Total Car Care of San Antonio
6608 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States
Total Car Care of San Antonio
Review №1

My first visit to Total car Care I was having issues with my radiator. I had actually taken it to Ford and kind of got the runaround and took it to a few other places. someone referred me to Total car Care. Being that Im not originally from San Antonio I really didnt know any mechanics that I trusted so I decided to take it to Total car Care. I arrived probably around 2:00 p.m. they checked my car. there was no BS basically told me straight up what needed to be fixed. They were very thorough and explaining what the issue was with my car they gave me an estimate of the time it would take to be repaired. I was in no hurry so I waited and I was in no rush. Once they were fixed with repairs I got my car back my car has been running great ever since then. A few months later I took my car back for an oil change and a checkup .front customer service Christina was great mechanics were very polite very thorough explaining issues with the car on my initial visit. This is definitely my go-to place whenever I have issues with my vehicle and I will definitely recommend them . I would give them 10 stars!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №2

My car is there currently and it has been a TOTAL nightmare! From customer service to getting my car actually repaired. I’ve NEVER experienced anything like it. When you diagnose a vehicle dealing with an engine repair from the very beginning you turn the car on to see what is going on with it. I was originally told it was the head gaskets that hadn’t caused much damage and could be repaired. That was last Wednesday and I was promised my vehicle would be ready by end of week this week. However, when we called to check progress of the repairs being done, we were informed today Tuesday (a whole 6 days later) that my car needed a whole other engine and the tech said he find this out last Wednesday when I left the shop but didn’t inform me of this until I called them today. Like are you serious! He said he forgot because he was busy. NO SIR! Something this important and serious you stop what you’re doing and inform a paying customer. That’s something the tech needs to learn at this location. The customer comes first because the customer is keeping him with a job and keeping his bills paid. He slow pokes around when it comes to educating the customer on what’s going on with their car. I literally waited about 15 to 20 minutes for him to come talk to me when I first went to the shop for an update on my car. Keep in mind I traveled a good 4 hours to get there. Guess what! When I look in the garage to see what’s going on, he was out there laughing & talking to another tech while a paying customer is waiting on him for an update. I was literally about to walk over to him for an update on my car until the owner seen me and called him over to talk to me. I’m still not convinced that I needed a whole other engine, it’s all about the money. They get people financed and the interest rate is super HIGH! My son took my car there because he lives in San Antonio and didn’t look up auto repair shops with 4 or more stars with great reviews. Unfortunately, I live 4 hours away but if it was my choice, I would have NEVER taken my car there. Now I’m waiting to see how great of an job he do on installing this rebuilt engine, fingers crossed because I’ve lost all confidence in this place. :(

Review №3

I took my vehicle there, in late September early October. To get my timing chains replaced, and I was told it would be a two week job. When my vehicle was returned back to me, I was told that everything had gone fine. That they had TEST DRIVEN IT to make sure everything was working properly. Only after one day I got it back, it began to misfire BADLY. I had to take it back FOUR TIMES, because they COULDNT figure out why it was misfiring. So it sat behind their shop from OCTOBER, all the way until MARCH!!!!!!! Just because they couldnt man up, and tell me that they had TOTALED my car. During that time frame I CALLED, and VISISTED their shop almost every single day. Just to here them say WELL CALL YOU BACK (Of course they never did). This is by far the most disrespectful service, Id had to date. Now because of their intolerance, I had to take my vehicle to another shop. And have them fix what they did, to my vehicle.

Review №4

Do not deal with these liars!!! Was a previous employee and I haven’t received my last check and all other employees as well. That’s not the way to take care of your employees. Lies and more lies is all I get !!! So stay far away from these jokers. It’s been over a month. Beware fellow people these people are not friendly at all.

Review №5

Terrible service. job to be performed was front end alignment. Instead vehicle was involved in hit and run while on their property, so they said.never received a call of accident until i called to check on status of alignment. checked out damage to vehicle. small to medium dent rear side of vehicle, did not match hit and run damage on bandera road. after waiting several days for them to have some one they know fix damage, i retrieved my vehicle still damaged, front end alignment never even looked at. Will never use this business again and warn others not too also.

