Washguys Car Wash
4173 Main St, The Colony, TX 75056, United States
Washguys Car Wash
Review №1

This place is the epitome of professionalism. My truck was serviced, quickly, efficiently, and I was treated with nothing but respect the whole time. Afterwards I got my free exterior wash and it was perfect. I really cant complain. I met the owner Andrea and she was such a nice person and runs a great establishment. I will certainly be coming back.

Review №2

Great location and better staff. Prices are great and I personally suggest the monthly deals. Unlimited car washes with hand drying for such low rates is worth it to anyone who has a car they like to show off.

Review №3

I went to this car wash it is the seventh or eighth time I’ve use them. As I pulled around the back the man that works the booth were you tell them what type of car wash you want done and pay for. He walks over to my car with a scanning device she would see at a grocery store or a Home Depot and scanned my registration/inspection tag without my permission. Just scans it helps himself to my personal property. I asked him why did you just scan my registration as if you were the police department? He told me it was because of theft. I said I pay before I use your wash how am I committing theft he had no answer for me. I also asked the manager he gave the exact same response and blew me off. I contacted this car wash company’s corporate site and ask them and I got a message back saying ** our system gathers the vehicle plate numbers and stores them in our database to track trends, membership and service rendered. This helps us do things like validate the date of the last wash so we can provide you with a seven day wash guarantee. All the data gathered is only used for internal purposes and we never share those details with third parties** They scan your registration and inspection sticker and have your personal information all for a car wash? Plus nobody asked my permission if I wanted my registration/inspection sticker scanned. I would’ve told you know. Offer a car wash? Why won’t they ask us to fill out a form, just as Walgreens Kroger etc. ask you to do that way it’s volunteer information. Do not use this car wash. I believe it is a scam and a violation of your rights all to get your car washed and wheels looking pretty. I also wrote them and told them I will be contacting the police and an attorney to see if my right for violated because I do know in the state of Texas your vehicle is considered your home your property and nobody can just help themselves to it. You were looking to get your car washed and just pay in this car wash is not the IDEAL place to take it. Never in all my life living in Texas I ever had a car wash do this.

Review №4

Worst car wash on ever been to! First off their prices on their website do not match the prices they charge. Their only explanation are those are old prices. When asked why they dont update their website Miguel at the booth would not answer. Talk about deceptive practices. At that point Miguel rudely told me to Move Up.Jose, the manager barely speaks English. I could not tell if he even understood my issue. No wonder Miguel can be so rude, there are no consequences to driving customers away. What a waste of time and money.Good riddance

Review №5

Always professional. Oil changes and inspections are always quick + a free wash is always nice.

Review №6

Great experience and prices.I was able to get in and out quickly. The customer service was great from the phone call through the service.

Review №7

I recently had an issue diagnosed and car repairs done and the service was great! Brad and everyone at WashGuys kept me informed along the way with the progress of repairs being made. They performed an overall check up on the vehicle and went through the report with recommendations and necessary repairs that needed to be done. I have and will always use them for all of our car repairs and highly recommend them to family and friends. After my very first visit it was easy to see that they are honest, trustworthy and have excellent service.

Review №8

Good car wash. The guy who dried my car was wonderful.

Review №9

Under New ownership, very nice people, will definitely use again

Review №10

Go above and beyond to accommodate me. If Im not happy and say it, theyll fix it

Review №11

I thought that the car looked good.

Review №12

Came in needing an oil change and an inspection. Guys took me immediately and I was in and out and 15 minutes. Amazing speed. Carwash took a while via the long line, but I think someones card got declined.

Review №13

I am pleased with the service I received here. They were courteous professional and timely. My car was due for a wash I decided to come here, since I have been to their other locations. I am glad I opted for the wax, which really made the car shine. I highly recommend this place if you want quality detailing service.

Review №14

Great place and personell was knowledgeable and very patient. I recommend this place for Tires, Light Mechanic Repairs and Car Wash...

