International foods (حلال ماركت )
4863 W 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254, United States
International foods (حلال ماركت )
Review №1

Bad behavior of meat section butcher, he doesn’t even know how to speak properly with a customer. We bought 15 bounds of lamp and asked the other guy who works in meat section for two chicken, he was so rude and interpreted our conversation and said with his broken English “its me not him”. I feel so sorry for the poor guy.The shop owner is very nice person but the butcher has a very bad behavior and know zero customer values.

Review №2

I been going to this place for so many years. Now it’s bigger and they have so many more things in! Believe me I bought more than 300$ worth of perfumes. They have the original and very good-long lasting perfumes! Thanks to the sweet cashier, she’s very helpful, she has the longest patience I have ever seen, she helped me picking the right smell that suits me and it’s exactly what I was looking for! Very clean and nice place. Very good bread too.

Review №3

I love this place! Very nice workers, organized clean and respectful people. I love the service and how nice they all are. Never hesitate to help me today while the cashier was busy helping others, she exactly showed me what I was looking for. Love the young energies and the happy environment in the market. Good luck always friends!!

Review №4

Great market, they have everything you need

Review №5

Alhamdulilah...I hit it up all the time. Check it out! Lamb is on point.There are some foreigners who should go live in the ocean. QUIT BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO BLACK PEOPLE. Youre showing your character and it sucks!

Review №6

Great selection of items, but if you come for meat and dont speak Arabic, the meat team might bypass you for one of their Arabic-speaking buddies.

Review №7

I never write reviews but this store made me do it!!I almost had 2 full hours of shopping and I couldnt be more happy with the stuff I found! Very very clean place very organized. Not only the stuff is good but the people are very sweet and nice, I asked one of the guys to help me and he was very nice and helpful. I believe the all are in one family. The woman in the front cashier greets and welcome you very sweetly very nice people.They also have MEAT!! The got my order super awesome I am really happy with this mini amazing market. They make you feel valued in these taught days.

Review №8

For Halal and Kosher items across the Asian, African and Middle East World, you might want to check them out. Found spices and decorations here

Review №9

Good market with fair prices specially for finding some special Middl Estearn, Arabic, Afghani and Iranian items like: nann and pitta bread, halal lamb and beef meat, halal chicken, halal liver, kidney and heart, halal head and legs of lamb, dates, figs and so on and so forth. In addition they claim that all meats are %100 zabiha. More over you can find different types of pickle, conserved and dry bean and specially baklava! Very recently a section for fresh vegetables is added to the market.In addition there is a section inside the store selling different types of china and glass wear, clothes and kitchen items specially very closely related to Arabic culture.

Review №10

The guy at the meat side is very rude he need to learn manner and how to deal with paying customers. The way he treat customers is with no thanks even if you say thank he will not answers back with welcome. If you dont speak Arabic he will be not nice with. I can understand if he cant speak English but smile on the face doesnt need any language. Owner need to talk with him. any business depends on happy customers.

Review №11

This store is extremely clean and they have a great variety of meats mashallah. Wonderful visit. This is now my go to Halal store whenever Im visiting Indianapolis. I saw a comment about their being racist. Im an African American brother who is Muslim and I did not experience this problem. I also loudly greeted people when I walked in and was leaving. I have learned from other stores back east if you do say anything, people may not acknowledge you. It was a great experience for me as a visitor alhumdudilah.

Review №12

My place for middle eastern items such as, my favorite flat bread the best in town

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Review №14

Has a comprehensive selection of middle eastern groceries. They make fresh pita bread on a regular basis. Highly recommended!

Review №15

Awesome place stoped by and was shocked very good service never been here before new and different most definitely coming back again very nice people

Review №16

My favorite place. Ive been a customer for the past 5 years. Their bread and meat are fresh and good.

Review №17

Enjoyed the supermarket. The people were very nice and helpful.

Review №18

Newly expanded supermarket. Been going here for years. Great service and friendly staff. They have a tandoor in the back and prepare fresh tandoori naan and arabic bread every day. Be sure to arrive early or the bread might run out. They also have lots of variety in Halal meats.