Review №6

I had a oil change, tune-up and brakes done and the manager Priscilla did such a great job with explaining to me about the repairs that were needed and also getting my car out on the same day. I love this place!!! Price was great and overall I had a great experience. I will definitely be back and I will refer my family here for any vehicle repairs that they need.Thank you guys!!Mika

Review №7

Excellent service and communication, Ryan and Cynthia were great! Help me get back on the road quickly, even sooner than i expected. Recommended for sure!

Review №8

Took my 2006 Jeep Liberty in that was having some major electrical issues. Prices were very reasonable compared to other places that I priced. Problems were found and fixed and is running like a champ again. Kristen was very helpful and kept me updated through the entire process. Great customer service. Will definitely be returning for any future auto issues.

Review №9

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE I AM BEGGING YOU !! SAVE YOUR MONEYYY AND TIME !! THEY DEPLETED MY SAVINGS AND LEFT ME WITHOUT A CAR FOR 3 MONTHS. I dropped my car off on May 10th it is now August 7th and I barely came to pick up my vehicle. When I left the vehicle they ran the diagnostic and returned saying the head gasket needed to be replaced and would cost me 1900$. I asked if I should consider just getting the engine replaced. They said no because it was fixable. I agreed and they said it would take 2 weeks. Obviously that didn’t happen. I called once a week for updates (they never called me). About 3 weeks in they said they were working on other cars and they finally got to my vehicle and sent the parts out to Subaru to get fixed and tested. Another 2 weeks go by and they barely got the parts returned. Then they said they can’t work on my car because they started on another vehicle in the meantime. They spend another 2 weeks on that vehicle because of “complications”. They get to mine and tell me they have to order more parts. I just wonder why did they not order them ahead of time? For the remaining time they continued saying they needed to order more parts. At this point I don’t know what has been done and what hasn’t. And every single time I called they said it would be done by the end of the week which obviously was never the case. At the end of the repair I paid 4100$ in total. I should’ve just gotten a new engine.

Review №10

DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE!!!! Horrible Experience!!! Cynthia, who is apparently a manager there was EXTREMELY rude and unprofessional. She needs to learn what it means to care for people and treat them with respect. Her inability to compose herself in a professional manner, proves she does not have the skill nor the tact to effectively communicate with people, let alone call herself a manager. They arent even part of the BBB. I will be filing a complaint on them. I dont even believe that their mechanics are certified.

Review №11

Priscilla Ochoa. Horrible experience with her. After my repairs that caused my 1k. I called her to get a clarification on the invoice I received and she was Horrible to me. She hanged up the phone and didnt want to take a few moments to explain to me my doubts. And Im a regular customer. Not anymore. Customer service is almost as important as the actually service

Review №12

Had my vehicle towed in to their shop for transmission work, got my car back in a reasonable time and always kept me up to date with repairs. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Thank you total car care for getting me back on the road.

Review №13

If I could give zero stars I wouldnt even give that,I have been dealing with this place since January 14 and after taking my vehicle back twice for same problem this is the work I get,this place shouldnt even be allowed to work among the REAL mechanic shops and mind you I already paid for this work and I am still having to deal with their poor customer service and very poor work I usually dont do reviews but was asked by GM Priscilla to do a review so here it is

Review №14

My friend took his suv to have transmission fixed. They continued to find more problems. They had it fixed,however he had to take ut back because of things they didnt do correctly. They keep the suv for weeks without doing any work and not contacting the owner. Terrible place. Do not take your vehicle here.

Review №15

My husbands truck has had to go back there 4 times. With in 3 days of picking it up, we are having to have it towed back. They get ya on parts. But mostly labor. What a racket they have going. And they keep it for a week or more. It BS.

Review №16

This place rips you off for low quality work and will cause more problems to your car to keep you coming back. I had them rebuild my transmission, replace my radiator, and do a tune-up. To keep a long story short, don’t take your car here unless you want it to stop working completely just like mine did. Didnt have money to take it to anyone else bc they cost me about $4500-$5000 for their “repairs”.

