Art Hill Mazda
957 E Lincoln Hwy, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States
Art Hill Mazda
Review №1

My experience started off great initially. Juan was attentive and friendly. We went in because after getting our rims painted by a previous Mazda dealer we noticed our car was shaking. That dealer said we could go to a Mazda dealer closer to home to see what the issue was and they would honor any bill. (Which that dealer did comply with) After taking it in on 02/22/21 to this location, Arthill Mazda, they discovered that when the rims were painted/coated the previous dealer forgot to put the wheel weights back on. I was surprised that this could’ve missed this. Apparently, this could’ve messed with the barrings since I had driven this for a few days like this. Anyway, the guy who serviced the car said this was a quick fix and should only take about 45 to put on. Juan walked me to the waiting area inside and after about 25 minutes that’s where things went bad. Juan called me to the back where my car was being serviced so that I could “witness” them taking the rims off manually, as opposed to using a impact gun and showed me major damage to my newly painted rims. I was in disbelief! I just had them painted black only a few days and I inspected each one. They were in perfect condition before going in to this place. They only showed me one rim and claimed there was only damage to one and that that was already there before he even worked on it. I knew that was a lie. My belief was that the service guy used the impact gun and damaged the paint on the rims. He only walked me to the back to cover up their LIE so that I could supposedly see them removing the wheel manually. Thinking back on it, while I was in the waiting area, Juan coincidentally asked me if I had warranty on the wheels I just got painted. Now, there’s no wonder why he asked that. When I asked to inspect them there was damage to multiple rims and all around the lug nuts. I confronted the service manager and service guy about this and they both stated that this damage was already there. I felt like I was in the movie Liar, Liar! I could not believe they did this and would not take accountability! There was nothing for me to prove they did this so I felt I had no choice but to leave. I did make sure that Juan knew I was leaving unsatisfied. Since then I’ve not been able to sleep knowing that this damage is still there and a dealership with such high standards would not accept fault and try to make it right. I did not report or make a complaint with Mazda, but I will soon. I would not recommend you take your valuable vehicles here. But if you do take pictures before and after getting you car serviced here.

Review №2

Check vehicle in this dealership and manager STANA help me out she is very helpful honest and professional and gave me time to decide explain the payment and interest really well. Store is clean and despite pandemic they have good stocks of cars. Highly recommend this place and will definitely buy here.

Review №3

Im revising my review and giving 5 stars to ownership for righting a wrong and clearing up confusion concerning refunding of my car deposit. Management reached out to me to inform me that my deposit was 100 percent refundable and promptly refunded my deposit. For this Im appreciative.

Review №4

Ask for Juan (the service manager) and allow the white glove service experience unfold - from his speaking points to his accommodative approach - his service touch is excellence personified! Kudos to Art Hill for their exemplary selection!

Review №5

Best car buying experience Ive ever had. No pressure. No irritating sales person(s). Easy going communication. Quick and thorough review of the documentation. 👍🏿

Review №6

So I didnt get my car here, but I began taking it in for service a few months ago when I had a bad experience back in Chicago. I absolutely love it here! I cant express that enough. My service advisor, Dave, has been more than amazing! He is so helpful and honest with what needs to be done. I never felt taken advantage of for one minute. Im moving south at the end of the year and I plan on getting every little thing done to my car here before I move because I trust these guys. I was a Honda person before my accident, and now I love my Mazda and the guys here make me want another one. I absolutely would recommend going here. Friendly, honest, and extremely knowledgeable.

Review №7

I got a car a month ago from this dealership, my calipers, brakes and rotors were bad when I got them . I texted the salesman a few days to a week later saying I heard a grinding noise . He said it was a wear and tear item so couldn’t be fixed with my warranty. A few weeks later, my car wouldn’t stop due to my calipers. I could’ve killed myself and everybody in the car . And comes to find out my warranty covers calipers . Don’t get a car from them, you will regret it!

Review №8

I called in inquiring about a Mazda CX-9 Carbon edition and was answered by a Sales Rep by the name of Billy Maio! He answered every question in full detail and more! Supplied me with GREAT CUSTOMER service and made sure I was aware of the fantastic vehicle I was inquiring about. When the time comes for me to get into my new Mazda it will for sure be with Billy! Thank you bud! I highly Recommend!

Review №9

Service department was nice, competent, and proactive (but not in a pushy way).

