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15291 Creativity Dr, Culpeper, VA 22701, United States
Schewel Furniture Company
Review №1

Chris and Buck the delivery guys are AMAZING! My sister was home while they delivered and put together my bed frame (I already had the mattress and box spring but was waiting on the bed frame). When I came home, I saw they had even made my bed. Also, when they first made a delivery for us on Saturday, although there was some damage to the furniture, the boys did everything they could to make it right. You guys are the best and God bless you both!

Review №2

I was very worried about the outcome of my furniture exchange with insurance. To my surprise, it was great. I got a store credit and new furniture and the entire Schewls team worked to make my experience a good one. Yea Schwels . You nailed it

Review №3

My experience at Schewels of Culpeper Va was incredible. The sales staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about the appliances we were interested in. I have shopped at Schewels many times and will keep coming back.

Review №4

I had great experience at Schewels. Everyone was so helpful and I was able to purchase appliance that I wanted

Review №5

Living in a small town in Virginia, things like nice furniture and good mattresses are hard to come by. We are often forced to go to a big town for quality items. We stopped at Schewel’s to see about a full-size mattress and box spring set for our son. The salesman, Kevin was very helpful and helped us find just what we needed with no pressure. The ladies who set up our payment were also very helpful and made setting up delivery a breeze. Definitely going back to our local Schewel’s!

Review №6

Selection isnt fantastic and sales people hover like vultures. Even after you say just looking, they follow you around and lurk everywhere.I understand your job is commission based, give me your name or a card and Ill find you when I need you. The more you lurk, the less likely Ill be to make a purchase.

Review №7

Looking for bunk beds for when grandchildren spend the night. Jill helped us find a sturdy set at a reasonable price. “Grands” love the beds!

Review №8

The customer service was outstanding. Everyone from Dave to Kevin and Gladys were amazing and super helpful.

Review №9

The representative was knowledgeable, courteous and not at all pushy. She provided us with the best price and explained the warranty in a way that was easy to understand. The price was reasonable compared to some other stores we had been in. I will definitely include them in our next furniture search.

Review №10

We’ve never been to the store! New in town! What a surprise and the Staff (Christopher) greeted us and then let us explore! We purchased a couch and loveseat! What a deal and easy to order! During the Covid it’s difficult to sit and touch the furniture! We also are getting the delivery in a rapid time(1week)! Hope the next steps go as positive😉

Review №11

The Sales clerk was so caring and respectful,Exactly how it suppose to be would recommend friends and family to visit the store...and I diffinently be back..

Review №12

Finally found the perfect leather recliner at Schewel Furniture in Culpeper, VA. An absolutely wonderful sales associate, Cheryl, was my guide and made the purchase so easy. She answered my questions and was very helpful. I highly recommend Schewel Furniture!

Review №13

Nice salesperson, nice manager but a very rude clerk. I am amazed she has stayed employed with such a great disregard for customer service skills. Consider this quote, Nothing will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one.The same can be said of a great customer experience.What could have been 5 stars turned to 1 star because a bad employee was tolerated.

Review №14

I love schewels. I have bought many pieces of furniture from here. I have to knock off 2 stars as I ordered a replacement cord for my couch that I bought from schewels 4 months ago at this point and I haven’t even got one update. I’m stuck with a couch that doesn’t recline/work that I’m still paying on. I’ve called multiple times and it’s the same answer “we’ll let you know when we have an update”. 4 months later no update, no cord, a useless couch.

Review №15

Furniture is very reasonable and of good quality. They also have a wide verity of furniture. They have some great salesmen but Kevin is at the top of my list.I So when you go to look for furniture ask For Kevin Arrington.

Review №16

Schewel Furntiure has most everything you could need for your home and always exceeds in excellent customer service

Review №17

Always a pleasure doing business with this store. They are all friendly and helpful. I had issues with a sofa I bought less then a year ago and they replaced it with no hassle. Make sure to always purchase the extended warranty its well worth it. And there delivery guys are professional and very careful to not mess up your walls etc. Overall a great place to go to get furniture.

Review №18

Sales person very professional and was able to meet my needs and credit department great with getting me instant credit have been with Schewel furniture for years and have always been satisfied with their merchandise and professional sales personnel

Review №19

Sales lady was very friendly as soon as I walked through the door. She answered questions and helped without rushing me.Awsome Customer Service and that you dontfind much anymore!!Scheduler for delivery was able to squeeze me in for delivery the day guest were coming.The first date was after guest would have left!Thank you so much!!!

