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Carefree of Colorado
Review №1

For two days I’ve been trying to get the resolution on one of their awning products. For two days they have not had any access to the website error code 523. Tried calling again the following morning no phone calls are getting through. Maybe the aliens have a ducted their facility? Customer Service was supposed to send me instruction manual on a procedure 24 hours ago since I could not access their website. That has not happened

Review №2

My 2014 Lance TT has their awning on it, need to talk to someone about parts but their website seems down (get a 522 for those that care). Tried calling and cant get a person to answer (15 minutes later, now it wont even ring). Based on 2 week ago review, seems like nothing new...bummer for sure.

Review №3

Purchased 2020 Thor Challenger motor home with a defective locked awning above entry door to motor home. Approved by Thor for replacement in May of 2021. After three months of waiting for awning they say that parts are still under back order. If anyone buys anything that has a carefree awning on it, make sure it works properly before purchasing. Not a very happy camper!

Review №4

Unfortunately I have to say I am dissatisfied with customer service. We placed in order in June. Took months to receive the top. It arrived damaged. Didnt receive the replacement until February. We installed the Carefree top and it makes noises, does not retract 100% even after following the adjustment instructions for 3 hours. Contacted customer service and sent them videos. We have to wait another week before tech support can contact us back. Something needs done here

Review №5

I was helped by Mario Zarate of this company. Very respectable people their!

Review №6

I ordered a replacement arm for a Longitude Awning. Since reaching a person here requires an hour wait on hold I ordered online. I selected the wrong Item (my bad). After calling back and waiting on hold nearly an hour, I reached a rep and discovered the error I made. I ordered the correct parts ($500 worth) and obtained a return authorization for the part I received ($392). I was assured I would receive a credit for the $392 (less shipping). The return Item was delivered to Carefree 4/5/2021 but as of 4/28/2021, no credit and no contact despite 2 emails.Update - After calling and waiting on hold for an hour, I reached a customer service rep that sent my issue to accounting. Five weeks after receiving my return I finally was credited the amount I was due 40 days after they received the return item. Glad to get the credit, not impressed with the delay and lack of response to emails sent through their contact us on the website.

Review №7

I ordered some replacement end caps, motor side + idler side, in May 2021 .... paid for them on my credit card, was billed for them ...... got notices that Shipping was delayed, first till June 9 2021 ... that day passed, then July 16, 2021 ... that day passed ..... then July 21, 2021 .... and today is July 27, 2021 and I have not heard anything/krickets .... Have tried to call customer support, busy ... have tried email, no reply ......... so, dont know what happened to the Customer support that is supposedly so fantastic (according to previous reviews) but my experience has been abysmal (to put it VERY nicely) .......IF I could rate it -1 I wouldEiner

Review №8

I must give HUGE kudos to Carefree Awnings of Colorado. We have a 2014 Thor Tuscany Motorcoach that has two Carefree Awnings. One of our awning arms was sagging and hanging up upon opening which lead me to contact Carefree for tech support on how to adjust the arm. I sent an email which was forwarded through the company until someone could help with my concerns (the email couldve easily got dropped with the first person that had no idea what to do with our situation but customer service sent the email through until someone knew how to help) Rick with Carefree tech support has went above and beyond to help us with not only fixing the awning but getting us updated parts to be able to do so. They didnt have to support us knowing we have an older coach but did so without hesitation!! That says so much about Carefree Awnings, their customer service and going above and beyond regardless of the age of their product! I wish I could give them 20 stars because they absolutely deserve it!!

Review №9

Carefree has the worst customer service! They are not helpful & make you jump through a bunch of hoops to retrieve information for replacement parts. Then, when you provide the information to them, they either ignore you or say you didnt get the correct information & dont elaborate on what else is needed to get the correct parts. Ive been dealing with them for years & its been the exact same way the whole time. Use Dometic if you can, at least theyll help you!

Review №10

Every time I placed a phone call I was on hold for a minimum of 40 minutes. The longest time was 1 hour 25 minutes.I gave up on calling after trying to connect approximately 7 times. I was successful 2 times. The first time was to place my order. (Reason for calling was the awning parts needed were not on the list or the diagram.) I was told by an associate that my order will be shipped 5 to 7 business days after I had placed the order.I also discussed with Carefree about the importance of receiving the order in a timely manner in order too be able to move the RV off of the campground. (Cant move RV with an awning that cant hold the canvas from unraveling. )The RV has been stuck now for 2 weeks with only false indicators of when parts would arrive. Only options to be able to move RV would be to remove the entire awning or order parts and repair it.If there was a problem with the order I wish there was better communication with me.The email I received with the receipt indicated 5 to 7 business days the order would be shipped out.Order was placed on June 29th and now is July 14th and just received an email with a tracking number and message that I would receive parts by Friday the 16th. I am glad Im not holding my breath.Carefree if you read this please fix your broken phone system along with email communication. Your shipping department also needs to be revamped along with telling consumers the truth.

