ACME Markets
212 New Rd, Somers Point, NJ 08244, United States
ACME Markets
Review №1

Very crean the place, and nice, but the frid chicken was not crispy... need to better cook

Review №2

The lines went pretty quick and there were no issues

Review №3

Somers point Acme has everything. Prepared foods are great. Fresh produce. Desserts are good too. Always has alot of fresh flowers.

Review №4

One of the cleanest, well stocked food stores Ive been in, in the northeast.

Review №5

I was looking for citric acid. I wasnt sure if a supermarket would carry this product, but I figured I would try since I was already in the area. I asked a couple of employees and they didnt know what it was. I saw another employee (Im sorry that I forgot your name. blond hair female afternoon) was either restocking shelves or getting items for pickup decided to take it upon herself to help me find it. We went through the shelves and aisles a few times trying to see if they had it. They ended up not having it, but I really appreciated an employee going completely out of her way to help me find it. Some other employees were quick to just dismiss it and I can understand. That is what I expected since I wasnt sure if Acme would even stock this product. Whoever you were, thank you very much for trying to help me find citric acid.

Review №6

The pharmacy there and there staff is first class and top notch. From what I have observed they get some really difficult customers from time to time and I really admire how professional they ALL remain during those times. As for me they have always been so kind and helpful when I call and talk to someone as well as for when I patronage their store... Cant thank you enough !! Photo I took outside in the parking lotof the acme lol ..there was a hawk who used to hang out around there ..I havent seen in a while

Review №7

They have fun gourds for decoration this fun holiday

Review №8

Always good food, just a bit pricey for everyday shopping. Maybe a once a week stop. But you can always find at least one great deal!

Review №9

The deli counter moves a bit slow but other than that I had no issues. My cashier Carol was super helpful and quick.

Review №10

Well stocked. Fsir prices

Review №11

Its great and super convenient with terrific deals and very friendly helpful staff.

Review №12

Only go there when they have sales and they have some great ones today I got buy one get one free big rack of ribs and then I got buy one get two free baby back ribs then bought a can of crab meat $20 only cost in 1299 and then got some salmon 699 a pound and got a cheaper because I downloaded the app awesome place

Review №13

I went for help with recieving a western union yesterday and they said I could come back the next day because there was nobody that could help me there yesterday. I came back in the morning and the girl said before she even pretended to try the western union she mentioned oh the system might still be down. It didnt sound like it was down the day before and after 30 seconds of trying it she told me it wasnt working, which is a load of barnacles. She just didnt wanna help me or she just didnt know how to help me with the western union. Dont waste your time at this acme, theres a nice shoprite down the street. Walgreens gladly helped me right away with my western union I was in and out in 5 minutes.

Review №14

Extremely friendly staff very good deals and specials for sale over all a very pleasant shopping experience when I go here

Review №15

Great food! Clean and great experience

Review №16

Always clean and, always on point on having things in stock like meats and cleaning supplies, nice staff very friendly

Review №17

Clean, everything I needed, easy to find, plenty of friendly cashiers, came home and told my wife we have a new grocery store!

Review №18

The gentleman at the seafood counter was very easy to order from and friendly!

Review №19

Moldy tomatoes.

Review №20

Very clean and well stocked. Dont forget your reusable bags or youll have to pay a few cents for plastic bags.

Review №21

Its a nice and easy shopping experience. I especially like going here when I just need a few items.

Review №22

ShopRite has better prices.........

Review №23

Wonderful. Always have what I need.

Review №24

Good dealsFriendly service

Review №25

Clean store but generally overpriced and not the best selection. Some good deals if you look.

Review №26

Acme is a great place to shop its clean the employees are friendly I love it

Review №27

I love this store. They usually are stocked w the sale items and is clean.

Review №28

Charged for plastic bags was told by employee would not be charged. But my receipt said otherwise.

Review №29

Been shopping here for years, but lately many things have been out of stock for longer than normal, forcing me to go elsewhere even though I’d rather shop at acme.

Review №30

Freshest seafood and meat!

Review №31

Well stocked, super clean and good organic produce

Review №32

Little expensive on some of their food

Review №33

The store is clean. The employees are polite and efficient!

Review №34

I love my (this)acme. Would be a five star if it wasnt for the deli staff. Not all of them but a select few are pretty rude, which actually prevents me from getting deli products sometimes.

Review №35

The older lady who was working self checkout on November 1, at around 2 pm is so so rude. Second time dealing with her this year And she is awful towards customers. Please get better employees acme

Review №36

Aisles too narrow. Needs a reconfiguration.

