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Review №1

He has my customers clutches and WILL NOT return emails or phone calls. This is NOT the way to do business. Now he is out a set of clutches. RUN FAR AWAY! Initial response was a few weeks to be done. Shipped them and nothing for months. Numerous emails and he said in one the days but nothing yet. I mean Ive sent probably 20 emails at least and got one response from one email asking where they were from, what they were, and did we put the note in the box. Yeah we did all that and he said 3 days, back in May. Its July! Legal Anton will be coming!

Review №2

Is this the only way to get ahold of Adam? Been waiting on clutches since March. Absolutely no communication. Won’t answer an email or a phone call. Have confirmation that the clutches had been delivered. Then nothing since. Hey Adam! If you’re reading this. Please contact before legal action is taken.

Review №3

I have the typical story dealing with Adam @ Airdam. Communication was good at the beginning, parts a little late but made it, and received support initially. After a failure with the clutch it was discussed and sent in with no communication since. The entire KOH capable clutch setup for my XPT was about $2800 shipped, the primary Adam has had since June 25th, 2021. He received it, signed for it, and acknowledged he had it. I was told 3 weeks. At one month of no contact I asked for it to be returned, at 7 weeks I have filed a BBB complaint, I gave an extra week after emailing I would be doing so. Dozens of calls, multiple emails, no response. We are one week shy of 60 days. It cost about $125 to 2 day air the clutch to him, the clutch itself cost around $1800. I am out everything. Adam return my property.Update 10/18, after posting this review and contacting BBB Adam responded almost immediately. Sent my clutch back repaired but in actuality he polished off some of the massive grooves from the primary and sent it back. Its a paper weight laying under my work bench. Anyone wants it can have it. $1800 dollars, maybe 40 trail miles, scrap metal.Avoid, avoid, avoid, and.... Avoid.I have two heavily modified rzrs, professionally I work in manufacturing, BA in design engr, grew up in a machine shop, have run Baja, Koh, restore classic cars, own a supercar, have spent 100s of thousands of dollars on wheeling and general stupidity, I know what Im talking about here. Avoid.

Review №4

Looking at getting a clutch for 2015 XT Commander. Filled out info on website. Got a response very fast from Adam H. I was very impressed. several days we went back and forth talking via email. All the while he patiently answered all my questions and concerns. I was finally ready to pull the trigger and get my clutch and now he stops talking to me. Will not confirm how i pay or when i pay, when i can expect it, nor to confirm he has even placed my order! What? Really? Apparently they are on a two week backlog I was told by Adam from several days ago (also why i want to know how long and get it going). Ok so now that i want to buy, you ignore me. Not impressed with Adam or Airdam Clutches anymore. Do i keep waiting and waiting and hope i get one? Or do i say forget it and buy elsewhere. If i knew clutches were ordered and when approximately i could expect them to show up I would have given a 5 star most likely. I only gave two star instead of one because at first Adam communicated with me on a regular basis. All the stars in the world dont mean diddle squat if you cant order and get the parts you want or need. Nice job Adam H. Am i being to hard and not patient enough or in the wrong? Its been about three days now and no replies and i send email everyday to get confirmation and nothing....very frustrated. Based on all the info about the clutches from Adam i would rather buy from them compared to my local. But now i may have to go with local. This is very frustrating and maddening!Today 8-26-2019 - about a month ago i wrote above review. I am here now to say that Adam did send me primary and secondary clutch kit the day after i had wrote the above review. I got the clutches about two or three days later. I was very impressed. Adam is busy, and i believe he REALLY cares about his customers. I think in this day and age we all need to practice more patience. I wanted to get my clutch in and get some time on it before updating my review. I have about 45 miles on it and it is excellent. Smooth take off when easing out, and hard hitting when you want to put the hammer down. I wanted an aggressive clutch as i like to hit hard off the line or out of corners. So far i really love this clutch. My wife loves it too! She cant belive the difference from the stock. So way to go Adam, you know what youre doing and going with your clutch was the right decission.I did just get an error codetransmission signal error and the check engine light came on and it went to ECO mode, however the wife was driving at time and she did not notice and power difference but she also does not drive like i do. I do not belive this has anyhting to do with new clutch from Airdam. I think it might be a sensor...i am looking into it.. So to be clear I love the Airdam Clutch from Adam that was custom made for my rifding style!!! And current error code i am pretty darn sure has nothing to do with new clutch. Adam i rate 4.8 Star and this could and i am sure will go up once i have more time on my XT commander.

Review №5

Similar to the previous review, Adam was great at initial communication. After getting the go ahead and shipping my clutches, Adam stopped communicating. I have tried repeatedly to get in touch via email and phone without success. Adam has had my clutches since November.

Review №6

For a business to operate so poorly and never answer the phone once clutches are shipped to them, then holding the clutches for months at a time is ridiculous. They must spend a lot of time in court instead of answering customers calls. Run, dont walk away from this shoddy business.

Review №7

The best in the business. I only trust Adam to clutch my machines

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