Review №11

I have had a replacement awning on order since JANUARY and cant even get a delivery date!!!

Review №12

I’ve been trying to buy their products now for over two weeks on their website. I called them yesterday and they said their website has been down for weeks and they don’t know when it’s going to be back up again. I was planning on spending almost $2000 on three large awnings with this company. I don’t trust any company that you can’t even keep a website going.

Review №13

Carefree worked with me directly not only to get the awning I needed for my horse trailer, but also to rush a part to me I neglected to order. They were extremely helpful, and went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed and was satisfied. I also am very happy with the product I ordered, it installed and operates exactly as expected.

Review №14

Carefree of Colorado has excellent products and the best support team.Judy Davis has been awesome!!! I can’t say enough about her and her team. If I need a part, or a price, she gets right on it.Thank you Judy. And thank you Carefree of Colorado.

Review №15

I damaged my fabric and frame arms, so I researched the systems that were available. I decided on the Carefree Eclipse and contacted the company. I spoke with Judy Davis, who was very patient with me, in sending me awning samples and guiding me through the order form. She then monitored the delivery process for me. We now have a complete new frame and awning system that will last for years! Judy is an asset to Carefree and deserves more stars that I was able to give. I would highly recommend Carefree for your next replacement awning or for an entire system.

Review №16

Absolutely Horrible Customer Service. On 16 March I was On Hold for 1 hour, 42 minutes until I talked to a Lady who could Not help me. I was told I needed to talk to “Rick” and was transferred. You can guess I got a voice mail and had no choice but to leave a message After waiting 1 hour, 42 minutes which is ridiculous. On 19 March left another message and as of today 23 March No Response for a product still under warranty! One week and still no response. My RV is going back to the dealer on 12 April and wanted to make sure they have what I need. This awning Constantly needs adjusted to make it fully retract to the point I could do it in my sleep. There is more to this than an adjustment!

Review №17

Great customer service! Purchased a new TT and awning was missing end caps. Well RV supercenter wanted awning number so they could order and charge me! Not the case with carefree. They told me this was still under warranty and also sent us new push buttons for adjusting pitch. All this was shipped to us at no charge. Thanks Carefree.

Review №18

Super nice. Is quality products

Review №19

Attempting to contact for info on slide toppers. Web site says customer service but will not let you send them an email without purchase date serial etc. Im trying to get info on IF I BUY. Fix your web site, says check the box and Ill be sent the form, nope everything wants dates & numbers

Review №20

Great online ordering experience, well designed and engineered products, great customer support. We had a small defect in a large RV slid out awning, they replaced it immediately. Easy to install products. Made in the USA.

Review №21

Just wanted to give you a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. It was a pleasure working with your customer service agent. Thank you for being such an awesome company. I will continue to do business with Carefree of Colorado for years to come.

Review №22

I do enjoy ordering parts from Carefree. Their awning are easy to install and to take care of. Judy is 100% my favorite! Thank you for making my life easier!

Review №23

My awning is not even two years old. Will not stay in place against the trailer on the road and the discoloring will not come off. Have tried everything under the planet and still yellow. To bad, wasnt cheap and was installed by dealer, etc. At a loss so will probably take it off.After being on hold for 45 min this morning to ask what to do, the lady was very very kind and said would look into it, she did everything she said she would. Good luck to you.

Review №24

Impossible to reach them.

Review №25

Your website doesnt work very well. Cant access dealer list or service.

Review №26

Work here good people and great merch

Review №27

My 18 Fiesta Awning canopy fabric got ripped apart in a windstorm during the Colorado wildfires. After searching for a replacement canopy fabric I went to the Carefree web site and ran their canopy configurator. It gave me a part number for my exact requirement. I called Carefree and left a message. Then I used their web site contact form and asked for what I needed. Finally I read through the Google reviews and got several customer service leads. After a couple of failed emails I hit paydirt with Judy Davis. She responded quickly to my email, worked through the details of my requirements, answered all my questions quickly and built an order for my replacement canopy fabric in a couple of hours. In spite of the Covid restrictions they will fill my order and ship it in a couple of weeks. I couldnt ask for better customer support. Her email is jdavis@carefreeofcolorado. If you need help try her first. Hopefully another company wont make her an offer she cant refuse.

