Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories
1631 SW 5th Ct, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, United States
Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories
Review №1

I purchased Nerf bar/side steps from IDEAL, and had them do the instalation. They did a fantastic job. Tim was a great help and very professional. Truck looks great with this new mod. I will be coming here for all my truck accessory needs.

Review №2

Great shop they sell many accessories for your truck, bought a amp research rear step bumper, they charge me the same price I couldve gotten from the manufacturer they install it at a reasonable price. the person at the counter is ray, great guy straight shooter will treat you right. highly recommend

Review №3

Fast, knowledgeable and reliable service! Confident and caring staff, made me feel secure with the additions needed to my van! Im looking forward to a long relationship with Ideal, many thanks!!

Review №4

Great experience start to finish. Didnt up sell me stuff I didnt need. Explained what was needed and why. Very happy with my leveling kit, rims and tires. Great work done 6 months ago and im still rolling and smiling. This is the place to go for truck upgrades in South Florida.

Review №5

Love this place. If you have a truck. Adding lights or wheels can only be done by someone that knows their stuff. Thats this guys. I lifted my Sequoia and love how it rides now. Keep coming back for other small jobs

Review №6

Denise is no joke amazing!! So available and quick and efficient. They also did an incredible job with the leather work on my brand new Buick. Highly recommend!!

Review №7

I came into this shop simply looking for seat covers for my truck, an elderly guy in the front desk was very tough I had asked him about the price he told me that I had to pay $450 so when I asked him if he could show me what I was going to pay for he Said there was nothing for him to show me, I found this extremely rude and I kindly asked him to show me at least a photo of what I was going to buy. So he then showed me a simple photo of the seat covers. He didn’t have any answers for the question I had asked him. Eventually i became very annoyed and left.In conclusion do not come into this store!Terrible service. I will not be coming back to this store.

Review №8

Very disappointed with this company they dont do service to the parts they already installed and also dont install parts provided by the customer with their own warranty...

Review №9

By far the best automotive/truck custom shop around! They make things happen here, they have the best prices by far compared to anyone else. I recommend them to Everyone and anyone needing a honest Shop! Super happy with my roll and lock bed cover and will be back for more items!

Review №10

Strongly recommend to anyone in need of services or products for their trucks. Ray offers proactive, honest services to his customers. He went out of his way to help me with an issue with my truck that was my responsibility. They’ve earned a loyal customer here.

Review №11

Prices are fair and work is done professionally in a timely manner. They also honor their warranty no questions asked. My first recommendation for automotive accessories.

Review №12

Excellent service, ordered a truck bed cover and had it installed 5 days later. Very happy with the buying process and the installation. Thank you Ray

Review №13

Did a great job on my roll n lock, thanks guys..

Review №14

Denise is very helpful and goes through the full process with you. I had leather interior put into my car in which they did a great job and it wasnt a long wait.

Review №15

I had switches installed in my car to automatically open the hatch. The work was done in a timely and most professional way.The cost was about half of what I expected.All in all I would definitely recommend Tim and his team to anyone wanting honest and quality work done on their vehicle.

Review №16

Stay away! There price is not competitive. I called and inquired about a running board and Tim told me $450 for a 4 inch. I went to speed and truck (sunrise Blvd) and got a 5inch for $275 + 75.00 installation =$350. Speed and truck check them out.

Review №17

A+ professional service and installation. No games no surprises. Wheels tires and lift all installed as promised, when promised. Thank you Tim and everyone at Ideal. You guys are great. See you soon for the next project.

Review №18

Just had my daughters car there to put leather seats in. Denise handled everything and called me numerous times to make sure everything went perfect. Very happy with the job they did and daughter loves the leather seats. Hope to one day meet Denise in person to thank her again. Great place!! I’ll be back with my truck

Review №19

Super expensive, bring your wallet, personal were rude, wont be back

Review №20

Great experience from start to finish! Tim went above and beyond to help me find the exact type of lighting I was looking for.

Review №21

I just had Ideal put leather seats in my Nissan Rogue. Denise arranged everything and did a great job. The installation went great and the leather looks beautiful! I couldnt be happier with the service and the way everything was handled. I got my car back the same day. Everything was 5 star!!

Review №22

Ray went out of his way to help me with my hitch purchase, contacted the distributor and made sure that I had everything I needed. It was refreshing to find a business that took interest in their customer.

