Jules Vision Center
1401 NY-300 #1054, Newburgh, NY 12550, United States
Jules Vision Center
Review №1

Best eye doctors around. Very thorough and explain everything so I understand what is going on. Staff is very friendly and informative. They’re always honest with which frames look good and which don’t, which is very appreciated! Couldn’t recommend this place more

Review №2

The doctor here is the best doctor Ive had in the past 20 years and the staff was lovely. The prescription and the glasses were perfect. Satisfied with my visit at this office. Will come here again.

Review №3

This is second time I saw the female doctor, sorry doc dont remember your name. I love her, here’s why. The first time, I explained I couldn’t see my computer screen or see when playing cards… she explained to me two different distances and offered to split the difference which is a solution I could not imagine. This time she made me feel more comfortable about new diabetes eye issues, too extra time to help me get right distance to read an actual book, explained contact lenses options for my unique situation, and super cool, told meI could get plus 2 otc. Then she did something extraordinary. She manipulated my lids to alleviate blepharitis I didnt know I had and told me how to take care of at home. The young lady in the office was so helpful in giving honest opinion on picking out a frame. Frames run higher than expected they do have 50 percent off some. Honestly for me, its all about the doc there, she cares enough to really get into eye issues and answers questions you didnt even know you had. Shes a rockstar. Thankyou Jules.

Review №4

This place is amazing! Been going there for years and have never had any problems with them. Ive had exams with both the female and male doctors and they were both so thorough. The staff is so nice and knowledgeable, they answer any questions I have about my glasses and contacts. They also do free repairs which is awesome! I thought my Gucci sunglasses were goners and they saved them. Couldnt recommend this place more!

Review №5

The doctors here are great! They fixed my prescription after I had a horrible exam from Americas Best. The staff was also very helpful and explained exactly what I needed. Very knowledgeable staff. Prices were good and they had a huge selection.

Review №6

This place is AMAZING! Great service and the doctor was very thorough. They have the biggest selection in frames I have seen in the Hudson Valley. Great designer brands. The staff is super welcoming I felt like family. They were very knowledgeable. I drive two hours away to be seen by the excellent doctors and the staff. I would recommend everyone comes here even if you live in Alaska. Worth the trip to be a patient here.

Review №7

Save your time and effort, dont go here. they dont have customer information in computers, only filing cabinets. went there and waited 30 mins because they lost my boyfriends information/prescription in there terrible filing system. a week later, we get new lenses and they scratch one when installing. they order a new one, we come back a week later to pick them up, walk around for an hour while they install it, go to pick them up and they say oops, they sent the wrong lens, we could not fix your glasses, we will order a new one again and come back in another week! they did not even call to let us know the lens was incorrect, so we wasted an hour thinking everything was fine. the women there are all clueless, its a little embarrassing.just a terrible experience every time we are there.i am sure there are other places to go get glasses around here that is not this place. i am telling you, go anywhere else. i never really write reviews, but this experience with this place has been so bad.get your stuff together, ladies ........

Review №8

The staff are nice, but the service is very slow and a bit disorganized. I was there for a yearly eye exam that was scheduled for 5pm and I was still waiting until 6:30pm. I actually canceled my appointment on the spot. Also it seems that the staff doesn’t speak to each other. I put in an order for contacts with one person and then later on when I called to check on status nobody knows what I’m talking about. I truly wish them the best but I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Review №9

Optometrist was lovely. Spent time patiently answering questions and gave very informative advice. Will continue to come back.

Review №10

I cant speak more highly of this establishment. The staff is friendly patient and helpful when it comes to choosing frames and contact lenses. My entire family actually looks forward to coming here because Dr. Collins actually makes it a pleasant and fun experience. The fact that he loves what he does is so refreshing and you will never get treated like a number. He takes his time with each patient and describes everything he is doing. If you grew up in the 80s you will probably remember Bob Rosss painting show, well Dr. Collins is the Bob Ross of Optometry! He is a kind soul and has a great staff to compliment what he stands for. I recommend this place to everyone!

Review №11

They never told us that we are entitled to 3 pairs of glasses and when I call to inquire for my daughters second pair they now state that I had to get it at time I was issued the first. Never use this location with those unethical behaviors and practices. Yes I reported them to Davis vision and I will file a report with the BBB and US Attorney general.

Review №12

Dr.Collins is one of a kind, such a great experience with him today, very thorough and explains everything so well, even taking the time to really talk to my daughter not just to me like some might. Highly recommend. And the staff was wonderful and full of patience as we tried almost everything in the cases. Will definitely be our family eye doctor from now on!

Review №13

Went there today i was a walk in. I was having issues with one eye great place friendly and the doctor was awesome

Review №14

I’ve been going to Jules Vision Center of Newburgh for many years. I’m a single, one income woman of thee daughters. Between my self and my three daughters, we have seen the doctors and spent hundreds of dollars on glasses. However, my recent pair of Jimmy Choo prescription sunglasses, which cost me $600.00 only 4 months ago broke to no fault of my own. I went back to Jules as I know that there is a one year manufacturers warranty. No problem, they will replace them. NOT! Apparently, they told me that the defect was not a manufacturers defect. Okay, then what is it? I asked to speak to the owner and they refused to supply me with that information. So is she a manufacturers defect expert? Pretty sure she isn’t. She did say that they would offer a 1/2 off discount? Are kidding me??? I should have to pay $300 more dollars??? Ridiculous! Don’t bother with this place. They’ll get you coming and going! And if I could leave negative stars I would.

