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Hebron Eye Care
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Great staff at the Hebron Office. They are so helpful. Dr Dempsey is wonderful and caring. The whole office goes above and beyond to help patients take good care of their eyes.

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Typically going to the eye doctor is dreadful for me, but Hebron Eye Care was quite the exception. The office was very clean, and the receptionist was welcoming and friendly. Dr. Tlumak was kind, thoroughly answered all of my questions, and listened/looked into my concerns I had. The optical manager, Dexter, was honest and informative when it came to selecting and ordering my glasses. I would highly recommend this office.

Review №3

I have gone to both Hebron and Colchester Eye care. Dr. Dempsey is the one I see and he is not only professional but is on schedule. His expertise and guidance is above par. With that being said...lets talk about his staff.The most friendly, accommodating and insurance proactive practice Ive been to all year. (trust me, its been a lot) . I will NEVER go anywhere else.

Review №4

This review is not about the exam and prescription, they were very good. This is in regards to purchasing glasses for my wife and myself.=========================================================8-31-21: Update on this review. I received a call from Hebron Eye Care and they offered to replace the glasses at no cost. We did go in and they re-ordered them with different frames. Ill update this again once we have received the frames. I want to thank them here for doing this.Further update: They replaced both of our glasses (and my frames) at no charge. Im going to delete my original post.=========================================================

Review №5

Awesome staff and doctor is so responsive called in on a Sunday and the doctor called back sent a few photos unbelievable how much he cares about his patients. I was taken care of within 30 minutesHands down the best eye care provider ever !!!All the bestEric B

Review №6

Wonderful....the gentleman that took care of me when I ordered the new lenses was wonderful, (forgot his name), but he was quick and knowledgeable. Great customer service always...

Review №7

Way better than lens crafters. They really try to sell you on new frames of course, but I was able to bring my own in and it wasn’t too expensive.

Review №8

I very rarely leave reviews but felt the desire to about Hebron Eye Care. They are fantastic!! Very clean facility with friendly staff. The doctor is very knowledgeable and took excellent care of my children and I each time we’ve been there. The doctor is thorough and never rushes us. She answered all mine and my children’s questions and made sure my kids understood what she was doing and why. She made recommendations and made sure all of our needs were met. My kids are very comfortable going to see her. It’s a very pleasant experience going to this office. I highly recommend it!

Review №9

EDIT: Wendy reached out to me and discussed the issue. She was extremely polite and friendly and was able to resolve the billing issue I had encountered, so I have updated the review from 1 star to 3 stars.This review is not about the exam. Dr. Sadanowicz was great in helping get some rust out of my eye. She was super friendly and Im glad I went to see her. However their back office needs some work.I gave them my insurance information, and since it was a medical procedure my medical insurance was going to cover the charges. Not long after my final visit I received a bill in the mail. I call Hebron Eye Care and asked if they had my insurance information. They took it once again just in case and I thought that was the end of it.I received additional invoices noting my payment was overdue and it needed to be paid. I once again called Hebron Eye Care and asked if they sent it to my insurance. They said they did. So I called my insurance and they noted no claim came from Hebron Eye Care. I got their fax number and called Hebron Eye Care again and gave them the fax number of my insurance.Not long after that I got another letter in the mail noting I still had an outstanding balance. I once again called my insurance and they noted no claim had been filed. I conferenced in Hebron Eye Care. Both parties were yelling at each other over the call blaming one another for the lack of a claim being filed. Once that call was done I thought it was over, as I never heard anything else.Fast forward to today; August 20, 2021. THREE YEARS after services were rendered, I got another notice saying I had an outstanding invoice!Unless you want to fight with the finance office here, go to Colchester Eye Care. Ive been there as well and their back office people actually know how to file an insurance claim.

Review №10

Very happy with the eye exam, glasses fitting and even picked up my new pair within a couple days of my appointment! Excellent service, highly recommend!

Review №11

Wonderful people with great skills. I would absolutely recommend Hebron Eye Care.

Review №12

Really had an amazing experience at Hebron Eyecare! The doctors, optical staff and reception were all super friendly and helpful and made a nice environment! I highly recommend this office for any eye care needs. They made a much needed correction on my prescription and I can see so much better! 5 star experience for sure! Will continue to give them my business!

Review №13

Great service ! Love my new contacts and glasses!