Review №17

They messed up my best friends 2015 Corolla. Did not reinstall the CV axle properly, damaged the transmission and axle seal. They did not offer to fix the issue nor reimburse for the damage and dealing with them is a nightmare. My friend ended up shelling out thousands for another car.I get that mistakes can happen but not offering to fix the issue shows disregard for customer satisfaction. I do not recommend taking your vehicle to this establishment.

Review №18

Thank you total car care for the pleasant experience I had. Priscilla and her staff reassured me on my vehicle repairs and had it out in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend to family and friends

Review №19

Definitely wasnt comfortable with this shop working on my car. They go out of their way to find a new problem instead of dealing with the issues at hand. Never again.

Review №20

Amazing service, got my transmission done and my car drives better than when i first got it! Ryan always kept me up to date and gave me any info i needed! Thank you ryan and thank you total car care!

Review №21

Great Place Manager Cynthia and Ryan were so helpful ..Thank you guys

Review №22

Place has very poor customer service and no communication. Do not take your car there. There are other places near by who are way much better!

Review №23

I went in after going to another shop and they told me my repair would be $3,000 brought it to total car care and my repair was only $900 . Thank you guys for your honesty definitely going back for future repairs

Review №24

A hidden gem for auto care. Tristan was very professional, personable, and tried his best to get the beat deal for me. Plus, he was transparent with all of the costs. My battery gave out and got it replaced within a very reasonable time the same day. Definitely recommend to those who need assistance or in a pinch!

Review №25

Excellent customer care. Tristian was so nice and kind. I just bring my car to check my cooling system because it’s losing some fluid. The service is so quick, I was in and out very quickly. And take note they check my car and the only problem was the hose is lose and they don’t charge me any penny. Thanks total car care I’ll definitely back and recommend your business..

Review №26

Very good experience with them. The staff is very nice and helpful. I called them before I go to ask for their rates which are same as what I paid eventually. I went for tire rotation && Wheel Alignment as my car was drifting and the steering wheel was vibrating at high speed. I tested the car after the alignment and everything works fine.I totally recommend this place, service and money wise.Thank you,

Review №27

First time visit this past weekend for some quotes/work on my vehicle. I was referred by a friend, & I must say the customer service was amazing! They attended to me in a timely manner, very respectful & answered any questions I had! I will definitely be recommending the shop to any friends or family of mine!

Review №28

I took my 2013 F 150 truck to Total Car Care of San Antonio because the dealership told me I had a transmission problem and quoted me an outrageous price. Cynthia the manager and also Taz the transmission expert were both very informative and helped me with getting me back on the road. Not only did Cynthia help me out with applying for a Synchrony Car Care card which helped me out big time with the financing they also gave me a 3 year warranty. This place is awesome!!! I will be back for any repairs I need.Thanks guy!!

Review №29

It took them a week to fix my vehicle . And when i got my car back my wheel alignment was off and my tire was damaged. NOT TRUST WORTHY

Review №30

Horrible horrible horrible!!! Very rude and unprofessional. Caused damages didn’t want to be responsible for the damages! Don’t piss them off or they may try saying you owe them money you don’t.

Review №31

This a horrible business watched a video where they messed up someone’s car and wanted them to pay 4,000 for the mistake they made. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

Review №32

Excellent customer care. The staff is very helpful and polite. I went in for an oil change and I thought I might also need an alignment, they told me all I needed was an oil change. I think any other place wouldn’t of been that honest with me.

Review №33

Terrible service, you do not talk directly to the mechanics and when I asked to speak to the man who was working on my car I was told they could not do that for security reasons. Speaking to the mechanic working on my car is not a security risk. I ended leaving with problems on my car I did not have prior, and when I went to get it corrected my car sat there for a week with nothing fixed. Really awful service, if I could leave zero stars I would. If you are a woman I would definitely bring a man with you, they take advantage of women and management is very argumentative. I seen the manager get snappy it customers on multiple occasions.

Review №34

The best people!! Personal amable.