Review №15

I dont normally write reviews but felt compelled to write this one! I have been coming here for 15+ years and the customer service keeps getting worse and worse. Dr. Collins is great but whoever his colleague is, not so much. She greeted me with an attitude and continued to do so through out the exam. Not to mention they lost all of my records from years past? How does that happen? I proceeded to look at glasses and did not get much help from the staff, like I have in years past. I finally picked a designer frame and ordered it. Today I went to go pick them up and was handed the frames with the wrong lenses and the some kind of smeared substance on them and along with some crappy little case. As someone who has had many different designer frames in the past, they come with there own case not the crappy Jules vision plastic case. I have had so many issues with them and not one manager has said a word...No one has been helpful and after this experience I will not be back and would not recommend them to anyone!

Review №16

My girlfriend had to have a quick repair of her glasses and they did it for free!

Review №17

Doctor came out and skipped 2 people who were on time and waiting 30 min past appointment and took someone else in before their scheduled time...the coordination is a joke

Review №18

Friendly staff and professional doctors. Nice selection of eye glasses. Dr. Leiter is a wonderful person. - shes always helpful and thorough in her examination.

Review №19

Appointments are never on time.

Review №20

Dr. Collins is a blessing! Ive been seeing him for gosh 15 years or so, since he was at sterling. He has this willy wonka-esque thing going on, hes so nice! It can take weeks to get an appointment with him but I assure you its worth the wait. I ripped my last pair of contacts the day before going away and when I walked in to see if they could help me, found out i needed to set an appt first because it had been too long. I was a little disheartened but the girl at the counter said hold on I understand what youre going thru and had asked the dr if hed see me right then and there even though he was on his lunch break!! Its a shame to see all of the negative reviews because ive never had a bad experience with dr Collins in almost 2 decades.

Review №21

They seem fair and Honest. The doctor is very nice.

Review №22

This was my first experience with glasses. The staff and doctors were very informative and helpful. I would deffinatly visit jules again.

Review №23

I have been a customer of jules vision center for over 20 year since I started wearing glasses at 16. I have never had any serious issues with jules and whenever a minor problem has occurred, jules always corrects the issue in a professional manner. To be honest. I am a professional and I am also human and sometimes I make mistakes and thats part of being human. I love that when I go to jules I have a professional who knows about styles helping me choose my frame. The doctors are professional and clearly know what theyre doing. They take the necessary time to check everything and verify the prescription. And when they make a human mistake they are sympathetic and do whatever they can to correct the situation. I have heard horror stories from friends whove gone down the hall to Sterling optical and had 5 minute eye exams and were literally cheated out of their insurance coverage because they were outright lied to. I trust the girls at jules vision and they have never steered me wrong. I love my designer glasses and sunglasses from jules and will remain a loyal customer.

Review №24

Agree, the woman eye doctor I had to see because Collins wasnt available was a total b. Seemed like she wasnt happy there and hopefully she has moved on. Also agree that the customer service here continues to go downhill with unhappy faces to greet you vs. Vails Gate which is smaller and less busy but at least you feel like youre not bothering anyone there. to the staff, if you hate your job go get another one. That said, I may give them one last shot this time around because I like Dr. Collins so much. Also, I dont understand why these two locations are together in name but seemingly separate entities.

Review №25

Called this afternoon to make appointments for me and my daughter, was put on hold. After my phone showed Id been on hold for 5 minutes 22 seconds, I hung up and called back. This time the woman who answers the phone said hello, then asked how could she help me. I asked to make two appointments. I was put on hold. After 53 seconds, I was disconnected. This is my first experience and contact with them, needless to say I wont be calling back a third time trying to make an appointment for me and my daughter.

Review №26

Very nice and informative. Good experience for me and my son.

Review №27

I have visited this store twice, whereby I have had an exam, and bought a pair of Michael Kors frames on my first visit, btw I am still receiving compliments on them.So happily I returned to this store on July 2013, for my second pair of glasses. I chose a pair of Caviar rimless glasses (beautiful), to my cost of $350.00 for frames only, my exam and lenses were paid by my insurance.To my dismay on 11/2013, I return to the store due to my glasses had broken while putting them on. At the store I learned where the screws were located is where the lenses were cracked. When I first presented the glasses to the store personnel she in turn took them to who I presume was the store manager, and both laughed and shook their heads.On March 2014, the nose piece fell apart!!! I took them again, and when I picked them up a week later, on my receipt was written *last time. I stated: I paid $350.00 for these glasses, and I havent had them a year yet.Yesterday, March 7, 2014, I went to put on my special glasses only to find that they are cracked around the screw again. I will get prayed up for I will be taking them back to them tomorrow. I feel that if they knew the glasses were faulty they shouldnt have sold them. And to tell you the truth I would not even go back to the store, if wasnt for the fact that I cant get new glasses before August 2014, I just want a pair of glasses that dont break every time I wear them, like my Michael Kors.I am going to try Jules Vision headquarters, if this problem isnt resolved then I will go to Better Business Bureau or Attorney Generals office.

Review №28

Made me waste my time going after making appt for them to said am not on the book for I want there just to see their faces.😠😠

Review №29

Best selection of frames around!

Review №30

Dr Collins was great!

Review №31

Not good at all

Review №32

Just terrible.

Review №33

Thanks 😊

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