ACME Markets
6800 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA 19057, United States
ACME Markets
Review №1

Nice store. Huge selections. Well stocked. Clean and nice staff. 5 stars.

Review №2

Clean store! Very friendly cashiers! And everyone was willing to help if i needed it!

Review №3

Excellent customer service. I had 3 different people help with finding an item. Then giving information to make it easier to know when it comes back in stock. The only store to do this. Awesome!!!

Review №4

Not a very good produce dept. Deli is understaffed. For the most part pretty clean and well stocked. Isles are a bit small, but its an older store. Just try to go on off hours. Open till 10pm I think. Dont know how pharmacy is. Nice flowers. Lots of

Review №5

Went to get my Flu Shot no appt was nessary filled out form and in 15 was in and out with a coupon for 10% on my purchase

Review №6

Acme always has what you need, and it’s literally been there my whole life!!

Review №7

As a person who is disabled it was difficult to find things. They have dedicated the center aisles for liquor. Did not have the strength to go past it to dairy on the other side of the store. The produce used to be fresh. Only a few bags of celery all wilted. Produce scattered. Had not been there since the pandemic started. It was clean and did have 3 check out lanes.

Review №8

As ALL acmes good selection especially in produce...but not many lines open so self check out was only option

Review №9

Always love Acme. Prefer spending money at a business owned this way.

Review №10

I love shopping a Acme. Its always clean, the foods always fresh, the bakery always a huge yummy selection. Sales are great, foods I actually buy usually have sales.

Review №11

Good place to shop employees very helpful good deals Great Deli also

Review №12

The bakery is always fresh along with the hot food. The best part is you can pick up your groceries, beer and wine in one location.

Review №13

Prices are a little too high the Isles need to be wider employees are very considerate and thoughtful

Review №14

Any Acme I go to has been good.

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Review №16

Its a grocery store. What can be said, no complaints nor compliment. Little more pricey than some; but trade cost for selection & freshness.

Review №17

I like the place, although my husband would not think so. We had a problem with doordash. They fixed the problem after about an hour. My husband was fuming. Also, I like that the cashiers at Acme, know their job, and are not whiney kiddies, like some Ive seen.

Review №18

The store is always clean very polite and fast service

Review №19

Excellent experience, very well stocked store.

Review №20

A little pricey not the best for physical eye appeal but the staff are fantastic

Review №21

Pretty close to my house and so far so good. Good sales!

Review №22

Love everything about this store EXCEPT their produce section. Constantly have to return things because of moldy or rotten fruit and vegetables

Review №23

Super friendly associates in a very clean store

Review №24

I love doing my shopping here. Especially in a pinch

Review №25

They never have some things. I need

Review №26

Id look elsewhere. The prices are usually above average, the layout and locations of all the items doesnt seem to make logical sense. The self checkout is a disaster. God forbid you have enough items to fill more than 3 bags. Youre going to double your checkout time while the machine yells at you for removing bags which there is no room for.

Review №27

Had everything I needed the other supermarkets in the area didnt

Review №28

Fresh meats and seafood. Friendly staff.

Review №29

Great store clean and have everything I needed

Review №30

It has been a while since I have been in here, due to previous issues with expired food. But I will say, store in stock was great. Clean and organized. Very nice cashier at the register.

Review №31

Too expensive!!I cant afford to buy meat in acme

Review №32

Good deals but I feel like they serve more alcohol then food now

Review №33

The first time I visited the girl who was at self checkout was grumpy I thought why let this bother you. Today April 13th I went back. Sooo glad cashier Brett so wonderfully funny, fast and friendly. This is what I remember people where like long ago. Joe the manager is real nice too. We will shop there

Review №34

I adore the early evening staff, Marie, Dave, Chris, Alec (*), the Deli peeps and the young man who steams shrimp to perfection...I definitely shop b/w Acme and Shoprite for fresh proteins because both employ Butchers, both compete with quality, sales and selection but I always come to Acme for coffee, salsa, fresh chips and organic snack food. I cook from scratch almost daily so the chances are very good in finding a Managers Special and a $$Deal.All staff are smart, friendly and helpful.The Sassy Saucier

Review №35

Not crowded. Social distancing observed. Masks. Pharmacy staff great.I approve of this Acme.

Review №36

Good place go get food

Review №37

Fast clean and good prices.

Review №38

Shopping is so easy know because of the nice people that work there!!!!!!!

Review №39

I have been shopping at this Acme for years now. Yes, sometimes they are under staffed but what company isn’t these days. Today and many other days but especially today- the team went above and beyond my expectations! Thank you for your high customer service expectations!

Review №40

Very convenient prices are good staff is very friendly and helpful been shopping there off and on for years keep it up

Review №41

Have been customer for over 20 years great place to shop helpful friendly...

Review №42

Saved 9.99 on essential items without the need for a rewards card. Total was 14.04. Im grateful that a near by super market has such great prices

Review №43

This Acme has really gotten better over the years. Lots of fresh produce, the store is more organized (in a user friendly set up) than before and the sales cant be beat.

Review №44

Great place the employees are so great and helpful i never had a bad experience at this store

Review №45

Went for a birthday cake and there wasnt a soul working in the bakery

Review №46

Well stocked and staff is truly the best! Esp the one night manager that is usually at the self check out, he is the best!

Review №47

Clean store, had what I wanted.

Review №48

They repositioned their products and now have alcohol for sale. Isles are wide enough to pass customers. Beef and pork deals,fresh vegetables, seafood and hot n ready to go.

Review №49

Smells funny, always has but super friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Review №50

Not bad. I love the options.