Review №35

Ill share more when I get my car back its been a year. Place is a joke

Review №36

This place will screw you out your money take no liability for they mess up.. not professional

Review №37

Exceptional Service! They went above and beyond what I asked them to fix outlining critical components that Firestone didn’t find saving me money in the long run from catastrophic failure of my drive train. Total Car Care of San Antonio knows what they are doing! Not to mention they were Fast! There is no question I will be taking my car here from now on, & I highly recommend them for all your auto service needs.Thanks Total Car Care of San Antonio!!!-Winston

Review №38

Although, I better understand car repair prices, Total Car Care overpriced me significantly. My car battery had to be replaced due to leak and perforation which couldve damaged peripheral components under my hood but thankfully they were able to get to job done swiftly despite getting charged $600 for something that couldve costed me 6 times less than that.While they can get the job done, expect a ridiculously high price for your repair, whatever it may be because these guys pretty much ripped me off and I feel bad for all the other people they may have ripped off as well.Support more honest and reasonable Latino businesses if you can and avoid going to this place.

Review №39

DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE!!!! Horrible Experience!!! Cynthia, who is apparently a manager there was EXTREMELY rude and unprofessional. She needs to learn what it means to care for people and treat them with respect. Her inability to compose herself in a professional manner, proves she does not have the skill nor the tact to effectively communicate with people, let alone call herself a manager. We paid over $500 for this place to do absolutely NOTHING to our vehicle. It was worse then when we brought it in. PLEASE, do not waste your time or money. You will leave there very frusterated and disappointed.

Review №40

Very clean and professional! Got new brakes on my Honda Accord and I’ve never had such a great experience with mechanic shops until i came to this one. Will be recommending this place to my family and friends. Gained a new customer for life 👍🏽

Review №41

I am definitely coming back! I came across the shop by accident and Im so glad that I did a turn around. They were absolutely amazing. explained everything to me. Jose the service manager help me out with everything to me showed me everything. Ive been comparing prices these last few days, different workshops and here they are so reasonable. I even stayed after they finished,just talking to staff. The owner him self is so humbled. He sat in the waiting room and talk to you and when the guys came in, he even explained everything to you himself. They are super clean thats what I love about places! Come stop and try them out you wont be disappointed. They just open up and theyre going to have their grand opening this Saturday.

Review №42

Great Service! The staff was very friendly and super helpful. I called around to get quotes on some maintenance, and they were the best priced out of any other business in town. I paid FAR less than what I would have at a dealership. I sat there for a few hours, and overheard the associates doing everything they could to help customers. Going beyond and above for potential customers is a sign of great customer service and that’s exactly what was offered. I will definitely go back for any maintenance that I need on my car!

Review №43

I have had my car at the shop for about maybe over a week and I am very satisfied, they are trying to do all they can do that my vehicle is fixed. I had told them I didn’t have enough to pay and They even offered me a finance option and that is very good. Honestly I am going to come back whenever I need anything else on my vehicle. And Josh has really great customer service. Well from what I’ve seen also everyone else even the mechanics. Thank you

Review №44

Good shop honest pricing. They did a fuel system flush on my vehicle, when the code kept throwing an error they were honest with me on the vehicles status . They did the flush again and released the vehicle to me only when they knew all was good with it. Honest, fair pricing good work. Definitely will be going back. Thank you

Review №45

I must say, the service and staff were awesome and friendly. I walked in and got my jeep fixed the very next day! Service was fast and very professional. My first time here, and I would definitely recommend this place. Please check this place out if your vehicle is needing any type of service! Thank you for getting me back on the road!

Review №46

I brought my car to Total Car Care of San Antonio with a strange repair . My dog ATE my Car! He tore some wires from my headlight and ATE my bumper trying to eat a cat that was hiding under my hood ! Well let me just say THEY FIXED ME UP ! I didn’t think anyone would be able to do what they did. TONY Got us back on the road. He was able to fix my wires and got me another bumper. Thank you Guys I Recommend them to EVERYONE!!

Review №47

I spent 2 hours waiting for them to do a simple diagnostic test. Josh said it would take about an hour. Clearly doesn’t know how to reach out to someone and tell them when it’s taking a little longer than expected. I called them to check up and they said it was going to be tested. I pulled back up after racking 30+ dollars in Uber’s, just for it to be still parked and untouched.

