2nd & Charles
3924 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States
2nd & Charles
Review №1

Lots of books. Lots of games. Lots of manga.The only issue is there isnt a lot of tacos. :/Heres some books I want that are there. My birthday is coming up.

Review №2

Always great deals there and hard to find collectibles. If you love movies, anime and comics, its your site for trade-ins and collections. I personally like the books and used DVD SETS. GREAT CLEARANCES for gifts or your wallet... also, outside the store is AGREE book bin... check it out!

Review №3

Super cool store with a bunch of books and other things like comics, toys, and games. There are huge rows of books with fun bundles and mystery date books on the ends of the rows. Because they sell used books too there are great discounts and clearance deals. They also have some collectables like cartoon character figures and plush toys. I loved their manga section, they seemed to have most editions of the series they had available if you are a collector.Wished I could stay longer to look around the whole place but will be coming back!

Review №4

Great finds! Can sell back items as well. Used and new books, videogames, music, and more!

Review №5

So much to.look at! Books, games, music, movies. Guitars and ukuleles. All kinds of theme stuff like Harry Potter and many other characters. Cool random stuff, crystals, dragons..... its a nice place to just walk around and check everything out. Something for everyone. Lots of kids books and toys as well.

Review №6

Great store. Wonderful selection and prices.

Review №7

My first visit and Ill definitely be back. Books, movies, music, action figures, toys and musical instruments. Oh, I forgot tshirts, bobbleheads and vinyl. I could have explored all day.

Review №8

Amazing selection of books, games, and other media. Staff was friendly and provided excellent service. Highly recommended!

Review №9

For the best in pretty much everything Pop culture, music, movies, books, games, instruments and t shirts, look no further. This is your one stop shop for everything you want and didnt know it. Prices are decent. Theres a public restroom. There are no PokeStops nor PokeGyms on the premises, but theres many close. The selection of Pokemon items at the store is usually very slim as well. Not to mention, they do not sell trading cards.

Review №10

Cool store, but there pretty expensive. But you can find stuff that stores dont sell anymore.

Review №11

Imagine if Barnes & Noble and a used book store had a beautiful love child. This is that love child. New and used books are scattered in sections across the store. The best part is the “free bin” out front filled to the brim with free used books and occasionally movies. Can be a little overwhelming at times, but staff are very helpful.

Review №12

Love this place! Great prices and selection of books and other cute things! The customer is always amazing as well. I take all my friends and family here to check it out.

Review №13

Great bookstore but VERY picky on resells. Ive brought in books 3 times and never got anything back. It stops me from shopping there.

Review №14

This place was awesome! You could buy books that looked brand new for a third of the price. So many books were $5 or less. I highly recommend going here. If you are looking for something new to read or to add to your collection, this is the place I would look.

Review №15

A nerd’s paradise! They have manga, D&D books & figurines, MTG packs, clothes and novels. Definitely a place to stop by and grab a few things for a relaxing day at home

Review №16

Super fun! Lots of cool stuff under one roof! Almost overwhelming to see everything, but its a good thing

Review №17

This place is good. Their gift/toy section is really cool and well priced. I wish their actual book selection was bigger, but as this is a mostly used book store, you have to work with what’s given to you to sell. All the staff is nice as well. I hope this place sticks around for a long time since book stores seem to be more and more uncommon.

Review №18

We love this place and feel like we never want to leave it!!

Review №19

They have everything! Its like Borders/Game Stop & FYE.... ALL IN ONE PLACE... Massive vinyl selection! Every DVD you could really think of.... Its great.

Review №20

For someone that has been doing business with this company for years, the manager was extremely rude to me. She made me feel like I was inconveniencing her when I just asked a question. Definitely not the way you treat your customers.

Review №21

Very large variety of used books, movies, games, music, and other miscellaneous things. Big clean store.

Review №22

Very good! Left with a couple books that Im very happy with. Good prices. The way the books are organized are confusing though.