Review №14

I dont leave reviews very often but wanted to share my experience of my recent eye exam and glasses purchase at Hebron Eye Care. It started with them helping me set up an eye exam appointment despite my limited availability. They were so patient and never seemed annoyed as they found a time and day that worked with my crazy schedule.Closer to my appointment, the nice staff who checked my insurance benefits called to let me know what it wouldnt cover and what to expect for charges so I wouldnt be surprised, before I showed up for my appointment. I was already aware of the info but very much appreciated the heads-up on that. Nobody likes billing surprises!Because of Covid19, they are limiting the number of people that are in the office at the same time to lower contact risk, which they explained when they called me the day before my appointment to go over their safety protocols. These entailed checking in via a phone call from the car, credit card payment over the phone to keep it hands-free. At the door, a temperature check is done and hand sanitizer to use as you go right into the doctors office, and of course, wearing a mask.The staff was extremely friendly as they greeted me. They make you feel like a real person and not just a patient! The doctor had just finished sanitizing the exam room and medical equipment and it smelled Very Sanitized and Clean. All the protocols in place really did make me feel safe!The doctor was very pleasant and thorough. I was impressed with the time she took to not only explain what she was doing throughout the exam process but to answer my questions and concerns. The eyedrops she recommended were even available at the office for a bit less than Ive seen at other stores!I did choose some glasses that day and have to commend the Optical Staff. They truly know their stuff! They helped me pick out frames that I felt both complimented my face-shape and coloring. The reception staff even helped lend a professional eye as I debated between two pairs! The glasses took about 2 weeks to make at the lab and arrive, which they did right on time. They notified me when they were ready for pick-up and set up an appointment for me to have them perfectly adjusted! I Love them so much!!!Thank you everyone at Hebron Eye Care for being so caring and professional!I highly recommend Hebron Eye Care to anyone looking for a new practice for all your eye care needs!

Review №15

Once again...Yesterday I had an appointment for my yearly eye exam and once again I am left speechless! I can’t say enough about Doc Dempsey and his staff. They claim to be eye care specialists but in reality they treat and care for their patients and not just their eyes! They understand sometimes it’s not just the eye dictating how you see. They are the example of a true definition of a comprehensive exam and take it to a new level. Their dedication to their patient, to their education keeping up with advanced technology, to their team approach to doing what is best for you is priceless and hard to come by. Any concerns of how hard it would be to pick out new frames with the virus at play was quickly pushed to the side and not only did the specialist find 1 but 3 I loved! Why and how (and believe me I’m picky) she took the time to listen and cared!In addition even with the virus obstacles we are all facing, I was not surprised to see the extra steps (above and beyond) taken to make me safe. Doctor Dempsey my family and I are blessed to have your as our eye care professional. Your office is what it is because of you! Lead by example!Kimberly Taylor & Family

Review №16

Hebron Eye Care is a wonderful place for an eye exam!The staff and doctors there are much more friendly than Ive encountered at other doctor offices. As a previous reviewer mentioned, they really do go out of their way to make you feel like a real person and not just another patient while at the same time, being professional and thorough.They have multiple safety precautions in place due to the Coronavirus which I felt created a safe environment for my exam. The office was clean and has a cozy, boutique feel to it with some pretty cool decor.I like that they had quite a lot of glasses frames to choose from at the office for both my prescription glasses and for sunglasses, with a knowledgable optical staff to help out!Hebron Eye Care is 5 Stars all the way!

Review №17

Always super helpful and very friendly!

Review №18

Dexter was excellent!

Review №19

Very polite and professional staff. I met Dr. Jones for my eye exam and she is a great person and very knowledgeable doctor. Im also happy with my new prescription (although I had to schedule another appointment to get a new prescription). In general, I had a positive experience at the Hebron Eye Care.

Review №20

I just changed eye centers recently and started going to Hebron Eye Care. I had not yet become an established patient of their practice, and they saw me for an emergent visit. I was very impressed with all of their staff- very friendly, helpful and accommodating. I live locally and I will never go back to where I was going before! I don’t know why I waited so long to switch—Hebron Eye Care is wonderful!

Review №21

Nice office, small town feel. Everyone was very welcoming and professional. Dr. Dempsey did a very thorough exam and spent enough time with us to answer all of our questions. The optical shop had a nice selection to choose from. We will definitely return!