Review №28

I have two Latitude awning that work ok. I bought some expensive accessories- but they were of poor quality - cheap plastic junk that faded and broke in record time.

Review №29

I was hired for their order selector position in the warehouse department. I required training for my position. So, Mike Burnett has been with the company for 17-20yrs & they assign him to train me. Mr. Burnett was observed many employees well as two supervisor Nelson and Josh speaking 2 me unprofessionally. He was directed those supervisor to speak to me differently. Mr. Burnette continued to tell at me, snatch things out of my hands, speak down to me, making continuous derogatory comments about women and their limitations, minorities, and management at Carefree. Mr. Burnett was very explosive and aggressive. I expressed to my supervisor Nelson that Mr. Burnett was making comfortable. I was told they would have ANOTHER talk with him, for me to hang in there that is just Mike. I left a message with Alicia in HR. I returned her message and was never contacted again.

Review №30

If you are willing to put in a hard days work and want good pay and good benefits, this should be your next place to apply.They are the leader in the travel trailer/motorhome industry, so there is good job security.Their HR staff is topnotch!

Review №31

Absolutely no phone support for their products. Impossible to speak to a live person with parts questions or availability. Extensions go unanswered with no return calls.

Review №32

I have a 2020 cyclone. With 3 “carefree” awnings. They are anything but carefree. They go out, won’t go back in. The arms seldom line up going back in. The material is the thinnest I’ve ever seen. And I’ve replaced several relays now. I’m replacing all 3 awnings this week for value purposes but I will never extend them out again. When you need them to go in, they fail. Which causes more damage when it’s storming. They is NO MANUAL crank to put these in if they fail!!!!

Review №33

We had an add a room that we needed some replacement pieces for, as it was getting older, and Jarod Shepard was so accommodating to help us with getting what we needed so we didnt have to buy everything all new again! Not only did he help 100% but I was also treated like a friend. The products that Carefree of Colorado sell, and the staff are truly top notch!

Review №34

Customer service is amazing.

Review №35

Great customer service. Lacey Larson went above and beyond to help me out with a replacement part for my RV awning. In these trying times it is great to do business with someone who cares.

Review №36

I just bought a brand new RV two months ago with a Carefree Longitude awning. After just a handful of uses the awning stopped working. I followed all the instructions on how to do the “emergency” retraction and nothing works. I called Carefree (NOT) customer service (NOT) and was told the only option was to manually roll it up and tie it to the trailer. You have to be kidding, a two month old product and the manufacturer’s response is “tie it up”. Don’t buy any of the junk this company sells.

Review №37

I will only do business with carefree of Colorado from now on. Jerod Shepard, and Judy have been amazing. They helped me with my order, and it was perfect. They have an amazing team and it makes me feel like they are part of my team. Thank you guys, keep up the good work.

Review №38

P*** poor customer service, never knew how much they dislike their own products, was told my part had been discontinued over ten years ago, lady I just bougjt the RV 3 years ago. Make sure your RV does not use this useles hardware, you will not get support from them whatso ever.

Review №39

After having a terrible experience with a motorhome dealer Julie from carefree did a great job. I ordered to toppers for my motorhome from Julie after dealership messed it all up. They were custom fit and fit perfectly. Julie is the best to deal with. I ordered and got toppers in less than a week. Thanks and will do business with carefree again. First class business.

Review №40

Spoke with a young lady named Lacey and it was refreshing to speak with someone that knew exactly what I was talking about. She took the time to send me (immediately) an email showing pictures of the items so we could both be on the same page. I work in an industry (Cutco Cutlery) and we back our product with quality guarantees. Much time and effort is also spent on quality customer service, and Lacey was awesome. Thanks for listening first, and helping me so expeditiously!!Larry A PenmanAllegany, NY

Review №41

The customer service was above my expectations. Jerod is a very professional. The communication was perfect despite the fact that my transaction and request came from eastern Canada. Carefree takes care of its customers. 💪🏻

Review №42

Sad that I cant just purchase arms minus the power head. Microburst twisted and broke arms not the power head that connects with 1 bolt. Removed arms by drilling out 2 rivets but you must buy entire arms with heads for hundreds of dollars instead of maybe a couple of hundred for just arms. Very sad, considering replacing with another brand that will actually sell parts and not gouge.

