Loan Star Pawn - Port Charlotte
3651 Tamiami Trail b, Port Charlotte, FL 33952, United States
Loan Star Pawn - Port Charlotte
Review №1

I would highly think twice before spending money here. Example. Black cruiser 4 sale, with dented rim and sun faded seat. Same exact bike BRAND NEW is $154 @ walmart. Get the heck outta here! Dont be a fool.

Review №2

Called earlier in the day so i could plan when to leave work.. was told they were open til 6. Walked up to the door at 4:20. Open sign was still on. Door locked. Looked through the vinyl and saw 3 people standing inside. None of them acknowledged me. After 3 minutes of standing there, waiting for any sort of communication or acknowledgement, the open sign turned off.No communication at all.A simple sorry, we are closing early for labor day, would have gone a long way.The 3 employees there today need some customer service training.If I had known they were closing early, I would have planned accordingly.

Review №3

Ive always had a stigma about shopping at pawn shops but after stopping by loan star pawn shop, my option has drastically changed. Their vibrant employee david, showed me around and informed me of all the amazing deals they offered. I had an amazing experience and with all the cool items they offer i know I will for sure be returning!

Review №4

Love Loan star pawnshop in PC. Very friendly, knowledgeable, with Immaculate customer service skills. Thnk u Tammie, u are awesome.

Review №5

David is a new hire as he was letting me know but man was he a total Professional! Great kid and hard work ethic, can’t wait to come back and be not only advised but treated super well. Admire the confidence in this young man.

Review №6

Amazing experience here! I came in looking for my very first gun with not much insight as to what I was looking for, but a very knowledgable and kind employee by the name of David found the perfect fit for me! He recommended a Glock 43x that they had just gotten in which happened to be the perfect size for me and just what I was looking for. I am currently saving up money and will be returning very soon to purchase!

Review №7

We came in to see bianca at loan star pawns today and she blessed us tremendously by giving us a great offer for the tools we needed a loan on. If you are in a bind and need a quick loan, Check loan star pawn out!

Review №8

I can say every time i go there i always come out buying something. It’s my favorite pawn shop. The staff are professional and always willing to help. I have purchased several tv’s, guns and lawn equipment. I just love them!! I highly recommend them. This is the only pawn shop i go to.

Review №9

Really nice people. Called beforehand with the product I had to sell. They did some quick research and told me to come in. Paid my asking price. Great gun selection and also have ammo! Recommend this shop to everyone in the area!

Review №10

I was very impressed with my experience. Amy assisted me and went above and beyond the standards youll encounter anywhere else and her work partner Bianca was a delight as well. Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Great prices, extremely classy atmosphere and high quality merchandise. I wont go to another. Keep up the great work!

Review №11

Another 5 star location from Loan Star Pawn! Organized, friendly, and educated staff. Check it out for yourself, you wont be disappointed!

Review №12

Very friendly staff and quick and professional will be returning

Review №13

Dont even waste your time bringing your guns here to sell. They lowball hard.

Review №14

Luke was so wonderful. He is very helpful and I would recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you !

Review №15

Really great place and awesome staff members who are really helpful and full of great energy. I needed help picking out my item and Luke Q went above and beyond. In times like these its nice to have someone be kind and understanding.I will definitely be back, thanks to Luke and his courteous help.

Review №16

If I could have given 10 I would. Great customer service from Bianca, she was extremely knowledgeable, attentive and kept me laughing. Didn’t know that a pawnshop could be so inviting. Will definitely be back.

Review №17

Rude and dismiss the last few times i went in. dont waste your time, go to the North Port location where theyll take the time to look up your items, they had no problem finding my items unlike here. both the girl and guy are just lazy.

Review №18

What a great experience! Super service and makes gun transfer a piece of cake. Friendly and fast customer service.

Review №19

Affordable. really cool people. worked with me to make sure I was satisfied!

Review №20

***BUYERS BEWARE ***Surely Staff is very friendly and polite. HOWEVER, when it comes to appraising they either not experienced enough or lowballing on purpose. I randomly select businesses to visit to review their services. Was very disappointed with the offer they made on the gold and silver items I told them I wanted to sell and acted like I had no clue how much my items were worth. I had over 10 items and decided to start with what I knew was less expensive. After I was told that each of my gold items was between $10-50 when in fact I knew the true value of those items if sold as a scrap I decided to show them the 3 very expensive 18k rings each valued and appraised over $4,000 and each ring has apprx 1.8 ct certified diamonds in it. They offered $200 for each.Even if you remove diamonds and sell it as a scrap, still it would value over $700 for the total weight and today’s gold price for 18k gold.I highly recommend to take your gold and silver elsewhere and make sure to weigh your gold and know what is the gold value is not to let them fool you to give up your gold penny’s on the dollar.