Review №22

I cant recommend Dr. Dempsey and the staff at Hebron Eye Care enough. They are a wonderful, professional and caring team. Dr. Dempsey takes the time to explain what hes doing every step of the way and always cares about his patients eye health above all else. Do yourself a favor and make your next appointment with Dr. Dempsey.

Review №23

Sadly, I would have loved to thought this was my new go to eye care center since my other doctor at a different practice retired. Although the reception area was clean, we did not wait there, we waited outside in the car until we were called due to COVID restriction. My daughter and I were escorted into the building and into the exam office, which struck me immediately as dirty. Not only was the room antiquated looking, the carpet was filthy and the young doctor DID NOT sanitize any of the equipment between my exam and my daughters, which seems like not too big a deal, but I wondered why the doctors cleaning practices were not automatic, especially in the time of COVID. There is portion of the eye exam where your lashes come into contact with the equipment shared by all. Note: I have been to other doctors who DO sanitize in between patients, including between me and other family members. Needless to say, when I developed a bacterial infection in my right eye 3 days later (saw a different doctor who diagnosed this), I couldnt help but blame the poor sanitation practices in this office. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!! The doctor I saw was young, said she did not receive my medical records from my previous eye doctor, which I sent via mail weeks before. SO none of my previous eye conditions were in the system. After dilating our eyes, the doctor also missed a couple minor issues my previous doctor told me to keep an eye on as they could lead to problems in the future. Please consider a different office, at least until COVID recedes and they update their exam room/better train the staff.

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Review №25

So thankful Dr. Dempsey is in our town for my eye appointments. I have recently needed urgent care at the office. Dr. Dempsey s attention and follow up is second to none.

Review №26

I was a patient at the Hebron Eye Care office this morning. The entire staff was courteous and friendly. Dr. Dempsey performed my eye exam. He was careful to listen to me and asked remarkably good questions which led me to update my file in a few instances. I chose new frames for both everyday glasses and sun glasses. And it was nice to have personalized service while making my choice. I found the prices to be reasonable.I went to Colchester Eye Care originally over two years ago. I moved closer to Hebron and as a result, checked into Hebron Eye Care. When I found the two were associated, it cemented my decision. I highly recommend this practice based on my experience. Im really looking forward to my new glasses.

Review №27

Nice Staff, very patient with new customers. I made a mistake when ordering my glasses and they helped to make it right in time for my vacation. Appointments were only running on time as on scheduled. No waiting or surprises.

Review №28

Awesome from start to finish! Very thorough eye exam by Dr Dempsey, and fantastic glasses with Sharon.. I just left with them on, and the world is a whole lot brighter and sharper to me now! 😍

Review №29

Hebron Eye care is amazing! They took such great of me. Such friendly, helpful and caring staff! It’s rare to have such a good client service experience today. Very professional andconscientious office!

Review №30

Great team of people. Friendly and professional. I spent an hour putting on contacts with a very patient lady. She took her time and was very helpful.

Review №31

Hebron Eye Care was extremely helpful and easy to do business with. From helping me find frames, to handling all the insurance/billing seemlessly, they truly made a usually nagging experience a breeze, which I really appreciated with my busy schedule! Definitely would recommend Hebron Eye Care!

Review №32

Very friendly and professional team! Very efficient and effective process and Dr. Dempsey was able to get my difficult to perfect RGP Rx exactly right on the first attempt. The whole experience from scheduling through follow up is extremely good at Hebron Eye Care! Highly recommend this office and team!

Review №33

Thank you Dr Tom!! I am so happy I switched to your office. As a new patient, I am calmer, well informed and happy with the extra time and care you and your staff have given.

Review №34

Great selection of frames and very friendly and comfortable office atmosphere! My eyeglasses came in several days ahead of schedule. Sharon has a gift for helping you select the perfect frame!

Review №35

Excellent eye care. Dr. Dempsey is a thorough and kind doctor. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The office space is beautiful. Id recommend them for all ages!

Review №36

Superb!Brought 3 of my children in ages 3, 4, and 6. Dr. Alexandra Sadanowicz was very courteous and pleasant. Knew very well how to deal with all the various ages and how to get them to follow directions. Plenty of childrens frames to select from and an 8-10 day turnaround.Definitely highly recommended!