Review №43

I ordered a replacement awning direct from Carefree in plenty of time to receive it before vacation. I called and was told the awning would ship that day. The website showed it was not shipped on the next day. I called again and was told it was shipping that day. Another lie. Then suddenly I was told that they were 3-4 days behind. When I asked about a refund, I was told I would have to email my order cancellation request and that a refund would take several days to process. I should have done more research before ordering from this company. Their reviews reflect horrible customer service and I now know why.

Review №44

The crank awning conversion is not engineered well. I just replaced the crank end for the third time. I have not been happy with my carefree awning since I bought my unit in 2001. No satisfaction from customer service either.

Review №45

Very helpful bunch of guys had me loaded in no time

Review №46

Horrible products. Flimsy junk that does nothing but cause problem . I purchased a motorcoach with 6,000 miles on it and was outfitted with their equipment. Im not joking in the least when I tell you that none of it worked. Ive spent thousands of dollars replacing most of it so far. I will never buy anything again with their junk installed.

Review №47


Review №48

I would rate their customer service and warranty ZERO Stars is I was able to. We bought a Brand new Travel Trailer with a Carefree Awning and after taking delivery of it found a 3 inch slit. We reported it to our purchasing dealer Camping World of Isle Lake Illinois. Took it in for various minor warranty issues and the slit in the Awning only to find out they will not replace it and placed the blame on Camping World for not reporting it on their pre delivery inspection. Finding the slit in the Awning is like finding a needle in a haystack. So buyer beware if a problem arises that they will not stand behind the product they sell and make sure to look over your Awnings before paying for your Travel Trailer.

Review №49


Review №50

Received an awning damaged so I called about getting a replacement. The customer service representative refused to give me his name, refused to transfer me to a manager, refused to refund me or get me a replacement after buying this in a few days ago, and eventually just put me back on hold until another representative picked up. This person would not give me the name of the person I was talking to before and refused to transfer me to a manager. Horrible customers service whos employees talk and help people as they feel, avoid.

Review №51

Had an EEOC lawsuit filed against them on 9/5. So thats fun.

Review №52

I recently ordered awning stabilizrs. They were shipped to me without delay and unfortunately this package was lost by UPS. Carefree took care to replace them and they were delivered to me free of charge by express UPS mail (two days). Thank you.

Review №53

I bought a 2019 5th wheel with 2 Carefree awnings. Both have LEDs sewn in the fabric. After 2 months, both have the LEDs bowing out and falling. I had them replaced by a dealership in Yuma, Arizona. Here it is 3 months later and the same thing.

Review №54

Only if you want the best awning for your RV! American manufacturing at its best! Carefree Colorado hosted the October meeting of SME 354, much appreciated!

Review №55

This rating would have been much lower if it wasn’t for Joe the manager.. I’ll leave it at that. I certainly can’t rate at 5 star and almost went to 3 star. I’m giving benifit of the doubt that the batch of fabric was a bad batch because it discolored very quickly and also showed signs of tearing/wearing thru in a mater of 2 years. Really it was lass than a year and a half. But like I said Joe was fair with me and made things right. Thanks Joe

Review №56

Customer service is a disaster. Waited for twenty minutes to talk to someone and then the call dropped on their end. Called back now Im number 15 on the cue to talk with someone. Ill be waiting for the rest of the day!

Review №57

Thank you for being a great business partner.

Review №58

Great place to get custom awnings and accessories for your RV and campers

Review №59

Seen below posts and stopped by Carefrees Broomfield facility without prior notice. Asked the receptionist for Bill Dunning (mentioning his posts below) who promptly came out of a meeting and assembled knowledgeable staff. They assessed wind damage on my awning right there and then. While (expectedly) beyond reasonable repair, Bill and colleagues were able to point me to more economic solutions and retailers than I thought possible. Thank you so much - customer service excellently executed, keep it up!