Review №23

Very friendly and very detailed information

Review №24

Folks, you cant believe the wonderful toy store for your truck. It is one stop shopping. Ideal will order your accessories for you truck, install them, and guarantee their work. My truck looks great! I am not an employee. Come to their shop and take a look at their inventory. Their work is exceptional. I will go to no other place. Have fun!

Review №25

Stay away!! Stay away!! Do not go there. They are a very dishonest set of people. Ordered a cover for the back of my truck. Cover came in cracked and they went ahead and installed it. Then they told me I had to take my truck with the cracked cover. Eventually, I got them to remove it, then they didnt want to give the money back. Stay away!! They have no credibility or honor.

Review №26

Ray was awesome. Had an issue with my truck bed cover and he fixed it for me in 2 min with no questions asked. Customer service 10/10.

Review №27

Just had my running bars put back on my truck from a bad experience with Downtown auto letting someone take one off, however a totally great feeling with ideal automotive installing the new ones, ray was awesome friendly and professional what a great relief after a bad mechanic experience, want good service IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE is the place 👍💯satisfaction.

Review №28

Amazing work! They have everything you can dream of... lifted my Jeep with wheels and tires, shopped around and Ideal was the best. Great work and great service!

Review №29

Terrible company, not professional at all. Contacted this company to have the leather in my BMW renewed. I wanted to replace the 100% worn leather in a project car i have. I was told I was buying a Leather kit to replace the factory leather, I was even given samples of leather to compare to the factory to ensure a quality replacement. I ordered the kit and confirmed multiple times with the sales rep Ashley that i was receiving leather not cheap vinyl. She told me it was in fact leather not vinyl and even bore the branding label of the company i have used in the past with great success. They had their installer come get my seats, while removing the interior he damaged brand new trim pieces i had just installed. I was told the seats would be back the next day, I have now been almost two weeks with an incomplete interior as the seats were returned with cheap, and i mean low quality cheap vinyl not leather installed. also the driver seat was cut along the side and rear just hanging loose and not installed properly. I was told to speak to the manager Hans by Ashley as she would not try to redeem her sale. Hans has been extremely evasive and ignored that i am not happy with the cheap unprofessional work preformed. He has been telling me that as I negotiated a lower price than initially offered, (only asking them to match their competitors pricing for the same brand kit and installation) which he agreed to that i was not due to receive a quality job nor the leather i was told i was purchasing. I even sent him screen shots of my conversation with Ashley confirming i was getting leather not vinyl. I would have either paid more or declined the work as i was told the pricing was for 100% leather, not the cheap vinyl i received. Now i have to pay another company to not only fix the poor workmanship as well as get factory style leather back in my BMW. My advice is to stay away from this place.

Review №30

Ray rocks, Roll and Lock jerked us around for 5 weeks to get a topper for my2020 Tundra long bed and Ray went out of his way to find me another company who had one. Had it in 3 days and couldnt be happier. He should be the only person you deal with plus instead of taking all day to install it was done in 4 hrs. Ideal Rocks.

Review №31

I want to commend the staff at Timbren Industries in Canada and Ideal Truck in Pompano Beach, FL. I purchased a set of rear hollow rubber springs for my Ford F350. Ray Santos at Ideal Truck recommended them for the concern I had towing my 5th wheel RV trailer. Ray told me Timbren has amazing customer service in case I needed anything, although it was doubtful. Once home, I attempted to install the rubber springs. I ran into a clearance problem where the rubber would not have the normal ½ to 1 inch gap between the rear axle and the rubber spring. I would have to force the fit and the rubber would be in constant contact with the welded factory bracket.I emailed Timbren Saturday afternoon around 1:00 PM and explained my concern. The following Monday morning around 9:00 AM, here is the reply from Steve at Timbren.“Let me talk to engineering, i will get back to you, could you send me complete name and address, in case i need to ship you some parts.”ThanksSteveBy 2:40 PM, same day, Steve emailed me that he was sending the replacement parts as needed to resolve my concern. I installed the rubber springs and they fit as designed. I want to tell all that between Ideal Truck (also amazing customer service) and Timbren, I was impressed. Both were awesome and truly a pleasure to deal with.Thanks for you time to read this.

