Bath & Body Works
3500 McCann Rd, Longview, TX 75605, United States
Bath & Body Works
Review β„–1

My favorite scent Sweater Weather is now in my car to enjoy. But not what I consider cheap. $7.50 for the little thingy in which to insert the scent discs and $9 for three scent discs. But heavenly aroma for driving down the road!!! And hopefully lasts for several months. Yes I think worth the price!! As the saying goes, Im worth it. 😁

Review β„–2

The lady that greeted me as I walked in was great but no one else spoke the rest of my visit there. The cashier was cold and didnt ask if I needed any help. I wouldve spent more but I didnt like the lack of customer service so I only got what I went for and left... Employees need to be more mindful of their customers, regardless of their dress. I was busted that say and I guess they thought I wasnt going to spend much. The poor work ethic lost this location $100 worth of purchases🀷 Hire more professional ppl

Review β„–3

What can I say! This is Bath & Body Works who own the title of the place where everything is always on sale yet you seem to end up spending all of your money by the time you check out. At least anything you have on you. Bath & Body Works makes everything sound so cheap yet if you really do the research they are very expensive. I still love this place though and I will be a loyal customer until the deals stop.

Review β„–4

Always a good stop. Very nice sales people. And something new every time I go.. Love those 50% sales

Review β„–5

Rhonda was very informative and helpful as were the rest of the employees. The store was clean and easy in which to move around. Product selection is abundant and the entire establishment smelled great. If this review was helpful, please like it.

Review β„–6

Who doesnt love this place... Something for everyone

Review β„–7

Big variety of candles and bath bombs!Friendly staffGood atmosphereHighly recommend it

Review β„–8

This store has expanded. Its larger than the average store. I had no problem finding the items I needed.

Review β„–9

Always LOVE the fragrances and wind up spending way too much

Review β„–10

Great staff. I wasnt sure what to get my wife, but the folks here were awesome, and with their help I was able to get some really nice things and she loved them. Thanks yall.

Review β„–11

I just love this store. Went there tonight got 10 body sprays two hand soaps and three candles and with the sale they have right now I spent less than $90.

Review β„–12

The store manager (Wilma) is one of the best people! Shes very helpful and does everything she can to help you have the best experience possible!

Review β„–13

Very friendly team, very clean and always have what I want

Review β„–14

It was ok. Was very crowded. The was quite a few employees working the floor. They were helpful, but not overly friendly. Cashiers were the most friendly and engaging. Merchandise was plentiful and well faced. Maybe a bit too much, was a bit difficult to navigate your way through the store.

Review β„–15

I always have great service when I go to Bath and Body Works in Longview. The only misinformation was googling the time the store opened and getting to the mall only to realize they werent open and waiting an hour. I dont know if it was still holiday hours or miscommunication. Other than that very pleased ☺️

Review β„–16

The help here really know about their products and if/when youre looking for something they are always there to help.

Review β„–17

Went in around lunch time. Kept smelling popcorn, I assumed I was just hungry. Plenty of sells and deals to go broke on, the wife enjoyed putting multiple items together to ensure the better deals. I felt like I paid full price but Im not the bargain shopper. Turns out it was the pumpkin waffle scented candle they had that smells like popcorn. 10/10 would recommend.

Review β„–18

Most pleasant experience. Great service!

Review β„–19

Awesome!!!... And a amazing customer service!!

Review β„–20

Employees are super friendly and helpful here and they always have what I need! Thank you!

Review β„–21

Very polite and friendly

Review β„–22

The best candles and wall flowers

Review β„–23

Went into this location on November 16 and not one sales associate offered to help us until we were getting ready to walk out. Then when they did offer to the sales associate was rude when I asked about a certain candle.

Review β„–24

Walking to the store is like waiting for my birthday, every employee knows what there doing and ALWAYS makes great suggestions! I always go to the semi annual sale, and they have amazing prices for amazing products. My collection can continue to grow for low prices and great products!

Review β„–25

Great staff helped me find the perfect scent for a gift

Review β„–26

To small of a store to be able to shop with my grand daughter in her stroller.

Review β„–27

Sweetest, helpful customer service. Smells so good with so many seasonal selections set up on lovely displays.

Review β„–28

Love it the workers helped me search for everything I needed

Review β„–29

Excellent help and sales people knew their products.