Review №48

These people will get your car running right....they have the know how....and experience to handle all your car needs... Professional car car starts with Priscilla...ask for her...and she will guide you. My transmission got repaired here...and they got down. My car is back to running right...and Im happy...and I think..that is what everyone be happy with quality care for their vehicle.So stop wasting your money and go to the best to get it done right the first time.

Review №49

Messed engine

Review №50

They were awesome Jared and Priscilla were exceptional! If i could give more than 5 stars I would!! They get the job done very efficiently!! Everybody has to go here!

Review №51

I had them to tow my car to the shop. I read some of the reviews before I went to this place so I thought maybe with me being new here that they would work with me. WRONG the service was poor the dude josh was trying force me To get my car fixed after I told him I didn’t have any help or money, he asked me to called family and get the money or take a loan out on my car. So I read some more reviews they were bad so I called around and a few people told me not to deal with him if he couldn’t work with me on anything. So I told him not to work on my car that I would come get it not once did I give him a time or date that I would come. The rest of the people lies with him saying they left messages I didn’t have any messages or miss calls from them the lady I guess the manger told him to leave me a text he never did that. So I was charged for storage fees something that was never said over the phone not once. I think this place has picks on who they give good service to because as a woman they treated me like hell.

Review №52

Truck had transmission work done,start leaking with a month to it back and said it was a seal and was repaired, again took it back,when it left transmission oil stain on my drive way, their response that it was an engine leaking from the oil pan, its back in the shop again going for 2 weeks cause they dont have an open bay to look at it, but have bays for other repairs

Review №53

I went in weary of what I may hear about my car after I went in for some transmission work, but the service advisor tristan walked me through the process step by step and even had his mechanics show me the damages on the vehicle, they were very upfront and open with me about what my vehicle needed, the manager cynthia was able to get me a great price to get me back on the road AND an uber back home to help me out even more so, I highly recommend this shop and everyone there

Review №54

Thus far my experience with company has been nothing but disappointing. Consistently I am being met with failed promises and excuses for incomplete work. Management has made 0 accommodations to save customer service. Cynthia is the on-site manager here and has not been a pleasant help at all! Instead of rectifying the issue and improving the experience with their customer, I have been met with counter after counter and been continuously asked to adjust to their problems. Detailed experience listed below.On 09/18/2020 I dropped off my Ford F150 at this establishment. Tristan and I went over the issues of the vehicle with the promise that our vehicle would be completed 09/21/2020. On this day w we traveled to pick up our vehicle and it was not completed. We spoke again with Tristen and he told us that as faulty timing kit was delivered and they had a new kit over nighted. We again were promised that our vehicle would be completed the next day (Tuesday).We call the next day to check on our vehicle and still it is not completed. We met John this day and he states that neither of his managers are available to speak (Tristin or Cynthia). I ask for the managers information. He states that she manages two shops and we are not allowed to go to the other shop to speak with the manager. Also we are not given a phone number to upper management. Only given Cynthias emails.(Wednesday) is to follow and we meet Cynthia today. She again states that our vehicle still is not finished. All they needed to do was drive it to test that it works and it will be ready in the morning.(Thursday) we return and STILL our vehicle is not completed. Cynthia says that she told us the wrong car was completed and not ours. She mistakenly told us our vehicle was completed. Unaccepable, from here we have a conversation with the foreman of the shop. Where we are again met with more excuses. He tells us that they wrote up the young man who was working on our car for not getting the job completed. Again unacceptable. Based on these issues, continued complications and failed promises, we ask for a discount on our services. We were met with NO concessions for our issue. The foreman begged the manager to give us 3 free oil changes for our inconvenience and promised again that our vehicle will be completed the next day. He also stated that he himself was going to have the vehicle delivered to my place of work the next day by mid-morning for our problems.(Friday) Mid morning comes and our vehicle is still not completed or delivered. Cynthia states that they are still working on the vehicle and will deliver it when its done. She also states that she refuses to deliver a vehicle to me without payment first. I tell her that I AM NOT paying for a vehicle that I have not seen completed. She refuses and hangs up the phone. Tristin states that the vehicle will be completed by 4pm. I then catch a UBER and walk to the shop where I witness that my vehicle STILL is not completed. No additional concessions are offered and only met with further excuses. When I demand my vehicle and a discount she calls the police for a civil matter and refuses to rectify the issue.We speak with the police and they address that the vehicle should’ve been completed. The police, myself and Tristin speak we agree that my vehicle will be completed Saturday. Thus far we have been met with issue upon issue and failed promise upon failed promise from this business. This has been the worst experience from an auto company that we have EVER experienced. Unfortunately we also will be escalating this issue into civil court and seeking compensation for this experience.

