Private Pawn/Pioneer Pawn
1055 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85203, United States
Private Pawn/Pioneer Pawn
Review №1

Awesome customer service more then helpful and so informative... Will definitely be back..

Review №2

Very helpful service. Helped me out with the product I needed and at a very fair price for a brand new product that will surely benefit my business. They even helped me in upgrading a product that would better fit my needs. I’m blown away by the neighborly transaction carried out by the guys at Private Pawn. Highly recommend!

Review №3

Friendly service. Reasonable prices for used items. Definitely would return in the future.

Review №4

Awesome place of business here in Mesa, AZ.I was a new customer and today was my second time coming in and I will say with definite honesty and pursicution that these guys know customer service and what it means to meet their customers needs!Ill be coming back everytime now.Thanks Joe! You and Blake kept it real and I appreciate you both fellers!Dan Webb

Review №5

Great experience today. Very professional staff and great deals. Would recommend to anyone.

Review №6

Great service! Awesome firearms! Daughter got the most precious gold pendant 🥰

Review №7

The guys at Pioneer Pawn are awesome. They have almost anything you would need, from electronics to tools. Go and see them!

Review №8

These guys are excellent and very helpful and friendly. I will definitely return when I need a little extra help

Review №9

Great, fast service and they actually have me what I asked for my firearm. Highly recommended

Review №10

Always use Pioneer Pawn for my FFL, they call to let me know as soon as it comes in and get everything done fast.

Review №11

Absolutely friendly service! Cool stuff & good vibes! Highly recommend!

Review №12

Pioneer Pawn located in Mesa, AZ has been a pleasure to conduct business with. The employees are friendly and inviting, the store is clean and arranged well with inventory. Pioneer Pawn also handles firearms transfers that are smooth and quick.I highly recommend Pioneer Pawn

Review №13

Cool pawn shop got help from joe really helpful definitely will be coming back again

Review №14

I have been into this particular pawn shop a few times because the prices are on point and the folks who were here are knowledgeable and personable. I bought a fabulous Remington 870 Wingmaster from here and TONS of ammo. I highly recommend this shop!!!

Review №15

Great customer service. Quick and easy transactions.

Review №16

Fantastic shop with a wide variety of stuff. They were willing to work with me on price for several transactions. 100% recommended.

Review №17

Great place to find just about anything you can imagine friendly helpful and humble service!

Review №18

Great guys, great prices if you haven’t gone here you definitely must go

Review №19

Great store, good prices and open when I need them. I highly recommend!

Review №20

Wonderful service and very helpful . Joe is the best .

Review №21

Lots of tools, laptops, and more tools. Super friendly staff. Bought a nice laptop and the guy made sure to test the speakers and charger without me asking. despite it was 10 minutes to close, as well. Im going back for some of those the more you buy, the cheaper they get tools!!!

Review №22

Found the perfect laptop to take classes on at a great price. The employees were very helpful in assisting with setting it up.

Review №23

Awesome service, quick and easy used them for two FFL transfers so far. The email correspondence was always fast and very polite. Use Pioneer for your FFL needs!

Review №24

Very good service great deals

Review №25

I purchased an led grow light that was supposed to be in brad new condition. It did not work straight out of the box. The light cost over $600.00 the manager told me to ship it back and they would send me a working product. It cost me $90.00 to ship back and when I called to speak to the manager he now tells me they will investigate the situation and let me know what they will do. That is NOT what he told me on the phone. Untill they make this right I will have to keep sending bad reviews. The moment they make this right. I will let everyone know!

Review №26

Nice selection and courteous staff very helpful

Review №27

Excellent service and great communication.....

Review №28

Awesome company to do business with! Highly recommend.

Review №29

Helpful and honest good place

Review №30

Great Pawn shop. Honest and upfront staff. Good selection of guns, tools, etcLow FFL fee. They will work with you or point you in right direction..

Review №31

This pawn shop is the best hidden secret in the East valley. I called at least 10 different shops for an estimate price on some of my gold. These guys were honest and and completely straightforward with me throughout the entire process.I’d choose this place over any other shop’s in the whole Valley. Thanks again guys!

Review №32

Great place. Super friendly. Good customer service. 10/10 will come back.

Review №33

Great sales rep!

Review №34

Always good service

Review №35

There’s many places to go around the valley but I always end up coming here and finding what I need. Super friendly people with great deals.

Review №36

These guys to rock! Friendly and safe!

