Blue Sky Motors
2901 E University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50317, United States
Blue Sky Motors
Review №1

Purchased a car 2009 BMW 535i Xdrive last March! Loved it then, love it NOW! No major issues AT ALL! Owners were upfront and respectful. I’d definitely buy again!❤️

Review №2

Absolutely horrible experience. Thought we were getting a great vehicle for a great deal but the very next day not even 24 hours later found out the transmission was shot. Tried to take the van back in along with paperwork from the mechanic and was lied to and got the guy on video telling mr there was supposedly no lemon law. What a bunch of crooks!

Review №3

Buy at your own risk!

Review №4

Bought my 18 year old her first car from here she loves her Jeep Patriot, and we appreciate the price she also bought a new phone while she was there loves her phone as well!!!Thanks so much Blue Sky!Keep up the good work being honest and reliable.

Review №5

I went to look at a 2009 Jeep Patriot. The owner was upfront with me that the vehicle was making a noise that his mechanics were going to fix. I was able to test drive but before I did the mechanic also told me about this noise. When I was finished with he test drive I went back in to talk to the owner and I told him that I liked the vehicle and that if the mechanic was able to fix the scrapping noise that I was interested. To hold the vehicle because other people were interested I had to put down a deposit of $300. I only had $100 on me to which the owner said that was fine and that usually the deposits are non refundable but if the mechanics were not able to fix the problem he would give me my deposit back. Hours later I get a call from the owner that the mechanics were not going to fix the Jeep because of bearings in the transmission and that he had my deposit waiting for me. Being a woman, Im happy that I was not taken advantage of. All the staff that I came in contact with from the owner to the mechanics were very nice and pleasant. Thank you Blue Sky Motors for being honest and upfront with me.

Review №6

I’m 16 and was looking for a first car. I saw this 2008 mercury sable for $2500. On the way home the whole car was shaking, turns out it was the av shaft and I had to get that repaired in the first week of having it. It was working fine for the first weeks and then out of nowhere all of my cylinders blew out! I took it to the local mechanic and he said that rodents have been chewing on the electric wires as if it had been in a barn for years. Keep in mind that I live in a clean town and not out in the country and we do not have a rodent problem. Immediately after this my mom calls the owner Edward Smith he tells her to call him back the next day and that he will talk to a business partner. My mom calls back the next day and he blames me for what happened to the car. My mom told him what the mechanic said about the wiring being chewed out and he proceeds to say that when he was 16 he drove his car recklessly too and that I’m the reason why it broke down. I would not buy from this sketchy place please dont make the same mistake as I did.

Review №7

Ed was great to work with!

Review №8

My daughter purchased a vehicle there the other day and ran into problems before they were out of town. He told her to bring it back and they were willing to return her money or fix the problem. When you buy a used vehicle, its the buyers responsibility as soon as you drive it off the lot! Period. Thats a chance you take when buying a used car. Ed fixed the problem and is meeting her partway (she was 5 hours away) to help her get her van. WHO DOES THIS?? Thank you for standing behind the vehicles you sell. You are a man of integrety!

Review №9

Bought a 2013 Hyundai Elentra, not even 24hrs after buying the car the engine started leaking all fluids, won’t start and needs the head gasket fixed. Called the owner and his response was not my problem the car was running and driving right when bought it so it’s not my problem and hung up.

Review №10

Auper helpful and knowledgeable car dealership, I have gone to Ed for years for car repair and cars super reasonable and on time. Prices are fair!!!!!!!!!!!!I appreciate his car lot and you can get a cool phone case from the cell phone side while you check out his cars or auto repair🤗

Review №11

This place was terrible. My brother bought a car for his 16th birthday, and 6 weeks later the car broke down. We called to ask them if they could do anything and they said no and blamed my brother for the car breaking down “While doing 16 year old things”

