HD Supply Home Improvement Solutions
7601 Telegraph Rd, Montebello, CA 90640, United States
HD Supply Home Improvement Solutions
Review №1

Open to public. 1x6x6 redwood dog ear for $3.94$165 shipping for 20 miles radius.Huge warehouse very impressive they sell quality solid wood doors windows quality sinks toilets and much much more. Staff is very friendly and helpful especially in the lumber.

Review №2

Great prices. Bought a shower unit which was way cheaper than other places. Didnt use the shower walls though because they were too flimsy and instead bought tile. The tile only cost $100.

Review №3

HD Supply always has what I need to remodel including AO Smith Water Heaters! Great service here.

Review №4

Has all your needs but management seemed like my grandmas questions were bothering them. Just pointed and walked away with confirming my grandma understood. Alot nicer people at Lowes and Home depot

Review №5

On vanity cabinets, its prices have increased significantly. One cabinet went up $57. Its still a good alternative place to buy items when renovating...thats if youve done your homework & compared prices & quality at other locations. Theres some things that you shouldnt buy sight unseen.Before paying, make sure your intended purchase isnt defective, i.e., scratched or dented. They can be fussy later.

Review №6

Phenomenal Customer Service was provided William!!! There was only one attic aluminum ladder available, as a display, and William went above and beyond. He contacted several HDs, but no luck. He even checked on backorder fill dates, which were several weeks away. Thank you, HD, for having William. He is a true asset, and most importantly, he did not tell me, This is not my department., when I approached him(you know, like other employees in those other H%me D*p%t stores!!

Review №7

I went to home depot and tile for less. I had the best service at HD . Customer service rep was excellent he helped me choose my tile and helped me figure out how much I would need. He helped me locate everything I needed. As a women, and not very sure of all the details Erik was very patient and explained other things I may need for my project. I will be back to HD because of people like Erik who take their time with customers and their patience for people like me who have many questions. HD keep hiring people like Erik I will choose HD over Lowes or Home Depot just because of the service you get at HD.

Review №8

Most of the time I find all my items here. Im a contractor plus I own a sellers permit therefore, tax exempt. I Shop items here daily because is closer to my shop. However, every time there are issues with them not finding my sellers permit. Their customer service has never been the best when it comes to scanning my membership because they have to go look for it, but today I received the worst customer service in the last 7yrs of daily purchases. Apparently, they just couldnt find it. Therefore, it doesnt exist! the guy at the register first argued then totally ignored me and proceeded to ring me up plus charged me taxes (when Im tax exempt) after waiting for so long I left home, paying taxes, very frustrating, overwhelmed and disappointed and more to find out the guy at the register was supposed to be someone in charged.

Review №9

Good products, good prices. Thank you 😊 💓

Review №10

Great prices cheaper than home depot, everything you new to every remodeling project in your home. It has all the basics and some higher end things to get you set up. Ive seen some materials half the price of home depot.

Review №11

I like it oready big supply good customer service .

Review №12

This is a good place to buy, the staff is always super friendly and they always have good solutions to problems. They also have really good prices and a very large selection. We come here quite often because we do a lot of work in this area. Its a great place to get your supplies!

Review №13

1st time doing drive thru for lumberneed a ticket @ 1st shack/stop signtake ticket inside to paytake receipt & ticket to 2nd shack to exitbutgot it down now for next time

Review №14

Good prices friendly service and military friendly

Review №15

👎👎👎 Try them Yourself and find out.Hundred percent recommend to use Home Depot block away much better attitude and manners and service from staff.

Review №16

Anthony and Bianca were very helpful and courteous. They helped me get a duplicate receipt in a critical busy time. Thank you guys!Came back because I needed to do the trickiest transaction and they came thru. Thank you Joseph and

Review №17

Im doing a little renovation in my house, im looking at my options Love the prices

Review №18

Largest selection.

Review №19

The Worst Customerservice, cashier is rude make faces when I try to return. You are better off to Home Depot with more support.

Review №20

Great prices helpful employees good quality and many selections for remodeling your home I will go again Montebello store is the best and bigger good hours

Review №21

Anthony is a great help honest and a great person

Review №22

Special thanks to Robert and Will. They asked me exactly what i needed and even helped me choose some specific to my project. They were very helpful, so much so that when I needed a certain design tile and they had it in the system, they had a team look all over for it just to make sure I didnt settle on a 2nd choice design. Thanks guys!