Review №21

With everything going on in the world its easy to understand that sometimes you just need a little cash to float you until your next payday. Well thats exactly what the folks at Loan Star do. They are really willing to work with you and take their time to go over their policies and what you can expect. They even offer a mobile app in which you can pay on your items or even shop their wide selection of goods. You can find some really great things, from boat anchors to Star Trek figurines, jewelry to rifles. They have sales frequently and almost all of their electronics are current. They take their time with you and accept a wide variety of items that they will pay you cash for. Ive had to use their service a few a times and I wont do business with anyone else. Theyre fair, consistent, and up front. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and take their time with you. If youre new to the process I highly recommend them. Ive been doing business with them for at least 2 years, both purchasing and loans. For a pawn shop they offer reasonable rates and many times if youre purchasing items they will work with you on the price. They have several locations too. Falling on hard times happens to everyone at some point. Its great to know that there are people who can actually give you a little help once in a while. Im grateful for the staff and urge you to give them a shot. They offer layaway or cash and carry and you never know what youll run across in the store.

Review №22

Great shopping experience! I would recommend this place to everyone! Great Customer Service

Review №23

The most professional experience I have had from Tallahassee to Naples!!!

Review №24

We got a PlayStation 4 on 5 minutes notice after going to other pawn stores, one sold us a PlayStation that didn’t work. then we came to loan star and got a functioning ps4 for a good price, also gonna be back for other stuff!

Review №25

I use Loan Star to have any guns I buy online and they are great to work with. Always very helpful and great performance.

Review №26

Awesome customer service!! Willing to take time and make customers happy.

Review №27

Great customer service, helpful and professional. You’ll find what you’re looking for here.. great variety of quality items available.Thank you Luke for your assistance. I’ll be a returning customer!

Review №28

Luke @ loanstar pawn is a fair, caring man who (unlike some in the exchange business) treats people like human beings and not dollar signs. He gives a fair price for goods. Great place to go when you need cash and like to be treated with dignity and respect.

Review №29

Great variety and super helpful and knowledgeable folks. Luke in particular goes above and beyond with his explanations and strives to be fair and helpful in an industry that sometimes isnt. Highly recommend seeing Luke at Loan Star Pawn!

Review №30

Luke and Bianca and i think his name is Nate they are amazing so friendly and gave me an amazing price in my gold and diamonds

Review №31

Picked up an absolute gym from Luke at Loan Star Pawn! Super happy I got this Jason Taylor watch. I would recommend everyone to come check out this place!

Review №32

Luke was amazing! He is friendly and very helpful! If you visit ask for Luke!

Review №33

What an awesome staff!! Very professional .Luke helped me out. HE was very knowledgeable and super friendly! Would recommend this place to all my friends

Review №34

Luke is the man with the plan, very helpful and knowledgeable. Make sure you go and see Luke for any your pawn needs rather buying or selling. Great Job Sir. Will return.

Review №35

Amazing people the best place to sell your gold they treat you 5 stars

Review №36

Fantastic service. Great people. Five stars.

Review №37

Amazing place most recommended pawn shop I’ve been to in a while

Review №38

Luke was polite, and professional, helped with all the questions i had. Definitely an associate that can help when needed.

Review №39

Best place to sell gold and diamonds the crew there treats you amazing

Review №40

Good and honest employees, definitely the best pawnshop in town.

Review №41

When you think of pawn shops this place gives it a whole new meaning well put together establishment. Clean, helpful & friendly staff, overall topped my expectations!

Review №42

Really great place and awesome staff members who are really helpful and full of great energy. They also have great deals and are able to work with you. I would really recommend this place!

Review №43

If you have gold and diamonds go to this place they awesome

Review №44

Great business and businessman. Luke is top notch! 5 ⭐️

Review №45

Luke is very knowledgeable and friendly easy to work with and patient! I had a wonderful experience!

Review №46

These guys are great. When ever I got in a tight situation and needed money fast, I can go there and Amy & Luke & the manager always willing to help. Bring it in & they will work with you.

Review №47

Awesome staff, super friendly, fair & reasonable. Overall a great pawnshop!

Review №48

Bianca is such a sweet heart bought a tv from her not too long ago it works great and she was so patient showing me rings definitely will be back!

Review №49

Very smooth professional transaction completed by Amy .Very happy with her service.I will recommend further (-:

Review №50

Awesome customer service. Friendly sales associated. Fair pricing. Ask for Nate he will treat you right!!!!!!

Review №51

Insulting prices, dont bother. wont even negotiate on sales

Review №52

Love the staff here, their always so helpful & welcoming during tough times

Review №53

Hands down the best pawn shop around!!! Always fantastic service, reasonable offers and great on prices. Would highly recommend.

Review №54

Simply amazing what a great place and crew so friendly and fun and will help you with anything you need 😊

Review №55

Very friendly... Great experience... Met expectations!-Chris 💪😎✌️

Review №56

Excellent costermer service, Tanya was great to work with bought a tool set for a great price They offered to load it in the truck for me.

Review №57

Luke is incredible, he really will go out of his way to help the customer even if they cant make it in the shop. I would absolutely recommend my friends to come here!

Review №58

Amazing friendly staff... fair and reasonable prices.

Review №59

These people are simply amazing totally reccomend

Review №60

Awesome customer service!! Will definitely go back.

Review №61

Best place around ask for luke

Review №62

Best pawn shop in Florida ask for Bianca or Luke

Review №63

Great place they are very professional and take great care of there customers.