Review №37

Hebron Eye Care is where you want to go. Dr. Dempsey was very informative, kind and thorough. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere warm and welcoming. I wish all doctor visits were so positive.Thank you, Karen Anne Bowen

Review №38

Amazing care from staff even before you get to the office. I met with Dr. Dempsey and followed up with Sharon for glasses. They make it a we care about you atmosphere. No matter the distance youll be greatful you chose them. Thank you Hebron Eye Care.

Review №39

I would give Hebron Eye Care 10 stars if I could! I have just recently moved to the area and was suggested by the Hebron CVS pharmacy up the road to visit Hebron Eye Care for a good eye exam. When I called to make an appointment as a new patient, Kim greeted me and was able to get me an appointment for an eye problem I had been struggling with the very next day! Kim was kind, friendly, and genuinely concerned with my problem. It was the best phone call I have had at any doctors office in my entire life. When I went in for my visit, the fellow staff, Mary and Sharon, were as equally kind and helpful. Dr. Alexandra Sadanowicz did an excellent job, was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable. She gave me the help I needed. Overall I had an excellent experience with Hebron Eye Care and highly recommend!

Review №40

I love Hebron Eye Care and their other office in Colchester. Dr. Dempsey and the entire staff are caring, extremely competent and committed.

Review №41

Since my original eye doctor retired its been hard to find a doctor and shop that can provide the same level of attention and care. Dr. Mistry and Hebron Eye Care have filled that void! Dr. Mistry really listened to what I had to say. Kim in the front office was very helpful in verifying my insurance and explaining my coverage. Robin did a great job of assisting on frame selection. This may have been my first visit, but I feel confident that it wont be my last.

Review №42

I’m a patient at the Colchester office but today I stopped in the Hebron office to get new glasses an Sharon was so helpful an informative. I would go back again!!! Thanks Sharon.

Review №43

Dr. Dempsey is very thorough, and a wonderful eye doctor. He and the staff are also very warm and friendly. Both offices (Hebron Eye Care and Colchester Eye Care) are the best eye care around here.

Review №44

Very friendly staff! Relaxing and professional environment! Sharon Neyer iwas absolutely AWESOME at helping me feel comfortable and choose my glasses!! Highly recommend this place!!!

Review №45

These people absolutely refuse to submit a bill to my insurance! They gave me the excuse that I havent reached my deductible yet so just pay the bill!! Well my deductible is a lot less than the bill, and my co pay should be about $50. And the also refuse to call the insurance company for help in submitting a bill. Stay away from these psycho people! I have never encountered such bizarre behaviour, and I worked in the casino business for 16 years. Now I guess Ive seen it all!Update. In July I received a call from collections saying I owed a little over $500. I called my insurance company to help me with this bill and i was told they never submitted a bill. For almost 2 years I tried to get the Dr. to resubmit the bills and was told over and over that they did everything right and were not going to resubmit. The insurance was partly at fault, they first treated the bills as out of network. But for 2 years the Drs office argued and talked over me and would not listen. Something here is still wrong: 1st my bills totaled over $500, then I received the bills with a letter and theyre new amount I owe is just over $300. I talked to my insurance today and they said my obligation is yet a different amount! Someday Ill be done with this problem, and it took a bad review and a complaint to the BBB to get their attention.Please feel free to check out my latest eye care review at Eye care Expressions in Gales Ferry. Dr. Jezick took the time and effort to figure out what was wrong with my eyes and is a pleasure to talk to.

Review №46

I found this company so incredibly frustrating to work with! Because of their incompetence in not submitting their bill to the correct phone number from my insurance card they keep trying to bill me the entire amount. Secondly, I specifically told the dr- my glasses and contacts have the perfect prescription, please dont change it and she lowered my prescription anyway. When my new glasses came in causing blurry vision they had to re-make them with my previous prescription. I have no patience for this stuff, will not be returning.

Review №47

Me - My neck hurtsFriend #1 go see Christine, shes really good- I do nothing but live in painNext Month - Me My back hurtsFriend #2 I know this girl Christine with her own place, shes amazing!

Review №48

The staff at Hebron eyecarear extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We will continue to go there in the future!

Review №49

Amazing experience with Dr. Dempsey at both Hebron and Colchester Eye Care!

Review №50

Love Hebron Eye Care!

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