Sheffield Motors Inc
8303 Sheridan Rd, Kenosha, WI 53143, United States
Sheffield Motors Inc
Review β„–1

I purchased a 2014 Chevy Cruz June 2021. The vehicle had good mileage, one owner, extremely clean inside and out for a very reasonable price. I had no problem test driving the vehicle on my own without being harassed to purchase the car. There were no added fees and the service was very friendly. All the cars on the lot are in extremely good condition. Ill definitely be referring Sheffield Motors to family and friends. Thsnks for the great service.😊

Review β„–2

We went pretty close to closing time due to work schedules and staff was very nice. We were allowed to feely look in the vehicles and despite running past closing time allowed to test drive. There was no pressure and it was a very light and friendly atmosphere. We settled on a 2013 Dodge and it was the best car shopping experience I have had. After being burned by another dealer in town it is nice to know there are still honest dealers around. Will definitely be back in future for purchases when needed.

Review β„–3

I bought a 2012 Chevy Traverse 5 days ago. It was really clean and drives good. Staff was friendly and not pushy. I was able to take my time and look and decide on if I wanted the vehicle or not. Once I decided they made sure it was to my satisfaction before completing the paperwork. I was able to test drive it without an escort. It pulled to the right a little, so they let me drive it down the street to a shop to find out the problem and they had it fixed within an hour. Now thats service. I really appreciated it. I was able to get my plates on the spot and I received my title and registration from Madison in two days. Love it. I would definitely recommend them. In fact, Im thinking about taking my son there to look for a car.

Review β„–4

One star for service. Brought a 2016 Chevy Captiva from there less then 2 months ago and the car needs a NEW ENGINE already. NICK basically told me to kicks rocks with a open toe shoe when I informed him. He stated and I quote: I’m sorry but this happens to us too when we buy cars from the auction. What the hell do that have to do with me. I also know they can return them cars back to the auction if that happens to them.

Review β„–5

I purchased a 2011 Chevy equinox from here..Havent had it a year and already had to put 5,000.00 into getting if fixed..So many things wrong with it at one time..I do not recommend buying from them.The one star is for how clean and new the vehicle looks but looks can be deceiving..

Review β„–6

Wide variety of vehicles at reasonable prices.

Review β„–7

I bought a car here for my daughter in April 2020, couldn’t be happier! Being a Chicago firefighter I want my kids to be safe and finding a good used car isn’t always an easy task. After a short drive, we pulled up to the office, went inside and Nick handed us the keys and said go take it for a drive. I asked if he wanted to come with and he said β€œno it’s ok, drive it around” how cool is that? Zero pressure about buying and that’s what I like most of all. Great prices and they’re super easy to work with. Highly recommend, thanks again!

Review β„–8

Omg !!I would definitely refer all my friends there i just bought a 2011 Chevrolet traverse I was amazed at how clean it was.They definitely dont sell junk!!!And was very helpful right up front not Pushy gave you Room to lookThanks NAEEM AHMAD FOR ALL YOUR HELP

Review β„–9

I needed a car and found a nice 2010 Chevrolet Malibu at Sheffield Motors. I enjoy it but I noticed that the right passenger door didnt lock or unlock automatically. I brought it in and told them about it and they fixed it without hesitation. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Not many businesses can truthfully say that.

Review β„–10

I was searching for a used car with low miles, at a reasonable price and I stumbled upon a 2012 Chrysler 200 at Sheffield Motors. It was way below market value and was in excellent condition. The mechanics here are some of the best Ive seen. When negotiating the price I never felt pressured by Nick. Nick was quick and honest to answer all the questions I had. Ive only had the car for a day now and I love it! Nick is a great, polite salesman and the mechanics are very polite and great too! Im so happy I stumbled across this amazing dealership!

Review β„–11

I recently purchased a car from them and I got it at a reasonable price. Nick was very kind and the service was quick!

Review β„–12

Purchased a Vehicle From Nick 5-6 months ago. I asked him 4 times if he would want his daughter driving the car I was about to purchase. He Guaranteed that he went through the whole car completely and he guarantee that the car was safe so that my daughter could drive this. After these last five months have gone by I have already replaced a safety mechanism which are called stabilizer links that were completely broke off. The struts are completely gone. Both wheel sensors were bad. Both windshield wipers need to be replaced two tires need to be replace two wheel sensors had to be replaced and now the car won’t start because it has a bad tension chain. He completely took me and my money and worse yet put my daughter in a unsafe car after guarantee me it was safe. I would never recommend this place to anybody as he completely crapped all over my family.