Review №60

Great people, Great products..😁⛟

Review №61

Im pretty frustrated at the moment. I bought a Carefree replacement canopy from an email distributor in Texas (PPL). Installation went well enough, but the awning will no longer retract reliably. There is no binding and the awning winds true on the roller. On looking closely I found the dimension of the Carefree canopy from trailer body to awning roller is a couple of inches longer than the Dometic factory awning that it replaced. Those couple of inches of added distance significantly increase the motor torque required to retract the awning the first turn. The email distributor referred me to Carefree. Carefree referred me to their local distributor. The service department at the local distributor cant look at it for six weeks. And, Im scheduled to depart on a trip shortly.This is a lousy way to run a business.6/14/18 Update: Bill Dunning and I exchanged multiple emails and other information. Bill handled me nicely, but we found no explanation other than the larger dimension of the Carefree fabric for my problem. I believe the larger dimension allows the awning mechanism to over extend, and that this increases the load on the motor during retraction from the fully extended position. The Dometic motor is very likely marginal for use with large awnings like mine, so it stalls when retracting due to the added load at full extension.Ultimately, Bill recommended that I return the Carefree canopy to PPL and buy a Dometic canopy specific to my trailer. PPL now owes me a return call tomorrow.There was no indication that Carefree plans to fix the dimension problem in their replacement awning.Considering that Ive gone to a lot of effort to purchase and install a new awning only to find that it doesnt work acceptably, I am not a happy customer.6/15/18 Update: PPL is not offering to take the awning back because it has already been installed and they cant resell it. Disappointing, but no surprise.Both PPL and Carefree of Colorado have taken the position that I bought a universal replacement, which they take as meaning that it may not be a perfect match for the original because its designed to replace multiple manufacturers. They ignore the fact that when I ordered I verified the Carefree manufacturer part number using the Carefree website and had selected Dometic/A&E as one of the options. The Carefree website gave the appearance that the replacement fabric is specific to Dometic despite the universal designation.PPL is now offering me a partial refund. I am considering.The warning to others that comes to mind is to avoid the so called universal replacement from Carefree because Carefree doesnt guarantee that it will work correctly in any given application.6/16/18 Update: Having thought about the partial refund offer from PPL, I dont think PPL is at fault in this situation. To purchase my replacement awning, I first shopped for awning manufacturers. I settled on the Carefree product based on the Carefree website. I then searched for distributors that carried the manufacturer part number that I thought I wanted. PPL simply sold me what I ordered based on Carefree model number.I believe the root of this problem is the configuration tool on the Carefree website. To pick the awning I wanted using the website, I was required to answer a bunch of questions, including the brand of awning that I am replacing. I entered Dometic/A&E. The configuration tool then produces a summary of the selected options and a Carefree part number. On that summary, the first option listed was Dometic/A&E. I took this to mean that the Carefree part number would fit my trailer. My opinion is that this is deceptive if the replacement awning isnt an exact fit for the Dometic hardware. Universal is also selected and listed as an option, but nowhere is the meaning of universal defined.The fault in this lies with Carefree, not PPL, and not me.

Review №62

Brought a screen panel from an rv to their faciility in Broomfield and the receptionist was adamant that they were just the manufacture and could do nothing to help replace a zipper and said I needed to go to the dealer...well it was bought online so I guess she should of said pound sand we dont like your kind here. Its just the stupist excuse or stupidist receptioninst. It is the closest I could find for its application so Im stuck with it. I would think with this kind of mental dysfunction of a company that they wouldnt grow and or last in a down market. Product functions for nice weather but the company doesnt. Good luck.

Review №63

I called for a part and it is a rivit that a dealer must install. But unable to get canopy down so must pay a repair person from a dealership to come out to repair where rv is parked. Can not pull down highway with canopy out. I did go to Hopes in Monroe La and Millers rv in Baton Rouge and neither can help.

Review №64

Buyer beware awnings stain easily and l.e.d lights burn out. Bought a 2013 kz with care free of colorado automatic awning. Led lights burned out in less than a year. Dealer replaced original. Now a year later they have burned out again and leaked fluid on vinyl, that permanently stained it. I would never buy another rv with a care free of colorado awning.

Review №65

Bought a brand new RV and its been 2 years of frustration and poor service and I still have an awning thats awful

Review №66

Worst customer service ever! Carefree is an accurate description.

Review №67

Best awning manufacturer in the world!

Review №68

Awful customer service!!!! I would also give a ZERO but thats not an option...

Review №69

I had initially gave this company a negative review due to customer service and support. I had received an email from them and they have and we have cleared up the issue.. It was probably more my fault as I hadnt checked my Google mail as I dont use it much

Review №70

HR talked politics against the President of the United States

Review №71

Tried several times to get through to office with no luck, they need to make it easier to reach them.

Review №72

Excellent quality!!!

Review №73

Good workplace and good products

Review №74

My favorite workplace

Review №75


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