Review №32

BEWARE OF IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE & TRUCK ACCESSORIES!!! Review by Terry Daniels - 3 weeks after buying a brand new Ram 2500 I went to the Arrigo Dodge Margate dealership to ask if I could have an aftermarket cold air intake put on my truck. Since I had done a good bit of business with Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories in the past with my Platinum 250 Super Duty, I figured I knew where to go. Ray has been my go to guy at this shop, and he has always been great, and he is by no means a part of my complaint! The man should manage the Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories, they would do more business.Last year I had Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories install a MagnaFlow Ford Black DPF series Filter Back Diesel Performance Exhaust System installed on my 250. A couple of weeks later my neighbor stopped by in the morning holding my exhaust. He told me that he found it right outside of the gate to our community laying in the road. I called Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories and explained what happened and that they were lucky it came off coming right outside of my neighborhood and not 95 where it would have killed someone. Turns out when they installed it they tightened the compression fitting over the solid metal tubing instead of the area at the end of the tube which was notched for tightening. Over a couple of weeks it just slid right off.Even after that experience I still had some faith in Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories. I mean people make mistakes and I can get over that. So I had Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories install an AFE Stage-2 Pro 5R Ram Diesel cold air intake on the truck which is the same brand I had on my 250 plus a Retrax Pro MX rolling bed cover. Right around $2,500 worth of labor and parts.Two months later I started getting a Service Engine Throttle light that kept popping up on the dash. I took it to the Arrigo Dodge Margate dealership, it’s under warranty, it’s a brand-new truck. Wrong! I was told that whoever installed the cold air intake on the truck had pulled on the wiring harness, damaging it the way they routed the wiring harness and that was the cause of the engine light. But wait, that’s not the kicker. If I didn’t pay out of pocket to have a brand new, entire engine, wiring harness put on the truck and returned the factory air box that they were going to void my truck warranty. I had no choice. They wanted $3,000.00 for the part and labor. I had other issues with the truck, so I made a stink with Ram, and they knocked the price down to $1,200.00. Oh and by the way this took 6 weeks for Ram to figure out and repair with no loaner because it wasn’t warranty. Having no option I had to pay to get my truck back figuring that Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories would stand behind their work.I gave the invoice to Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories upper management being that it was their work that caused the issue, and they backed away from the whole thing offering me $500 in store credit. Why would I want store credit from a company that won’t stand behind their work? Look, we pay a lot of money for our trucks and on top of that we go to places like Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories to spend more money customizing them. Wouldn’t it be nice if companies like Ideal Truck and Automotive cared about their work as much as we care about our trucks? I’m just saying, be very careful doing business with Ideal Automotive & Truck Accessories. You better pray that the work is done right the first time because you are on your own if it’s not after you leave the store.

Review №33

I came here because, my truck needed new mud tire... I was skeptical about taking it here because, I read some of the reviews. I dont regrate this at all they sold me the set of mud tires i needed! There service was great and they did this pretty quick. I will be returning to this store.

Review №34

Call in what you want, go pick it up when it comes in... awesome had my parts in 2 days.....

Review №35

They are not trustworthy,thieves and unprofessional . They picked my 2014 tundra to install running boards, and I always kept my personal pistol in the center consul of the vehicle, somehow I forgot to take it out that day, and I remembered to check on my gun and I informed the person who was there as soon as he dropped off the Truck, and it was missing, off course they denied ever seen the gun when I spoke to (john) the shop manger. so I had to do my due-diligent by calling Boca Raton police department and file a report and Im calling all the dealership in our region to inform them not to due business with company.

Review №36

They could not have made it easier - just bought a second hand toolbox without a key - all I did was give them the number on the lock - Ray found the key within seconds - and it was ready and waiting when I went to pick it up. GREAT SERVICE!

Review №37

Always working 💪 to Get the RIGHT Stuff @ the RIGHT PRICE... THANKS PEEPS

Review №38

A must go without any doubt. If you want it done right this is the place!!!

Review №39

Ignored at the counter, waited and after asking for a product waited while the phone repeatedly was answered still no answer and when after 20 min. I ask if they have the part ahhhhhh no not so much. RUDE!

Review №40

Very professional and helpful.

Review №41

The only place I get truck accessories ..

Review №42

Walked into the store and walked around for five minutes and no one even greeted me. Guess they dont need my business

Review №43

Excellent workLove the atmosphere

Review №44

They doing a great job

Review №45

Not happy call about some locks they told me 70 bucks for locks when I got there there 85 told me 18 bucks for the spinners when I got there there 18 bucks apiece

Review №46

Excellent service.

Review №47

Unreasonable prices and unprofessional

Review №48

The ONLY place for truck accessories

Review №49


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Great job

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