Stew Hansen Collision Center
2094 NW 114th St, Clive, IA 50325, United States
Stew Hansen Collision Center
Review №1

On arrival discovered they are remodeling the entire building! A sign directed us to a street address. Google led us a few blocks to the temporary location. Advance notice would have been much appreciated. But service was good and staff friendly.

Review №2

Wanted to get a hitch installed on our 2021 Tucson. Went in to get it installed said it would be about ½ hour. Decided to wait for it since it’s only ½ hour, 1 hour goes by and no one comes to talk to me about anything. I go to talk to someone, “We are having trouble getting things connected, should be another 10min” ½ hour goes by and still nothing. Go to find out what’s the deal is. “Going to be about 45min until things are finished. Wish I would have just dropped it off instead of wasting my time waiting. Concerned since they install hitches on other Tucson’s why was this one so difficult to install, hope it’s not defective.

Review №3

Everyone is great; but it is very difficult to get in contact with the person you were speaking with at the dealership

Review №4

Treated me very important. Professional and courtesy service. Excellent job.

Review №5

Had my car repaired due to an accident and got my car returned with green paint on opposite side of area that needed repair and chips and scratches on my car that weren’t there prior to the repair. Got my car back and the inside was dusty and seats were covered with dust that I had to clean myself. How my car was returned to me was not professional and if you have it for 2 weeks I should get my car back in better condition not worse. Won’t be using them for any repairs anymore.

Review №6

Dan was wonderful!!! I got in right away, was treated excellent and had my vehicle touched up in little time. Best customer service experience I’ve had in years by far! I’ll definitely send my friends and family here and be back.

Review №7

2019 jeep Cherokee with 23K and a stress crack in the windshield. Stew Hansen and Jeep will not warranty it. Stew Hansen confirmed it was a stress crack and not a rock chip, I would not recommend either for future purchases

Review №8

The Collision Center is fast, efficient, and excellent to work with.

Review №9

Stew hands on did great...Dan with the body shop was awesome. They got work done earlier than expected! We got to see what Stew could do for you (me) and Nationwide was in our side too! Two plus big thumbs up 👍👍 + 👍👍!

Review №10

Did a great job on my sons car. Also had it done before the holidays!!

Review №11

I got into a small collision when I backed into a pole. My car sustained damage to the rear. I took my car to the Collision Center for a quote--it came to around $2,700 to repair. I do not plan on going through my insurance for the repairs because of the nature of the accident. I inquired about a payment plan option. I was told that the shop is not allowing payment plans at this time. I think this is extremely disappointing and lacks character as a business. The county is going through a pandemic right now and financial times are hard. I personally am going through a move right now and recently transitioned jobs. So I know that I can definitely pay the bill within a few months--just not all at one time. If a customer wants to set up a payment schedule to pay a bill, I think it is poor taste to completely shut that option off. Very disappointed as a customer.

Review №12

Was referred here by Smart Honda. I got rear ended. I told the guy who ran the collision center that my vehicle had issues in the back right tire before they even looked at it. I get a call stating that everything is fine and the only thing that needs replaced is my muffler. After being persistent about checking the back right tire, they finally do. (Even though the whole car should have been inspected considering that’s their job). He calls back and says a shock was blown. Shouldn’t that be noticed right away? Without me, who knows nothing about cars, telling them what to do? So they fix it and I pick up my car and it’s driving just as bad if not worse now. It’s almost like they intentionally didn’t fix it so I would be in the position to buy a new car...and they just happen to be a dealership. Bogus.

Review №13

I took my car in to have the rear bumper and hatch replaced/repaired after my car was hit while parked. John was great from beginning to end. They are very quick about getting you an estimate and I got my car back the day he said it would be done. They also made sure I had my rental all set up prior to bringing my car in to be repaired. I will always go back to Billion Collision Center for my repairs if ever needed again.