Review №23

Love the staff here, everyone is super helpful and will bend over backwards for you. Kinda really hate the company itself though, theres been less and less used items and thats a real big bummer. Im guessing thats because they give barely any money for the stuff being turned in. Its wack tbh

Review №24

We frequent this store when we need to down size on our book collection! You dont get much for most trade-ins, but its worth it if theyre just sitting around your house collecting dust! You also get more bang for your buck if you choose store credit instead of a cash out. They have a huge variety of items, not just books, so its worth it to get the store credit. The only downside is that they have so much that theres a lot of sections that are not organized very well. Its like the TJ Max of books, if you feel like going through the shelves with a fine tooth comb, you might find what youre looking for. If you dont have anything in mind and are just browsing, its a little less frustrating! Prices are good and they usually have both used and new. The used are obviously cheaper and sometimes a steal which makes it worth it!

Review №25

This is a really great place to go to check out books and other items. You can find collectibles, video games, manga, etc...The bonus is how they will buy back books or other items you dont want. I was able to bring in three totes of books and it took about an hour to an hour and a half, since there were other people in the queue. I got a good price for the books and I would always go for store credit because you get more and you could find something awesome. Also credit to the cashier for helping me out and being patient with me

Review №26

I love second hand book stores. Lots to choose from here: books, dvds, cds, video games. Also have new books and other merch.

Review №27

This place is seriously an amazing hidden gem 💎 I recommend coming here if you enjoy sitting down and reading, (the manga section alone is ridiculous due to the sheer amount of volumes/books there are) but also are an avid gamer or media connoisseur. I have visited this store twice now and both times have been great experiences and nice. I found some really cool rare PSP games that I have never played before but really wanted to, so I definitely had to get those so I could play them finally. I love this location because of how peaceful and tranquil it is in here, and also because of all of the cool stuff that they offer. I recommend checking this place out for sure ✔️ ✅

Review №28

I absolutely love this place!! Such a fun atmosphere and style to their store. Tons of cool products in this second-hand store environment that were a good price. I can always find something here, even if I don’t need it. Super cool for a rainy day shopping trip if you’re bored to look around, theres tons of games, toys and records, and so many present ideas!! Helpful and friendly staff. One of my favorite stores! I always stop here on my way to Great Lakes crossing mall.

Review №29

It has a lot of interesting items.

Review №30

Cool store! Mostly books, but a decent music section with vinyl and CDs. Some movies on DVD and BluRay. They also have new toys and used/new stuffed animals. Everything is in good condition in all departments. They also have a wide variety of comic books, games for every system, some electronics and instruments.

Review №31

Its such a different store to go into. They literally have something for everyone and I never seem to be stuck to one area of the store. They got used books, collectibles, toys, games, systems, comics and more. They also carry a good variety of new things from different genres like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Horror, Lilo and Stitch and others. Me and my buddy go back weekly and always walk out with something different! Would recommend!

Review №32

Almost too many things to look at. Just need more money.

Review №33

Good place for nerds. I mean that in a good way. Not for me though. Although, I didnt really look, it appears to have a vast used book selection. I would be interested in that next time.

Review №34

Staff were friendly and helpful, able to show us where we could find the things we were looking for. It was very clean and we enjoyed our visit.

Review №35

There are two of these stores in all of Michigan. Of the two, this one is the smaller one. Friendly staff, okay prices. Lots of used books and other items. They lose a star because they dont refresh their stock often (claim they do but they always have the same stuff) because its a USED book store so they get a lot of their stock buying back from customers. If you only go 1 or 2 times a year, youll find stuff. The first time you go, youll think their selection is great. If you ever return, youll realize it never refreshes because they rip off customers in the buy back. I know they have to make a profit selling used books but they cant sell what they dont have. If theyre going to sell something for $10 used, if youre LUCKY, theyll pay you 20 cents for it. I had a bunch of BRAND NEW, MINT CONDITION manga STILL IN ORIGINAL WRAPPING that were NEW AND HIGHLY IN DEMAND that cost $20 each. They offered me 10 cents. Thats why they lose a star. Internet is filled with buy back complaints, and for a store which RELIES HEAVILY on buyback, they need to fix that. Otherwise, its a lovely store, always clean, always fresh, kind and helpful associates, and a FREE BIN outside which sometimes has something to grab.

