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2755 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109, United States
Fulton Automotive
Review №1

I popped by and explained I thought I may need to test my battery. Dave said he was happy to help. Unfortunately, my battery wasn’t providing enough power to test. He suggested I drive around and come back or I could leave it and they could charge it. I opted to go ahead and get a new battery. He was able to quickly locate one and would have brought over as it’s not a “regular” battery. I returned about an hour later and the battery was there as he said it would be and ready to be installed. It wasn’t the easiest to change out (under the passenger seat). He got to work immediately, in the meantime I noticed they offered emissions tests- he said he was happy to do and I could even submit/ pay for the registration as well. I got everything I needed completed in a timely manner even saving me additional stops-woohoo! I’m very pleased with the work and service. I’ll definitely be back when needed!

Review №2

Fulton Automotive is definitely going to be my new go to mechanic! They are awesome, friendly, upfront, and honest which I feel is a rare find with mechanics today. They were able to fix my car issue very quickly and gave me a screaming deal. I cannot appreciate them enough and how professional and friendly they are. Heck if I was a mechanic, Id want to work here. THANKS AGAIN FOR BEING SO AWESOME!

Review №3

Absolutely outstanding service and fair prices. I have never worked with people that were so concerned and provided such quality service.I rarely give five stars but they deserve it.

Review №4

I just want to say, out of auto repair shops in town, 10 outta 10, from now on, this will be the first place I go too if I ever need anything automotive. Fulton helped me out of a bind where I had some stuck bolts on my hub that I needed to get off for a repair, and while most shops wouldn’t even consider touching it (as I drive a JDM van), I finally found Fulton out of desperation and they took me in and got the job done. It was a pleasure being around these fine people and I would also like to say, they have one of the nicest repair toolboxes I have ever seen (if you know how expensive tools are, you’ll appreciate the dedication here). Thanks again for everything!!

Review №5

I can always count on Dave Fulton Automotives to be honest with me. They’ve helped me out when I need a quick fix or when I’ve been in a tight spot with time. When bigger problems have come up with my car, they have helped me clearly understand the issue and the steps they’ll take to fix it. I’ve had multiple great interactions with Dave and his staff. I choose them over any big chains due to excellent customer service and their honesty.

Review №6

Its so nice to find an automotive business that is professional, efficient, trustworthy and friendly. Dave and his staff were very helpful in diagnosing a problem that I had with my 30 year old Lexus. I will continue to use Fulton Automotive for any and all services that I have for my cars.Thank you so much, I really appreciate your service.

Review №7

Dave definitely knows his stuff, but what separates him from others is that he is really personable and receptive. Not only with me, but from what I observed with how he interacted with others. It makes the process of getting the ole wheels worked on much more pleasant and easier. I definitely encourage folk go to his shop to get things worked on if need being.

Review №8

What a gem of a find ! A local shop and the owner is as honest as they come. Super easy going and will tell you if he can or cant do it. A++

Review №9

When I first went to Fulton, I stopped by to get a quote. Dave looked at my car and quickly fixed the problem for free. Audi wanted to charge me $375. Ilater brought my car in for some maintenance; excellent value and workmanship in a timely manner, as well as honest! Dave pointed out things that did and did not need repairing (a different story from the dealership).I would definitely recommend Fulton.

Review №10

Dave has definitely earned a five star rating. Super friendly and honest. His integrity is immediately obvious. Ill be recommending Fulton Automotive to my friends!

Review №11

Dave is knowledgeable and honest. The customer service is outstanding and the mechanical service impeccable. This is my trusted neighborhood mechanic. I feel lucky to have found Fulton Automotive.

Review №12

These dudes rock. Honest, hard working guys. I dont think Ill get car work done anywherr else again!

Review №13

I was nervous about being taken advantage of, not knowing too much about cars, but Dave is outstanding! Hes been doing my Dad and sisters work for years and treats us like part of the family. Best mechanic!

Review №14

Awesome team that treats you with respect. I had a repair that was going to cost a ton at a dealer and another repair shop nearby. I researched the problem and found out what it was and was able to tell them the part and the work required where as the other shops were just like “we think it’s this and it’s going to cost a lot... maybe more” the Fulton team listened to me, installed the part and what do you know; it worked. Also they did it for a fair price! I’m now a customer for life.

Review №15

Dave and his guys are great! Very professional, they really know their trade well. I take all of my vehicles to them.

Review №16

I got referred to here from Jiffy Lube. He was super nice and still told me what was wrong even though he was fully booked for days and referred me to someone who would probably have capacity. Definitely making him my familys main mechanic.

Review №17

Always recommend people to go here, staff is very friendly and does not up sale you. It can get busy so if you want to make sure you can pick up your car the same day call and make an appointment. I have been doing here for 2+ years (since I started driving) and havent had any bad experiences.

