Picture Perfect 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging
1200 Binz St #330, Houston, TX 77004, United States
Picture Perfect 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging
Review №1

I had an amazing experience with picture perfect. Evelyn and Ivette were super sweet and professional. I felt super comfortable and they made my boyfriend feel just as involved with everything. I loved our pictures we received and they even referred us to a maternity and newborn photographer after. We will be back for any future pregnancies for sure. Thank you ladies!

Review №2

We had our appointment with Ms. Evelyn and she was absolutely amazing! She was so patient with our little one and got some really good pictures and videos our baby even though she was being a little shy! She made the appointment so much fun and definitely a memory we will always remember! Our next baby we will definitely be coming back to see Ms. Evelyn!! 10/10 recommend!

Review №3

Miss Evelyn was so nice and caring. Our baby was stubborn hiding from the camera but she made sure we didn’t leave until we had some good photos of the face. With a little cold water, candy, and some patience we were even able to get a smile in one picture. Amazing experience 🥰

Review №4

Im sure there are other great places out there for 3D/4D ultrasounds but I have a hard time believing that it would be easy to find someone with the energy and care of Evelyn. She will take the time and her experience to get you good images of your baby. She truly care that you have a memorable experience and that you take home something you can treasure forever.

Review №5

Really enjoyed our time at Picture Perfect 3D 4D. Our OBGYN recommended them. The ladies there made us feel welcomed and comfortable. Evelyn is patient and knowledgeable in getting the best pictures of our little one. Would highly recommend!

Review №6

Best experience ! especially since we are first time parents we really didn’t know what to expect but the receptionist was sweet and helpful. Once we got to the ultrasound part she made us feel at peace and we had a fun conversation she makes you feel welcome and all the nerves go away and the stuff animals are the cutest ! Definitely would go back and recommend to friends

Review №7

My husband and I had such a wonderful experience today with Evelyn! She was so patient, entertaining, and knowledgeable. We enjoyed every minute. Were also new to the area so it was nice of her to recommend a few things to us and to extend such a warm welcome. Id recommend this place to anyone!

Review №8

I just want to say thank you so much on taking the chance on doing the pictures for me today when no one else would bc im 36 weeks pregnant. It means so much to me since this is my first baby. You did a great job and I had so much fun with you and I would recommend you to everyone that wants to get it done.

Review №9

SO glad we went with this provider for 3D ultrasounds. It can be a splurge item especially when you’re paying for a million other things leading up to baby’s arrival but it was so worth it. She is super warm, welcoming, and put in the extra work to make sure we got good photos depending on how baby was positioned. By far one of the coolest experiences of the entire pregnancy. The photos came out so good that my family swears the baby looks exactly like me. If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate!

Review №10

I am so impressed with Evelyn and this company. My husband and I was stood up with Sonomaster on jones road. We were able to get in the next day, the pictures came out beautifully. (2nd attempts, little guy wouldn’t move his feet out his face). I would highly recommend this location. Plenty of parking and just a wonderful staff. I couldn’t be more happier. Thank you ladies, you are the best!!!

Review №11

Loved getting to go here and get pictures of our baby! So wonderful to work with and fun to see pictures of our baby coming soon. Cant say enough good things!

Review №12

I just have to start off by saying that it is absolutely worth it all!!!! I love the patience Ms.Evelyn has and how she aims to get you the best images of your baby!!!! My baby was not cooperating and we had to reschedule twice for no extra charge. By the third time we were able to get some pretty pretty pictures of my precious baby! Ms. Evette is very respectful and provides you with everything you need to know! I highly highly recommend Ms. Evelyn for your 3/4D IMAGING. Thank you so much for such a beautiful experience! Even though Mr. Trouble was giving us a hard time :) Thank you so much for your patience and your dedication! :)

Review №13

Wow! Such an amazing service provided by an equally amazing staff! Definitely one of my favorite pregnancy memories so far. Highly recommend doing this 3D/4D session for expecting mothers!

Review №14

If you’re wondering whether to make an appointment, do it! We originally saw Evelyn at 27 weeks and got a ton of pics/video clips of our little man, but he just wouldn’t move his feet to get a pic of his full face. She brought us back two weeks later at no cost, and we got more beautiful pictures of him (without the feet this time). The office of conveniently located, and Evelyn is just the sweetest. I look at these pictures and videos daily waiting for his arrival. I can’t wait to show him these when he’s older!