Review №10

Would never buy another car from their or get my car service their was lied to about my free oil changes

Review №11

Spent an entire Thursday going to different dealerships to get a car for my son. Over almost dealerships are very helpful and the salesman were pretty darn good. One problem with art Hill Mazda, plenty of salesman standing around but did not really want to show us anything. They did offer to unlock vehicle from inside the office. Which we took advantage of and did and love the CX-30. Who knows it might be a covid thing. Decided to go to Kennedy Mazda in Valparaiso perfect buying experience take the time to go there. Drove a beautiful CX-30 premium home. I bought a Lincoln in MKX at art Hill a couple years back it was all good then.

Review №12

List price for simple Part. This is why Amazon exists.Sadly I wanted the part Now. & they made sure I paid for it. Wonder why my last 2 Mazdas were purchased elsewhere.*Revised 1 star instead of 2.Noticed the LIST price I paid was higher than it shouldve been too. ):

Review №13

They always do a fantastic job, are very polite and welcoming, and explain everything theyre doing or found out.

Review №14

I would definitely return to this place thanks to the service and knowledge Quincey Johnson had to offer. When looking at vehicles he never made me feel pressured to purchase anything was honest about all information and really understood what our need in a truck was. Unfortunately we did not find what we were looking for but the experience was great and I came out with a better understanding of what to look for when purchasing a new vehicle. Definitely would recommend him to anyone looking to even explore the inventory and getting more information on purchasing a vehicle.

Review №15

Busy dealership. Expensive like all of them.

Review №16

The female manager said hi and demanded my license as soon as I walked in to look at a vehicle. I had to ask for it back, it was a Monday morning.There you go.

Review №17

Quick, easy deal buying a car. Impressed

Review №18

Juan Shaw in Mazda service is the best! He is curteous and friendly,. He gets you in and out of there so you can go about your day with a huge smile on his face! On Saturday! Thank you for the second time using Art Hill Mazda service Juan!

Review №19

Stefan was very helpful & professional! He got right to the point & made the process enjoyable! Thanks again!

Review №20

Stefan did a wonderful job getting my sister in a vehicle. No high pressure worked it into her budget. I would highly recommend buying a vehicle from Stefan.

Review №21

Love the work performed on my Mazda whenever I take it there.

Review №22

Great experience. Just great. Smooth and comfortable process from my trade in to pulling off the lot in a new car. I noticed a series attention to detail in absolutely everything I was told and what they physically did to prepare the car. There was a premium on honesty and transparency rather than pushy and up selling that I’ve experienced in past car purchases.

Review №23

Stana and Thomas were great! I love my new Mazda 5!

Review №24

Helpful sales person good inventory

Review №25

It was a wonderful place to purchase a car. The Salesforce was friendly, patient, very knowledgeable, and treated me with respect. Bryce was my salesman and I would give him an excellent rating!! He listened to what I wanted and never put any pressure on me to purchase a car. Tony, the General Manager, went out of his way to ensure I understood all aspects of the process and thoroughly reviewed my options. I found the dealership operating as a family who cares about those they help. I would not hesitate to make them my Number 1 dealership.

Review №26

Nice trendy design buildings.They gave the best trade in for our car, and the truck we got is a good deal too.

Review №27

Great place to buy a new car! Quincy greeted me at the door with a smile and excellent customer service to follow. Both Quincy and Juan were great to work with and made my car buying experience relaxed and joyful. Strongly recommend this dealership.

Review №28

The experience is always great. It was very nice that they had refreshments while I wait for my maintenance vehicle inspection to be completed. The punctual of my vehicle inspection ran very smooth. The service at mazda is always awesome. Mazda value customer for 4yrs now. Thank you Mazda!