Review №37

Great people good pricing

Review №38

Great prices

Review №39

Drove down to Pioneer from the west valley trying to find a pressure washer for my business. Colton made me a killer deal on one of the units they had in the showroom after letting me take it out to insure it works perfectly. I would definitely recommend Pioneer to anyone looking for great stuff at an even better price.

Review №40

The gentleman who are consistently manning the counter are fantastically helpful and patient, always willing to assist with just about anything.

Review №41

My new favorite pawn shop! I have been to most of the pawn shops in Mesa today, looking for a phone for a friend. This is where I finally bought one. The staff were knowledgeable and helpful, AND polite! They sold me the phone for a fair price, and let me pop the Sim card in and make sure it worked.While I was there, I looked at the other things in the shop, and they have a large selection of tools, firearms computers, cameras and jewelry, with reasonable prices. I will definitely be a repeat customer, and recommends then highly to EVERYONE.

Review №42

Great and excellent review here! Very cooperative and negotiating with fair pricing. Catch their 15% off here at the pawn shop with a great choice of weapons! 15% off of weapons included! Get it while it’s HOT!!!! 🔥

Review №43

I stumbled upon this shop by accident, but what a wonderful surprise it ended up being. They had two watches I was interested in and ended up giving me such a great deal I just couldn’t walk away from. Even though I spent everything I had left in my pocket I felt good about it. I definitely recommend stopping by to see what they might have to offer. Great store and even better staff.

Review №44

Got a very good deal on a 20 gauge Stevens shotgun and very friendly service, helped me look at other inventory while waiting for the background check would definitely visit again!

Review №45

Great shop. Clean environment and well organized. Colton and Joe provided great service. Smooth transaction. Will definitely come back for any future purchases.

Review №46

Super chill environment all workers are friendly guys easy to talk to no bs no pressure kinda store ill make sure to return for any of my pawn needs . 🙏

Review №47

I think maybe Pioneer Pawn changed their name to Private Pawn? I recently had a couple firearms mailed to different pawnshops in Mesa. This pawnshop was by far the most convenience. The guys at the counter knew what they were talking about. I filled out my application, and I had my firearm within 30 minutes.While waiting for my firearm verification to go through, I picked up a nice pair of bolt cutters, ammunition and some DVDs. The bolt cutters were actually a really good price. Because Id COVID-19 the ammo was overpriced, but whatever. I needed some. Positive experience for sure. Will come here in the future for my FFL.---The other pawn shop I went to is only a block away. . Ive been there twice. Both times I waited for almost an hour, I wasnt able to leave with my firearm, and while waiting I looked around and everything in the shop was super overpriced. (Had bad experience a 2nd time too.)---Long story short: Private Pawn = good.BBB Pawn = not good.

Review №48

Ive been visiting this shop for years, good times and not so good times. They have always been fair with me. Honesty goes a long way with me, and they are that. So keep up the good work guys.

Review №49

The folks were knowledgeable, and professional. I felt comfortable and at ease the entire time I was there. Large selection of firearms for the store size. Will definitely return.

Review №50

I have used this Pawn shop to pawn a couple of items. The owners are great people and EXTREMELY fair. This is a TOTAL recommend if you need to pawn something. Yes, Ive been a real customer two times at this location and NOT a family member just giving a great review!

Review №51

Great place to complete gun transactions. Colton is very helpful and he knows the business. There pricing is always fair and the Staff are very polite and helpful.

Review №52

Clean cut professional staff! As a buyer of many Pawn Brokers, They know how to treat a buyer. Nice doing business with you.

Review №53

Great and knowledgeable staff and incredibly helpful. Has a great selection of hand tools and power tools for a great price.

Review №54

This guys had the best jewelry collection of any shop around and great customer service.

Review №55

The owners gave me a pretty good price on a new quality firearm. Took it to the range shortly after, and sure enough I saw the same weapon there but for about $50 more! and that was before tax! It was a nice experience here, much better than some of the other pawn shops (or even gun shops) Ive been to. And on a side note, the gun fired perfectly!

Review №56

Great guys. Very personal. Offered a fair price and took their time. Having worked in pawn shops I can honestly say they are a cut above the rest. Glad I went in to see them.

Review №57

These guys always take care of us! Hands down best pawn shop in the valley.

Review №58

Super helpful and nice prices..Thank you!