Review №15

Good value for the price ($6.99 wash, $5 tire shine and free towel dry) 🙂

Review №16

This place is great, the employees knowledgeable and nice.I originally went here for an oil change and it was a great experience. Talked a little with Brandon, the owner about lifting my truck, as I seen his was lifted. I ended up going with a pro comp 6 lift and I couldnt be more pleased with the outcome.Thanks WashGuys Automotive for actually taking the time to let me know the little details. They are very fair priced and dont try to burn a hole in your pockets like other lift companies do..If youre looking to do a lift kit or even a lowering kit I would definitely recommend WashGuys Automotive for any of your car needs.

Review №17

I saw a line and was about to leave but decided to stay. It went swiftly and when I made it to the guy to choose my service and pay...he was smiling, friendly, great customer service on the hottest day EVER.The 2nd part was the guy spraying my car thoroughly, getting under it and then going over it with the brush...I proceeded to the wash.Then I pulled to the front where a lady dried the car and shined the tires and again, on the hottest day ever...she smiled through the service.PLEASE TIP ON THESE HOT DAYS AND WONDERFUL AFFORDABLE SERVICE

Review №18

Great staff and wash

Review №19

Had my state inspection done! They were very polite and timely. Whole thing took less than 20 min. Great job!

Review №20

They usually do a pretty good job. Prices have went up. Saw them setting up a car drying port so that may be why.

Review №21

Great job on detailing and inspection

Review №22

This is my go to place for inspection and oil change! The staff is so friendly, and the waiting area is top notch. Although I could do without some of the channels chosen for the lobby -- not a fan of FoxNews.

Review №23

Decent car wash close to my house but they do not have self use vacuums.

Review №24

Took my car through the normal 6.99 wash. Everything was fine until my back mirror cover came off. I called to ask if they could provide me with info on if they found it. Sadly they never called back. I called multiple times before close and they never answered until the next morning saying they didn’t find anything.i had noticed it was gone as soon as I got out of the car wash. It was there before I took it so I know it was in the tunnel. Horrible customer service . At least call back to let me know y’all didn’t find anything

Review №25

Fast and friendly :-)

Review №26

We had an details are car in 9 years and we came here and did an awesome job for a great price.Very friendly and informative on what we wanted done..

Review №27

Awesome job guys! Did a great job, fast, easy and no hassle! Would definitely recommend! 🖤

Review №28

Very nice staff. Very welcoming. Got my oil changed there and free car wash. Overall great service.

Review №29

This place is wonderful!! I have a old car that another mechanic told me to throw away saying that the head gasket was blown. I thank God that I went here afterwards and they were able to fix the issue the same day. These guys are honest and always deliver and have made me a lifetime customer now. I am more than happy to spread the word to all my friends and family. Their prices are unbeatable and the staff is very friendly extremely knowledgeable. It is so hard to find a good honest mechanic these days. These guys are a true godsend and for that Im very thankful.

Review №30

Very fast oil change and tire rotation. I was in and out within 20 minutes. And they even washed my car! Also, if you have TollPerks points you can redeem 1,000 for $10 off your oil change.

Review №31

Great experience! Very friendly and knowledge staff very organized they got me in and out quickly and did a great job!

Review №32

Today was the first time I tried Washguys for exterior and interior cleaning in The Colony and I am so happy I came here. My interior hadn’t been washed in years. It was a disaster. After watching Washguys put in a lot of work on my little car, I can honestly say it looks brand new. They even gave me new headlights for free! I’ll be coming here again.

Review №33

This car wash was amazing. Its not overpriced at all and they are very detailed in the cleaning. I honestly expected less but I was surprised at the outcome. I will be visiting this car wash again.

Review №34

OMG! If you need a thorough car wash after these storms and wind get over here! They are slow and really paying a lot of attention to each car! Best Car Wash in the neighborhood!!