Review №23

They have a very good variety of Windows,doors tiles stones whatever you need to remodel your house.

Review №24

Staff is very helpful

Review №25

Paid for a will call, showed up for pick-up and order was not ready. Associate went to pull order, and when I arrived at isle, did not help to pull merchandise....said his role was to show me where merchandise is.

Review №26

Great Service and great prices. Selection is somewhat limited, but you can find most basic items for construction and renovation.

Review №27

We went in yesterday and bought few thousands dollars of cabinets. They said they had everything in stock. When I tried to pick up the cabinets 30 minutes later after the purchase Joseph told us they dont have 4 of the cabinets. Joseph had advised me earlier that due to shortage of space it was first come first serve situatiion and I had to pick my cabinets soon. Four of the employees were looking for the cabinets for hours. No luck. It was like a jungle, no one knew what was going on. The manager Ceaser was just walking around and doing nothing. He was very sure that he had all in stock. I told the manager we had to leave. My worker was waiting for 3 hours to take the cabinets. They told us NO. They had to do inventory check. We had 10 large cabinets on carts waiting. Anyways after almost 4 hours they let us to take the cabinets out of the store. Josef at the counter was looking for the missing cabinets in other stores. He located all of them in Long Beach store. I asked the manager Id appreciate if he could arrange for a store pick up in Montebello or a delivery since we waited for 4 hours. He said no. He suggested that I should call his store in 4 days and ask if my missing cabinets will be available or not. I told him my workers needed to get all the cabinets and go to work as soon as we can. He asked for $75 delivery fee to whittier when he received the cabinets. I said no thanks Ill pick them up myself from Long Beach store. I drove down to Long Beach. Wow, what a difference between the stores. I told them how I was treated in Montebello. A guy picked a cart and brought my cabinets in 5 minutes and loaded them in my truck. I will not go to Montebello store anymore and dont recommend it to anyone. Therere so many employees just walking around and have no clue how to help the customers. Mr. Ceasar the manager needs to visit the Long Beach store and see how they run the store. My workers waited for 4 hours. They dont work for free. I have to pay them. We were treated very badly. Mr Ceasar could tell us from the beginning that he didnt have certain cabinets and we could go somewhere us. But he didnt. He blamed his computers. In short, this is a very disorganized store. They dont trust their inventory and their computers. Please go somewhere us not this store if you want customer service.

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Review №29

Extensive choices on most items wide variety to choose from

Review №30

Nice options to pick from, and I liked the variety and diversity of items to pick from. Planning on to visit next time for Home Improvement supplies and materials.

Review №31

Lots of options....Displays helps to decide....

Review №32

They sell broken product...Ask me that I broke... home depot and lowes never do this... dont buy from hd supply

Review №33

Good people and decent prices. Like the drive thru lumber yard

Review №34

Awesome place! Great staff!

Review №35

Feels like a huge mom and pop hardware store. Prices are ok and competitive.

Review №36

This is a good place to buy, the helpful manager always finds what I am looking for and if there is no administrator always has a solution, he is an excellent person of all HD supply. This is the best.

Review №37

Prices are cheaper than home depot

Review №38

Really bad service, nobodys around to help,The workers have a bad activeNot good

Review №39

Employees were very helpful. Store was well organized. Paramount Blvd store not so much on both counts

Review №40

All what you need is here.

Review №41

Always a good deal best prices

Review №42

Drive thru lumber yard is great, you place your items on to your truck. Then you get your invoice that you take inside where you can continue buying other items. Store has a great selection.

Review №43

Was Contractors Warehouse in the past. A huge supply of items for home improvement. Staff is helpful and attentive, great selection. I enjoy going here.

Review №44

Be careful,tight entrance and exit.

Review №45

Its huge and has everything! But make sure to compare prices with Lowes and Home Depot...cause they arent always cheaper. Customer service is awesome there also

Review №46

Rented a small trailer. Returned it and Chris helped us return it. Chris was extremely helpful and had great customer service.

