Double D Services
2506 1/2 Weslo Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States
Review №1

Thank you Nathan!!! In times when we can save a buck, he came through. He was very helpful and kind to a guy that didnt know much. Thanks again!!

Review №2

They sold us parts for our dryer. They were very nice and helpful. They gave us instructions on how to replace our belt and were very knowledgable about repairing our dryer.

Review №3

Nathan is fantastic! Spent quite some time with my mom and I in the back service area simply answering questions and helping us with washing machine questions even though we werent interested in purchasing what he had in stock or having him fix mine. I also called him with another question and he was more than happy to simply HELP!! Quite refreshing. Sure appears to know what the hell hes talking about. Everything he suggested I do to fix my washer worked. Sharon Reed

Review №4

Nathan is fantastic! He went above and beyond helping me understand what was wrong with my refrigerator and how to fix it. Very thoughtful explanations and kind service. Cant recommend enough!

Review №5

Weve used DD Appliance in the past for appliance repairs and they are the best! Honest, fair in price. Would recommend to use these folks!

Review №6

Nathan was absolutely awesome! He took the time to show me how to help myself fix my washing machine. I highly recommend

Review №7

After searching box stores and appliance warehouses and parts stores, D and D had a specific part that saved me having to purchase a new water heater and hundreds of $$$. Much appreciated!

Review №8

I love this place! The staff goes above and beyond to help find the right part!

Review №9

Ive used their services every since we moved to the grand valley and they have by far the best prices any where. Their service is great, they are friendly and most importantly they are honest in all their dealings.

Review №10

We are fix it yourself people, however DD Appliance always gets us the parts at a great price and pretty fast too. Thank you

Review №11

Always dependable and honest, our go to guy for years!

Review №12

Wonderful experience! He worked us in and we were very thankful for fast friendly service! 😊

Review №13

They did a lot of work finding out repair part information for my ice maker. They will not sell you something you dont need and it is clear they know what they are doing. I trust them implicitly.

Review №14

Great service, very knowledgeable. I appreciated their tips and information about my dryer.

Review №15

I cant thank you guys enough! Dain and Nathan are always so unbelievable knowledgeable and kind. Great pricing on repairs and they wont hesitate to tell you, that you might not what to repair this one... It is getting harder and harder to find this kind of local shop in town, so again, thank you all and keep it up!

Review №16

Very nice people to work with, but unfortunately they were unable to help me with my refrigerator issue.

Review №17

Fast appointment, and they fixed my dryer right away! Highly recommended

Review №18

Gave me janky parts 3 times in a row. Got the same part but better quality for 3$ more across the street from them. Worked first time. I recommend you go across the street from them if need parts.

Review №19

If you want it fixed the first time, call Dain - Hes the absolute Best!! Wont take advantage or tell you to just buy a new one unless you truly do need a new one. He can fix it all.

Review №20

We had Double D Service out to fix our oven. The gentleman they sent out was very professional, he had the part we needed with him and charged us a very reasonable price. I HIGHLY recommend Double D Service, theyre great!

Review №21

Double D will forever be our go to appliance part stop! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and they have their customers best interest in mind. Dont bother comparing prices with Arrogant people at Appliance Parts Plus across the street, stop at Double D first and leave happy!

Review №22

Got the parts we needed reasonably fast..... as advertised!