Review №37

Their prescription prices are the lowest, according to my research. Acme meats have always been superior.

Review №38

Signage is a little tough but it is bright, clean and lines move pretty good

Review №39

Just went in to get orange juice in and out in 5 minutes that was excellent.

Review №40

Nice store, great meat department.

Review №41

The self checkout was the only one open Im assuming because it was around 11:30pm closing time. Anyway the young lady who was working helped me out with extreme patience and knowledge because I sure as heck didnt know what I was doing. I was trying to ring in codes my coupons and other little things. I wanted you to have a good review because Im sure theyre mostly complaints. Somers Point Acme NJ GREAT JOB!!!!

Review №42

A bit pricey but great selection and easy quick check out

Review №43

You can save money by shopping at Shoprite, quite a bit actually. I go here mainly because its the pharmacy I have used for years. Good store for quick in and out.

Review №44

This Acme is the nicest and biggest in the area. It is clean and bright with a large array of foods and merchandise. Their produce always seems fresh, and their meats are top notch. The staff that work here are mostly friendly and helpful. Their parking lot actually makes sense and is well maintained. Shopping at this Acme is a pleasant experience!

Review №45

Variety was good. Process were high though. Didnt know shop rite was across the street. But the story was clean and the staff friendly

Review №46

Ignorant desk lady refused to answer a question about something i was charged for and shouldnt been because it was after 9pm. come back tomorrow she says, how about listen to my questions before tossing me to the curb!!

Review №47

Nice wide aisles and large selection of products! Friendly staff and cleaner than some other grocery stores!

Review №48

The store is clean and well stocked. The employees are very nice and outgoing.

Review №49

I love you guys! Youre my favorite grocery store in New Jersey! Keep up the good work!

Review №50

The store was clean staff were helpful. There was one thing that they were out of that I went there for, otherwise good experience

Review №51

Were out of frto lay bean dip

Review №52

Where Ive been doing most of my food shopping. Like it more and more as I go there more and more

Review №53

Great staff the baked goods are a great value. Peak hours can get busy even in the off season so try and go early or later.

Review №54

Always clean and welcoming

Review №55

Always fast checkout.

Review №56

Very clean store Friendly Associates and fast on the register everything was easy to find store labels were good 👍

Review №57

Always clean, stocked and never too busy.

Review №58

Stock is more varied and better than other local supermarkets. Nothing to complain about.

Review №59

I enjoy my experience. It was clean and shop friendly. A little more expensive only by cents than Shop Rite. But so worth. Anxiety is down. Definitely going back.

Review №60

Less crowded than competitors and all staff smile and are friendly and helpful. Shopping Acme 52 years

Review №61

Last time I was here, their produce was rotten, their bread near or past the expiration, and nearly everything was out of stock. And instacart shoppers take orders from here as a last resort. Youre gambling with your rating here

Review №62

Always great!

Review №63

Great vegetables meat and seafood and friendly help and never majorly crowded.

Review №64

Rude associates... management not responsive to issues

Review №65

We are usually loyal ShopRite customers but when they didnt have fresh crab cakes we decided to go over to ACME.They had at least five types of fresh crab cakes.The young lady who helped us was very friendly and knowledgeable.We ended up buying two types of crab cakes.They both were very good. I would definitely come back to their seafood department.

Review №66

This Acme store makes it impossible to use their self checkout lanes. Everytime you put an item into a bag it causes the system to require the clerk on duty to come and re-set the system. I mentioned this to the store manager who came over to the area because so many customers required help at the same time and he told me to shop at another store if I didn’t agree or like his system. I BBC said I shop at other Acmes all the time and none are programmed like his and his response was “then go shop at those Acmes”. Acme senior management allows their store managers to talk to their customers like dogs. My receipt allowed me to complete a survey which I did but never heard back from anyone.

Review №67

Always have what we need to feed our family. Fresh produce, a great meat department and very helpful customer service. They have weekly sales that help with your familys budget. The pharmacy with Norma and Beth always make you feel your being taken care of, they always check and recheck your file to insure you are safely being prescribed. They also care enough to go over all directions necessary to safely take your medication.

Review №68

Very clean but received bad meat they replaced with no problem

Review №69

Awful customer Service will never come back very rude. Refused to help no one cares.

Review №70

Great and easy to find what Im looking for

Review №71

I love ACME! They work hard to provide the best value for your money. The staff is friendly, inviting, and helpful. They have the freshest produce and their Seafood is the best! I also like the fact that the store is clean and bright. The store brand products most times surpass the big name brands for quality and value. ACME is my hometown grocer for food and so much more. See for yourself.