Review №35

This was Awesome. Everyone is so nice and welcoming.I will recommend to all our friends.

Review №36

Remi & I love this car wash! It’s the only one our family uses!!

Review №37

Ive been taking my car to Washguys for several years and have never been disappointed. Everyone that works there is extremely professional and polite and the quality of their work is excellent. Recently, I needed an oil change and used their Oil Change & Service for the first time. I experienced the same level of service and professionalism and was in and out in under 15 minutes. I highly recommend Washguys Car Wash and their Oil Change & Service for anyone needing these services!

Review №38

Took my car today for an oil change, the service was pretty fast. I made the mistake of not asking the price and the guy didnt tell me so I assumed it would be about the same as every other place Id gone. I was surprised that it was about $70 for my synthetic oil change that normally is $50.

Review №39

EDIT: i been coming here for a long time. Well today I was told they could no longer wash my Jeep by running it through. That I now have to get it hand wash which starts at $50. Out of all the times I been there no one time was there an issue before.ORIGINAL POST STILL VALID FOR REGULAR CARS: What a HUGE upgrade! It seems they are done renovating and I am impressed. Great customer service, and the lounge is awesome!

Review №40

You guys always are amazing!!! Keep up the good work

Review №41

Washguys did a very good job cleaning the outside of my mothers truck,

Review №42

Stopped in for a state inspection. Staff was fast and efficient. Got out of their in a little under 30 min with a passed inspection. Waiting room was nice and well appointed with big screen TVs. Free coffee and fee counts. Also had 3 well stocked vending machines for those who want a more substantial snack. Free base level car wash and dry with the inspection too.

Review №43

These folks advertised $6 wash. I handed the little girl my credit card she charged $7.99. It might not be a lot but its unfair that they charge differently than promised that in my book is stealing.

Review №44

Fast and friendly service. My car looked like a new car when they were done

Review №45

Still a nice place to go. I used to get free car wash when I had got inspection stickers and oil changes. But last time when I got my state inspection done, I didnt get offered for complimentary car wash. I was in rush so I didnt ask for it, but will check next time.

Review №46

Went there Sunday morning. Everyone very polite as they explained the options. Great wash. Free coffee and donut. Much improved from years past. Waiting area is excellent. Ill be back!

Review №47

Great place for motorcycle inspections. Quick and easy.

Review №48

Left car dirty after $6.99 wash. I will not be back dont waste your time or money. We went back to the woman at checkout and she told us there was nothing she could do. Hope other people don’t have to go through this terrible experience.

Review №49

Quick in and out for the state inspection and a basic car wash. I have no experience with their mechanics but inspections are a breeze and theyre my first choice of car washes.

Review №50

The new lady working does not even give you a price sheet and charges a lot for extras. Guys that were there before were friendly and gave pricing menu and would even bring up any promotions they may have been running. Easily a 5 star before...

Review №51

This place has made my top list for car washes. I’ve usually had bad luck with car washes so I only use a certain few or do it myself. I took my tow truck there for a quick wash before heading to the towing expo. First time using them I’m impressed they didn’t miss any detail they took the time to completely hand wash my truck while it was busy (most companies complain or turn me away) nothing was missed they scrubbed and shined everything down to the mud flaps which I’ve never seen done before. Completely worth the price I paid. I will definitely be back and bring my personal truck.

Review №52

A good run of recent experiences with inspection, oil changes, and car wash.

Review №53

The inspection took less than 30 minutes and the car wash another 30 pretty good for sitting there for only an hour of my time

Review №54

Best job ever done on my interior and exterior. The two workers took a half hour making sure every spot on car was sparkling.

Review №55

The owner cares about his shop. It has a great waiting room and is an awesome layout as far as the car wash. I would strongly recommend getting a car wash here.