Review №14

Highly recommend Billion Collision Center for vehicle repair needs! I was involved in a car accident (rear-ended at a red light) and needed to get my vehicle repaired. I thought for sure the process of working with insurance, the collision center, a rental car company, etc. would be a nightmare and so much work and frustration. But it was the complete opposite. Billion took care of everything, worked with my insurance and was wonderful to work with! They made the process seamless and so much easier than I anticipated. Everything went very smoothly and didn’t take much time at all. They were great! Highly recommend!

Review №15

John, who I saw first at Billion was welcoming, but cool about it. Informed and educated me very well about the process and once the process began was very attentive about my car repair.Missy, who I spoke on the phone with was informative about my car’s repair and was even apologetic about the delayed final process of my car. It wasn’t even her fault but it shows that she cared.My car looks brand new after its repair, so kudos to the guys who worked on it.

Review №16

Outstanding service. Had a small problem with the upper lip of the rear door on my SUV. Brought it in thinking replacement and instead the excellent people in the collision shop were able to fix it quickly while I waited. Cant thank them enough.

Review №17

John and team were amazing in working with my schedule to get my car fixed as soon as possible. I appreciate how timely they were with taking me and picking me up from work so my car could be fixed. I also appreciate the fact that they washed my car with our cold temperatures that had prevented me from being able to do so. Thank you so much!!

Review №18

My car looks beautiful. The repair job was excellent. The length of time needed to do the repair was rather lengthy. None the less, I would recommend them and I would go there again if I needed their services.

Review №19

Great experience! 4 stars because they told me it would take 4 days to fix my car and they kept it for 10 days. Car was well cleaned and the exterior repair was beautiful.

Review №20

One in a Billion! My bumper replacement went off without a hitch. It was done in a day+1/2! The staff was welcoming and professional. They even washed the exterior AND vacuumed the interior! I can’t say enough about their quality, customer service and my overall experience. Thank you for making it easy.

Review №21

Daniel Cowan was amazing ! Stew Hansens should pray every night that they would have more employees like Dan. Give that man a pay raise . He deserves one. He has earned it by going above and beyond expectations.

Review №22

The people at billion provided what they promised in terms of getting my car done during the week. They worked with the insurance company seamlessly and all details were taken care of quickly. The people at the collision Center were friendly and courteous: especially the body shop manager John Thomas.

Review №23

My experience with Billion Collision was excellent. From the minute I checked my car in to be fixed to the minute I picked my car up, I was updated and informed. They made an inconvenient situation easy. The personnel was kind and professional. The work that was done on my car looks great. I would highly recommend Billion Collision for repairs.

Review №24

Weeks behind on car repair

Review №25

The people at Billion are incredibly professional. They did a great job on my car and completed it in a very timely manner. I would definitely return and will highly recommend them to others in the future. Thanks Billion!

Review №26

John and Joe went above and beyond! They helped me out with my Honda and provided a level of customer service not usually found in repair shops. They gained a loyal customer.

Review №27

They did an amazing job and made my car look like when I first bought it brand new. Thank you to Dan especially. He kept me informed on the status and progress of my car and when it was going to be done.

Review №28

Really great! John the manager is great to work with. Billion made my Honda look like new after getting hit in the back. Definitely would recommend to anyone!!

Review №29

Great communication and attention to detail. John Thomas provided me with continued updates, and step by step review of their process. I had a great experience with John and a Billion Auto Collision Center In Clive.

Review №30

This has been the single worst experience I have had with a body shop. They have no attention to detail, no respect for customer service, and cant stick to a schedule. The original repairs were supposed to take 3 days. Now I really dont care how long it takes because the job should be done well, but the shop didnt try to tell me anything was behind schedule. Every time i went to pick it up i was told to come back tomorrow. Finally I was presented with my vehicle. I could have done the work better myself in my garage. it looked as though the work had been done by a 16 year old. They refused to fix the car to a presentable level. Before taking it to the shop the car was new and pristine. Now its obviously been wrecked and you can tell whoever fixed it did not do a proper job.