Review β„–13

Nice place will buy from again

Review β„–14

We were very happy and pleasantly surpassed at our experience at Sheffield Motors. The car we bought us fantastic. Usually after buying a used car you find at least one thing wrong after a couple weeks, but this car is flawless for a 2006! They let us haggle a deal that we were extremely happy with. Sorry guys, we were prepared to spend $700 more πŸ˜‰ Overall a great experience. Very nice sales staff and very accommodating. They even let my son and I test drive both cars without the sales person needing to come with. A true 5 star rating here. Thank you Sheffield for a fantastic used car buying experience. It was refreshing and well definitely send more business your way.

Review β„–15

My daughter is turning 16 and her mom and I wanted to buy her a car for her birthday. We had a budget but also wanted to make sure we bought a nice clean car with relatively low mileage. After driving around dealer lots in Appleton, WI and feeling frustrated, we looked on Car Guru. We came across a car that matched our criteria but realized it was 2 and half hours away. I called and spoke with, Dean. He was quick to assure me that the car was worth the drive. I always told myself I would never buy a used car so far out of town. But, based on Deans reassurance of service after the sale we made the decision to take a chance. Once we arrived and talked to Dean we took the car for a test drive and everything was great. Dean is a no pressure guy and produced all the paperwork showing what he had done to the car and a copy of the Car Fox. We made our deal, completed our paperwork and I once again expressed my concern of the distance if we should have a problem with the car. Dean was upfront and explained the car is sold as-is but, will work with us if we had any problems. A service light popped on shortly after I left the dealership. It was for the tires. I didnt think much of it thinking that the pressure was low in one of the tires. I stopped to check and fill the tires but, the service light remained, on. I was planning on taking it to have the oil changed and asked them about the service light. They fixed the light issue but, brought a couple of issues to my attention. I called Dean and explained to him what I was told. He asked what I thought was fair. We talked and came to a mutual agreement. He kept his side of the agreement and the necessary repairs were made. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a used car within a budget that you give Dean a call. He was honest, treated us fairly and kept his promise. Dean, thank you!

Review β„–16

Thanks for the great deal and no pressure sales experience.

Review β„–17

They do not deal. No body wears a mask.

Review β„–18

Definitly one of the best used car lots here in Kenosha. Bought a 2007 civiv from them about a year and a half ago and its been a great car. All of their cars are very clean, and all seem to be in good mechanical order. I usually dont like buying cars from used lots, but this one I do trust.

Review β„–19

Purchased a car for my son and was highly satisfied with my experience. Nick was great! No pressure and was fully transparent with the vehicle issues that we were considering. All cars we considered came with Carfax reports? I spent a small amount of time and money to bring vehicle to a mechanic for a thorough check. Brought back the issues found and Sheffields mechanic fixed each and every one without additional charge. My son has had no issues since the purchase and is extremely pleased. Nick has even followed up after the purchase to offer a second functioning key fob when it wasnt even requested.When I read unsatisfactory reviews, I scratch my head because people are purchasing high mileage used cars. By definition, there is some inherent risk associated with this kind of purchase. Do yourselves a favor and spend a hundred dollars or so to have a diagnostic and body integrity inspection done. You will significantly increase your odds of a good purchase and experience. I would definitely go back to Sheffield again.

Review β„–20

The employees are very nice and helpful. The prices are very reasonable and they have a lot of options for your needs.

Review β„–21

The best used car experience ever!!! I recommend this place! They went above and beyond and were fast. I love my β€œused” Honda! πŸš™πŸš™ and I love that he understood our position!!!! Best buying experience ever!

Review β„–22

Id recommend this place any day, they made my car buying experience easy going and stress free. Very nice guys, answered all my questions and werent over bearing and pushy. I found exactly what I was looking for, and for what I wanted to pay. I love my Cruze! Thanks again guys!

Review β„–23

Honest guy, very helpful, he wants, you to think highly of him, is gonna do what he has to do....The car I was purchasing was marked 6995...He told me he just recently lowered the price to 3995, just hasnt replaced the tag yet... Couldve sold it at 6995... Back driver window was not working, he told me to come in when ever Im ready... My temp license plate was stolen twice, he gave me new ones both times, free of charge

Review β„–24

Bought a car from here a couple months ago and it runs great, best place to buy a used car. Good prices for quality cars.