Review №18

You won’t find a better shop in Utah. Honest. Friendly. Incredibly knowledgeable. Very impressed. Great and fair prices.

Review №19

Amazing service and super quick. Dave at the front was so helpful and made sure we were all set. Highly recommend

Review №20

The most honest place Ive ever experienced these guys are pure honest the best work and they dont want to break you Ive honestly never seen a better place they want to help there the nicest guys take time quality work honestly there is no other place like this in the world you can count on them and what they say I give them a 10 +

Review №21

Great service, very communicative with appointment and auto findings. Honest and friendly. Thanks so much, David!

Review №22

Great service, super great price, knowledgeable, down to earth and easy to work with - I wish I had come here sooner! I definitely plan to come back!

Review №23

It can be hard to find an automotive repair shop that is fair, honest, and affordable. I am grateful to have found Fulton Automotive as they provided great and quick service for a reasonable cost. They took their time assessing my car and what it actually needed. I can tell that they are expert in car repairs and I trust them with my automobile needs. They are the real deal!

Review №24

I brought my car without a previous appointment, and a friendly young man immediately started checking on my vehicle and resolved the issue. He didnt charge me for the job, I tried to insist, but he politely said that it was just a couple of screws. I cant thank this young man enough for helping me. This is going to be my repair shop if I need service in the future!

Review №25

Dave is the best! I was referred to Fulton Auto by a friend and i will never take my subaru anywhere else! Dave is trustworthy and honest and always gets my car running like new and gets it done SO QUICK. like within hours. ive had my brakes and thermostat replaced for less than it would have cost for just my brakes elsewhere and was back on the road day of

Review №26

Honest. Best ever. Love those boys.

Review №27

Great services! Honest & Friendly people 👍

Review №28

Dave is a trustworthy, friendly, small business owner and mechanic. He works hard and does fantastic work. I trust all my vehicles with him!

Review №29

This is the only place I will bring any of our family and company vehicles. Dave and team and friendly personable and most importantly honest in their work.

Review №30

Very friendly helpful and service!Highly recommended!

Review №31

It was always a guessing game of who I was going to take my car to when something needed to be fixed or looked at. When I discovered Dave (my neighbor) opened up a shop around the corner from my house and had him do work on my car, I was amazed. The integrity of his work is off the charts. I never knew if I was getting ripped off from other mechanics at different shops. Dave and his crew are super honest and efficient. GO TO FULTON AUTOMOTIVE!

Review №32

Neighbors -- if youre looking for an honest, efficient, and caring car mechanic, you need to go see Dave at Fulton Automotive. The only time I go somewhere else is if Daves taken a look and suggested I go to a specialist. He truly seems to understand how much we care about our vehicles and is honest when it comes to whether or not he thinks he can fix the problem.

Review №33

I dropped by without an appointment to see if they could help me out with a minor issue. The owner immediately started working on my car and took the time out of his day to help me out until the problem was resolved. Great work and honest advice is often hard to get in this business. If you are looking for a place you can trust, this is it!

Review №34

These guys are absolutely amazing. They have great customer service and are Efficient with their works. Keep up the good work guys. thank you for helping me out on many occasions.

Review №35

Absolutely amazing job. Really cares about his customers. Super nice and very professional.

Review №36

I am so impressed with Dave and will be using his services from now on. Finally an honest and quality mechanic I can trust!

Review №37

Im from out-of-state and needed to go back home the following day but my check engine light was on. I tried to get in to a couple dealers but two of them werent available by phone and neither returned my phone calls.Dave at Fulton Automotive, a one-man shop, was recommended to me from my daughters Subaru Dealer (I drive a Ram) as a place they trust completely.Dave let me go right in, put it on his scanner, checked some hoses, and solved the problem even though he doesnt work on deisels.He told me before hand he would scan it for free. I wanted to pay him but he wouldnt let me. He said he didnt really do much. He has no idea the value of the peace of mind he gave me before travelling back home. I hope to repay him somehow.Thank you Dave! You deserve 10 stars in todays world.

Review №38

My wife discovered them recently and they have been covering our Auto maintenance needs ever since. Feels good to support local businesses owners.

Review №39

Great shop good people

Review №40

Very honest mechanic. Extremely fair prices. Pinpointed my problem, an engine fan seized. Had my car with awesome new fan, ready for me in a few hours. So glad my friends, Laura & David, recommended this honest automotive shop to me.

Review №41

Dave is the best!

Review №42

I was looking at buying a new car, and Dave made the time to inspect a couple options I was looking at and then did the timing belt, etc. on the car I bought for a very fair price. I appreciate his honest opinion and timely work. I’ve been to quite a few mechanics over the years, and cannot recommend this shop enough!