Review №55

Got my transmission done for my Ford F-150. Great work, friendly staff.. would recommend coming here!

Review №56

Staff was rude and did not seem knowledgeable at all. Decided to go elsewhere. I dont recommend this place at all.

Review №57

2 vehichals F250 05 w 263,000 mile, 05 Taurus (sat for 2 yrs all kinds of problems):Needless this place had there work cutout for them! My F250 needed a complete overhaul 263,MLS will do that ! So with a new motor,a/c,clutch, and cats Im on my way to MN to really put it to the test. Taurus fixed and running.The quality of customer service my son and I received was excellent. Cindy (manager) Jared and Josh (customer service reps) Mike and all the other mechanics were absolutely professional and up front. They took the time to show and not just tell us about any and all issues current and foreseeable. They went out of there way to discussed options and plans to tackle those issues that could fit into my budget. MUCH APPRECIATED! As busy as they were and still are they were able to get both my rides out in the time frame I gave them. Over all I would say this is a definite 4.5 just to leave room for updates.

Review №58

Went in for an oil change and was very pleased with how professional and courteous the staff was. Was in and out very quickly. I will definitely be back!

Review №59

Great service, knowledgeable staff with excellent customer service. I had several things done for my 2014 Maxima including an alignment. Upon finding out that their machine needed a software update. They called me and asked me to bring my car back to check my alignment at no charge. Highly recommended!

Review №60

Incompetent staff. Shady business practices. I took my vehicle to Summit Automotive instead.

Review №61

Best place to get your vehicle repaired and the staff are great.

Review №62

Wow!!! I went to 3 different places & told me I had to pay $600 for my small issue or that they couldnt find my part for my car BUT I came here & they found the part & I only paid $100! They were super nice & tried to get me the best deal. Definitely recommend!

Review №63

Had a head gasket blow. Had to keep calling them to figure out status. But feel they have done an excellent job on the vehicle. Also didnt start on my car for 3 days.

Review №64

Great customer service. My car door handle was supposed to take a while to be replaced, but 5 minutes later they were done! Awesome.

Review №65

Its a good place

Review №66

This Shop is Awesome ! My car broke down and all my transmission fluid leaked out i had it at another shop and they were telling me i had a transmission problem so it needed to come out and it was going to cost me Thousands of dollars . I just needed a second opinion so I had it towed here with their free towing and after their check It turns out it was NOT my Transmission it was my RADIATOR! Apparently My car has lines that go from my Transmission to my Radiator and thats where it was cracked.. WOW Its hard to find HONEST Shops but they are THE BEST!! They have my buisness for Life ! Thank you Guys so much!!!

Review №67

I recommend this place to everyone in San Antonio! Place is very honest and makes me feel like im family, I will definitely be back for future services ! 10 Stars across the board

Review №68

I had a friend put power steering fluid in my break line, so I took it to this shop to get the lines flushed out. They told me it would be six grand because they needed to replace the entire break system!!! Thats half of what the car itself cost. I told them that I would be taking my vehicle elsewhere, but had to wait until Friday before I could pay the shop for the breakline flush plus to tow it to another shop on top of that since they were insisting the breaks were completely out. The man I was working with told me initially there would be no storage fees, and called me every single day trying to push weird financing options on me. The day that I picked up my car, he moved it and parked it perfectly fine with breaks, and when asked he said that he guessed they were working fine for now but might not later... then charged me for storage fees going back on what he said earlier that week. We got it home, and the breaks were better than before! BUT they had completely drained my coolant for no reason, who knows what else they did to my car. On top of ALL OF THIS, I had left a credit card in my vehicle on accident, and noticed declined charges on it from friday morning before I picked up my car.So long story short, they tried to charge me $6000 to replace the break system, were very pushy with financing options, lied about charging storage fees, drained my coolant for no reason, and then STOLE MY CREDIT CARD.Avoid this shop at all cost.