Review №59

Scott and his wife are the best pawnbrokers Ive had the pleasure of doing business with. And Ive visited quite a few pawnshops in my life. (mostly bad attitudes, unfair low loan amounts, and all around bad experiences!) Not at Pioneer Pawn! Ive done many FFL transfers here and theyve gone quickly and without a hitch. They will always give you a fair price as I believe they would rather have your repeat business, like a good business should be run. Most pawnshops just want to make a quick buck off of you, but not Pioneer. Guns, gold, and silver are always going to be the best things to pawn. Thanks again Scott for the many years of excellent treatment and fair prices! --Pete.

Review №60

These guys are awesome! Colton, Darren, Joe, all amazing guys 10/10 would buy from these guys again!

Review №61

Great customer service and willing to help at all cost. Excellent place.

Review №62

Best store to get stuff from! These guys are so helpful. If you get a chance swing in you wont be disappointed!!

Review №63

Thanks for hooking us up with a good deal on our ps4 slim and earrings for my wife.. good customer service

Review №64

Awesome folks working here. Made our purchase super easy and pleasant. Will definitely be back in the future!

Review №65

Stumbled upon this gem while waiting for my husband to get off of work and might I say the variety of things are better than most and they have amazing deals going on. Darren and Colton were very personable and down to earth. They make you feel like your service/buisness is welcomed and appreciated unlike other pawn shops. Ive ended up coming back a couple of times because of their customer service. All and all Ive never regretted a purchase from them and dont feel cheated like at other places when looking for a great deal. Genuine and honest guys. Thank you.

Review №66

Guys were very friendly and were honest when I sold my gold coins. Definitely will do business with them in the future.

Review №67

Friendly staff. Very easy to deal with! Helpful and friendly. Would definitely deal with them again.

Review №68

Very helpful and friendly! Best place in town for FFL transfers. I have used them 5-6+ times now. They are quick to help and call you immediately upon arrival. I will continue to use them and recommend you do too.

Review №69

Woohoo! As good as it gets!!!!It was the EASIEST, QUICKEST and SMOOTHEST of all the FFL tranfers I have had. It took longer to pickup a non tranfer purchase from an actual store than it did from Pioneer Pawn. They were extremely helpful, they even showed/explained to me how to disassemble for cleaning, and much more. Actually, another pew(×2) is on the way. My first visit was soooo fast, I didnt even get a chance to look around. I will next time though, in a few days. Thanks guys.

Review №70

Great selection of guns to teach youth on! Helpful and fast staff!

Review №71

Very pleased with their inventory and friendly staff.Great place!

Review №72

Great place very helpful thanks be a blessing this morning on the 15mm sockets

Review №73

Very helpful and friendly staff! Bought a gun and went quick and smooth!

Review №74

Outstanding experience! Guys really know what’s up here! 👍🏾👌🏾

Review №75

Everybody there is awesome and know their stuff and excellent prices

Review №76

Darren and colton have been the best they have helped me with both my firearm sales and both are very helpful racqel was also helpful and all 3 made my trips to this pawn shop very memorable..will definitely do business with them again in the future

Review №77

Great service and very friendly staff. Awesome gun variety. Will be back for sure!

Review №78

Excellent customer service and very professional and they also know a lot about there rifles and hand guns

Review №79

Had a great experience ! Everyones very friendly great deals ! Would most definitely come back again !

Review №80

Great and super friendly! I was buying a painter and they helped test it and everything before purchasing!

Review №81

Good price.Good people I’ll definitely buy here again.

Review №82

Great service and prices around town!

Review №83

Good shop with good price guns will be coming back again soon!

Review №84

Great deals great service everyone Friendly!!

Review №85

Great service, friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Review №86

Awesome pawn shop great experience .

Review №87

Great place for an assortment of used tools...

Review №88

The gentleman in the store were very kind and gracious and bought my rifle without any hassles. I would go to them again.

Review №89

Awesome place, great staff awesome selection of firearms.

Review №90

Great place very fair. Only place I go.

Review №91

Great experience, super nice guys to work with..

Review №92

Scott is a straight up guy! Excellent experience, Ill be back!

Review №93

Guys here are extremely helpful and and awesome business to work with

Review №94

Excellent costumer serviceThank you guys

Review №95

Great guys helpful.

Review №96

Have used this pawn shop for several FFL transfers. The owner is friendly and has fair prices.

Review №97

Very friendly. Great offers

Review №98

Ive used pioneer pawn for several FFL transfers, good people, i recomend them to anyone buying firearms online

Review №99

Easy to work with, willing to negotiate

Review №100

Attempted selling some items here but didnt seem like they wanted any of it. They gave very low offers so I took my gold and other items to another shop and got double the money that pioneer offered. I wouldnt go back even as a customer.

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  • In-store shopping:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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