Review №20

From beginning to end it was an easy seamless process to purchase my furniture piece. Chris on the sales floor was very helpful! Then there was Judy at the desk who took care of payment and paperwork- such a kind soul. So rare to find these days and I appreciate it more than she’ll ever know!

Review №21

Great customer service, Our sales person Kevin was wonderful to work with, we order nother sofa for my parents, so we will be back, again thank you for the service

Review №22

Excellent service and the office plus the sales people were wonderful. Will definitely be going back soon. Thank you for a beautiful laundry room!!!!

Review №23

Friendly staff. Excellent service. Very helpful.

Review №24

Very friendly staff. Knowledgable of product and warranty. Fast check out after purchase

Review №25

Found a couch I wanted on Schewels website for $780 so I went into the Culpeper location to try it out. The price tag on the couch said $780. The salesperson told me thats the sale price because there was a BOGO sale. So I could pay $1400 for two couches or $1400 for one couch. I disagreed, stating the price on their website, as well as the fact that $780x2 does not equal the $1400 shes claiming. She said it is what it is.I left and drove to the Charlottesville location and they sold me the exact same couch for $780. I had the couch shipped to the Culpeper location for pickup. It was like pulling teeth to get the thing!TL;DR You have to make an appointment to pick up your stuff from their warehouse location (16088 Braggs Corner Rd) and dont expect them to treat you with any kind of professionalism or courtesy.Called Culpeper store to confirm my couch arrived. They said yes. Great, Ill come grab it from your store, do I come around back? No, you go to the warehouse. I wait. Nothing further. Okay, wheres the warehouse? Up the street. WHAT IS THE ADDRESS? 16088 Braggs Corner Rd. It also has its own phone number 825-8359. (This was not offered either, I had to ask.) Probably dont bother calling because they didnt pick up the phone any of the times I called.I go at 5 pm, probably an hour after that conversation. Door was locked and nobody answered my knock. It is a creepy gravel parking lot with a broken sign. No phone number or hours listed online or on the warehouse door. I call the store and am told, oh they close at 5 but pack and lock up at 4:45. Hmm mightve been nice to know they have different hours than the store when we talked earlier?I go two days later. Call before going (2:45), theyre out on a delivery but will be back soon Fine, l get there at 4. Door is locked, nobody answers my knocking or phone call. Call the store again oh haha I just left there, Ill drive back I wait 15 mins and two employees show up. They did not exchange pleasantries and only spoke to tell me to sign the paperwork. Husband said thanks for your help, they do not respond. Also there was an employee inside when they unlocked the door who helped load my truck. So he was just ignoring the phone and my knock.

Review №26

Store is always clean & staff is super friendly. Especially Kevin, he always goes above & beyond. As long as hes there. Ill be a customer for life!!

Review №27

I went to pay a bill and I think if it wasnt for the salesperson who came from the floor, I probably would have been standing there waiting for someone to come take my money. The products they sell are good products. I think there should be a way to lay online so this can avoided in the future. Dont like going in there and having that feeling.

Review №28

I have been going to Schewels in Culpeper for a couple of years and couldnt be happier. The staff are all very nice and helpful but not overbearing. The office is professional and, again, very helpful. Importantly, they delivered in a timely manner and on time. I had a problem with a piece of furniture, not their fault, but they took care of it immediately. Their sales are good, too.

Review №29

Salesperson was great and very patient with us. The whole team was wonderful. Will buy again.

Review №30

I went into the Culpeper store with my mother so she could check out their recliners. The sales price was so good that I bought one for my self as well.Everyone in the store was super nice and we weren’t pressured to buy anything.

Review №31

Everyone there was very kind and professional they had just what i was looking for I was in and out with not time wasted. Thanks as well to the gentle men that help to load my washing machine. God bless you all and stay safe.

Review №32

We just recently purchased some living room furniture and was able to pick it up same-day. The customer service at this location is amazing. We were able to get a great, affordable price from Chris and we were well on our way. Will definitely be returning here for future furniture purchases.

Review №33

I do not go into stores because I am immune system deficient. I was looking on line for a new couch and when I found what I wanted, I thought, I will just run by and if there are not a bunch of people in the store I will risk going in to see the couch in person. The sales person was very good at keeping his distance and wearing a mask. I felt very safe in the store. It was wonderful. I got exactly what I wanted. Thank-you to all the helpful staff including finance. Cindy

Review №34

I have nothing but great things to say about Schewels. In December, I decided to purchase a recliner, for my husband for Christmas. As their regular delivery date was on a Saturday, and he would be home, they accommodated me and brought it on a different day so it could be a surprise. We recently just made another purchase of a sofa set, this being our fourth purchase as a family, and as always the sales staff is very professional. The best part is they’re not pushy, they’re there if you need help, but they let you move about the store and do your own thing. It’s my go to place for furniture.

