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Eastside Auto Body

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I took two of my vehicles there to have the rust taking care of that was on my cars. Scheduling was painless. I am happy with the results! I would totally recommend Eastside Auto Body for your auto body needs. Thanks Eastside Auto Body for your help.

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I have a 1971 vega. putting a 350 in it. body in excellent shape.engine compartment and underside was pristine! showed him both. the body was had light surface rust in places. the owner, Luis looked the car over. he told me what a great job he could do. i fell for it. agreed on $2500.00 and i bought the primer and paint. then i asked for a contract. he said he didnt do contracts. because then he would have to use a lawyer. i told him i wouldnt do it without one. then he wrote one up. when the job was done i was told he wanted $500.00 more. one month later there was rust bubbling under the paint. i asked him to come and look at it. he did not seem to care. i told him i would have to take this to court. and he said, ill take my chances. thats why i have a lawyer. how long did it sit as bare metal before it was primed? he told me because it was an old car. also the engine compartment and underside werent taped off when primed and there was overspray on everything. he said he would repaint them. and only did the engine compartment. found the underside not done when i got on a lift. also my windshield was painted on the inside when they tried to paint my dash. and my dash still had places that didnt get paint. there were places on the inside that were to be painted black. it looked like they painted over oil spots. there was no attempt to fix them. later had another painter look at the car and i was told no sanding blocks were ever used. he could tell by the swirl marks and scratches left by a DA sander he could see through the paint. he presented himself as a great auto body man and painter. looking at my vega says nothing was done right at all. see you in court.

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