Review №43

I move to Millcreek 18 months ago, and our family has two Hondas, both of which have well over 100,000 miles. Dave Fulton has been very helpful doing everything from oil changes, to headlight repairs, to axle / transmission work (on my 98 accord). Weve found him to be trustworthy, reliable, and well priced. We all like supporting local businesses where we can, this is one folks in Millcreek should support.

Review №44

Dave is awesome! Super friendly and knows his stuff. One of the very few mechanics I trust.

Review №45

The best mechanic. He goes out of his way to help and make sure everything is working. Today he looked at my battery and alternator to try and find out why my car is having trouble starting. After checking both the battery and alternator he cleaned off battery corrosion and tightened the connection, he then gave me a portable car charger to use just in case.It’s so nice to have a reliable, honest mechanic

Review №46

Dave is possibly one of the most reasonable mechanics I have ever met! You always know exactly what youre getting and he doesnt try to talk you into repairs you dont need. He takes a look, lets you know what the problem is, and lets you know how much it will be to fix it. A really swell guy!

Review №47

Dave was extremely honest and let me know that he could fix my car but that it also was a minor problem and could be addressed down the road. He took the time to explain the options and showed me what to look for under the hood for future reference. I would highly recommend Fulton Automotive and I will definitely use them in the future.

Review №48

Provided various options for fixing my car and actually encouraged the cheaper option which made the most sense

Review №49

These guys are awesome. I had a bad brake line and Dave fixed it same day, very fast and at an unbeatable price. I’ll definitely be back for any issues and will recommend them to anyone.Thanks Dave!

Review №50

First of all, I would like to say that I do not normally leave reviews on public forums, but I felt compelled to share my great experience at Fulton Automotive. Dave, the owner and mechanic, is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever encountered in this industry, personally having been involved in the field for 10 years plus. He helped me get the exact right service that I needed and suggested things I should be aware of in the future, that truly mattered and werent just an obvious lie to make him money. He has hands down the best customer service you could ask for and his prices are more than fair. I have many places where I can take my vehicles, but I can truly say that I will never take them to another mechanic again for any reason after my visit to Fulton Automotive. Anyone looking for the best and most fair mechanic around, my advice is take your vehicle here.

Review №51

Wasn’t sure what was wrong, but I saw gas pouring out of the car. Ended up having to tow the car, and asked for Fultons. They took one look at it and found a clip had popped off. They had a spare and put it on my car and fixed it in 3mins free of charge. I know where I’ll be taking my car from now on

Review №52

Great service! We are referring all our friends and family! Great to have a friendly reliable mechanic. We were constantly informed about the price and progress of our car repair, I could tell he took the time to do a great job. Great price for the amount of work he did, we would have spent much more had we gone anywhere else.

Review №53

WOW! Talk about a breath of fresh air! I havent met a mechanic as fair, friendly and helpful as Dave in years! I just found my go-to mechanic. Thank you and may you have continued success.

Review №54

Great guy running a great shop! I trust him and he’ll always be my go to guy for when my car is acting up!

Review №55

I have known Dave Fulton for almost 20 yrs, if you need honest, affordable repairs he is the man to see in the valley. He is the only one that works on my car.

Review №56

Very friendly bunch of guys. Brought my car in because I noticed some abnormalities when driving at high speeds. They checked it out, did a couple test drives and referred me to another place that had the tools to fix my issue without charging me for their time.

Review №57

The 45 reviews with all 5 star ratings speaks for itself! Highly Recommend 100%

Review №58

Dave took excellent care of me and my Subaru Outback. He was easy to communicate with, straightforward and upfront about pricing, and did his best to keep costs low where he could. I will definitely be returning for future services. Anyone looking for good, quality work and honest folks, this is the place!

Review №59

I called Dave asking if he would do an evaluation of a used truck I was considering and not only did he say he could, he was able to get me in the same morning and do it at no cost. He did a thorough evaluation and provided me with the report after. He found a potential issue that is costing almost $2k to repair at the dealer. He saved me from buying a truck then having expensive issues to fix. Im glad I took it to Fulton Auto and for the great service they provided!

Review №60

Daves honesty, friendliness, and hard-working competency had made me a life-long customer. Recommend 100%.

Review №61

Diagnosed the problem and found me a repair shop that had the cheapest repair, very helpful!

Review №62

Needed to replace a headlight assembly. I got some absurd quotes from other shops until I called Fulton. Daves a very transparent and honest mechanic. Will definitely be going back when I need more work done.

