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To the staff at Mona Lisa MonumentThank you for a job well done I was very Impressed by your attention to detailJohn your installer of The Headstone was quite precise about his workOnce again thank youOnce again thank you for a great greatJob

Review №2

Mona Lisa monuments is terrible 0 out of 10 dont recommend. Me and my mother went to go see about getting a headstone for my Grandmother in February. We found some ideas that we had liked so my mother paid for the headstone in full. The people were really nice I will give them that but it has been 3 months and were are still waiting for it to be delivered. It was supposed to be delivered today Tuesday June 22 but when we got to the cemetery the headstone still wasnt there and we have been waiting for 5 hours at the cemetery. My mother called them to see what time they would be here to install the headstone but the owner wouldnt give her a specific time. My mother called the owner several times and all he has done is come up with excuses. So I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone.

Review №3

This company is bad. Take your money elsewhere. He pockets the cash and does not deliver. Then cops an attitude.

Review №4

Have done work for him and its excuses after excuses to get paid. On top of being under paid. Now i see why he has a 3 rating on google. So sad to read some of these reviews. You should be ashamed of your self. Bad business all around.

Review №5

Owners, Mr and Mrs Aikens are Super human beings. Very compassionate and considerate. The quality of their work is Excellent!! Considering the Excellent quality of their work, their pricing is also very good. Dealing with a loved one leaving us for Heaven is a trying experience, the love that’s hat what we felt from Mr and Mrs Aikens was very real and a Great consolation. Mr and Mrs Aikens both transmit an energy of peace, love and consideration which can only come from God! And it’s most useful at a time like this. And their monument work was Super. We Highly recommend Mona Lisa.

Review №6

Teryl and his team are amazing! He walked me through the entire process and ensured our family plot was done perfectly. I would recommend their services to anyone that’s looking for a caring, compassionate and quality focused monument company.

Review №7

Just terrible . Everything about them. Unprofessional liars

Review №8

Used this company for my Grandpas headstone and they did very beautiful work, for a reasonable price. Very compassionate people while i was going through the loss. Very helpful and understanding as well. I would highly recommend them!!!

Review №9

After receiving my moms stone I really wasnt statisfied with the work. I accepted it because I was in mourning. However, years later I decided to go and price other head stone. What I was charged from Mona Lisa I got a full slab for the same cost that Mona Lisa charged over charge. The reason I gave a two rating because of location of convenience.

Review №10

From the minute I walked in Jermaine was very friendly and knowledgable. I picked out my mothers headstone and I was extremely happy with it, reasonable prices and a great job done, especially on the painted flowers . Thank you again to Jermaine, Teryl and wife....would definitely recommend to my family and friends!

Review №11

My experience with this place has been nothing but emotionally draining. I placed an order with this company in October 2018 and paid up front the full price. The contract written by the owner, Teryl Aikens, stated a delivery and installation by January 20th. I was told that I would receive a layout within 2 weeks of paying and signing the contract. Two weeks passed by and I did not receive anything until two months later (mid-December). This layout was a copy-paste of the sample monument I had provided for him, not an original etching layout. Teryl wanted me to approve that layout immediately so that etching can be done at the quarry. I responded to him and informed him that I should not be rushed to approve this layout, as it doesn’t look like an original design. I refused to approve the layout and requested a new one to be created that will allow us to clearly see what the final product would look like. January came and I did not receive any updates from Teryl. I would call and email him and he would not respond. I was worried, as January 20th was the deadline. There was always a lack of communication and I always had to reach out multiple times or have my brother call him to get a response/update. We were told that there was multiple reasons causing a delay in the delivery of the stone and it will not arrive by January 20th. We were very understanding that this could be plausible, but we still have not received a layout of the stone. I finally received the layout at the end of January, past the agreed delivery date and post 3 months of signing the contract. This layout was better than the first but still needed editing. Teryl was agitated by this, as he had to go back and forth with the etcher because he did not want us to be in direct communication with the etcher. As a consumer, and this being my parents’ headstone, everything had to be done correctly and properly, especially when a lot of money has been invested in this monument. We received the final layout and approved it (it was now the end of February), and was told that the etching will be complete in two weeks. Mid-March came and I didn’t receive any updates (AGAIN). All my emails and calls were ignored. I sent a text asking if the etching of the stone was complete. I was appalled to find out that he didn’t inform the etcher and that he will contact him Monday to get it started. The etching would have never begun if I hadn’t reached out to him. I explained that the monument had to be installed prior to my father’s one year anniversary (April 5th) as it is very sentimental to us to have it there. Additionally, I explained that it’s been 3 months past the agreed contract due date and I never agreed on an extension (this is stated in the contract that a written extension must be done by the purchaser). I’ve been very understanding throughout the whole process but enough was enough. I felt that I was being played and that there wasn’t ever a stone ordered (as I never saw evidence of the stone and when asked if we could go see it, we were denied). Teryl texted me that the stone will be placed prior to my father’s one year anniversary and not to “worry”. How could I not worry? I texted him and asked what day installation would be and did not receive a reply. I then had my brother call him, and though he did answer his phone call, he did not give him a straightforward answer either. I began to worry, as it was now April, and contacted my credit card company and began a claim investigation. My credit card company issued a full refund, as the monument was never delivered. Teryl actually reached out through a phone call and was infuriated. He cursed me out and at that point, I knew I could no longer trust his business. Teryl is a money-hungry, unprofessional and incompassionate individual that should not be in the monument business.

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Beware of bait and switch. Get everything in writing. Still waiting for services to be completed. Approaching 60 days

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