Review №56

Terrible service!!!!Paid $29+ for the Gold + PackageTook them 10-15mins to dry, vacuum, clean the tires, etc. I was rushing so I didn’t get the chance to check the car when they called. I did notice that there were still wet spots in the rear area as I got in the car. Got to my destination about a mile away. There were dirty spots in the rim area on all 4 wheels. Will never go back and will never this carwash place to anyone!

Review №57

Have all my inspections done here. Free car wash with inspection and you can upgrade to a hand wash. All the inspection folks are really nice. Never had any issues here.

Review №58

Vety caring.Did a great cleaning on my Van.

Review №59

I like going in the morning during the week. Faster service.

Review №60

Excellent service!! They are the best! Highly recommended going to them for your vehicle maintenance.

Review №61

Terrible place. Will never go there again. Used car wash. I have chrome rims. The car wash put deep scratches in one of my rims. I alerted the staff they took pictures and my info said owner would get in touch with me. They never did. This is not a place to use. Be aware.

Review №62

This place used to be a great place to get your car our truck washed. But the last three times they have given the crappiest customer service and the cleaning job. I have to say, this is way below par.Lets start with the outside. When you can still see dirt on the hood, bumpers,mirrors,roof and wheels. Thats enough to make anyone want to go inside and give the manager a good talking to. I put my son in his car seat and yep, it was dirty not even vacuumed. Also cup holders dirty not even wiped out or cleaned. Mind you the windows looked good and some of the truck. But I think the manager needs to manage her crew way better then she does.What a waste of my time for this.

Review №63

I am not sure how many times this place has changed management. Used to be an excellent car wash and it is now HORRIBLE. This past weekend, they sent my SUV in too close behind a Ford F250 with a trailer ball. The front of my vehicle ended up banging into the back of the truck. I am thankful nothing was damaged, but this should NEVER happen. There should be something at the front of the line where if the truck stops because someone is not there to drive it off, the line halts. I will NEVER EVER go back here. The man I complained too, did not even speak English and had no idea what i was saying. I had to go inside and back to the desk and she had to run for the manager.

Review №64

A little confusing when you first arrive, the path isnt marked very well. You have to drive to the right side of the oil change building to get to the wash stand.Some of their services seem a little expensive. They dont have monthly package options available.Had to show some areas inside the car that they missed.The reason I gave 4 stars rather than fewer is because I havent been to one car wash place where I havent had to point out areas inside and/or outside of the car that is missed. The workers here are polite and the waiting area is clean.

Review №65

They do a great job! Comfortable waiting area - complimentary refreshments. Clean facilities.

Review №66

Best place to get your car inspection done in the colony, cheap and fast.

Review №67

Very disappointed with them. Ive been here before and had a good clean and customer service. Today was different. Due to equipment issues they were unable to wash my vehicle. Thats not what made me unhappy. Problem was the lack of customer service. No one bothered to come out to tell me there was an issue for the 20 minutes I waited. When the lady finally did come to tell us what was going on, there was no apology much less any consideration of a discount for a future cleaning. An apology would have been acceptable and a discount a nice gesture. Not returning.

Review №68

Time to boycott Lone Star car wash in The Colony!!!! Took my car there this morning to get a wash. Their machine damaged my month old rim. They will have nothing to do with it. Basically calling me a liar and that it happened prior to taking it there. They will not do the right thing for me and I will bet they will not do the right thing for you either. Just keep that in mind if you use them!!!! Please let all your friends know this, so it does not happen to them. Have a great day everyone.

Review №69

Great service. We were in and out and the car looked great!

Review №70

They did not do an outstanding job but it was acceptable. They missed a few things at first, but quickly took care of them when I pointed them out. The car wash crew was very friendly the girl at the counter not so much. They did a good enough job that I will give them another chance.