Review №63

I brought my car in when the check engine light came on. Dave, the owner, scanned the check engine light for free and when he found out that the spark plugs were the problem, he offered to replace them for a very reasonable price. My cars been running great ever since. I also brought my car in a couple weeks later for an oil change and routine check-up and he was able to accommodate me despite a busy schedule. Again, the prices were very reasonable. The owner is also incredibly friendly and personable. Ive usually brought my car to a Firestone or other chain because I wasnt familiar with any local auto shops, but I was never very happy with the overall customer experience. Now I will choose Fulton Automotive over any of those businesses!

Review №64

Routine maintenance with Dave was super easy, quick, and at a good price. No up-selling tactics here and super straightforward. I’ll definitely be returning here for future maintenance.

Review №65

Dave is the man! Since his days over at Jiffy lube he has always taken care of me. Hoping for the best for his shop! Come check him out, very affordable and very honest!!

Review №66

Had a great experience working with David. He was very far and did great work. I would highly recommend him.

Review №67

I got my oil changed, snow tires removed, and a slew of other car maintenance issues done at Fulton Automotive. Dave was super nice and very honest regarding what needed to be done and what could wait and didn’t upsell and unnecessary services! He got one of the parts in that evening and honored two different coupons in the same visit!

Review №68

Excellent service, fair pricing, wonderful overall experience. I have referred several friends and family members to Dave and they have all been very satisfied.

Review №69

David, the owner, is an amazing guy that ALWAYS takes care of his customers. Great prices and honest reliable work. Thanks Fulton Automotive for your trustworthy service today!

Review №70

Awesome place! Super fast emissions and renewal! Super professional! Technicians were clear about pricing and super friendly!

Review №71

This shop owner is honest and reputable mechanic. He does not sell you parts that you don’t need always willing to check your car and only fix what’s necessary. Highly recommend David.

Review №72

Had electrical problems and needed general service. Dave was honest and to the point about what I needed done. The work was done well, in a timely manner and at a reasonable price . Would recommend for any service or car care. Butch Cosgrove

Review №73

Dave will go the extra mile to make things right with your repair or maintainance. Thank-you for the many repairs to our vehicles!

Review №74

Daves hard working and does everything in his power to get things done fast and done right. Hes really fair and listens to the customer.

Review №75

Dave went above and beyond to troubleshoot my A/C problems. He spent more than 4 hours of his time until he pinpointed the problem. He was knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend his services.

Review №76

Fultons was professional and fast on my job. He did work for a neighbor that thought going in he was looking at a costly repair. His diagnosis avoided the expensive and needless repair in favor of a much less costly solution. Last of the honest shops - amazing to find in todays world.

Review №77

We had an issue with our truck and were in the area so we called Dave. Before we got out of the truck he had identified the problem and said we had blown a spark plug. After popping the hood and showing him where we heard air coming out we saw the problem. Very knowledgeable.

Review №78

Very good and fast service and cheaper than other locations for the same service

Review №79

Dave is the man! Super friendly, super helpful.

Review №80

This is an awesome place to have your car repaired and being a veteran Dave has taken very good car of me and my vehicle I trust no other shop better then Fulton automotive FYI VETERANS get a discount show you VA medical card or military retirement card to Dave and he will hook you up!

Review №81

Amazing service, SUPER friendly and great prices! Ill definitely be back for anything I need in the future!

Review №82

Fulton Automotive is the place to go! The owner, Dave, is honest and reliable. I took my car in after a frustrating visit with Jiffy Lube, and left releived that I had found a dependable and honest mechanic; and a car that still runs!Weve all gone to a mechanic that tries to sell you things you dont need, but Dave and Fulton Automotive wont do that to you. Hell educate you on whats going on with your car, give you options to resolve it, and provide a pleasant exerpience all the while.Skip the other guys and go to Fulton Automotive!

Review №83

Great service honest

Review №84

Seriously, Fulton Automotive is the best! Always a good experience.

Review №85

Foulton automotive is the ONLY place I’ll take my cars for repair and service. You cannot go wrong.

Review №86

Dave was my go to car guy when he managed the Jiffy Lube down the street. Today Dave squeezed me in for an emissions inspection and on-the-spot registration, despite his vast line up of vehicles, again providing me with friendly, quick, and superior service.

Review №87

Dave went way out of his way to give me a diagnosis on my car when I came in to get an oil change and I explained some of the problems going on. Im excited to have a new mechanic in Millcreek that I can trust.

Review №88

Great service friendly and honest. Dave fixed a front headlight and new fan belt .. my Tahoe runs great again thanks..

Review №89

Dave is the best mechanic I know. Anytime I have car problems I go see him.

Review №90

Great service. Goes the extra mile.

Review №91

Great place to go for personalized service.

Review №92

Awesome service.

Review №93

Dave is the best!!!!

Review №94

Great prices, honest, attentive, and knowledgeable.

Review №95

The best car service!!!

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