H&R Auto Sale
2730 W Britton Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United States
H&R Auto Sale
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READ:I dont recommend going to this place. The vehicle I bought was great when I took it for the test drive and everything. Put my down payment. Had bad weather had to come back to pick up the vehicle. And its damaged. Big dent in the back bumper, which wasnt there before? Driver door had big black mark and a dent. Wasnt there before Along with finding out the doors were switched from a 2010 vehicle and put on mine. Was also informed their mechanic wanted this vehicle. And I got it before he did. My mechanic had informed me parts were switched from when I took it to him on the test drive. Do not go here.

Review №2

Got my first car here! The owner toldus that he is selling the place so he was trying to sell the cars ASAP. We saw this car on Craigslist. The price and Mileage was kinda too good to pass. We put more air in the tires, jump started the car and my Dad and I went to go for test drive and almost everything was fine. Payed in cash and so far I’m very happy with my new car.Update cars have several issues:Steering lock $1000Transmission?

Review №3

I wish more car salesman were like these people. The owner is the best and a God sent man. You wont leave unsatisfied. This is the place to go if you want a good deal and family oriented friendliness. Love this place and my new truck.

Review №4

I found H& R Auto Sale so refreshing. I came in to see a specific car, and they didnt try and get me to buy something more expensive. They treated me like family when I walked in the door. Most car lots do their best to get you to spend more and insist you see everything thats even close to your price limit, and I was pleasantly surprised that H&R just wanted to make me happy with my choice. They were friendly, and not pushy. I highly recommend this car lot, and will tell all of my friends to look them up when they need a car.Thank you H& R Auto Sales !!

Review №5

Such a positive experience for a car dealer!! Ashraf was more than willing to let us take the car to our mechanic. When we discussed what needed to be fixed, he worked with us to renegotiate the price. We feel that we were treated with respect and that we got a great deal on the car we wanted. We will check with H&R next time were looking for a new car and highly recommend them to others.

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I’m so happy I bought my car here, the staff was so friendly, they gave me a great deal! Would totally 10/10 recommend going here! They have great financing options!

Review №7

I had a great experience with this auto group. The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. Easy to work with, will definitely be buying from them again in the future.

Review №8

This place is pathetic! I went down to the dealership for a friend and arranged to have the truck looked at by a mechanic after driving it. There was a problem that was a $1600 fix. The dealership agreed to reduce the price on the truck because of the problem (catalytic converter) and the people I was helping sent a cashiers check to pay for the truck to hold it. Then, so they could be dishonest in more than one way, not only did they sell the truck with the problem that Im sure the second buyer didnt know about after committing to my friend, they also avoided returning the cashiers check evidently!!! When my friend called about it, they cussed him out on the phone and used a racial slur. What a dishonest, unprofessional, terrible person (or persons) that did this! NEVER buy a car from this place. Dont even go near it! Not only unethical and dishonest, but borderline criminal in trying to avoid returning the cashiers check. One word - PATHETIC. Feel sorry for the guy who bought the truck and probably has no idea he got ripped.

Review №9

These guys sold us a car and we couldnt be happier. They treated us nicely and is true family business. Ashraf and Hussan are great to deal with.

Review №10

My baby daddy Frederick Richardson bought a vehicle from them they are super nice work with you great customer service down to earth. They do there best to get you driving. There not no scamming carlot they have nice vehicles and THERE well worth every penny. Marsh Lay

Review №11

Got my ford flex from here. Runs great and looks excellent. No problems, if i need another vehicle ill be back👌

Review №12

My name is Kimberly and I think the people that owns this place are awesome. They are very kind and professional and I would recommend anyone to them to purchase their next vehicle. They have awesome service and vehicles.

Review №13

Buyer beware!!! Unethical business practices. Do not stand by their word. I would not recommend this dealership. They accepted a cashiers check in payment for a purchase and then sold car to another buyer. Would not return phone calls. Refused to honor agreement. Do. Not. Do. Business. With these people. Very unprofessional.

Review №14

The disrespect this dealership shows to customers is incredible. I warn you not to do business with a company that uses the N word to describe its customers. Pathetic is the only way to describe how these people do business. I have spoken to many people in the area that confirmed with me that they have found issues with the cars they are selling. The malpractices happening at this location is astonishing. I hope this places gets shut down.