Review №15

We had really enjoyed our time here!. They made us very comfortable, handled us with care as if it was here baby coming lol. She felt like she didnt get good pictures so we came back the next day.. I wish i bern cane to just watch the whole growing process..

Review №16

I went to get my twins gender reveal and i absolutely loved the service, loved the friendly faces, i will be going back for my 3D ultrasound and cant wait 😊

Review №17

Mrs Evelyn did a phenomenal job on my 3D/4D ultrasound. Me and my husband absolutely enjoyed our time with her . She was very patient with my baby girl the first visit @26weeks which is the very first pic of the ultrasound but we had to reschedule due to baby wasn’t acting right lol so i went back at 28weeks the prices are very reasonable

Review №18

The experience was amazing and was so happy to go here after my first pregnancy 3D/4D ultrasound. I highly recommend coming here for any ultrasounds. This was the best experience!

Review №19

Amazing experience, enough said! I initially was going to another place but I was late due to traffic, I was devastated because I had been looking forward to it for weeks! I called picture perfect in hopes that there was something available, she was able to accommodate me almost at 6 pm and made me feel much better (pregnancy hormones= crying lol) after missing my appointment at another place that was not sympathetic to the fact that the traffic was out of my control. I went in at 33 weeks and my baby was breached, (I’m so glad I came here instead) Evelyn was still able to get me beautiful pictures of our baby boy and offered us to come back the next week to see if he would flip. She recommended for me to do a few things/ exercises to help with the flip and I attempted do so and it worked! The next weekend at 34 weeks my baby boy was flipped, and cooperated very well with Evelyn‘s voice when she attempted to get more pictures! Clean office, nice building, safe and comfortable feeling. Point is I got a lot of good pictures and the patience she has is unmatchable. Will come here every pregnancy, 1000% recommend!Thank you Evelyn for doing such an amazing job, your years of experience and amazing work ethic speak for themself!

Review №20

Best experience EVER! Very nice and patient Lady . She was very patient with our little one at 36 weeks. He was all balled up and sleeping and she was still able to get us good pictures 💙

Review №21

We had such a wonderful experience with Picture Perfect!! Our doctors office had to cancel our 3D ultrasound last minute due to issues with their machine and Picture Perfect was able to squeeze us in for an appointment the SAME DAY! She also invited us to come back the following week at no cost because our little angel was not fully cooperating during our visit. We recommend Picture Perfect times A THOUSAND and will definitely be using them again if we end up welcoming another baby.

Review №22

I love these ladies. Evelyn has many years of experience as she also works for several doctors in the area. She did sonograms for three of my children at two doctors offices (Women’s Hospital of TX) I couldn’t afford the 3D before but this baby I could and she made sure to make the experience a good one. She is real sweet and my kids were able to come and watch too. She’s super professional and the office is practicing social distancing as well. Get your 3D/4D with them. You won’t regret it.

Review №23

Evelyn did a phenomenal job on my 3D ultrasound. Me and my husband absolutely enjoyed our time with her while she did our 3D ultrasound of our daughter. She kept a smile on our face the whole time and didnt rush and was very patient! Very sweet lady and I HIGHLY recommend getting ultrasound pictures done with Picture Perfect imaging. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

Review №24

Wow I had the BEST experience at Picture Perfect. The ladies were very welcoming and very kind. Our baby girl was hiding at first and Evelyn was so patient with her and she made sure we had the best pictures to take home with us! I definitely recommend this place to all parents.

Review №25

I had such a great time seeing my baby girl in 3D! At Picture Perfect they went above and beyond to get me the best pictures/videos and show they truly care about what they do. The first time I went we werent able to get much video because the baby was sleeping but they rescheduled me back a few days later to try again. I got a ton of great pictures and videos the second time around and am so happy with them! Thank yall for everything!

Review №26

They did a great job and captured some fantastic photos for us! They are following COVID protocol employing limited people, mask usage, and frequent sanitizing. Totally recommend!

Review №27

My experience with Picture Perfect was amazing. Evelyn is nice and attentive. If she doesnt get the right angle/image she will keep trying until she does. I also went to Picture Perfect for my second baby and had the same experience. I definitely recommend them!