Review β„–30

Great sales. Lots of merch.

Review β„–31

They have the most awesome sales I was there the other day with my mother and we had a fragrance blast ❀️❀️❀️

Review β„–32

So love all the beautiful scents, even the handsome manly ones. Welcoming, kind staff who truly enjoy helping customers find exactly what theyre looking for. Good prices, and our girls I love them lots!

Review β„–33

I love coming here. The people here are nice. I love buying their deep cleaning hand soaps, and hand sanitizers. Their product always smells amazing. I highly recommend coming to visit here, when theres like a big sales and/or discounts deal going on.

Review β„–34

Always a great customer service.

Review β„–35

If you dont have a physical coupon theres always one online.

Review β„–36

Really enjoyed the latest visit to Longview Mall Location of Bath and Body Works! Many new fragrances & Products. Stocked up on the Delightful Lavender/Vanilla Pillow Mist, for Bed Sheets. Truly a Relaxing and Lightly Scented spray for refreshing your bed each night before going to sleep. Just a habit to Pull back covers and Spray all members beds in our home. Staff was as usual, very Friendly. Definitely tell all to Make this Great Jewel of Store on list of places to Visit!

Review β„–37

This store is great because they have lots to choose from and they set out samples for you to try the product. They have great sales especially at Christmas time. Make sure you sign up to receive their emails because they usually contain very good coupons and offers.

Review β„–38

If youre lucky youll stumble in on a sale, which is what I did! Always a good idea to check it out because often theyll have sales of up to 75% of things like lotions, body wash, and body spray/perfume! Really nice stuff for gifts, and the staff are always quick to help!

Review β„–39

Normally I love this store and always have pleasant experiences with the staff but not tonight. To be fair it is the day after Black Friday so maybe everyone was tired and stressed. I witnessed what I believe to be a manager trying to teach an employee on how to do her job better. He was rude and condescending and was annoyed that I was trying to shop around his training session. Also a customer accidentally spilled a drink and he was snapping at another employee about it. One employee seemed beyond put out with the spill. This crew seems to dislike one another. It wasnt the usual friendly staff Im used to seeing. The animosity between this staff was so unbearable that I couldnt wait to get out of there. The only nice employee was standing near a tote bag when you first enter. She was happy to promote the $30 bag. Ill be glad when this holiday crew leaves so I can go back to one of my favorite stores!

Review β„–40

The lady when I entered the store was very friendly and new everything in the store on sale and reminded me the soaps were on sale with my email. Everything was very well stocked and not a long wait in line. The thing that I really liked was they replaced the net bags they usually have with hand baskets. So much better.

Review β„–41

The place smells good

Review β„–42

Best store in the whole wide world

Review β„–43

Always love to visit store. Lotions are excellent and staff are very helpful.

Review β„–44

Love, love, love it !

Review β„–45

Love the help i always get while shopping here

Review β„–46

It was very nice and organized in the store. Very friendly staff, great choice of products and an all around pleasant shopping experience at a place I normally wouldnt care to be at being usually. (Being man and all)

Review β„–47

Looooove their candles,hand sanitizer,perfume,body cream,lotion etc. but I did wish they had more in stock of the Christmas cookies perfume. I love this store. Definitely go here. Best recommendation

Review β„–48

Walmart its where I always find the best stuff

Review β„–49

Love the hand sanitizers

Review β„–50

This place has everything you need to keep you skin soft clean and fresh, Love this placeπŸ€—

Review β„–51

My daughters love the deals and catching the sales theres always sales going on and smells are fantastic.

Review β„–52

I love this place. The scents are always delightful and daring. Keep increasing the scents and I will keep coming

Review β„–53

I love shopping here, the best deals when they run a sale, along with the best fragrances. I buy my lotions and body wash here.

Review β„–54

Jeramy makes sure that you and your family are taken care of.

Review β„–55

Store really packed today with Christmas shoppers, but staff on the floor was staying friendly and helpful to everyone. Clerks at the registers were knowledgeable of the specials and helped us decide how different items needed to be done to get the best prices.

Review β„–56

This place has good gift ideas if your S.O. is hard to shop for. Try the black cherry merlot or cactus blossom scented stuff. Cant go wrong

Review β„–57

Always exceptional customer service. Love it that Halloween products were getting put out today. πŸ˜€

Review β„–58

I absolutely adore this place. There is so many scents that you can try before you buy its fabulous.

