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Pzaz Dresses
Review №1

I wish I did not even have to give them a 1 star ! I purchased a dress her for my daughter as she was a Maid of Honor in a wedding and they were so rude and unwelcoming I felt uncomfortable and completely disrespected. The dress was already purchased and the altering took us to the last minute and in the end she could not even wear it as she could not breath! If the business closes down it isn’t because of the lack of dresses but because of the disrespectfulness. I am disappointed I even purchased the dress there I would give my money to any another business than this one!

Review №2

No one greets you when you walk in which for me is already a reason to not want to shop here. I spent a good 10 minutes browsing and not one person came in to ask if I needed any help. Mind you, I was the ONLY customer in here. Overall, a bad customer service experience and not a place I’d spend my hard earned money at.

Review №3

Such a wonderful shopping experience. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They helped me pick the perfect mother of bride dress. I’m so grateful for all of their help and support. I highly recommend them!!!❤️

Review №4

Too expensive, not that big of selection and didnt have alot of dresses my size

Review №5

Amazing service made shopping for my daughters dress so pleasant. left making her the happiest girl in the world. Thank you.

Review №6

I had a great experience at Pzaz! The woman who work there were so kind and helpful- they even entertained my baby while I got pinned and my dress altered! They helped me find a beautiful gown for my daughters christening and my alterations were finished within a few days. I was nervous because I was only 2 weeks away from the party with nothing to wear but they had such a big selection and I was so happy with the dress I picked!

Review №7

Theres a great parking spot where you can cut school and watch Netflix on your iPhone. Its on the side of the building and its perfectly shaded right under a tree. Sometimes they come out to use the dumpster and give you a suspicious look.

Review №8

Visited the store on several occasions, trying to decide upon a mother-of-the bride dress. All the sales ladies were very helpful and patient. (One rainy afternoon I was there for hours trying on dresses!) After I finally made my selection, the dress was ordered and arrived on time. The seamstress was great too. I highly recommend this store.

Review №9

Wonderful staff and selection. I had a very pleasant experience picking out my prom dress. Everyone was super helpful and easy to talk to. They knew exactly what I wanted and helped me pick out the perfect dress. Definitely a place Id come back to in the future!

Review №10

Beautiful and original dresses, and the owner is really nice. The workers are very helpful also

Review №11

Considering this is my first prom it should be an exciting experience. Everybody at pizza made me so uncomfortable by ignoring me and giving me an attitude with every question I asked. When it came to alterations all I needed was it to be shortened and they said it would be done in four weeks. I received my dress back with every single pin still on the bottom and no change was made to my dress. I highly recommend no one to come here

Review №12

Tons of dresses, friendly staff and an overall great experience! I have bought dresses here for over 10 years. Formals, sweet 16, prom and now guest of weddings and even a bridemaid dress. Also, the alterations I always have come out amazing every time! I highly recommend Pzaz!

Review №13

I dont know but I maintain the property, Hes been in business a lonnnng time, he must know a thing or 2 about dresses.

Review №14

Bought a beautiful dress for my daughter for her Sweet 16 here. It was originally $400 on sale for $89

Review №15

I went their with my daughter for a senior prom dress. I found one that she adored but wanted to see if they had a different color and ofcourse, a size that would fit. I was told ok you dont like the color so thats that. Then another woman, I believe a supervisor said it MIGHT come in a different color but she wasnt sure it was actually made. So I waited 15 minutes for her to come back, take my name, so she could check with the company .... Nothing!!!! First of all NO ONE HELPED US FIND A DRESS. I ASKED 3 PEOPLE AND WAS told Yea the dresses go by color here. They wouldnt recommend a dress in the style and designer I liked. NO HELP!! NASTY! NOT interested in selling a dress and there were only 2 other people looking for dresses this night. Not Busy At All. 4 saleswoman, and the owner, I assume were there!

Review №16

Love all the ladies here, for the past 5 years they have went out of their way to help me find and order dresses for my god daughter and all her high school functions, in Arkansas. These ladies go above and beyond for their customers.

Review №17

They ordered the wrong size (too small) and refused to refund. Only would give store credit. F that.