Review β„–25

Bought two cars from them around may of 06 dodge caravan had nothing but problems and I spent another 3200 to make it safe. The guy said he couldnt help me because it comes from the mechanic to their lot so its not their fault! Sept of 2019 it was a total loss on the interstate and I had to get it towed to a junk yard!!! Thank god I paid it off early! Then screwed because I needed a vehicle. My daughters 1999 was her 16th bday gift and the brake lines blew 3 months later including much more. Now as of 2 days ago it is going to a junk yard. We were unaware of the frame rusting to the point of no return since we dont have a lift in our garage! I tell everyone about their deals and they see how we have financially struggled since getting the two vehicles from them. Now I need to find another vehicle for my daughter so she can go to work.

Review β„–26

Very great people here. Found a great car, thanks so much!!

Review β„–27

Love my new car. Great price, kind service.

Review β„–28

Rate this 3 star for now. I got a 2002 Ford escape. The owner cool n great. Got my car at decent price. Im only having issues after I bought few days later my back hatch wont open.

Review β„–29

GREAT place. I definitely recommend coming here for your cars. Very friendly, fast service.

Review β„–30

My experience with Sheffield was friendly and helpful. When my vehicle blew a fuse because an error on my end they told me to bring it in and theyd take a look at it. They were working on two other vehicles with only two mechanics and they were still able to help with my problem. They were able to take care of it quickly and very cost effective.

Review β„–31

Bought a vehicle from here and was very satisfied. I felt it was a very trustworthy business and we are very happy with our decision. highly recommended. Another big plus is no service fees or doc fees

Review β„–32

Excellent customer service. They went out of their way to help us find a nice car that worked for us. Definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking for a new used vehicle.

Review β„–33

My wife and I drove up to Wisconsin from Indiana to check out a Ford Flex listed here online. After test-driving it we were super excited to buy. We started to get the paperwork filled out and my wife happened to see that the vehicle had 30000 more miles than what we were told it had. We mentioned this to our sales rep who shrugged it off as a minor fact. He said the electronics cluster had been swapped out with another Flex that had a 102000 miles however the one we were looking to buy actually had a 130000 miles even though the odometer showed 102. We were never told this before we brought it up. Needless to say, we didnt buy

Review β„–34

Bought the car in August 2015 and Bob told me anything that was wrong with the car I could bring it back and they would be able to help me About a month into owning the car I had to replace my heater core because it was leaking coolant and then a month later the car failed the emissions test so I had to get a sensor and an air filter. They never returned my calls. Dont buy from here they lie, and Ive seen other cars on the lot with cobwebs on the seats

Review β„–35

Great experience with them no complaints

Review β„–36

Great cars,Good value,Go the extra mile, treat you like family.STRIGHT UP.....Can relax,their WORD means something to them!!!! THEY FOUND ME A GOOD CAR AND STOOD BEHIND IT.GOD BLESS

Review β„–37

I bought a really great car at a good price and Im one happy customer! They made the car buying experience simple and not overwhelming and I really appreciated that!

Review β„–38

If your looking for a good used car this is the best place in town to get one. Sales people work with you to get what you want at an affordable price not at the highest price they can get from you like other dealerships.

Review β„–39

It was an awesome car buying experience! All questions were answered, very helpful and willing to work with you, super friendly!

Review β„–40

Sold me a nice car even knocked $1000 bucks off. I get the car home and the next day I start it up, and it doesnt even take off, so I give them a call and they think Im crazy. I bring the car back for inspection and Im told that the car if fixed. Well over the next 3 months I bring the car back about 8 times, I even got a new motor . Well the car still is a peice of crap and has been sitting in my driveway for almost 1 1/2 years, they refuse to answer my calls so Im paying $250 a month for no reason.! Please STAY AWAY FROM SHEFFIELD MOTORS THEY WILL TAKE ALL YOU MONEY AND SELL YOU A HALF DEAD CAR,!SAVE YOUR SANITY AND YOUR MONEY,

Review β„–41

Hey. I dont usually leave many reviews but when it comes to the importance of buying a car, I found out that Sheffield motors was the place to do it. It was a great experience. Great people helping people, with deals and no bs . Nick and Nick helped me with my truck purchase and trade in. They had everything I needed to buy my truck. Carfax, knowledge, and a fair price for my trade in . When i was looking to buy truck, they actually gave me time to look at a few and when I found the one I wanted they gave me peice of mind that it would be a great buy. I have 2 kids and wasnt buying anything that wasnt checked by a professional . I wont go anywhere else because of the help and confidence I have in my purchase . Thanks Matt Smith

Review β„–42

Purchase a van for the wife. Customer service was great!