Review №28

We were very happy with our experience. Because of COVID, my husband has not been able to accompany me to any of my appointments and could not be at my anatomy ultrasound. It was truly a gift to be able to experience seeing our baby together. Picture Perfect is taking appropriate precautions with masks and distancing, and we felt very safe throughout the process. I am a little early to do the full 3D experience, so we will be going back for that in a few weeks :)

Review №29

The ultimate professionals! They do an amazing job and make the appointment a fantastic experience! We definitely hope to come here again for our next baby!

Review №30

Loved my experience here at Picture Perfect! Everyone was so friendly, I felt very safe in relation to COVID, and I now have mementos of my baby girl that will be cherished forever!! Highly recommend.

Review №31

I really liked the service and treatment. Ms. Evelyn was very compassionate and understanding.

Review №32

This place was wonderful the ultrasound tech she is such a loving and caring women she makes sure the babies are doing well in my case I am carrying four “quads” and she was so patient and explain everything so well I had a great experience.... I so recommend this place ...

Review №33

I’m beyond words to say how happy and pleased I am with Evelyn and staff! I totally recommend coming here for your ultrasound appointment. She has done all my children and I wouldn’t change her for the world! Thank you Evelyn for helping me sneak a peek at my baby #5 🤗 went for my gender reveal and returning for my 3D/4D soon!

Review №34

I had the best experience! Even though my baby was being really stubborn and had her hands on her face, The sonographer Evelyn was very patient and super sweet . She even let me go back for a second time to do it again and see if the baby would cooperate. I ended up going back a 3rd time and Andrea did the ultrasound. She was also amazing and very patient. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience 10/10.

Review №35

I highly recommend coming to this facility. The ultrasound technician was very quick to find my baby’s “diva” parts lol. She is very friendly and she allowed my husband to come in with me to see and hear our baby. The staff is very clean and is practicing safety measures as we unfortunately are still dealing with this pandemic. The ultrasound technician disinfected the bed before having me sit on it and she was very efficient at taking great pictures with my dancing and wiggling in my tummy.Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful experience to share with my husband. ❤️

Review №36

I called this morning and Evelyn arranged her schedule to fit me this afternoon! The office is clean and comfortable. Staff is friendly and makes you feel at home. Evelyn was gentle during the ultrasound and made sure she took her time and explained everything throughout the process. The packages offered are very reasonably priced and worth every penny! I’ll definitely be coming back once baby gets bigger!

Review №37

Evelyn was great! She worked very hard to see my baby. She gave me tips on how to get my baby to show her face. It was a great experience 😁

Review №38

Our little one was shy and had his feet in his face most of the time. They offered to come back in two weeks at no additional charge to see if we could get better pictures. Staff is very friendly & office is small and cozy. Would highly recommend!

Review №39

Very nice lady I never felt uncomfortable, 100% recommend!

Review №40

This place is super great! Very nice,clean, cozy environment. I have been recommending this place to all my friends and family.

Review №41

Loved this place so much and now with our second baby on the way I’m looking forward to revisiting this place..... sooo worth it !!

Review №42

Clean and comfortable, enough space for the whole family. Very accommodating, and memorable. I will definitely go back if I have another baby!

Review №43

Two days ago I had my 3D ultrasound with Evelyn and I love the images she took of my baby girl. My husband and daughter hadnt had the chance to see our baby due to the coronavirus but Evelyn made it happen. We had a GREAT experience.

Review №44

Awesome experience here, baby wasn’t showing much was told to go back the next day free of charge. Got really good 3D pics thank you guys very much! 🤍

Review №45

I came all the way from Florida to do my gender reveal ultrasound here. It was so worth it! My baby had his back turned to us and didn’t want to show, but she was VERY patient and kept moving the machine around until we were able to see our little boy! I can’t wait to go back when I’m 30 weeks for my 3D experience! Thank you so much!

Review №46

Excellent Service! Evelyn is just great, very nice person and extremely pacient. Amazing pictures

Review №47

Definently recommend! Evelyn was friendly and patient. She loves what she does and it shows. Out of all my ultrasound, this one was my favorite. Got to see the baby the whole time and saw everything he was doing. Im happy with my pictures! ❤

Review №48

Evelyn is so sweet and so amazing! She made everything so comfortable, was so patient and knew how to get baby moving around since he was hiding his face when we got there. She was making us laugh the whole time and I also loved that she explained everything we were seeing because lets be honest...outside of babys face its not always clear haha! Will definitely be going back for future babies!