Review №71

Have used them for car washes since they bought this place. Used them for a state inspection for the first time and the technician wanted to up-charge for wiper blades (required for inspection) though with all the rain lately I had not seen an problems. He also said the brake fluid was dirty on a 2015 vehicle with 69K miles and quoted $90 to flush it. Spoke to my regular mechanic and he said this was a scam. I took it to him the next day and he confirmed it. Wife tells me on her last inspection they recommended cleaning the engine oil and flushing the engine. This on a 2017 vehicle with 39K miles. They have lost all of my business.

Review №72

Did a great job on detailing my limo for my company

Review №73

Company web site contains false advertising. Says that express wash platinum service is $29, but when my daughters showed up they told her this was only for a monthly program and charges $50 for internal/external watch service. Total scam, avoid at all costs.

Review №74

Went there today, and they did an amazing job on the interior. Looks good as new!

Review №75

I took my car and expectation, and they told me my e break is bad. It needs to be replaced. Finally i took my car to the mechanic shop and they said nothing is wrong. Washguys car wash just lie to me. they just to make money for themselves, bad experience. i do not recommend them to you.

Review №76

Worst Car wash. Go some place else for a car wash. Their machine damaged my car. I asked to see the surveillance footage but would not let me see it right away. Asked to come back day later. When I came back to see the footage. It would only show car entering the wash. conveniently camera capturing the inside of the wash shows nothing but statics. These people are crooks and liars.

Review №77

Great service and friendly staff....just wish it was a bit less expensive for what you get.

Review №78

Great job. Quick service.

Review №79

These guys have excellent service, employees are always nice and go above and beyond to help you. If You are in the Colony area and need an oil change service, or state Inspections Visit them! Thank You for my free car wash.

Review №80

Went for a car wash based on a coupon that was sent to my home. Took the 20% off coupon and asked for the platinum wash which was 29. The discounted price was 29-5.8. Lucia changed it to 4.99. That was a minor issue, but for me it wasnt a good start. Then my car plate was entered incorrectly. When asked why, she said it is now in the system and cant be redone. This is to ensure we dont come back for a car wash if it rains. If we do, they can say this isnt the car that was washed based on my number plate. The 2 stars are for the guys who did an ok job. Still had lot of unclean edges and seats. Never going back.

Review №81

The wash didnt get all the bugs and the guys kept trying to upsell.

Review №82

Please DO NOT spend your money here!! I was here for the first time on Friday for a simple oil change. Ended up getting a Full wash and vacuum. When the car was going through the wash the right mirror broke off. To begin with, no one said a single word about it. instead they hurried up and tried to fix it. I asked to speak to the manager who by the was VERY rude and all he did was put blue tape on it had me fill out a form and said he would call me back once they checked the cameras to see if it was their fault. Ok understandable shouldnt take more then a day or two right? WRONG!! Not only are they rude but they ignore your calls and when they do answer the phone they ask you to call back later. Its now Wednesday and still havent received a call back. Nothing has been resolved.Im still driving my only car like this. Completely not safe for me or my kids!!!! Like I said PLEASE DO NOT spend your hard earned money here.

Review №83

Came here for an inspection. I have NEVER failed an inspection. I have an essentially new Infiniti and they want to fail me for windshield wipers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Plus, they charge $20/wiper when I can get the same wiper at any store for much less, however its not worth the time or effort to leave and come back. Its a nice facility, however I will not be back. UPDATE: Even better, I went through the car wash for my free wash, and the spinning brush on the left side did not even touch my car.

Review №84

Ive been coming here for my oil changes for the last 4 times; Ive never waited more than 15 minutes before they hand me my car back.Very nice guys too! They answer all my questions :)AND THE BEST PART!!! THEY WONT TRY TO UPSELL YOU! Or tell you that something is wrong with your car when its not.This is the only place Ill go for car services. :)