Review β„–43

Bought a vehicle from them and within a few days had problems. Returned the vehicle to be fixed only to have the same problem happen 2 more times. After they could not figure out what was wrong with the vehicle they swapped it even up with a different vehicle. Within a week the vehicle dies, I took the vehicle to a couple different mechanics who explained the problems to me. Called Sheffield back they say work was done on vehicle and I needed to take it back to them and send him the bill. After going two days without the vehicle I get a call from Bob at Sheffields saying they will not honor their commitment of fixing the vehicle. This place in my opinion needs to be avoided at all costs.

Review β„–44

Since I bought my car from here every single month i have to take my car to the mechanicI spend over 5,000 in my car since first month i got it. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Review β„–45

No pressure to purchase, very professional, vehicle runs like a champ. Taking it from racine to oregon within first week and have no concerns. Obviously in buisness for over 30 years for a reasonThanks to all the staff . Mechanic also one of the best. I purchased the 2005 jeep.loredo

Review β„–46

Not a place To go to worse place to buy a vehicle theyll sell u a garbage car all they do is just make it look nice clean it up good but soon as u leave the shop some thing will go wrong and they do nothing to help fix the grabage they sold you

Review β„–47

Typical of the stereotype used car salesmen. Nice at first but cold and unhelpful after you sign.Will not buy from them again. Problems began as I left the dealership. Salesmen said they would get back to me and never did.

Review β„–48

They do not like to own up to there bulshit mistakes.. And are also fu as hell behind buyerd back..

Review β„–49

HORRIBLE!! bought a car, and the check engine light came on on my way home. Brought it back they were rude and said bring it to a mechanic down the road and have them check it so I did, and they said it was speed sensory or something. They told me to bring it in tomorrow morning and that the car was safe to drive. WRONG!!! was driving on 22nd and stopped at a light and the car turned off and turned right back on though, and whenever I would it the brakes the rpms & mph would say 0, then go right back up when I hit the gas. The next morning the car hardly started and I was driving it to the shop, well it died at the stop light on 80th and 22nd. Horrible place. I will never deal with them again. This all happened within 24 hours of purchasing the vehicle.

Review β„–50

Thanks for the amazing deal, love my caddy!

Review β„–51

Sold me a audi a4 3yr ago. it failed emissions because car didnt have catalytic converters. They said they wouldnt pay the $700 for the cats. But if I bought a car in the future from them. They would give me a deal. that all I got from them..

Review β„–52

Fast, clean and friendly.

Review β„–53

Bought a jeep from them for a great price! Took care of anything I needed.

Review β„–54

I purchased a 2000 blazer in April have not put 500 miles on it and it needs a transmission all interior panels were super glued back on and they taped and spray painted over all the rust that fell off the first time I washed it . I would never recommend a female to purchase a vehicle from this company as they will be taken advantage of My name is FredaLundgren please feel free to contact me if you would like to rectify these issues

Review β„–55

Nick is great, very helpful and honest.

Review β„–56

Bought a car about 3 weeks ago... Needs breaks, and check engine light came on for various codes...patched muffler leak came off....

Review β„–57

I love my new car great deal!!!!

Review β„–58

Bought a van and they promised to fix the brakes if we bought it, and we went to take it in to have them fix it but the mechanic they had smelled like he smoked Weed all day!! We wouldnt even let them touch the vehicle and took it somewhere else to he fixed. I wouldnt recommend this place

Review β„–59

Bought a Cobalt from them and had to take it back within the first week of having it because it died. Traded it in for a Buick, and within the first 3 days of having it, it also died They refuse to do any work on it to fix the problems. This place is an absolute joke!!

Review β„–60

A NIGHTMARE!!!! Save your time and money.

Review β„–61

Thanks for the lemon

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