Review №49

I had a great experience with Picture Perfect. Everything was perfect from online scheduling to receiving my beautiful images. My baby made it difficult to get quality images of his face as he kept his hands and feet in the way. The staff was kind enough to allow me to come in on a different day to see if he would move. Well he didn’t move but they made it a point to ensure I was able to get a glimpse of my baby. We were able to get a few quality images which were good enough for me. I appreciate the staff making sure I got what I came for. I will recommend them to anyone wanting 3d imaging of their unborn child.

Review №50

I just had my first ever appointment with Evelyn. After reading all of the positive reviews, they had me sold. I loved that she was open until 8, and weekends. As soon as we walked in she greeted us & she was just phenomenal. Very patient, kind and she definitely is the best of the best. I’ve gone to other ultrasound places in my last pregnancy and I did not have the same experience that Evelyn gave us. Her technology is top notch and she made me feel so comfortable & excited. I’m looking forward my next appointment with her as I get farther along in my pregnancy 😍 Side note- I’m 13w5d & she was able to determine the gender of my baby ❤️

Review №51

Evelyn is really nice! My baby was breech in our first appointment, she took some pictures and scheduled another one for better pictures. We went back a week later and the baby let her take tons of pictures and videos. We were so happy to go there. She really enjoys her work and made us feel very comfortable.

Review №52

She was super professional. made me feel very comfortable for the full experience everything was amazing can’t wait to visit again for 3rd trimester photos, she also was able to give me gender before my doctors results came back

Review №53

Picture Perfect came highly recommended by my OB and she was right! My husband and I had such an amazing experience there. Evelyn, the Sonographer, is very experienced at her work. You can tell she enjoys and loves her job! Our session was only 20 minutes long but it was the best 20 minutes spent!!! We’re even more excited to meet our little guy now that we have a face to him! Staffs were super friendly and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that wants a 3D/4D experience of their little one!

Review №54

I wish I could remember everyone’s names but both of the ladies I met were super sweet and friendly. The US technician was so nice and made it a fun experience. She was patient with baby, getting him to cooperate, and showing us what was what. We got some great pics and videos! We got a few printed out, about 80 pics/videos on USB, and a teddy bear with baby’s heartbeat. She also let us know in the beginning if baby didn’t cooperate we would be able to come back the next week for free. Luckily he did though lol the office was small and cozy, making it a personal experience. I’m sooo happy we chose to do our 4D here! She also was very intentional about including dad because she knew it was his first in-person US experience due to COVID restrictions at appointments.

Review №55

I came for a 3D ultrasound last week and Im absolutely in love with the service I got.. Evelyn was so understanding and reasonable .. I would totally recommend her

Review №56

I had such an amazing experience at Picture Perfect. They worked hard to make sure our experience was a wonderful one that we will never forget. Im so glad she was apart of this memorable time for us. You could tell that she genuinely cares and enjoys doing what she does best. I recommend her services to anyone interested in having an ultrasound of their little one.

Review №57

I had a great experience here! My baby girl kept her hands in front of her face so I was allowed to come back and try again free of charge which was very sweet and I appreciated that very much. The ladies here do a great job and its so much fun to see your little one move around in there. They really try hard to get you that perfect picture. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Review №58

I went at 17weeks to find out my baby gender the staff was super nice. I even got to my appointment late they didn’t have an attitude they made me feel really comfortable. I drank ice coffee before my ultrasound but baby still didn’t want to budge but Mrs. Evelyn took her time and we finally got to see baby girl! They gave me really good clear pictures and the price was affordable. I live in humble but I recommend the drive they are worth it!

Review №59

I love it! The lady in charge of ultrasound is very nice she loves her work which means she makes such a good job on ultrasound! My baby keep putting her hands on face and she made me go back to get a perfect picture at no charge! I really recommend this place!

Review №60

I beyond recommend this lovely place, this is now my second pregnancy and Evelyn never fails to amaze me with her wonderful work. She is patient and you can tell she takes pride in what she does, her staff is also always very friendly and helpful, I love picture perfect.

Review №61

I had the best experience here! Being pregnant during this pandemic has been chaotic to say the least and I was scared I wouldnt get to experience this with my partner but I am glad that he was allowed to come in with me and that I did it with Picture Perfect! The tech was the nicest and warmest and I cant wait to go back!