Review №85

So, I looked them up online just so that I can write this review of my experience with them this afternoon and no wonder this place is ful of negative reviews because I am about to do just that.First of all, its a bait and switch business as they have this $4 sign in big bold letters but then as you get closer there is tiny little .99 written right next to it which is about 1/10th of the size of the 4. I have no problem paying $4.99 for a car wash which I think is reasonable but dont fool around with people by showing a big a** deceiving sign - thats cheating. If you want to sell the car wash for $5, just own it like other businesses in the area do and that is fine.Secondly, my experience this afternoon. So I go for a car wash and there is this sign that says car wash here but that lane is blocked off so I look for other sign that is all the way to the right side of the building. There was no one there to help/navigate but I start pulling in that lane slowly. After pulling a little further I hear this loud yelling and see a guy walking up to me. This is where I guess they come up to you and show you tiny little board that has all there car washes as opposed to a permanent sign that you can read for yourself. He then points me to this sign that hidden in the corner that says Please Stop Here. Apparently, I somehow missed this sign as I was trying to navigate through this narrow lane but the guy then goes on to read the sign for me as if I cant read it for myself. He still wants to make a point by saying how stupid of me to miss the sign so he goes on to reads it 3 times (no joking here). After he is done, I said to that is alright, I will pass on your car wash and look forward to write a review about my experience on the web. He turns around and I move on.Word of advice, stay away from this place if you dont want to get humiliated as I did. Read other reviews and you should know. The empty wash lane on a weekend is already an indication of why people dont go there which other car washes in the area having waiting times. I am sure those guys are doing something right that these jokers arent and my guess is that they are not deceiving people as these guys are. I am never taking my cars again to that business!

Review №86

Love love love this place!!! Great employee and they do great work on both car wash and oil change.

Review №87

Amazing service!!! Received oil change and got a free car wash!!!

Review №88

Had them do a trailer inspection for licensing. Had a little glitch in the VIN# but they fixed it at no charge.

Review №89

The folks that work there have been helpful and professional.

Review №90

I thought this place was going to do a really good job on my car I had to have them go back to do the windows twice and they still were dirty lots of stuff missed on an expensive wash disappointed!!

Review №91

Took an hour but they did an excellent job! Well worth the wait! I have a Nissan Rouge so Im not too particular with the cosmetics. I understand why some people would be upset with the carwash possibly leaving scratches or marks (mentioned in some earlier reviews). However I will say that I did not notice any new scratches or marks after they finished.

Review №92

Very fast and friendly. Great car wash for the price.

Review №93

Wonderful people in my car rim better and look better than it ever has before

Review №94

Super fast service! Great customer service.Highly recommended!!!

Review №95

Always had a great experience when bringing my vehicle for detailing. Clean waiting areas.

Review №96

Ive had excellent service at Lone Star. I appreciate that they do it all while I wait and watch TV. Theyve kept my 2013 Nissan looking brand new ever since I bought it. Would recommend to anyone and I never have to wait very long. Good service.

Review №97

They had a basic wash option of 4.99. Line wasnt too long and the was went quickly. Someone hand dried after the wash. I wished they had car vacuums too.

Review №98

Awesome service. I had a satisfying experience and will be returning for my next oil change!

Review №99

I have been taking three company cars here for over a decade BUT........that stops now! The most rude, lazy people I have ever encountered at a customer oriented place. The on-site management is more concerned about allowing the 4 employees to horse play in the parking than to notice I am drying my own car, Never again and I hope you will boycott as well.......Horrible after this much time as a customer.

Review №100

Ive received consistent good service at Lone Star. The only time I thought we had an issue was when they couldnt get an oil filter for my 1989 TC by Maserati. They went out of their way to have one driven in from another store so they could do the oil change. Ive never used one of the gold or higher packages for the car wash, but I do get good results with the basic wash and vacuum service and will continue to bring my families cars here for oil, inspections, and washes.

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  • Address:4173 Main St, The Colony, TX 75056, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 972-370-2976
  • Auto repair shop
  • Car wash
  • Oil change service
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–7PM
  • Thursday:8AM–7PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:8AM–8PM
  • Sunday:8AM–6PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
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