Review №23

CALL SOMEONE ELSE ... A KID with and interest in learning is probably a better choice!!!Wish I could put a NEGATIVE STAR!!! But had to click one to write a post at all. We made an appointment, a few days later a family member needed an appointment as well. We called to see about squeezing the family member in after our appointment and they did that for us. On the day of appointment, me and the family member sat at my house waiting and waiting, to receive a call that they were at the family members residence. So we raced there, to find that we had been charged for the guy hanging out in his truck when he was supposed to be at my house. Not a big deal, I paid that.They guy took apart my family members refrigerator and washer (as they both needed repairs). He said he would have to get a schematic for the fridge, and couldnt fix it until he got that, then as for the washer, he didnt understand the codes and would have to look those up. Did he put anything back together? NO! But he was happy to charge us $65 and hour for NOTHING but destroying stuff! He was supposed to come back to fix but called stating he couldnt find a schematic for fridge ... my family member was smart and told them NOT to come back.That same day, however, we went to my home as well. All of us left together, and we were together in traffic until a light near my home. Somehow the guy managed to then get to my house almost 30 minuets after us. Wiser, this time, I turned on a timer the second he pulled into the driveway. He pulled the same scenario at my home, needed parts, a schematic, and took apart my dryer, leaving it in pieces. And, yes charging me the same rate for his destruction. He said he would order parts and be back.He came back, about a week later, and again I set my timer. I had moved the dryer into my driveway, so that it would be easier for him to access too. He basically got out of his truck, did not come to my door, we went out to him (my adult son and I). I returned to the house, and my son came in about 2 minuets after me and said the guy was leaving. I went out to find out what was going on and found out that he had the wrong parts. He made a call to have parts re-ordered and said he would be back in a week or so.A week goes by, and I get another appointment. So I wait at home, and no one shows up. I call my husband, who had made the appointment, and he phoned DD. We are told that they apologize, but that the service tech was out sick and apparently we were not notified. So Things get rescheduled AGAIN!!!So yet another appointment, I sit at home, and am waiting ... my husband calls me and tells me DD had just called him. They said that they just opened the box for the part and it was the wrong part again, and that they apologize, and that they were going to have to talk to their supplier about why they keep getting the wrong part.Then last, M, at the office calls me and leaves a message that was almost borderline rude about how we need to get this appointment set up and taken care of. Her tone was as though we had caused all the delays. Then later I answer a call from her and schedule for the following Monday. Guess what? Yep, I sat here looking out my windows all damn day; every time I heard a bump or thud I was checking the driveway. NO ONE SHOWED UP!!! Believe me I was texting my husband, like mad, asking if he cancelled the appointment, and telling him I was done with this company if they didnt show up again, and how unprofessional they are.Now, over a week later, I finally get a phone call, from M, again with her nasty tone. Keep in mind I kept my composure and nice attitude until this message. The audacity, of calling me and leaving a message stating I was not here, that they supposedly tried to call me last week ... I admit I flipped, there is only so much a customer can take. I paid them for both the visit to my family members home where they destroyed stuff, and I paid them for destroying my stuff. I sat here waiting for them MANY times. The way they treat people, not fix stuff, and destroy isnt right!

Review №24

Very professional and flexible. Would recommend this business to anyone!

Review №25

They ordered the wrong part and then wouldnt let me return it after I had to pay cash up front. I found the right Dryer Timer I needed on line for 1/2 the price. Ill never go there again.

Review №26

Priced new dryer drum bearings at sears 93 dollars for part and shipping got one for 20 bucks at double d and had it same day amazing this is my new appliance shop

Review №27

Always very helpful. Great prices.

Review №28

We bought a frig for our rental house in Grand Junction. It worked for 2 days so we called Sears to service & repair the frig. The frig is so old the main electrical board is no longer manufactured. Bottom line, we wasted our money completely. Of course they sold us the frig as is. Place is a scam and I would stay away !

Review №29

Fast service. Great prices. FYI though, CASH OR CHECK ONLY.

Review №30

Dain has worked on appliances and my AC unit. He is the best priced and fastest service in town. He is fair and trustworthy, and you dont need to worry about being charged for something that is not broke.

Review №31

They were able to fix our microwave after another said was worthless. Quick, friendly, and well priced.

Review №32

Great service and had part in stock.

Review №33

Excellent customer service! Fast, efficient and friendly

Review №34

We have used Double D for years and they are AWESOME!!!

Review №35

Clerk knew the part in my hand before I said a word.

Review №36

Called 11 times before they answered..

Review №37

Very affordable!!!

Review №38

Responsive and Friendly.

4.8 Rating
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