Review №51

More pricey then a lot of surrounding grocery stores, but they have the best quality meat in my opinion so we prefer shopping here for all meat and poultry, and dont mind paying a little more. The store is always stocked and you NEVER have to wait on lengthy lines. Super tidy and clean as well and there is always someone close by on the floor to help you find something, and they actually know where the items are 😆 which isnt always the case at grocery stores and other chains like WALMART haha.

Review №52

Prices are more expensive. I prefer Aldi for groceries. Acme has better meat selection.

Review №53

First time in that store in years. A little messy compared to the Bensalem ACME.

Review №54

I like acme market at 5 points they are clean. But shoprite is my go to market they are cheaper .

Review №55

Dont normally go here. Ran in for a couple of things. I was in and out quick. Seemed like they followed covid guidelines. No complaints

Review №56

The workers were very nice and courtesy. Helpful I normally shop at giants in levittown and bensalem. I like the daily sale of the 8pcs of chicken

Review №57

Store & staff were Awesome 😊

Review №58

I went very early in the morning so the store was pretty empty. The cashier was a fun guy who made jokes with me and my Dad. Clean store, sells beer and spirits. Must have ID to purchase beer or spirits though.

Review №59

Like they still have the meat deal of 4 for 20.00 and the other meat deal too

Review №60

Properly hygiene maintained and well organized place.

Review №61

I am so happy they remodeled this store. It was one of the last ones in the area to see an investment and this one needed it badly. It is an absolute pleasure now to shop here as it seems more premium instead of on the verge of closing. The aisles are nice and wide now and I am sure the employees appreciate the new stuff. I will say there are usually empty spots for sale items which is frustrating especially on the weekends in the morning when you expect the store to be full. There is also issues with less than what I believe should be a minimum amount of staff. The one morning the was 1 register open and all 4 self checkouts were closed. Not convenient for someone grabbing a couple of items. The only other issue is the parking lot leaves a lot to be desired but there isnt much that can be done about that.

Review №62

Always stocked with products. Would have giving 5 stars... When you finally know where all your stuff is located they move the entire store around and youre back to square one.

Review №63

Love the fact I can bank while I food shop.

Review №64

Expensive.. you thought they were deals till you spend your whole paycheck

Review №65

This store doesnt allow too many people due to COVID. Their pharmacy gives out flu and pneumonia shots. The people who work here are very helpful and pleasant.

Review №66

Best store brand ice cream... Cookie dough

Review №67

Acme has the best Bakery their donuts are amazing I tried one once about three months ago and I was so surprised how good it was. So thats where I go from now on to get my Donuts

Review №68

I love that they are renovating and making the store very nice. Close by and never really packed. I can get in and out easily. They use Instacart for delivery and pickup...the people who do the Instacart are great! I prefer Acme over Giant and Shoprite. Acme has a lot of things the other grocery stores dont carry or have in stock.

Review №69

Store was presentable, clean and in order. We were able to find everything we needed and had a quick checkout, plenty of cashiers.

Review №70

Good sales

Review №71

The cashier just stood there and didnt even offer to help packing the groceries.

Review №72

Good fresh food and I love their fried Chicken and nice and clean in the store.

Review №73

Good and. Lean, friendly

Review №74

Great customer service in all the departments.

Review №75

Love it.

Review №76

Bought 100.00 worth of crab legs and we all got sick. Called to tell manager and his response was oh ok.. I worked at a near by store for over 15 years. We woukd offered something. I will never stop there again...

Review №77

Got some Halloween candy for work, it was on sale, so I was satisfied...1st time in this Acme location.

Review №78

Excellent grocery store very clean and organized.

Review №79

Always buy sale items quickly as it will always be gone before the sale ends

Review №80

I buy all my crab legs an shrimp to cook from here. Great food store to shop in

Review №81

Joe knows how to really run a good store!

Review №82

Great staff...and alright prices 👍...

Review №83

They had a great stock of fruit

Review №84

Very organized.Quick check out.

Review №85

Bar b q potato sticks .....not chipsPlease restock this it one of me favorite snacks

Review №86

Its a great store, nice people, conveniently located, and the shelves are fully stocked during the lockdown ! Plus always great prices! I use this store frequently!

Review №87

Found all the items I was looking for, clean, well stocked store.

Review №88

Been going to acme for many years but they are still clinging to the mask requirement, so for now at least I will go to giant instead

Review №89

Newly remodeled very clean and organized

Review №90

Good service

Review №91

I like this location for acme. They always have what i need and some stuff is good cause its on sale. Everything is easy to find if you know the lay out of the isles. They self checkout is the quickest way out to purchase stuff. The isles are wide enough so you dont have to dodge carts. The parking lot is a pain tho cause of too many things in the way like cart racks and tight spots.

Review №92

Ive been shopping at this place since I was a kid havent been here in a couple years but its gone completely downhill its a mess other than the cosmetic issues its fine. It supports Google pay

Review №93

Great job at keeping things stocked with the incoming snow storm. Found everything I was looking for and on sale! 👍

Review №94

Staff were very friendly and helpful.

Review №95

Shelves are way better stocked then Giant & they have an excellent seafood dept.

Review №96

I like that they finally sell wine and beer along with a good selection of the foods we use. Im not crazy about the aisle arrangement, or their producesection, but other than that I like shopping there.

Review №97

I like Acme, good 2 for 1 delays on meat. Store is in process of being refurbished. Cant wait to see the new place

Review №98

Always very nice workers.. I go there for a lot of sales.. great meat deals.

Review №99

Loved it!

Review №100

Had what I needed

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  • Address:6800 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA 19057, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 215-946-1840
  • Grocery store
  • Grocery delivery service
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–11PM
  • Thursday:7AM–11PM
  • Friday:7AM–11PM
  • Saturday:7AM–10PM
  • Sunday:7AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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