled instructors. My son is especially happy with the hip hop and breakdancing choices.

Review №40

Love the Directors, love the teachers! Great choreography and my daughter is learning correct dance techniques as well as having fun and making great friends!

Review №41

We love gravity dance center. This year during covid19 they offered online classes for my daughter they worked hard to help make it possible for the kids to keep having classes and helped them get distracted from this hard times. Thank you.

Review №42

My duaghter was only going to gravity for a short time due to COVID-19. But while she was there she has so much fun in her tumbling class. Her teacher was so nice and so was the other staff members!

Review №43

My daughter has been with gravity for a few years and really enjoys it. Good teachers and good teams.

Review №44

The quality and communication are great! Our girls love being on team and love their teachers💚

Review №45

Love that this is a family dance company! My daughter has a ton of fun and does so well in her class. We have been going here for about 5 years now and love it! My daughter loves her classes and teachers! Definitely would recommend all my family and friends to this dance company!

Review №46

Great dance studio. Been going here for 3 years now.

Review №47

My daughter has attended Gravity Dance Center for over 5 years now doing both competitive teams and non competitive courses. The teachers are all top notch and genuinely care about each and every student. The directors are amazing to work with as well. My daughter has become an amazing athlete and dancer from all of their hard work with her, has made so many friends and learned the value of hard work paying off in competitions. I would highly recommend this studio to all of my friends and family. .

Review №48

My Daughter has been dancing with Gravity since she was 3 we absolutely love this studio. We live in West Valley and believe me there are plenty of dance studios near by, but we choose to drive to Gravity because they are the best! My daughter adores her teachers and she has grown so much this year with technique and confidence. Thank you for helping her grow and building her confidence!

Review №49

As much as I want to like this dance center. I cant say that I do. After my child has been attending Gravity for almost a year, I m not very impressed. It seems all this place really cares about is Cash flow. Their recreational classes are so jam packed that the students arent getting the one on one time I feel they need. I got a fine example of this while attending my Childs tumbling observation week. So many kids in one class, my kid maybe got about 5 mins of one on one time and the rest was spent on the higher skilled students.Also, it is extremely obvious that about 90% of their attention is spent on the team/company kids. Which is extremely unfair. Im also reading in the previous comments that Im not the only one who feels this way. How is my kid supposed to join company or team if nobody is willing to help work with them to get to that point?Another thing that I noticed during the recital is that the company/team kids got these extravagant costumes while recreational classes got the very bare minimum. a tutu for the combo classes and just a red t-shirt for the hip hop?? Are you serious? For the kind of money you are paying you would expect a lot more from the studio. I advise just staying away from these guys. Clearly only two things are on the directors minds which is having a good team/company and money. STAY AWAY!

Review №50

My daughter just signed up for Gravity this year. She is learning new skills that will develop her into a strong well-rounded dancer. She also has great relationships with the other dancers which is a plus. The teachers are very dedicated and committed to having the dancers achieving their dance objectives. Overall I would rate Gravity with a A+!

Review №51

This was my daughter’s first year on team and although we didn’t get to do any competition’s I felt like the directors really cared about all the dancers and made the best of a bad situation. I felt included into the dance family immediately.

Review №52

Great studio to gain knowledge of technique for a dancer. The Directors are all very approachable and are well organized. We have enjoyed our two short years here, and expect to enjoy many more!

Review №53

A couple weeks ago I had dinner with a friend of mine whos kids dance here. I went with her to the studio to pick up her kids and I was impressed from the moment I walked through the door. I have seen a lot of dance studios in my years and this facility is amazing. The cute girl at the front desk smiled and welcomed us when we walked in, but the thing I loved about this studio is that the owners husband is involved and works in the office (not typical of most studios). My friend needed to make a tuition payment and when we went into the office we were greeted by the owners husband and their cute little girl; and although he was obviously busy, he took the time to talk to my friend about ask how her kids liked the studio and if they were having fun in their classes. He even helped her get set up on their online system and show her how it works. The customer service was something I have never witnessed at a dance studio before. I wish so bad we lived closer so I could bring my daughter to this studio. They definitely have something special going on!

Review №54

My daughter loves it here, and I love to see her smile.

Review №55

Some automatic withdrawn issues. Not much communication on upcoming events or where to find information. Overall, not a good experience at this place but, director did get back to me to correct issues. The instructor is very nice and ready to teach kids. Administration may just want to get better training and they would be a great business.

Review №56

My daughter and I love Gravity. The teachers and directors are incredibly talented and the staff and owners are very friendly. We have been a part of the Gravity family going on five years now and it has been the greatest decision we’ve ever made.

Review №57

I love, love, love this dance studio! Its crazy to see where the new owners have taken this place over the past 4 years. These kids compete at an elite level and I am excited to see their continued growth over the years!

Review №58

Great studio! My daughter has been going here for several years and the Directors & teachers are amazing. Very clean and friendly atmosphere.

Review №59

We have been with Gravity since the beginning. My girls have participated in their combo classes, non competitive classes and have been on various competition teams. We love Gravity! I have looked at other studios, but we always end up coming back because of the amazing teachers and owners.

Review №60

My Daughter is on the Hip Hop Competition team. She loves it. We are very much kept in the loop with what is going on. I feel confident in the teachers of this studio.

Review №61

Great dance teams! Directors are amazing!

Review №62

The teachers and receptionists are AMAZING and everyone is so friendly. I strongly recommend this studio to anyone who wants to dance! 👍🏻

Review №63

The teacher are amazing here but the staff that runs the front desk are absolutely unprofessional. Unless your child is a part of their dance company they dont care about their success. A lot of miscommunication regarding upcoming events and are not the most willing to correct issues. Emails from the staff are answered poorly as if you are inconveniencing them by asking questions. I wouldnt recommend any of my friends or family to bring their students here. I refuse to enroll my student again.

Review №64

Gravity is an AMAZING studio!! The teachers are amazing, you can tell that they love what they do!!!! I would highy recommend Gravity to anyone looking for a dance studio.

Review №65

Gravity Dance Center is a great place. My daughter loves gong there to take her Hip Hop class.

Review №66

Great studio! My daughter has excelled at Gravity Dance Studio, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new studio!

Review №67

Gravity Dance Center is a great studio. Friendly, clean and they treat you like family.

Review №68

Gravity Dance Center has an amazing family feel. I love being a part of it and love watching it grow.

Review №69

Our family can not get enough of Gravity Dance Center!My daughter has learned so much more than just dance moves and cool tricks here, that she will use throughout her life, she has learned respect, responsibility, to be confident within her self. She has learned to be a apart of a team and how important each team members dedication means to the team, she has learned time management ( the girl can change her clothes in about 4.3 seconds) she has learned to work hard and not give up when things dont come the first time.I am forever in gratitude for what Gravity Dance Center has done for her.It is her second home.For me as her parent, I love that she has this place to and so many amazing instructors to look up too.Gravity Dance Center also is the only studio I have ever been too that makes you feel like you are family! I would recommend THIS studio for anyone looking into a new dance Studio/Family!I know from first hand experience that this Studio goes out of its way to make EVERYONE feel Included! Even to siblings who are not students there but they still go out of the way to make sure they can get around the building safely by installing ramps at every door for wheelchairs where he can freely follow his sister and friends around.

Review №70

We love Gravity and will recommend this amazing studio to family & friends always!

Review №71

The teachers are really nice. They teach dance, tumdulng and more!!!!!!

Review №72

It was good

Review №73

My kids absolutely love it here! The staff and teachers are pretty amazing as well!

Review №74

The whole space is disgusting and bathrooms never seem to be cleaned.

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