Review №62

Great experience! Recommend👍

Review №63

I highly recommend Picture Perfect! Miss Evelyn is absolutely amazing. I have a very stubborn little girl that did not want to cooperate. Miss Evelyn did not give up and had us come back in until we finally got some good pictures. I really appreciate the effort she put into it. I will definitely be back if I decide to have another baby. Thank you for this great experience!!!

Review №64

Went to this place when I was pregnant of my daughter, tried again with my son but no appointments around the time that I wanted so I had to try somewhere else. All I have to say is that I couldn’t stop thinking about how much better this place was compared to Affordable Ultrasound. I wish I would’ve just waited a little longer and came back here instead! Highly recommend.

Review №65

Evelyn is simply AMAZING! We drove all the way from College Station to come see her and it paid off! She was so fun and made the entire experience that way. Very relaxed atmosphere, great equipment, the pictures and video clips she got of our little one were PERFECTLY captured. Highly recommend!! Thank you Evelyn for such a memorable experience that we will not soon forget.

Review №66

Amazing i will always recommend them to anyone

Review №67

I highly recommend Picture Perfect. Evelyn is very nice and amazing at her job. You know she enjoys every second of the ultrasound with you. Shes very persistent and will get you the very best images. You will definitely have a great time at this place and will fall in love with your little one even more with all the high quality details on the images.

Review №68

Dr.Evelyn made my first time mom experience the BEST. Dad and I loved the way she worked because you can tell she loves what she does! She caught our baby’s best moments and we are just grateful we were able to come across her. She provides excellent service and offers some awesome goodies that work as beautiful gifts as well... We ended up getting a giraffe AND a zebra with our baby’s heart beat. Evelyn has such a natural way of bonding with parents.. and ESPECIALLY with babies. She’s so patient and if she isn’t satisfied with her pictures, she’ll reschedule for a better view. Lucky to say that on both occasions she caught him smiling. 😊 I am honestly going to say I will miss her.. but I can’t wait till our baby boy is born and meets the woman behind “common papi” 😂😍💓

Review №69

Going to Picture Perfect was by far the BEST experience Ive ever had!! She was able to get amazing pictures and videos of our baby and was so patient when our lazy baby wouldnt wake up or move she took her time and eventually got her to move for us. We also got the gender of baby and heard the heart beat! I will be returning for another visit later in my pregnancy!! 100 % recommended!! If i could give more than 5 stars i would!!

Review №70

I had my gender sneak peak today and Evelyn was absolutely AMAZING ! She was so sweet and inviting from the beginning. She made you feel so at comfortable and was great with my son who was so excited to see what we now know is his little sister. She is amazing at what she does and makes sure to go above and beyond to get you amazing pictures. My little girl was being stubborn and wouldnt open her legs but Evelyn was able to get great pictures. She truly made my day ! I would recommend anyone and everyone to her. I cant wait to go back for a 3D/4D ultrasound !!!

Review №71

I highly recommend Picture Perfect 3D/4D! My experiences here were great! So glad I found them! Evelyn made me feel very comfortable, even though my little one gave her a bit of a hard time. She was so patient with us. Evette (in the front when you walk in) was great too! Thanks again ladies!!

Review №72

Purchased the gender reveal package for a quick look at our little one and had our scan today. Evelyn was nothing but professional. She was kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable about ultrasound techniques and getting the best possible images. She has over 40 years of experience in the industry and has worked at one of the best local hospitals - suffice it to say, she knows what shes doing! The office is clean and comfortable. It was an absolutely lovely experience and I recommend this center without hesitation.

Review №73

I had the best experience ever!!! Andrea was so sweet and paciente, we didnt get clear images because baby was not cooperating at all! So she had us come back a week later at no extra cost and we finally got the perfect images we were hoping for! I absolutely love this place! Staff is amazing!! Thank you Andrea for making this experience so amazing!!!!

Review №74

Our experience here was GREAT. These ladies are super nice and are clear with their packages and instructions. They made us feel very welcomed and made everything even more exciting for us! We definitely recommend this place for ultrasounds. I’m 15 weeks and she was able to give us our gender. Well our baby did keep showing off it’s goodies lol.