Review №36

Would highly recommend for manga and other anime stuff, very good prices if you can snag a deal, they have other a lot of other stuff too like comic books and witchy stuff, would come again the workers are very polite!

Review №37

Its a paradise! Books, games, vinyls, CDs, DVDs, tees, and novelties! What more could one want from a shop?Excellent prices and such a variety of things.Ive never had a bad experience here. Cant wait to sell my soul for more books from here very soon. 😅

Review №38

Stay away from this over priced dump. No deals here

Review №39

Great place whether you are buying or selling. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Review №40

Always an excellent used and new book selection. The best comic book store, assuming you know what you want already. The videos are always in good shape, and the staff is super friendly.

Review №41

Such an outstanding place! Great employees, and a wide assortment of various books, and games. Definitely would reccomend to anyone.

Review №42

Wonderful place with attentive staff. Shopping here is so fun. Finding little gems in the music section and collectibles and games sections is always a treat! And an enormous library of books to chose from!

Review №43

Love the place could spend hours there

Review №44

Cool store with good prices for a store like this. Very nice employees.

Review №45

Its a really cool store but high prices.

Review №46

I went here with my brother about a week ago and I thought it was wonderful! There was a nice selection of Funko pops and manga I ended up buying Dissolving Classroom and Fairy Tail 100 year quest volume 1 both were great by the way.

Review №47

This was an interesting place. They buy and sell used books, CD;s, Vinyl, and gently used toys. I took a huge crate of used books in and they accepted about 2/3 of them. They offered cash or double the amount in store credit. I chose the store credit and bought some books for my child.

Review №48

Very nice very clean store good prices and helpful staff

Review №49

Great place. Could spend HOURS there.

Review №50

This is a really neat book store with a really unique set up. They sell all kinds of awesome things outside of books as well like T-shirts, Funko pops, records and record players, instruments, Japanese character plushes, vintage consoles, Nintendo paraphernalia, and have even included a new age section for witches like me to buy tarot decks, crystals, and spell books! My brothers always beg me to come here when they come down to visit. If only they sold studio ghibli merchandise and Id practically live here. Definitely check it out!

Review №51

A lot to look at, but could use a better way to find books especially

Review №52

Really wonderful book store. Huge selection, fair prices. I really enjoyed my visit. Will be sure to stop in again

Review №53

This store is cool as far as books and figures and decor goes. Lots of Harry Potter stuff and Manga. Dissapointed in retro video game selection but always fun to look around here

Review №54

Super chill environment and the staff is always friendly and helpful. They have a pretty wide selection of books. I love looking through the free bin too!

Review №55

Big store with helpful employees. The way the books are arranged was a mystery to me. I purchased some books that were on a display together. No rhyme or reason they were together but, that can be the beauty of a used bookstore: the hunt.

Review №56

I had no idea the store even existed until a friend recommended it. Its awesome you could spend all day here.

Review №57

Friendly staff and great selection and prices

Review №58

Always a variety of cool stuff.

Review №59

My favorite place to find toys from my childhood

Review №60

Love this place. They have so much different stuff there.

Review №61

Not sure what is going on at this particular location. In my experience with this location I have found the staff to be unhelpful and even at times rude. Being a customer in the store at the end of a night with time still on the clock, you will be passive aggressively kicked out rather than offered assistance that may speed up your purchase time. The store is generally very messy and unorganized, beyond the standards of a used book store. This location fails in comparison to their store located in nearby Utica, in which I have nothing but good things to say about.

Review №62

My favorite bookstore/second hand store of all time, great deals, great books and just an amazing environment!

Review №63

The only reason I gave one star, was because zero wasnt an option. I have a preexisting medical condition and can not wear a mask. When I tried to shop at this location the women informed me that even though I have medical documentation I was not welcome in the store. I am very disappointed that 2nd and Charles does not honor the ADA, and I will not be shopping here ever again. Even when the mask ban is lifted. This is disgrace. No one should be shunned for a medical condition. Shame on them.

Review №64

Just tried to sell some popular mangas for a reasonable price here. To my dismay, the store attendant grabbed them out of my hands, spit at my feet, and told me to get lost. Very unpleasant experience, might still return though because the vinyl looked pretty cool.