Review №19

MashaAllah very nice. So excited to see their expansion. The variety of products is wonderful. And when I asked the owner about a special grain he was very helpful and said he would look into stocking it in the near future. InshaAllah It is that kind of personal care that sets them apart from others. MashaAllah May Allah continue to bless them in their endeavors. Amin

Review №20

They just opened up next door to their previous location. Its soooo much bigger and nicer.

Review №21

💞As Salaam Alikom..😍WooooW where too begin..Its halal! Halal ONLY begins and ends with GOD Almighty. The protein is fresh DAILY and its slaughter ONLY in the name of GOD. YOU will find The BEST spices and grain to add with Any delicious halal goat or halal lamb you choose. You will also find many of TheHoly prophets FAVORITES HERE ONLY.Travel Safe Brothers and Sisters and remember Your Rabb..

Review №22

Very clean. Best staff

Review №23

I cant tell you how patient and kind this staff was to us. My friend and I were traveling through Indiana to Boston and decided to stop and buy gifts for her family. InshaAllah you all succeed in everything you do.

Review №24

Best halal meat market in town👍👍

Review №25

I love this market, they always have what I need.

Review №26

Friendly people and ready to help

Review №27

They almost always have tamek sour cherry, my fave! Their butcher and bakery is great too. Its a bit small but worth the stop

Review №28

The best supermarket in indianapolis

Review №29

Best store in town best service best price

Review №30

Great place and super bright lights and clean

Review №31

Always kind staff. Cashier greets. Clean. Great prices AND quality 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 All halal😀

Review №32

Good place to buy krosher/zibihi meats.

Review №33

Everything is vey nice and delicious :)

Review №34

Good variety

Review №35

Very reasonable prices

Review №36

Freshly baked pita bread white and wheat. Superfluffy and tasty. They sell Baraka herbal teas: mixed herbs chamomile and hibiscus super healthy and medicinal. A great selection of Turkish and Lebanese cheeses. They have a delicious yogurt cheese called labeneh. They have produce as well! For people who eat meat they have halal. Great vegetarian choices as well.I also purchased a delightful Middle Eastern air freshener that smells of roses and sandalwood. It lasts a lot longer than American air fresheners.

Review №37

Whenever I get naan (round bread) both sides of the bread is fine, but all naan inside the bag is burnt out. Never get naan from this store

Review №38

Loved their baked naan. This store is my goto when it come for halal stuff.

Review №39

Halal market is the best in Indianapolis

Review №40

Nice, small store with good fresh meat, authentic spices and ingredients to make middle eastern foods, and a boutique that was added that has beautiful dresses, caftans, and household items like tea and juice sets. What makes this store a 4 star instead of 5 is it needs fresh fruit and veggies, more fresh made pastries and desserts, and better, competitive prices.The people who work at the store are helpful, respectful, and dont mind teaching about ingredients used in the different regions of the middle east and north Africa.Overall a quiet, clean place to shop for good food without the huge crowds. I would like to see it become my one stop shop.

Review №41

My favorite Arabic grocery

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Review №43

Mini market with a lot to offer. You can get a lot of spices that you cant get anywhere else. They have meat counter and offer fresh cut. I even found Kinder Bueno, Italian chocolate I use have growing up in London. Family owned and operated. Everyone is helpful and good customer services. They also have restaurant on the side that offers, middle eastern food.

Review №44

This is a great store. The staff is friendly and helpful. I have purchased goat and lamb and both were reasonably priced and of very good quality. They also have a very nice selection of dry goods, spices, cheeses, and other middle eastern products. Highly recommended.

Review №45

Great place for some middle eastern food.

Review №46

They need to improve packaging of meat, they put mine directly in a bag without a foam plate.

Review №47

Very nice people.

Review №48

They are very honest people( both owner and his employees), thanks God we have them in Indy .

Review №49

We take raw meat and chicken from here.There service is v good you just need to call and place order ahead.They tell you time they require and you can pick it up without waiting time.Spices and lentils here are also v fresh.I never had any complain.They clean and cut meat and chicken according to your requirements.

Review №50

I love this international market! It is the only one I go to when I am buying halal meat and other foods for international cuisine. The owners are always friendly and helpful and their store is always organized and clean!

Review №51

Carries halal meat and halal food. Has a good selection of food and stuff. It wasnt so good before but it has upgraded recently.