Review №47

Contractors go to for all needs great place

Review №48

This place needs its employees to be more alert and available. I came in for some gas pipes and there were absolutely no employees available. I got help from a kind client who helped me pick out what I needed !

Review №49

I found a solid would door, heavy but it will out last me . we are both a quality product .

Review №50

I was helped by an employee named Will who was very professional and informative and I can for sure say that Will is best in customer service at any HD Supply that ive ever visited.

Review №51

The cashiers were rude and not helpful...i asked for help and they directed me to the wrong section...i feel it was on porpuse. Im a very attractive woman and i think thats why....

Review №52

Not that great and overpriced

Review №53

Im generally pleased with the prices and customer service, but when it comes to special ordering, its very difficult and time consuming.The prices are still better than the competition.

Review №54

Selection is very limited but really inexpensive. help is not very interactive. most wood selection is low grade.

Review №55

Great place to get home improvement need it things

Review №56

Good place to shop. Will give help when you ask.

Review №57

Busy and lots of activity early morning and very helpful staff.

Review №58

Fast and no waiting in line

Review №59

They supost to open at 5:30 and they supost to star attending at 5:30. Well the guy that open say you have to wait till the workers arrive. I came here because they open at 5:30 when they attend me there was some other clien that cames and my teller attend him thats not good

Review №60

L like this store for its selection of tools and hardware. Its promotions encourage me to purchase.

Review №61

Best prices, better then home depot and lowes

Review №62

Excellent customer service and quick check out.

Review №63

Fair prices for doors and windows

Review №64

Prices are a lot better than competition. And it has everything to build a house from beginning to end

Review №65

So much better than Home Depot.

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Review №67

Great place to shop

Review №68

Found exactly what i was looking for

Review №69

Great prices and service

Review №70

Difrent is ok for contractors

Review №71

Employees too lazy

Review №72

Very little assistant no one is available to help, they dont restock merchandise.

Review №73

Most everything you need is here

Review №74

Ok place but did not have what I was looking for.

Review №75

Not enough employees on aisle always take long on getting help not a fan of this store.

Review №76

Great service and respectful.

Review №77

Fantastic services

Review №78

Great deals and prices.

Review №79

Lots of choices for but hard to get help

Review №80

Toy store for grownups!

Review №81

Good prices...

Review №82

The price was lower than the other stores.

Review №83

Customer service is sucks, I try to return a fan I didn’t use and they didn’t wanted to return it because I didn’t had a receipt and employee sandy said the item was Discontinue so they wanted take back with out a receipt she even ask if we had a member number and even with the number they said nothing show on their computer I will never go back there and give them business SUCKS SUCKS

Review №84

Find supplies fast

Review №85

Great people

Review №86

Good location

Review №87

Great prices

Review №88


Review №89

Everything I need

Review №90

Very excellent

Review №91

Ola if I recommend it, aye what I was looking for, fast service, who assisted me gave me good service, clean, not many people, competitive price, I bought windows that did not have in stock in any renonbre site, happy 😄⭐5

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Review №93

The hardware store has a wide variety of items such as doors, fireplaces, windows, bathroom and kitchen cabinets to remodel or build a complete home. Good prices.

Review №94

I like it because you enter with the truck to stock up on what you need unlike other stores

Review №95

Poor quality bad service

Review №96

Good help and good price when ordering windows. I love this place!

Review №97

I like this place because here I always find what I am looking for at a reasonable price, I recommend it

Review №98

This place has a lot of variety, the only bad thing is that the employees do not give 100, it seems that they do not pay them poor, they walk with a very low attitude, they do not realize that each customer is important, why their check leaves it, they make it lose time does not put the batteries so I go to the home depot should be motivated by each client that comes in satisfied that they ask them how was their experience

Review №99

Here in this place it is good to visit them

Review №100

Very good customer extension

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  • Address:7601 Telegraph Rd, Montebello, CA 90640, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 323-727-2731
  • Cabinet store
  • Home improvement store
  • Door supplier
  • Hardware store
  • Lumber store
  • Plumbing supply store
  • Tile store
  • Tool rental service
  • Tool store
  • Window supplier
Working hours
  • Monday:5:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:5:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:5:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday:6AM–8PM
  • Friday:7AM–7PM
  • Saturday:5:30AM–8PM
  • Sunday:5:30AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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