Review №65

Shout out to the general manager here who just had to escort an irate customer out of the store for refusing to put on a mask. This man screamed at the manager about Jim Crow laws and the manager calmly and professionally dealt with the situation, even offering the man a mask. No worker should have to deal with this but kudos to this man for being professional and caring about the safety of his staff and customers.

Review №66

Female manager(Laura) is rude as he!! Had to cancel my purchase. This place is already way overpriced. I shouldnt have to deal with rudeness when asking simple questions. IF I ever come back and see her. I will turn around and leave.

Review №67

Great place for cheap books in good condition, plus miscellaneous stuff you would find at hot topic and FYE

Review №68

New favorite store. Brings me back.

Review №69

A great place that I have frequently visited for many years 😀

Review №70

Excellent find. Very nice selection of books.

Review №71

Nice cozy place. Lots of great gift ideas and discounted books. You can find something for everybody. Byo bag.

Review №72

Prices high but loved it in middle school and it hasnt really changed. its the nerd store!

Review №73

Love the store and atmosphere

Review №74

Yaall need to stimulate some product turnaround !Have a Big storewide 30% off All books sale or something Big like this.Do it weekly . Get some better business in there .Fun store

Review №75

This store has everything for that pop culture fan. Books, Boardgames, Comics, Vinyl, ect. I love this place!!!

Review №76

They buy back books for store credit. I love all the little tables with random fandom stuff! HP, Marvel, LOTR, anime. Also, a huge selection of new and used graphic novels and manga. A must visit in this area!

Review №77

I think the place was abandoned...didnt run into anybody that worked there.

Review №78

Half the bathroom was closed off but they had alot of old games and comics

Review №79

Got a few neat things! Never knew these stores existed!

Review №80

This place is super awesome. I found the entire series of Warehouse 13 on DVD, an enamel pin, reading socks, and a funko of Uhura...I can say that this place is heaven to a nerd like my husband and myself.

Review №81

Always can somehow find a used copy of a book we want, and always new copies of in demand books. Used prices are usually fair

Review №82

Cool place for retro to new games, comics, music and other pop culture items.

Review №83

I love this store the only problem is I could spend my whole paycheck in one place so easily With their wide selection of dvds Blu-rays cds books graphic novels instruments and much much more

Review №84

A quality selection of used books, video games, and records.

Review №85

Take time to look around.alot to see. Record comic books books

Review №86

A fabulous place for all sorts of books. Including manga, religious text, comics, normal literature, and plushies! Very inexpensive as well, cant wait to go back!

Review №87

Make sure you check prices before you buy. Found a game priced considerably higher than it was brand new available in store. Refused to lower the price at all. Her reason for trying to rip me off was that she had overpaid for the item. That being said, probably a good place to sell stuff. They obviously dont do their research and you might get lucky.

Review №88

I had never been there before. Lots of interesting books and games

Review №89

You can find all kinds of nerdy stuff!

Review №90


Review №91

Everything you could ever think of is here... Name a random topic and you can find it. Name anything and here it is... Its a really amazing place to go, even if youre just looking around.

Review №92

Great collection of collectable items

Review №93

The bookstores was very great and wonderful. They were organize and friendly.

Review №94

This is one of the coolest stores Ive ever been to. Picked up six graphic novels for $30 bucks the other day. They were buy two get one. Staff isnt pushy but very helpful. Love going there to see what new stuff they have.

Review №95

WowWhat a cool place, so many really cool items. Things I had no idea existed.

Review №96

Lots of fun pop culture items, and new and used books. All it needs is coffee and it would be my happiest place on earth!

Review №97

I could spend hours on hours just going thru there collection.

Review №98

Nice place to visit. Decent prices. Great used stock some newer merchandise.

Review №99

So helpful and an amazing deal!!!! 10 used(excellent condition) Diary of a Wimpy Kid books for under $35!!! Buy 5 get 5 free!!!

Review №100

Ive only been to the store twice but I really enjoy it. Not everything is super easy to find but browsing is fun. (You find hidden gems.) The staff is also really friendly when you need help.

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  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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