Review №35

A nice place to buy furniture 😉🤠

Review №36

My first time ever entering the store. We were looking for a farm style table that was well built. Our salesman was honest with us and made a recommendation. My wife and I are extremely satisfied with our purchase. The table and chairs are excellent quality and we are sure they will last a long time! We will be back!

Review №37

Always a good experience at Schewels

Review №38

We were able to purchase exactly what we needed efficiently. The loading team member was amazing! Only quibble is that all the sales staff should be completely masked (including noses) to keep customers safe.

Review №39

I was quite pleased with the service I received at your store.This is my second purchase from your store. Thank you again ..

Review №40

At first, we had a great experience with Schewels. We were told everything we ordered was in stock and would be ready for delivery within 2 weeks. Once the sale occurred then the real Schewels customer service kicked in. Which is, they will not make any effort to communicate or work hard for you. We had to call several times just to get an answer about a timeframe of when the delivery crew would arrive. The manager told my husband the crew would call us the day before to confirm a time. False. We had to call and were told they do not give timeframes. Even the day of the delivery they would not tell us when they would arrive.Then, when the delivery did arrive, surprise, we were missing furniture. Only to be told by the delivery crew that it was on back order. Not once, did someone from Schewels call us to let us know that it was on back order. Again, WE had to call them. The manager told us on the phone it should be in stock and would call us back in an hour to confirm. THREE DAYS LATER, WE had to call the manager. This time we were told it wouldnt be available til mid-August. Then tried to push the used item on the floor. No. We purchased a new item not a used item on the floor. Thanks.August 17th came and no call from Schewels with an update. WE had to call again and now they wont deliver til mid September. This place is a joke. The customer service is absolutely terrible. The manager obviously doesnt have customer service training and needs to go to communication classes. If your manager cant remember to call and update customers on unexpected changes or updates then you need to look elsewhere for new employees. We will never buy from Schewels again. I suggest you find a different furniture company to give you good service.

Review №41

Staff is always friendly; very prompt in offering assistance.

Review №42

We went to culpeper schewels to replace our washer and dryer that had broken. We got very quick and kind service. The specific washer and dryer we wanted was not in stock but the associate quickly showed us similar options within our budget and we were able to purchase our new washer and dryer that day. Cheryl was more than helpful during our entire experience and even sent a follow up letter to thank us again. Cheryl is the woman to talk to if you are looking for a positive experience while shopping at this schewels!

Review №43

Wonderful staff and great selection. Worked with us on pricing and payments. Kevin is amazing !!!!

Review №44

Was taken care of quickly and efficiently. All questions answered with no issues. Overall super nice staff. Wish they had longer working hours but a easy and nice experience purchasing my furniture.

Review №45

I was recently in the Culpeper store with my husband. We really wanted to make a large purchase but while we was there what we witnessed was absolutely sad and we decided to take our business elsewhere. There was a lady in the office who seemed to asked a delivery person to help his other delivery coworkers out. Well he began yelling at her and using foul language which he should have been fired on the spot. He then proceeded to walk to the showroom and sit down and continue his rant. It was absolutely poor taste and not the experience we wanted. If you have employees like that, that dont want to do their jobs, fire them and hire people who really would need to work and would appreciate the value of a job. I give one star for the poor lady in the office and for the salesman who lost a sale.

Review №46

I purchased a full-size couch, matching loveseat and a reclining chair, the process was very smooth, the sales associate was super nice, helpful and patient. The price was very reasonable an they gave me a small discount for a small stain on the loveseat, the only thing stars is one of the pillows had stuffing coming out (no tear or anything just coming out between the seam stitching more of a manufacturing thing) we were able to pick up same day an I financed 4 months same as cash and they have a great 4yr warranty which is great Bc I have 4 kids an a pup! I recommend schwels to anyone looking to get new furniture!

Review №47

This place is a good choice if you need to get furniture, and don’t want to make the drive to Northern Va.. prices are definitely higher than say a furniture warehouse type store..but they offer financing even if your credit score isn’t the best. There’s a good selection of bedroom/living room furniture, they also have mowers/air conditioners/chainsaws/t.v’s..the sales people are not pushy at all but very helpful, and friendly. The ladies that write up the contracts are really helpful. It was a good experience overall.