Review №75

This place is amazing. If you want to get an ultrasound this is the place to go. They go far and beyond to keep their customers happy while providing the best professional expertise.Our baby Did not want to cooperate the day of our appointment. She kept up hiding her face with her arm. They gave us another appointment for a few days later so we could see her at no extra cost. The welcoming atmosphere and the “ family like” treatment is priceless .We could finally see our baby’s face on 3D. We Took pics and videos and they answered all of our questions. They took their time and were throughly with everything. I was really happy with their service.I would definitely recommend picture perfect.

Review №76

Evelyn is the best of the best. I’ve gone to two appointments now, and both times she has been super nice and patient. My baby was not cooperating with her and would not let us see her, but Evelyn was very patient and was able to get us some beautiful pictures! I definitely recommend going to her to see your little one! She does her best so that you can get very nice pictures and also so that you get to see your baby!

Review №77

Was in tears after my doctor told me they would like to wait till my next appointment (a month later) to do my anatomy scan. I’m currently 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant. We found this place then paid online for the gender reveal package. Our appointment was set for the following day. The owner was so fantastic!! She was so kind, warm and inviting. She was excited as if she does not do this all day. It was like going to your favorite family members house. The office was cozy. Her equipment was top notch. The prices are reasonable. She easily saw the gender I was pleased with the process. Only minor issue is parking as it is located downtown. There was valet for $11 a parking lot across from the building that seemed to be at capacity (did not catch the price) and a garage for $8 behind the building

Review №78

Went in to finally see my baby girl, and had the most wonderful experience with Mrs. Evelyn and my family. Even though my baby was being super chiflada and not wanting to show her face, they offered me to come back for another appointment. Highly recommend.

Review №79

Evelyn is so sweet and accommodating. She helped my son understand that he has a baby sister even though he originally wanted a brother. I will be rescheduling later on during my pregnancy. She called my baby beautiful several times and offers great heartbeat animals that children and parents can keep to listen to their childs heartbeat when they wish to do so! I highly recommend Picture Perfect!

Review №80

My family and I went this past weekend to see our baby. Jessica was our technician and she did phenomenal! She was so nice and really worked to try to get us some great pictures and video. We ended up with so many different shots and it was our first time being able to get a good profile of our baby. He looked perfect! I would highly recommend anyone and everyone who wants to see their baby in a stress free and friendly environment.

Review №81

Evelyn is the best! I didn’t look anywhere else cause the reviews for her imaging place were great. We left so happy! We purchased the gender reveal package and left so happy we also bought the peek a boo package to see our baby when he got older. She’s very professional and will continue to go to her for our next babies.

Review №82

Today I had my appoinment to see my baby girl. Due to covid19 my husband and daughter hadnt had the chance to see our baby and Evelyn made that happen. We had a great expierence. I love all the images Evelyn took of our baby. Thank you so much.

Review №83

Such a wonderful experience with Evelyn today. She is so kind,compassionate, and knowledgeable and truly made us have an amazing and fun experience finding out our sweet baby was a boy. I can’t wait to come back for the 3D 💙

Review №84

You can tell evelyn loves what she does, i am glad i booked with here even if it meant going out of my way. There were places closer to where i live, but the drive was completely worth it she made sure to try and get some good pictures of my L/O unfortunately he did not budge the 3 times we went 😂 (stubborn like his mama). Any ways i highly recommend going to her wouldn’t even think twice about it.

Review №85

Just love this 💞💞 staff frendly OmG love this place🌻🌻🌻defenely recomend i CAN see my bebe 😍😍

Review №86

I went for the first time at 14 weeks for the gender ultrasound and the person who was doing my ultrasound was amazing, baby wasnt cooperating so we went a few minutes over but she made sure I got a good picture! I went back at 27 weeks and it was a different person doing my ultrasound but equally amazing and got some awesome pictures, had a very pleasant experience here, the only thing I would change is they have a very small office/waiting room but other than that, loved it.

Review №87

My husband and I had the best experience with Evelyn💕 Our baby was being extremely stubborn and would not show, it took a while but Evelyn was patient and worked her magic until we were able to confirm the babys sex. She went above and beyond to make sure that we got good pictures and video. We will definitely be coming back and recommending to all of our friends!

Review №88

I found this website because I did not want to wait until 22 weeks to find out our babys gender. I was skeptical because I always am when I go to a new place and didnt know if it was too soon to tell even though I was already 17 weeks. However, Evelyn was amazing! My husband and I both loved her and how warm and welcoming she was. She made us both feel so comfortable and did not rush us at all. I will definitely be back for my 4D ultrasound at 27 weeks and cant wait!