Review №29

My old car had been totaled due to being rear ended, so while i was on my search for a new car i came across the CX-5 and fell in love! Thankfully i was able to get the exact one i wanted. I thought i’d stick with mazda for quite sometime after the experience i had. However that shortly went wrong first bad experience i had was getting a free detail since the day i got my car they didn’t have time to do it. I scheduled it and brought it in they called me not even 15-30 minutes after dropping it off, right away i knew it wasn’t going to be good cause no good quality car detail takes that short of a time. When i received my car back they didn’t even do anything to it beside wash the outside and vacuum! there where marks all over my dash and i had some on my doors my windows had fingerprints still on them. Even my whole middle console was still covered in my dog hair! I had called to tell them how upset i was about the situation and said they’d schedule a new date for me to get it detailed and never got in touch with me to schedule it! Then i went to go and get an oil change from them. The morning i took it in everything with my car was completely fine. After getting my car back after they had worked on it i was driving and noticed my car didn’t sound right. It sounded like thumping noise and it matched the speed of my car immediately i called my fiancé to tell him about it and he told me to call the dealership. After hanging up immediately i called the dealership and told them what was going on and how i unfortunately couldn’t bring it back in until later that day or first thing tomorrow morning. Juan said that was perfectly fine. I went looking more into the sound and to my surprise found an oil drain plug lodged in my right front tire! It was sticking out of my tire like crazy! So i took it in right away after finding it! Told them what i found and they told me that i have to pay to get the tire either fixed or replaced?! uhm what!! why am i paying for a mistake that clearly your dealership made? extremely unhappy with ALL services i’ve ever received from this location except for Quincy helping me with the sale of my car...he’s amazing! Due to this i will definitely be calling their corporate number and filing a claim i WILL not be buying my car out and do not recommend them! Find a mazda at a different dealership!

Review №30

Worst dealership experience. Fantastic when I leased the car 3 years ago, the worst when it comes to trying to get a new lease or returning the old one. Everyone I know who leases cars said dealerships will work with you months before a lease is up because they want to get you into a new car. Well not this dealership, I don’t think I could of walked in with cash for a new vehicle and been able to get one. Not even the GM wanted to make a deal with us on a car. They wanted me to use my ‘rebate’ from a new car to pay off my existing. I guess maybe people do this, but not this idiot. Then I called 2 different times to ask the process of lease return and whether I need an appointment, they said to just come in and drop it off. Different tune when I dropped it off last night, they tried to tell me that the person who accepts leases wasn’t in and I had to come back. Neither phone call previous said there was a timeframe for drop offs. Never again Art Hill Mazda, you can get some other person to pay full price for a car and use their rebates to pay off cars they don’t drive anymore.

Review №31

Such a refreshing experience from my purchase to my dealings with the service department! They definitely care about their customers and go the extra mile! Cant imagine choosing any where else after experiencing the top notch care and service here!

Review №32

Their sincere kindness is everything. Great group of people to do business with.

Review №33

The salesman and manager were very knowledgeable, professional, patient, and kind. I bought a CX 5, and I’m in love with it. They made me feel comfortable and worked with me to have a reasonable car note. Maza’s services were definitely appreciated.

Review №34

Parts is slow

Review №35

Absolutely love this place. Richie is solid and outstanding. Very patient, tells you everything thats happening and will happen. Never once did I feel pressured or that he was BSing us. Everyone was really great, no complaints at all. We will continue to do business with them over our other dealer weve dealt with in the past. Honestly they sold us on their honesty and great customer service skills!

Review №36

Juan and Lucky at Art Hill Mazda are without a doubt the best individuals that Ive had the pleasure of working with in all the times Ive been shopping for a vehicle. I would highly recommend working with these individuals should you need to purchase a vehicle because they will try their absolute hardest to give you the best price possible that you are comfortable with.

Review №37

We couldnt be happier with our recent purchase of a new 2019 Mazda CX-5, which is a beautiful, luxurious vehicle.  Bryce Loring was our Sales Rep and is the most patient, polite person that weve ever dealt with. We had an issue with the CX-5 and with the help of both Tony Preston (who by the way went far above and beyond our expectations as a Genl Mgr to resolve our issue and to make sure that we were happy and satisfied with our purchase) and Bryce, we would definitely purchase our next vehicle at this dealership and would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a vehicle!  We were really impressed that they cared enough to make sure that we were happy and did what was necessary to make that happen.  Thanks so much!  Jim & Sue.