Review №48

We have been dealing with Schewel for for about 25 years and have numerous pieces of furniture from our local store. They have been able to provide what we were looking for and delivered on the date promised.

Review №49

Very friendly people and Im getting the beautiful sofa delivered to my apt monday! Cant wait.

Review №50

Purchased 2 La-Z-Boy Rocker Recliners.Had a problem with one of the chairs a few days after delivery.Called and spoke to Judy at Schewels Culpeper, she immediately had the problem chair replaced.Great people to deal with, glad we shopped local.

Review №51

Friendly, relaxed, knowledgeable! I’m will get more furniture from them. Just wish there was a store closer to me!

Review №52

Place if u r trying to stay within a budget and get nice qualify furniture..have fun shopping

Review №53

No pressure buying experience, listened to what I needed and promised delivery before surgery! Doing paperwork was a breeze and pleasant experience. I have over the past 35 years, bought a number of items at Schewels and have been very pleased.

Review №54

Great service. Attentive. No pressure sales.

Review №55

Great deal. Great service. Great experience. Drove all over Charlottesville looking for a table set. Should have known to stay close to our home in Culpeper. Everything we needed and more. Brought our first family room set 20 years ago here looking forward to another 20 years of great service.

Review №56

I have bought a lot of furnature from Schewels Furnature stores over the last 20 years, they are good to deal with and they sell quality furnature and have a lot of good sales through ot the year. In all of my dealings with them I dont have any complaints.

Review №57

I bought some lovely furniture for my new home today. The sales person was very helpful and respectful without being pushy! Really enjoyed my shopping experience there!

Review №58

Great buying experience. Had what we wanted at a fair price.

Review №59

Just bought a couch. Salesperson Chris was very helpful but not pushy.

Review №60

The couch I was told I was getting was suppose to be a motorized recliner according to sales ad and sales woman Cheryl. Once I picked it up from the warehouse and unloaded it I noticed it was not motorized. I went back to the store and they told me I got the recliner I was suppose to. The sales ad is false advertisement and the staff gave mis-information. The finance manager did refund me the $100 warranty for the motor parts and was professional. Very disappointed otherwise. I do not recommend buying from here.

Review №61

Help was great. I was able to find what I wanted, in and out quickly. Very pleased with the service.

Review №62

The staff was amazing! My sales woman was also a interior decorator. I was very pleased with her suggestions and my apartment looks amazing. Thanks

Review №63

They seem to have redecorated it looks very nice and comfortable. The employees were very welcoming and asked us if we needed help but never bugged us. We are in need of furniture its been 28 years since we bought furniture from them. It has lasted us that long so grateful and good quality. Still havent made a decision on what we want lol. We are buying a home so will need furniture 😁😁💜

Review №64

Jill was great and helped us find the furniture we needed. The prices were reasonable, plus both pieces were on sale. The store delivered the furniture to our home for free.

Review №65

Welcomed warmly with no pressure! Thats a big plus for me as I like to look and not be badgered, if I had a question on an item they were on it and also werent in it for the sale and had no problem showing me items that were at a lower price point that provided more options. They took time and showed me their protection plans and explained in detail. Good solid customer service and provided me with the most options to save money on my purchase. Would highly recommend the Culpeper store as a good store to furnish your home.

Review №66

Texted me without my permission out of the blue to leave a rating. No idea who these people are but would not recommend their business practices

Review №67

I needed a new washer/dryer and they were an authorized dealer for Speed Queen. It was my first time shopping at a Schewels. Kevin and the rest of the staff were very efficient and helpful when I made my purchase.

Review №68

I can honestly say that there is not a better furniture store around! Chris was very helpful And went above and beyond to help me find the right living Room furniture and the ladies in the office Are so kind and helpful.

Review №69

Chris Jones is the absolute best salesperson at Schewels in Culpeper. He is so kind, honest and overall just wonderful! Jenny in the office was also amazing, so patient and wonderful personality. Thanks so much Chris and Jenny for being so wonderful!

Review №70

Always a great experience at Schewels in Culpeper, Virginia.

Review №71

Didn’t have a loft bed but the lady was very nice

Review №72

I’ve used Schewels many of times for different needs. I’ve purchased appliances and furniture over the years and have always been extremely satisfied with the quality of the products and their service.

Review №73

Walked in and was offered assistance right away. We were not pressured or coerced in any way. If we had questions they were answered immediately. We found what we were looking for.