Review №18

The staff here was so rude. I went with my little cousin who isnt a size 2. This place has 2/3/4/5/6 nothing in larger sizes. In front of my cousin the girl working there, actually an older woman said. She is a bit big for dresses we stock in this store. In front of other teen girls and moms. It held every once of my soul to not flip. How do you tell a child they just cause she is a little bigger than a 2/3 that they couldnt help her. We would have to send it out and pay for measurements and delivery and all extra stuff. No thanks you nasty, rude employee. Im sorry for the owner who has someone like that in her place. Hope the owner sees this and does an evaluation of her incredibly rude staff. DONT SHOP HERE UNLESS YOUR CHILD IS VERY TINY.

Review №19

Great store with excellent customer service and beautiful dresses.

Review №20

Theyre really rude lol

Review №21

It looks like it’s in a closed down shopping center but it’s a beautiful store with an absolutely beautiful selection of dresses . Very friendly and accommodating staff this is the 2nd dress I have purchased from them

Review №22

Very helpful and are priced very well. They try their best to make everything work in your favor.

Review №23

Always find what I need here. The service is wonderful

Review №24

Always the best service!! Four daughters, thousands of dollars in dresses because they make you feel special!

Review №25

Horrible!!!They are money hungry and bitchy old ladies (2 sisters). They do not want to help & roll their eyes if you dont like the way something fits.The one sister with the black hair is worse!I wanted my dress altered a 3rd time as I was still not happy after paying $700 plus alterations UP FRONT, the dress was still too big! I was told there is nothing else we can do! Under her breath as she walked away I hear there is always one!!shaking her head!Dont go there! you will be sorry. they are rude ! Even the owner is a jerk! when I complained to him he made up excuses for his bitchy sisters. Instead of apologizing & making the customer happy! He kept going on & on about how the business is run & comparing to a bridal shop!I was not complaining about the money ... He did not listen... and just wanted to shuffle me out the door! my problem was the dress was still too BIG!!!! I ended up going to a wonderful seamstress that fixed the dress and made it perfect after paying pzaz over $185 to alter the dress that they could not do correctly!

Review №26

11-11-17......after searching Smithaven Mall for wedding shoes for my daughter, we decided to try Pzaz. The store was pretty empty and some men were talking near the door. No one welcomed us in. We go to the shoe table and were greeted by an employee with “YOU HAVE A SHOE APPT.” I reply, “We are just looking.” We didn’t see any shoes fancy enough for a wedding, so we left. On the way out, my daughters heard the one guy whom I presume works there say, “What were you looking for that you were in and out of our store for?” Umm...assuming people are in your store for the wrong reason will not get you good reviews! Nor will your nasty sales lady get you a good review! We were in the store for a legit reason...a quick look at shoes to see if anything was what we were looking for. If there was anything worthy, we could have made an appt! Funny how the sales guy can be snarky on our way out but didn’t have time to greet us on the way in! I have purchased from here in the past but I’d never recommend them now! You need to hire nice workers! Ones who will make sales, not scare sales away.

Review №27

This place is a scam. The lady was unpleasant once she knew we wanted to return a dress. I never saw a store that doesnt accept returns with a receipt, only offering store credit. A little hard up for a sale !!!

Review №28

This is the very sterotypical Prom Dress store. I was definitely not impressed. It was hyped up to me by many people and my friend decided that we should go yesterday. At least for me, it was a waste of gas and energy. We didnt really receive anyone to help us, but we preferred it that way, so we were very neutral on that.But this is coming from someone who received best dressed couple at prom last year for her boyfriends prom out of a prom with nearly 800 people. We went a very classic 1920s style Hollywood type of dress. This year, its nearly 1,000 if we want to win. We want UNIQUE. We had to search for a tiny boutique in StonyBrook that had THE DRESS after searching through many other stores last year. I wanted to try different places this year. This was such a let down after all the great hype.This store is for the sterotypical girl who wants to follow with all the trendy dresses to wear to prom nowadays including the following:-Super poofy skirts (with around 8 foot diameters. Cant stand these ones, prom is about showing how mature you have become and your dress should match that. Its not about walking around like a Disney princess.)-Pastel colors-Short dresses-Fully Bejeweled or sequined chests (these look absolutely disgusting)-fully sequined dresses.-Matching shirt and skirt pieces (the apparent 2 piece dress that obviously isnt a dress.)-Fully flowered dresses.They have nice jewelry and a small selection of shoes. The have very large dressing rooms.Another thing I liked is that they have a selection of more cheaper dresses. Theres a $39.99 rack, a $59.99 rack, and $89.99 rack(mostly poofy dresses on this one). Thats a very good thing to have in case you have some customers who cant afford to spend much.There is nothing wrong with wearing a trendy dress, but if the girl whos going to prom wants to stand out, if that girl wants to look different from her friends when shes taking a picture, if she wants to REALLY impress her date by not looking like the other girls, if she wants best dressed or something similar, THIS is not the place for her. I definitely suggest going somewhere else if this is the case. Try the bridesmaid aisle at other stores. The dresses there are much more distinguishable, cheaper, and nicer.But if that girl is satisfied and is on of the trendy girls of today, well this is the place for you.