Review №64

Best customer service I’ve dealt with at a pawn shop !

Review №65

15 second phone call and still better than most pawn shops around here. 👌

Review №66

(Great staff very helpful and best place to find items you want) is what I said before! I have to change my review for them after doing some research on the camera I bought they are a rip-off they will charge u full price for used items or even more then if you buy it new! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!! Also they ask for 5 star reviews for a discount on purchase

Review №67

Awesome interaction With Luke 👍🏼 Overall phenomenal positive experience

Review №68

Great customer service, very straight forward would definitely come back for more business. 👍

Review №69

Absolutely top of the line! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great inventory and easy to work with. Will definitely go back.

Review №70

Luke Guave is a good Dude who does good things for others!

Review №71

This place is great and Luke was super helpful

Review №72

The employees that work here are very courtesy, and very helpful. The prices on their power tools, or any other tool you want to buy, are priced to move. Have purchased tools from them and you cannot beat the other prices.They will even deal with you if youre not happy with the price you see, just simply ask them and they will work with you. Always remember to when you bring something to pawn it has to be yours. You cannot Pawn items for somebody else. Nor will they take anything if you cannot prove it is yours. Just remember dont get upset with them if they wont pawn something for you if it is not yours, for that is the state laws.Stop by go on in. They have a lot of items to choose from. From televisions to a screwdriver.I gave him a five star, which Ill give them another five star. Just on the courtesy of the employees, that makes the store.

Review №73

Great staff and team. They did a great job helping my replace my daughters iPhone and were knowledgeable about the whole thing. Amazing selection of things in the store as well. Check it out!

Review №74

Had a great selection and the staff were really helpful. Items were very affordable and very nice. Would recommend for anyone looking for a deal!

Review №75

Had a great time shopping in the store but also had a better experience with the customer service I received from Bianca Smith. I will definitely be coming back again. Keep it up guys!

Review №76

This is the best pawn shop ive been in, All the employees are very knowledgeable and great for there customer service.I would absolutely come back. Cool environment and prices are great.They made the process so smooth. I would recommend this store to anyone.

Review №77

The best pawn shop around great customer service very helpful!!!

Review №78

They offer the best prices on what your trying to sell. There retail side or showroom offers many quality items at a deep discount. The service team offers knowledge with a smile making it a comfortable transaction when you sell or pawn.......thank you!

Review №79

Fabulous store with amazing customer service!! Luke is the best!!

Review №80

John and Tanya where very helpful with my loan. i highly recomend this place!!

Review №81

Got an amazing deal from the Saturday trio, specially Jeremy. Each were eager to help me with all my questions. A lot to look at in this shop. Not a typical pawn store nd thats a good thing. Nice and clean, friendly service and I’ll definitely be back for some good gun deals

Review №82

Bianca is a pleasure to talk to, always offering her assistance and very professional

Review №83

Tanya and Bianca were incredibly professional and helped me locate the items I came in for. Purchased everything I needed and for a great price with great service. Thanks all.

Review №84

Bought several items from firearms to tools... I stop in often and am always finding good deals and the staff is always great to deal with. If I could give 10 stars I definitely would

Review №85

Best pawn shop around great prices and has great stuff

Review №86

Bianca is awesome! Tanya is very kind! Both girls were very helpful. First time shopping in a pawn shop great experience and I will be back :)

Review №87

Wow! My favorite place to shop! Every time I come in here I find something fabulous. They always have great prices, and the best part is the customer service. These girls and guys are great. Wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №88

Luke was very helpful and knowledgeable! Will return .

Review №89

These guys are absolutely the best! Tammy and everyone else there have gone out of their way to help us every time Ive been in the store. My family has suffered one financial blow after the other and no matter what the situation theyve always been there and helped us. Im definitely not accustomed to finding that kind of compassion at a pawn shop. Its obvious that the employees genuinely care about their clientele and theyre not trying to take your stuff. Loan Star has won my loyalty for life and Ill tell everyone that will listen. Thanks again guys. Youve made a very difficult time in our life a little easier.

Review №90

Amazing place ask for Luke or Bianca

Review №91

They were so helpful and friendly, I’ll be back!

Review №92

Great customer service. Kelly was great! Absolutely love my new ring. Sam was great to. Very friendly. Highly recommended

Review №93

Went in today looking for something in particular. Got a great deal as usual. It is a place that has some of the most pleasant and knowledgeable staff. Thank you again Sam for taking excellent care of us!

Review №94

Id give it 6 stars but theres only 5.

Review №95

Great quality customer service the place was clean and easily accessible

Review №96

Great experience at Lone Star with Martin. Very knowledgeable on firearms and enjoyed the conversation we had. Great selection and prices too.

Review №97

Fairy Honest people who have a heart in helping those in need

Review №98

This place is the best place in Florida simply awesome

Review №99

Great pawn shop. The lady helping us was very nice and knowledgeable. We found just what we were looking for and it was a great price! Will be coming back.

Review №100

Went in for a gun transfer walked out with that and a precision ar the gentleman was running a sale and offered a great deal on a complete set up. Ive shot 500 rounds in the past two days. He was very helpful and answered all questions. Very happy with my experience!

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