Review №89

We absolutely loved our experience with Evelyn! She was super sweet and exceeded our expectations. We were scheduled for a 20-minute session but our little one was being difficult so we took a break, came back, and tried again. Unfortunately he still wasnt cooperating, so we got a second session booked free of charge!I will definitely be recommending this place to my friends and family!

Review №90

I had my appointment today and I had the best experience ever. Evelyn was incredible I honestly felt so comfortable and really appreciated the time she took with me trying to get the perfect photos of my baby boy. I am so glad I found her because I can honestly say I noticed how much she loves what she does. I would rate this place a 10 if I could. Highly recomend!! 🤗

Review №91

Absolutely amazing! My experience could not have been better. I was accommodated so greatly with my appointment. I was scheduled to come in over the time Hurricane Harvey was expected but was provided with the opportunity to come in earlier. She works with her customers and loves what she does. She was just as excited to see the baby as I and my family were. She was so nice and very interactive. The room was large enough to accommodate family and provided a large screen to really see. We got great pictures of my son and were more than happy with the service provided. I truly recommend her to anyone looking to get 3D/4D images done. You will NOT be disappointed.

Review №92

I never review anybody but the experience was so good I felt like I have to share. We paid for a 40 min ultrasound and she spent over an hour because it baby girl was hiding behind her brother (we are having twins!) and she wanted us to truly get a perfect picture. In the end she let us come back again on her day for another 40 minute session for free until we finally were able to get some excellent shots of our little girl. Excellent service!

Review №93

Wonderful professionalism, and such a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Review №94

Absolutely, loved the staff here! Our Baby Girl wasn’t in a good position to get a good image but the ultrasound tech was very patient and we ended up getting some AMAZING Photos!

Review №95

Evelyn was awesome as an ultrasound tech. This is our first baby and we had no idea what to expect when we went. We did the sneak peek ultrasound at 16w6d and she was able to tell us that we were expecting a boy without any question. She was so amazing with it that we decided to go back for a 3D/4D ultrasound around 26 weeks.When we went the first time, the baby was not cooperating, he had his face against the placenta and just wouldnt give the pictures she wanted. She scheduled us for 2 weeks later to come back in for free and get the images that she wanted. We went back in, got everything and it was amazing.She was very personable, on the appointments where we brought my in-laws, she included them and made sure to point out what she was looking at in the ultrasound until grandma and grandpa understood it.We got some amazing images and videos (even a video of our son throwing his first temper tantrum) and, when we decide to have another kid, we definitely plan on using Evelyn.

Review №96

Clean place, calm environment, amazing service and very patient. I came 3 times until I had perfect videos and cute pics of my baby. He was not cooperating but she got some nice shots, I have a lot of pictures and videos on my USB.And best part I bought a teddy bear with my sons heartbeat sound😊 Five stars! I recommend them

Review №97

Evelyn was amazing! I went by myself and her and her sister were just so warm and welcoming. Evelyn even surprised me with the gender of the baby by telling me that I was having a girl instead of a boy like my husband and I thought! I would definitely highly recommend this place to moms to be! Definitely will not be disappointed!

Review №98

Evelyn is such a great person. Shes extremely patient and goes above and beyond for you to get the images you need. Our son was very difficult and she did not mind spending more time than what we had paid for to get images of him. Not only that but she scheduled me to come back the following week at a different time hoping that she would get better images. She then spent an additional hour at no charge. She makes everyone feel at home during the session and you can obviously tell she LOVES what she does. Its clear that its not just a job for her. Thank you, Evelyn!

Review №99

Evelyn is amazing! She is so compassionate and loves what she does. I went in hoping for a little boy as soon as we both seen it was a boy I was in tears and she started tearing up. It is such a comfortable environment! I recommend her to everyone I know now. ❤

Review №100

Loved my experience! Evelyn was so warm and friendly, she truly loves what she does and it shows. She answered every question my husband and I had. She even invited us to come back for a 2nd appointment, free of charge so we can get some better images of our baby boy. I recommend you get a recording of your babys heartbeat in the little stuffed animals she has to offer (a great keepsake!). Thanks again Evelyn, you rock!

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