Review №72

So expensive when shoprite is right across the street.

Review №73

Great cashiers and employees

Review №74

Definitely way overpriced, for literally like 98% of there things. Might occasionally have a good deal on meat, but ShopRite is usually way better!!!

Review №75

Rude employees.

Review №76

Acme is my go-to store for everything... Always friendly and professional and courteous staff. Always a very clean store.

Review №77

Much larger store just outside of Ocean City. A bit easier to go shopping.

Review №78

I love going here its a great alternative to a overcrowded shoprite and walmart for groceries,vitamins and a great bakery section.

Review №79

Very Courteous & Awesome Selections.

Review №80

It always seems like half their items are out of stock or, worse, expired. Their deli has gotten multiple orders wrong. And the customer service they provide is subpar. Its not theyre cheap either. How does this company stay in business?

Review №81

I like the sales they have on fruit all the time!

Review №82

Great customer service. Never had an issue. Even the janitor helps you

Review №83

Hey, I work here...

Review №84

Ive been shopping at the Acme in Somers Point, NJ for over 20 years and its excellent. The staff is beyond friendly and helpful. They help me save money. The women behind the fish counter steams my lobsters for me while I shop! I love everyone there--Allison, Barbara, Julie, Susan. Even the pharmacy is amazing!

Review №85

Clean, good prices and helpful employees. I would go there again.

Review №86

Today I went inside the Acme shopping for someone with one of the grocery delivery apps. Upon checking out the first thing the cashier says (Believe her name is Lynn) is are you working for instascart I say Hello to you too, how are you and then she slams my receipts on the counter and walks away. I used to work at the ACME in OC and I was trained far better than that. Worse customer service EVER.

Review №87

Great selection, very clean.

Review №88

I got in there 10:00 this morning not a whole bunch of people quick check out I got my chicken Ive got my steak as well as everything I need for the week or a calendars was on sale a third off it was a good day Happy camper

Review №89

Good deals and friendly staff.

Review №90

They had almost everything I needed

Review №91

This is a nice size Acme with a pharmacy that has a simple to navigate store set-up with big bright displays. There is also fresh, soft pretzels for sale 2 for $1.30 at the front of the store. The associates are nice and the store is well stocked. The bakery had a nice selection of sweet treats. (Many cakes and cookies are brought in from bakeries.) I was never a fan of Acmes whipped cream frosting on their store baked cakes.The seasonal section has a wide variety of items and there is home decor on sale for 75% off!🏈🏈🏈Huge selection of Eagles gear on sale 20% OFF (shirts, jerseys, caps, flags, bags, license plate covers, keychains, etc.) the week of the Super Bowl!!!🏈🏈🏈

Review №92

Acme, is great for the sales! Their Lancaster brand beef is so Good! Keep an eye for their seafood sales. Shrimp, tuna steaks great. Great place to shop!

Review №93

Nice overall

Review №94

Will go to Acme over Shop Rite any day of the week. Been going to Acme in S.P. since I was little. Ill be carrying on that tradition. People say its more expensive than Shop Rite and I guess they enjoy trying to shop with 500 other people if you can get a spot. But that is false. Acme has excellent sales that make up for that being more expensive but also the food is better quality than Shop rite brand.

Review №95

Place is clean and well stocked. Employees are all over if you have any questions of anything.

Review №96

Good selection of deli products and fruit is fresh with a wide variety. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I always have a good experience when I shop here.

Review №97

Closest ACME to me. Used to go to the one in Absecon before they closed years ago. Great selection of everything, in a clean environment, at good prices. The only thing thats a pain, and its not Acmes fault ... its Somers Point(the town where they are located.) Somers Point pushed through a fee of $.05 charge for bags to save whatever animal/bird. Very annoying. Wonder where that money goes? Its unfortunate because I will drive further, to another town, to another Acme, just because of that.

Review №98

Always a quick experience

Review №99

Somers Point Acme is very service conscious... they excel. Using the pharmacy for over 20 years and they know my family and help us without us having to ask. Jamie and Jane in the meat dept helped me aquire beef ribs, which was a special request and it only took a phone call. The food is fresh, the produce is beautiful and they do their part to make meals as easy for us as possible. Thank you Acme. Love your Buy One Get One Free sale too!Fran Perez Somers Point

Review №100

Store is always clean, people that work there are friendly and helpful.

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  • Phone:+1 609-653-6853
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
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  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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