Review №74

The sales process was very good as well as the financing service. I have bought several items over the years and I have an extended warranty on my dryer and big screen tv, Each one after a repair failed again and Schwells replaced the items at no charge. So on my new refrigerator I purchased the warranty so hopefully I won’t have any problems. The deliver guys did a great job getting the fridge in the house with no damage. I had to take the front door off the hinges, after that it came right in. So over all the sales, service and financing was all excellent and painless, Good Home Town Service

Review №75

Was able to order the frame rails I needed and will pick them up on Friday. Thanks for you assistance.

Review №76

Great experience. Definitely would recommend to friends and family for purchases. Collin was great and eager to help. Jenny was also so kind and very helpful, between the two of them the visit was short and sweet and I got exactly what I came for.

Review №77

They are always friendly and will work hard to help you come up with an informed decision

Review №78

My experience was great! I do enjoyed working with connor, he was very respectful and not pushy at all. He was straightforward and honest. I would highly recommend this store to anyone.....Nancy Perkins

Review №79

I wanted to support local business for my furniture purchase but the sales person was so over-the-top pushy that it was very uncomfortable to be in the store. I honestly considered telling him kindly that he should dial it way back. Perhaps this review can help with employee training. But we really could not get out of there fast enough! :(

Review №80

Reggie was fantastic! He greeted us quickly, showed us the area to begin and left us to browse, while constantly keeping an eye, in case we needed him. As soon as we had a question, Reggie was there to answer it, and once we made a decision, he was there to help us with all the information and get us ready to check out. His timing was impeccable! Reggie was friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. We will be back to buy a new dining room and sofa, and we hope to deal with him again.

Review №81

Id been wanting to buy a full bed, mattress set, and dresser and when I received the advertisement that practically everything was on sale for one day, I went to Schewels. I was already familiar with the store because Id formerly bought a sofa, rocker, coffee table, and dining room table and chairs at various times over the past 13 years. The store always looks nice, giving you decorating ideas. A very helpful and knowledgeable sales person named Jenny soon greeted me and showed me various options within my price range. With her help, I soon selected the items I wanted and was turned over to another person to complete my payment and arrange delivery. It was a very pleasant experience and a great sale. I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my new furniture items.

Review №82

Phenomenal experience! Answered all my questions, didnt hassle me while browsing, great deal on my furniture, easy to work with, and got to take it home same day--they even loaded it up for me. Will definitely be back.

Review №83

Outstandind!! Merry Christmas 🎅

Review №84

Jill is the best and only sales person I deal with!! She’s very knowledgeable and definitely helps with designs and what will suit my family the best! She’s not pushy nor overbearing. Plus the credit manager and store manager fantastic!!!

Review №85

Awesome customer service and very friendly. Went out of there way to help me locate a piece of furniture I really wanted and was no longer in stock. Made furniture shopping enjoyable!!

Review №86

I had a good experience. Collin McCormac was very helpful and friendly. Not as overbearing as most sales people are. Definitely would recommend him if you’re in the market for furniture.

Review №87


Review №88

Shopping here for over 20 years. Cheryl and Lisa are the best at accommoding customers with the best selection and financing. Always satisfied with Schewels

Review №89

Quick, friendly, and knowledgeable!

Review №90

We had a great, no pressure experience. Collin was helpful and polite. He presented our options and respected our choices.

Review №91

Your sales consultant, Collin McCormac, was friendly, respectful and courteous. He was knowledgeable about the product I was interested in purchasing. I would recommend Collin to my family and friends for their purchasing needs.

Review №92

Mr. Kevin Arrington was very helpful.

Review №93

Great customer service. Collin was a tremendous sales representative. Very attentive to customer needs and goes the extra mile to make sure youre satisfied.

Review №94

Excellent service and attention to my wants and needs. Who could ask for more.

Review №95

Very friendly people and easy to work with great customer service

Review №96

Collin was wonderful to deal with, very helpful without being pushy. Excellent customer service and delivery team.

Review №97

Great customer service and pricing. Collin did an awesome job helping pick out furniture and informing me of warranty and financing options.

Review №98

Collin you were AWESOME, thanks so much for your impeccable customer service!

Review №99

Every time I go in this store Im greeted by some amazing, friendly people!! Theyve got good prices, lots of options and PHENOMENAL customer service!! Gotta go see the young sales lady Jill! Shes the best!!

Review №100

I went in to Schewel’s looking for a chair with arms for my 84 year old mother since she just had knee replacement surgery. I was greeted by Collin McCormac. I told him what I wanted and he was so helpful in walking me all over the store to find exactly what I needed at a great price. Then, he helped load it in the back of my truck. That is what every salesman/woman should do! Thanks, Collin!

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