Review №69

We brought our Ford F250 in to replace a rear main seal, the job was done very poorly they took a lot of shortcuts and they damaged our truck in many ways please be careful before you do business with this company. Our truck came in more than 6 times and every time it came in something else was wrong. They got us for over $6500.00 and now we need $12,000 to fix what they originally got paid to do.They are professional scammers and will be exposed really soon. DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE, you are better off elsewhere.

Review №70

They were great, found me an engine which wasnt easy considering the engine was import 3.8 L Mitsubishi, thanks guys, runs great

Review №71

WARNING!!! DO NOT GO THERE!! So I went in for a car problem. They charged me $950.00 dollars and the car broke down doing the same thing again the next day. They said they dont know whats wrong with my car. As they were checking it out one of the battery cables just came off the battery steam. Well then they said I need a new battery. Auto Zone and OReillys said my battery was fine. It was the relay switch and as loose cable. Plus they did not connect allwirez from the work they claim they did. HORRIBLE PLACE A &S diagnostics is the place to go!

Review №72

Great service n friendly staff.. i got to meet the owner, stand up guy n general manager Priscilla took care of me n i left a happy costumer...i look forward to more work done soon..thanx Priscilla..

Review №73

Excellent customer service from the manager here.... recommend them greatly and would trust good service in the future.

Review №74

I brought my truck in for a front end alignment. I was there over three hours and the truck is worse now than it was, never got a print out for the results of the alignment but worst of all the tech left the adjuster clamp loose on the tie rod end and now it has twisted both both clamps and I’m sure out of alignment. I wouldn’t not recommend and I will not return.

Review №75

Had work done to my car here, was a very good price and quick work, Josh was the guy helping us most the time and the gm pricilla was nice and helped us out in anyway we needed

Review №76

I felt like they pressured me to try different financing options. They were not very friendly at all and just seems like they wanted my money. Very disappointed in customer service and overall experience

Review №77

Very courteous! Honest!

Review №78


Review №79

My vehicle broke down and I urgently needed to have it towed to Total car care, Joshua at TCC and Cynthia were professional and kind and had it towed, they immediately diagnosed the problem and picked up my vehicle w a smileOnly mechanic to take your vehicle to in San AntonioTotal Car care.

Review №80

Fast and efficient!

Review №81

They were fantastically very courteous and u was very pleased with their service!😤

Review №82

Horrible place had my dads truck for over a month misdiagnosed at least 3 different times first it was injectors then the throttle body then timing chains then they said he needed a new motor I called up there to talk to them and they got rude with me saying that I couldnt figure out the problem either as I am a certified Tech dont take your car there

Review №83

I wont say i gave them 3 stars for their quality of work however they dont seem to properly check after themselves. Also theyre not like walmart they wont give u a list of other things that need to be fixed. We had some tough experiences with them nevertheless we have our vehicle back. My recommendation is that you go to some one that cares about you as a person and your familys safety; not just the total amount due.

Review №84

Very professional and friendly staff will recommend

Review №85

Great People ! Great Place definitely recommend!

Review №86

This is a Great New Shop from a growing company...

Review №87

There like mosquitos trying to suck all your money Do Not Go Here

Review №88

They took my hybrid and charge me for parts which they know that they could not work on and I still have to pay 949$ without my car not working

Review №89

Professional, Excellent Service, Courteous

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:6608 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-255-1106
  • Auto repair shop
  • Transmission shop
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–6PM
  • Thursday:8AM–6PM
  • Friday:8AM–6PM
  • Saturday:8AM–3PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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