Review №38

This post has to do with service and not sales.From the start of getting my CX-5 serviced here. (Not Purchased at Art Hill Mazda) Communication has been an issue. They very rarely return messages that are left on VM.The last set of issues made me start going to Kennedy Mazda, where I receive much better service, clear and quick communication and my VMs are returned in a timely manner.During the last oil change I had at Art Hill Mazda(AHM) I was told that my timing chain cover was leaking and I would need to get this fixed in the next couple of visits and would cost $1200-1500. I called before my next oil change and left a VM wanting to talk about the 3rd party warranty and to see if it would cover the cost of fixing the leak. I waited 4-5 days and called again and finally got Juan Shaw. Told him what I was told at my last service. Juan said that there was nothing noted but would look for the leak at the next oil change. I let him know that I had a 3rd party warranty and emailed him the information as requested. He confirmed that he received it and would look into it. The next day I received a phone call from AHM returning my call. Five days later, REALLY! After this, I could not get an answer from Juan. When I would call they told me he wasnt there or he is with someone and we will have Juan call you back. A week or two went by, being upset I called the GM of AHM, Tony Preston, told him about my experience and everything noted above. Tony asked if I would be able to take a call in 5-10 minutes as he was going to tell the service team what was going on and have them call me. 5-10 minutes later someone from service gave me a call and asked how he could help. He had not clue why he was calling me, Tony didnt take the time to tell them about my issues, as he said he would. It was at this point I told the service person, if the GM cant care enough to tell them my pain point like he said he would, Tony just proved that they do not care about their clients. Then let him know I would no longer be coming to AHM to service my SUV. Even after telling the service person this they seemed to care less and there has been zero followup from anyone at AHM.

Review №39

I had been speaking with a salesman regarding a vehicle I was going to purchase. I had to wait for my loan docs to come in. The day I was going to buy the vehicle I had been in contact with him via text. I got to the dealership only to be told “bad news. It just sold.” You mean to tell me you never once thought to mention there was someone there interested, please hurry? Or how about the text I had sent 10 minutes prior saying I’m down the street, be there in 10 minutes. Didn’t think to mention the car had sold? Bait and switch. I will never consider buying from here again.

Review №40

Always helpful in the service and parts department, best dealership experience Ive seen.

Review №41

Went to Art Hill for back breaks.The job was complete with in an hour. Great job. Courteous people to work with.Thank you

Review №42

Very polite people not no hassle hassle free good salesman and staff

Review №43

Quick and reasonable price repairs

Review №44

Thomas the saleman is awesome. Very chill and helpful. Attentive and seems pretty genuine.

Review №45

Terrible experience all around. The experience began with a rude sales manager and ended when I walked in to the dealership and waited ten minutes before being helped. I actually had to go find a salesperson, because the two that were working the floor were outside talking to each other, not even on the floor. It baffles me that reviews are so high for this place and I question whether they are real reviews.

Review №46

Excellent service, excellent mechanics and service personnel.Friendly and efficient, reasonable prices!😁

Review №47

Art hill mazda is a awesome dealership that wont pressure you to purchase any car but will let you test drive any car.

Review №48

Be mindful when you drop your vehicle off for service panels may not be put in place and had to ask to get a courtesy wash,u can only guess where else we can go with this type of service,All customers are same no matter,below average service barely deserving of one star for charity,needs improvement for good customer service,very unsatisfied.

Review №49

Not bad for a dealership...good customer service.

Review №50

Friendly and oil change for mazada 6 wad $53 which is normal for synthetic. Quick and friendly. I will be back.

Review №51

Bryce is highly professional and a pleasure to consult with regarding the vehicles he sells.

Review №52

I recently purchased a Mazda CX-5 from this dealership! It was a pleasant experience and they worked with me to make an easy transaction 😊 ask for Frazier

Review №53

Always great service and always happy to help with questions

Review №54

Very honest service department

Review №55

Service department while very friendly was unorganized. Was told 2 days to have car fixed. Then received a call saying the part was coming from California and wont be here until the next Wednesday or Thursday. Car has been there for a week now and still not fixed.

Review №56

Exceptional customer service...and good deals.

Review №57

Super place to buy a car

Review №58

If I could I would rate this place and service with a -1! We were out of state buyers for a used car and were told that the lic fee was for our license plate! After 45 days, no plates and only title info arrived! Contacted dealership three time and got no response! Then husband were told by the sale rep that the 75 dollar fee is for Indiana temporary plates and not our state license plate! We felt lied too and cheated! Indiana BMV list temporary plate at $18.00! My advice for out of state buyers, don’t waste your money with dealership bc once they got your money they come up with a lot of excuses!

Review №59

Drove thru the parking lot in route to Art Hill Lincoln to check on my Lincoln Navigator

Review №60

2nd car purchase here, even though it was a cash transaction be prepared to wait...and wait.

Review №61

Wouldn’t let me test drive because I was 16.

Review №62

Great dealer

Review №63

Have to like Mazda.

Review №64

Great !!

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