Review №52

Great place to get halal middle eastern food! They also have amazing handmade pita bread.

Review №53

Definite must visit for halal groceries

Review №54

Wow really nice place

Review №55

Alhamdulilah, everytime I go theres I get the best services ! Clean and organize and the meat is great quality. 🤲🥰⚘

Review №56

My wife and I, during a short visit to Indianapolis, went to this Yemeni owned store to buy meat and other items including a pack of dates. Upon reaching home we couldn’t find the dates. We returned to the store the following day but the guy refused to acknowledge the purchase and didn’t even apologize. I also bought an electric incense burner from the same store that was so hot when Imused it today it burnt my finger. These folks are dishonest and are selling products that can be dangerous to adults and children. I’m seriously considering contacting the Indiana department of consumer affairs. Stay away from these dishonest folks.

Review №57

Amazing food, great selection. The hummus is perfect, and the falafel is very, very good. Chicken shawarma plate was delicious. Highly recommend.

Review №58

Clean store and friendly staff

Review №59

Its a small store compare to saraga, but honestly it has whatever I need. If you dont need asian food and having just focus of middle eastern ingredients this is the right place for you. Bread and meat are exceptional.

Review №60

This place really inspires me to try new things in the kitchen! Love all the ramen varieties and the dumpling selection.

Review №61

Wonderful Halal Market and Store...great products Bucherie and Bakery

Review №62

Black Muslim should not go to this store because they are racist.I was there Sunday, January 6 and will be the last time because of what the cashier did.THEY ARE RACIST.

Review №63

I luv there buffet the price is right an something different

Review №64

The service here is great. The halal chicken they have here must be some of the best chicken in the city. For those of you who don’t know, ‘halal’ is the way they slaughter animals. Prayers are said before any animal is slaughtered for food. With that said all the chicken, lamb, goat you will find here is not at all Genetically modified or altered in any way. You will be able to tell the difference in the chicken quality when compared to meijer, walmart, kroger, trader joes, etc. It is surprisingly better than all the organic/grass fed products you’ll get at these major retailers. On top of that, it is much cheaper than all of these retailers. They also clean it and cut it to the size you want so you don’t have to worry about any of that when cooking!

Review №65

Amazing selection

Review №66

Great and fresh selection of ethnic food and other products .

Review №67

Pathetic customer service, they will make you feel as if they are doing a great favor serving us... people work in the meat section and cashier were always rude...

Review №68

I really enjoyed the food, the service here is very good. I havent found anything bad or wrong with this restaurant

Review №69

You can find anything you want veryyyyyyyyy gooooood store very clean,vary good price

Review №70

Very clean good collection halal food

Review №71

We stopped at Uncle Bills Pet Store so my friend could buy another bird & bird cage, so her one bird could have a companion. She bought some other pet supplies for both of her birds & for her fish too.

Review №72

No thank you. They dont even sell certain things that I was looking for.

Review №73

Pretty good place the meat always fresh

Review №74

Nice place to get international food

Review №75

Meat is always fresh and the chicken breasts are huge

Review №76

Best market in indy

Review №77

Sellers are rude, literally just because you dared to ask a price. Not a cheap place though

Review №78

Best Halal Shop in town.

Review №79

Great place for great product

Review №80

They raised prices too much to a point we cant afford it.

Review №81

Good place to buy meat

Review №82

I like the bread that theyre making, almost have everything you need from halal food .

Review №83

Very very good taste

Review №84

Really great place!

Review №85

Fresh meat cut to your liking

Review №86

Fast fresh cut meat in back

Review №87

Good place, great food variety

Review №88

Worthy to get shop and food items

Review №89

1. Worst service2 . The meat was very low quality

Review №90


Review №91

Best kabab meat

Review №92


Review №93

Very worst customer service ever seen and the response given was really pathetic!!!

Review №94

Too good...

Review №95

Fresh meat and fresh bread

Review №96

They have wide variety of Midwestern grocery.

Review №97

Good products

Review №98

Not good

Review №99

Best halal place in Indiana

Review №100

Freindly zone

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  • Address:4863 W 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254, United States
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  • Phone:+1 317-672-7685
  • Kosher grocery store
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