Review №15

DISHONEST DEALERSHIP PLEASE READI recently was about to buy a 2010 F150 from them. I spent $45 taking the truck to a mechanic where I found out that it needed a $1600 repair. I still have paperwork from mechanic. After telling Ashraf about the problems (which he acted like he didnt know about but even said his mechanic thoroughly inspected it), we proceeded to agree on a price and came to an agreement. I got a cashiers check and paid to get it overnighted to them. The day I sent the check, the dealership texts me and tells me they sold the truck after I spent money on the mechanic and they told me they would hold the truck for me since I sent them a picture of the cashiers check. Absolutely pathetic. Who texts a customer telling them? Could not even call me and told me 20 minutes before they closed. I called them immediately and they did not answer. Dishonest dealership and they would rather make money than satisfy customers. Spread the word not to buy from H & R Auto Sales.

Review №16

Ashraf is very respectful. Gave me a ride when otherwise I would have needed an Uber.

Review №17

I Faced a few, personal financial challenges in buying a car. This family oriented business, literally treated me as family. Im extremely satisfied with the vehicle they encouraged me to get. Im thankful to have had this family as my car dealer.

Review №18

Incredibly shady business. I urge people to stay away from buying from here. Dishonest business practices and ownership are a pain to work with. Cars have issues and agreements mean nothing to this company. Do not trust a word that comes from this company. Make sure to do your research (read the reviews and get a mechanic to check the car you are interested in) and youll see that this is not a place to buy a car.

Review №19

Ash and his family made this experience incredibly enjoyable we will definitely return for our next purchase

Review №20

Great salesmen and easy to deal with. Love our new Ford F150 Lariet!!

Review №21

Very good customer service and great prices on clean vehicles.

Review №22

Horrible! They stole the new parts of the vehicle that I had put a down payment on! No wonder why they wanted to keep it overnight! I caught them in the act taking the parts off of my vehicle, and I was told We didnt take anything off we were just checking it to make sure everything is good! The owner is an ASS! He will act good to your face and talk about you when you leave! He stereotypes Americans saying that theyre not trustworthy and he says that the foreigners are better people! These people aaret H&R are crooked liars!!

Review №23

Very sketchy dealership. Owners are completely dishonest. Took the car to a mechanic and found multiple things wrong with the car. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE.

Review №24

Guy was nice nice but went there to look at a truck and it had a musty smell and a lot of rust in the inside. Beware of flood cars.

Review №25

Mrs. Diamond and Mr. Hassan were very helpful were awesome !

Review №26

My name is andrew wilson. H&R auto is a RIPOFF JOINT! THEY WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING TO SELL A USED CAR NO MATTER WHAT. I have never given any place a review like this because I am a fair and resonsable person. I have never sued anyone. I am a U.S. army veteran. served overseas in Iraq, Germany and Kuwait. I paid cash for a nissan ALTIMA shown on an internet ad by these H&R people. IT TOOK 30 DAYS FOR ME TO SEE THE CAR WAS BURNING 2 QUARTS OF OIL A WEEK. CAR WAS NOT LEAKING OIL. IT WAS BURNING OIL. DUE TO THE USE OF SYNTHETIC OIL THE CAR WAS NOT VISIBLY SMOKING FROM THE EXHAUST. THEY ARE COMPLETELY DISHONEST AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SAVING YOUR MONEY AND TO GO TO A DIFFERENT DEALERSHIP THAN THIS RIP OFF OF A PLACE! BEWARE OF ANY DEALERSHIP BRAGGING ABOUT 5 STAR SERVICE. I GIVE THEM A -1 STAR SERVICE AT BEST. I tried to work out some type of compromise that was reasonable where we lost some and they lost some. no consideration was given to me. I will be writing a letter to the Better Business Bureau, Car Gurus, and any other used car rating service that is reputable. I have no axe to grind or vendetta against these people. I just want some satisfaction and fair treatment.

Review №27

Best customer service ever !!!!! and great prices on clean cars

Review №28

Great customer service, very good clean vehicles

Review №29

If you enjoy being called “trash that belongs on the streets” by an employee after being lied to and nearly being ripped off then this is the place for you!

Review №30

Nothing but disrespect and bad attitudes. Called in looking for a vehicle listed online and was given the run around and told by someone claiming to be management to “take my business else where”

Review №31

If you like racial slurs and terrible cars with hidden repairs this is the place for you!!

Review №32

Be aware of H&R auto sales !!! Car gurus remove all the adds post by them .. they running scam!!Keep away from H&R!!!

Review №33

Great price for quality condition vehicles

Review №34

Shady company. Do Not Buy From Them!

Review №35

Horrific,they lie and also hide problems with the cars that they are selling

Review №36

Super sketchy business!! Buyer beware!!!!

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