Review №31

Nothing but positive customer service. I will only have my billion do all our body repairs on all of our vehicles. John was awesome to work with

Review №32

Poor communications. I had to call to get updates. Their phone tree is terrible to get to the right department. Other than that the work that was done was excellent. Problem was fixed as if nothing had happened to begin with.

Review №33

Excellent job! Car looks brand-new! John Thomas was excellent to work with!

Review №34

Excellent work and car looked great when done.Love how you do your estimates, drive inside and waited while estimate was done.Had a little challenge getting ahold of someone to determine when car would be done. We had a rental car while our car was being worked on so we had limited rental time. After a number of phone calls and leaving messages finally got ahold of someone at Billion to confirm completion date.Thank you for asking.Joe

Review №35

Work is good quality. Tumely status reports. Wish they detailed inside of car. Would make it 5 stars

Review №36

Did a good job on my car, but when they cleaned the inside of my car it looks worse than when I brought it in. Smeared something all over everything, cleaning solution on my seat that wont come off, wax everywhere that now I need to finish cleaning off. I wont be back. Mazda 3 sport

Review №37

I had an accident and they keep you well informed. They work well with their customers.

Review №38

A very satisfying experience. I was kept well informed from beginning to end.

Review №39

Billion Collision Center was great. They made the process smooth and easy.

Review №40

Overall I had a great experience here. They kept me updated every day with the status of my car while it was in the shop. They replaced a fender, a bumper cover, and a door skin on my Acura. They did a really good job re-welding the fender and replacing the door skin, the welds look professionally done, and you cant tell that the door skin was replaced at all. Unfortunately the only problem is that they did not blend the paint. The fender, bumper, and door skin that they replaced on my car is just a bit darker than the rest of the paint on my car, and you can clearly see the difference between the fender, bumper, and hood of my car. I wish that Billion had tried to blend it, even a little bit, because right now it doesnt look very good.UPDATE:They have color matched the paint for me after I asked them too!

Review №41

Very speedy, everything looked good as new, they even did a quick clean for the inside, great surprise!

Review №42

Billion Collision Center was very good. They were friendly. Every step of the way, they called to update me about my car. When I picked it up, the car looked brand new again.

Review №43

I hit a raccoon a few weeks and Billion Collision and their team took great care of me! Not only did they make the drop off situation easy on me, they even gave me a loaner car from their shop to drive while mine was getting fixed! After I made my claim I didnt even have to talk to the insurance company afterwards, billion tok care of the rest 😀. Thanks a billion Billion!!!!

Review №44

Billion was great at keeping me informed about the process and updates. I was super impressed.

Review №45

Stole my iPod. So theres that.If you get into an accident, get EVERYTHING out of your car, or they will.You dont have a record of me because my last name was different when I came in. That wont bring back my ipod, though. Or the cash swiped from the glovebox.

Review №46

Very friendly people, kept me updated with how the repair was going, explained all repairs. My csr looked great when I picked it up. Very clean inside and out .

Review №47

Finished car on time @ agreed upon price with very acceptable results. Complete process was A+

Review №48

Wonderful workmanship and professionalism. Highly recommend!

Review №49

Everyone was absolutely amazing. They left my car like new . Awesome job guys!!!!!!

Review №50

Great service replacing a damaged driver mirror!

Review №51

John the service manager goes above and beyond. He is wonderful

Review №52

They did a great job with my car and were very kind!

Review №53

Great place. They did a super job of taking care of me. Thanks Billion Team. You will get my business again.

Review №54

They took great care of my brand new Fiat

Review №55

Super service...but even better work... thanks a million, Billion!

Review №56

Repair looks ok but when they cleaned the inside of my car it looks worse than when I brought it in. Smears all over, cleaning solution on my seat that wont come off, and wax left everywhere they did work. I have to now clean my car after they cleaned my car. Probably wont be back. Mazda 3 sport, front left fender repair.

Review №57

Everyone was friendly and helpful

Review №58

Awesome!!!!! “Drop the mic”

Review №59

On time and on budget!

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  • Phone:+1 515-217-3500
  • Auto body shop
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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