Review β„–59

I love so many of their products but this trip was about the guys in my life. I was able to pair up coupons that were mailed together & an in store promotion to get 7 mens items. 3 for free.

Review β„–60

Girls are always friendly n make sure Im taken care of.

Review β„–61

I just Love❀ this store so much all the fresh, fruity, romantic breathtaking scents and you cant beat that you get to try on any fragrance for first time if you likeπŸ˜€. Not to mention they even sell fragrances for your home🏑. The employees are always happy😊 and welcoming you with a friendly smile πŸ˜€I love that they always seem to know their products and can provide you great information on how to receive the best deals.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ‰

Review β„–62

Great service

Review β„–63

Great sales! Super great products! Super great sweet staff!

Review β„–64

The only place that Ill buy my shower gel & lotion is here love this place

Review β„–65

The store manager is very rude and her priorities are not where they should be,When I entered the store I was not greeted by a single employee. I assume it was because of what I was wearing, but that shouldn’t matter.I will continue to shop here but I will no longer ask for help from anyone employed at this location. By far the most rude service and management I’ve ever experienced.

Review β„–66

Had everything I needed, only place I buy car air fresheners

Review β„–67

The store is great. Stocked well and clean. The staff is helpful and friendly. Except maybe a little too friendly..... in the 15 minutes I was shopping I was badgered 5 times by the same girl over & over. Constantly trying to up-sell me. Then two other women asked me 3 times each. In 15 minutes most of my shopping experience was being annoyed to the point I had to raise my voice to make an employee stop trying to put lotion on me. The store isnt big enough to need 6 people just walking around and not remembering that they JUST asked someone if theyre okay, sample this lotion, let me spray you with this, here smell this candle, and repeat 10 more times.

Review β„–68

This place has a crazy huge selection! Every one of the associates there is ready to help! The product is well priced for what you get. A huge selection for Christmas.

Review β„–69

Great smell goods. Candles are my favorite

Review β„–70

Really expensive but the stuff is nice. If you stock up and take advantage of the buy 3 get 3 or whatever deal you fair way better. You could even go in half with a friend and each of you get three.

Review β„–71

One of my favorite stores. Staff is always helpful and friendly.

Review β„–72

Bath and body works has everything you could want to not only make your house smell great but yourself also πŸ˜‰

Review β„–73

Mysic to loud hard to hear the cashier. Got pump soaps, I love them. And new smells awesome.

Review β„–74

I love shopping there when I can. I try to visit ever 3 to 4 month. Money is tight but Iove The Japanese Cherry Blossom the best

Review β„–75

Because you can get good stuff they and it smell good

Review β„–76

Store too small.

Review β„–77


Review β„–78

Lot of Beautiful smells

Review β„–79

Love going to bath and body works always smells amazing in there.

Review β„–80

Lots of product. Great scents. Good pricing.

Review β„–81

Too many flashy lights on the holidays for a photosensitive epileptic, but other than that, great products and employees!

Review β„–82

OMG so amazing I love all the smells 😍❀️

Review β„–83

The smells of the various products in the store are amazing.

Review β„–84

There’s always nice workers here, and I love their huge selection of lotions, body wash, and sprays. And I definitely love their semi annual sales !

Review β„–85

Great customer service!

Review β„–86

They are an awesome place...they have a little bit of everything thing and always have good deals!

Review β„–87

Nice store. Helpful people. Nice scents

Review β„–88

I Love everything I buy your store.

Review β„–89

Smelled good.

Review β„–90

Gave it 4 stars because my wife loves the place myself I cant breath in the store lol

Review β„–91

They have some good smelling stuff in there

Review β„–92

The smell are awesome. The staff are really nice.

Review β„–93

Wilma was our sales associate and she provided excellent customer service. Found something for both myself and my husband.

Review β„–94

Lots of good sales. My girls love the half price days.

Review β„–95

Had what my wife wanted...was able to get in and out quickly

Review β„–96

Who doesnt like this place?

Review β„–97

Love this place and the staff is so helpful.

Review β„–98

Always has the best sales.

Review β„–99

Wilma was very helpful! Great service.

Review β„–100

Love the products & all the coupons you get when registered with them.

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