Review №12

I purchased a car from here a few months ago. I love my car but I do have one issue. the car that I purchased was fairly inexpensive for the car that it is. at first I didnt understand why. I asked the gentleman who sold it to me if there was anything wrong with the car and he said no. the only thing he mentioned was that the airbag light was on but that it had been replaced already. after a few days I noticed that the car was making a weird noise. I took it back in to get it looked at and the owner assured me that it would get fixed. after leaving my car there for a few hours, I went back to pick it up and was again assured that it was fixed only to find out it was exactly the same. Mind you I paid for this. so I decided to not take the car back to them and take it elsewhere. I find out today that it may be an issue with the transmission which would cost roughly around $2,300. I now understand why the car was so inexpensive but I am also disappointed that the owner was not upfront with me about this issue. all in all, Im not sire if I would purchase another var from there.

Review №13

Great experience. Car are worth the price. Owner works in a nice timely manner. Bought a mini van. Its a great work horse.

Review №14

Bought a used car there on June 29. Still waiting on license plates. County has no record of title. Call Blue Sky and the guy tells me we have to come back and sign the title! Why didnt they have me do that three weeks ago when I bought it?? Said they didnt have it at the time... very shady business.. stay away.

Review №15

Horrible place! Came to buy a car and salesman was extremely rude! No greeting or anything so felt like we we weren’t welcomed! Won’t recommend and won’t be coming back ever!

Review №16

BUYERS BEWARE!! Very sketchy place, very shady owners, liars and scammers, have had to create multiple social media accounts to hide their bad reviews. I wish I had seen all reviews before I considered buy from Edwin. No morals and no integrity, would never recommend.

Review №17

You have to bear in mind that all the vehicles are late model high mile vehicles. They buy them at auctions and really dont worry about the car being perfect as any vehicle with miles over 100,000 is going to have problems. Ill admit that at first Ed comes off rude, but hes really just blunt and some people wont like that. If you want a beater car that for a few hundred in parts for a do-it-yourselfer repair, than this is the place. If youre looking for perfection in your $1000.00 car, than maybe this isnt the place for you.

Review №18

Owner was interesting. Business was very hard to fine and no place to park.

Review №19

DO NOT SHOP THERE TERRIBLE BUSINESSI bought a Chrysler Pacifica 2004 from that place and I talked to the owner he said their was absolutely nothing wrong with the vehicle so I test run the car everything seems good, so I purchase the vehicle cuz Im a father of three so not even a day later I noticed that every time ac was running it smelled like an exhaust soon after that my car started kicking at 30 miles an hour I ended up taking it to a mechanic and turns out that the people from that lot had temporarily cover an oil leak in the motor and in the transmission. So after the guy knowing I needed the vehicle for the family he didnt hesitate telling me the vehicle had major issues and it could leave me stranded. Not trust worthy never buying a vehicle from there again.By the way owner if your seeing this Im the latino guy who bought the green chrysler Pacifica for 2 grand bout a year ago since I signed it as is with out knowing the major damage I just thought about leaving a review now

Review №20

DO NOT BUY from Blue Sky Motors! Horrible experience. Since July, had issues for 2 months getting the licensing and valid title. Had to involve IA-DOT Bureau of Investigation. I understand used cars, but to be INOPERABLE within 3 MONTHS?! Since having car, have had the following issues: major transmission, serpentine belt, battery, keyless entry (car alarm goes off for no reason!), electrical system and now the water pump. Scott, Edwin and anyone else I spoke with were frustrating and shameful.

Review №21

Great place. Friendly staff. Very patient with you. If you need a vehicle theyll get you one. Got a beater 2004 Impala for $500.00. they helped me out a lot.

Review №22

Friendly no pressure used car lot. Was looking for a second car for just running around. Found perfect one and got a great deal.

Review №23

He has a razor blade so that he can take stickers off sold cars. He sold me a car a year ago. Yes I had to fix a couple of things but shes still going strong. Its an eastside dealership, not Stew Hansens. Calm down and quit being bitter.

Review №24

The owner is very friendly and helpful. The cars are clean and they are awesome people to buy a car from.