Review №29

Absolutely horrible place to go. Very rude and snobby. Over priced as well, I could get the same dresses at another store for at least 100$ more. I do not recommend going here for anything!

Review №30

Rude people here. Id rather go to a different dress store where people are actually nice and willing to help.

Review №31

I live ten minutes from pzaz but my daughter made me drive all over Long Island for her prom dress but it was here at pzaz the whole time. We bought shoes and jewelry along with her dress and the experience was fun and easy, I recommend pzaz to anyone going to a prom.

Review №32

Very rude staff, a bunch of stuck up old ladys who arent interested in helping you at all. I do not recommend going here the dresses are over priced and the staff will make you want to slap a baby

Review №33

The staff was wonderful and the prices are reasonable.

Review №34

I came to Pzaz for a gown to wear to a wedding, I found a dress and came back another day to purchase the dress. Came home and it Looked awefull I had tried the dress on with a bra at the store so it made sense that it wasn’t fitting right . The rececipt Pocily says “ No cash or credit refunds exchangces within three days” so I came back in two and told them how it wasn’t fitting inststantly they became argumentive and told me” the dress fit me fine when I left there is no refund! “So I argued my point and pointed out that the policy is missleading the sales help had not one care. I tried on about 6 more dresses nothing fit and end result was told to come back and speak to frank the next day so that is exactly what I did I came back and asked for frank frank came up and rebatum without even hearing my complaint he tells me the policy wich differs from the receipt to the one writtin on the wall. Now I have spend 205 $ on a dress that did not fit me and is uncomfortble. I once again argued my point till they had me try more dresses on and then finnally putting mine on to be told “I look great whats the problem?” The problem is i feel uncomfortble the breast were falling down cause I had tried it on with a bra started pulling, adding, and moving things it looked better but I told them “im still not happy and im going to leave the dress with them and have my step father call.” So my father called, they told the same thing rebatum, He told them not to touch the dress and leave it the way it was. I came back the dress was altered cups were in and now they told me I HAD TO KEEP IT cause they altered it. I did not want this dress ive been arguing with them for three days and now they altered it to make it final sale I became furious I am a pluss size nothing else in the store fit my body right and now have nothing to wear and a 200 doller loss on a dress that dosnt fit.. so I explain that to them and they get furious and start pulling everything they did to make it look decent the sale woman says “ Your not wearing the dress right then you don’t need these!” and takes sissors out and starts cutting the cups out ripping the seams cutting the straps at this moment im at awe telling her to stop that was the only thing that made it look decent and now it was distoryed!!!!! And Still had to keep it. The manager frank raised his voice and threw the cups at me and told me to leave or else he could call the police and tell them im harassing and threating them! In shock I took my dress and left I can’t beilve the unprofessionalism at this store how rude and disrespectfull these people are .

Review №35

Overpriced, nothing in stock, if Im going to pay those prices Ill go to N.Y city. Ridiculous.

Review №36

Omg the service was horrible they treat u like trash

Review №37

Excellent selections for prom dresses

Review №38

Pricey not alot of selection.

Review №39

As a black women I would never go in there again Ive never felt the way they made me feel very racist and ignorant workers.

Review №40

Great experience

Review №41

Very expensive.

Review №42

Great staff

Review №43

Price is too High

Review №44


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