Review №25

Worst place ever. If you want rude smart ass people who obviously do not care about selling a vehicle then go here. Otherwise stay away! Quick look around, a very short test drive and it was very clear how junk the vehicles are. Prices are too high for condition of the vehicles and unfortunately the person I had the not so great pleasure of dealing with didnt seem trustworthy in the slightest bit.

Review №26

If I could do no stars I would, bought a truck there that they obviously never even looked at, just stuck a price tag on it. Now have to replace ball joints and tie rods. DO NOT buy from this place, prices ARE too good to be true.

Review №27

Had a great car for my daughter, had it checked by mechanic before purchasing all is good.

Review №28

I love their mechanic and owner they are always helpful

Review №29

Nice little used car lot. Friendly staff and good selection.

Review №30

The place is great to get a vehicle

Review №31

The owner at Blue Sky Auto did great

Review №32

Was very happy with the car I purchased adn the treatment I got at Blue Sky Motors. Had a small issue after sale and they helped me out.

Review №33

Got a good deal there bought way below book.price

Review №34

Excellent experience. Highly recommended for used cars.

Review №35

Worst experience ever. Saw a 2001 BMW on Craigslist for $2600 at this location so thought wed check it out. Walked up into the car lot office and it was absolutely filthy. Ed the alleged owner seemed like he was on coke or crack. He didnt even say hello or stand up when we walked in. He just stared at us with wide glassy eyes. When we told him what we were interested in..he just threw the keys to the BMW at us with the license plate. My boyfriend and I were like, Um... so... and Ed just replied with Make sure you get the license plate magneted on right, most people try to stick it to the car. I guessed he was letting us test drive it. It ran OK but the brakes were clearly going out. We brought it back and negotiated the price to $2500 for the worn down brakes. Ed acted like he was in a HUGE hurry to sell the car. We explained that wed need to go through our bank for financing (as this place doesnt finance) and he acted like this was just a huge problem. Ive never in my LIFE dealt with a business owner who was so rude. He actually had a razor blade out on his desk and was fiddling around with us while we were trying to work out a deal. YES A RAZOR BLADE!! We really wanted the car so the next day I took time off work, visited with my bank, filled out a loan application, printed off pay stubs and had everything ready to go before noon when ED said hed be at the car lot. I called him at 12:15 sharp and said we were awaiting approval for the $2600 cash - and he again CUT ME OFF and said HEY I GOT A LOT OF PEOPLE INTERESTED IN THIS CAR SO I CANT WAIT AROUND. And I said Um, you told us last night you had no calls on it. He then claimed a bunch of people called today to buy it. I said Well if someone has $2600 in cash - go ahead and sell it - but we dont have that kind of money just lying around - were following protocol. He hurried off the phone and Im not kidding... 15 minutes later he called me back and told me it was sold. LIAR. This guy and his assistant seemed like total shysters - acted cracked out and flaky - it was just the WORST experience ever. I ran the CarFax for this vehicle and it turned out that it had FIVE owners and hadnt had an oil change in FOUR years. This tells me the engine was probably ready to go out (as well as the brakes) - - and this dude was just trying to get it off his lot as quickly as possible while pretending it was in PERFECT condition. Lesson learned the hard way... go with your gut instinct. If a place is absolutely DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY and the business owners act like weird rude DRUGGIES... leave. Walk off the lot. I wish we had. We wasted a half of a day trying to jump through hoops DESPITE this dude being a weirdo - only to have him YANK the car out from under us before we even got financed. Just a gross gross experience and it totally ruined our day. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №36

Daughter bought a 2004 impala from bluesky and she loved it thing was she could do a buy here pay here for it!! thanks lindsay trammel

Review №37

Nice little car lot, staff was friendly. Quality cars.

Review №38

Bought a van from the owner, Ed. The van did not have AC in the back seats. Make sure you do a full check before you finalize your purchase.

Review №39

Good sales, good cars and good after sales.

Review №40

Sold me a crappy car with oil leak blew motor never mentioned this guy is a scammer

Review №41

Seems kinda shady

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