New England Tire Car Care Centers - Attleboro
44 N Main St, Attleboro, MA 02703, United States
New England Tire Car Care Centers - Attleboro
Review №1

Good experience w these guys replacing 4 tires - scheduling was easy, and the work well/on-time. Would recommend.

Review №2

Very very good service and very honest people make sure you go see them

Review №3

New England tire has been the shop I take my truck to for the past year. I have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at them when it comes to fixing my truck and they have each and every time. Every single person in that shop is determined to get the job done right and take care of the customers regardless of what it takes I strongly strongly strongly recommend New England tire for your vehicle needs

Review №4

People are pretty friendly. They stay pretty busy so usually have to make an appointment if you want to get in and out

Review №5

They have been helpful and courteous. Their prices are fair. They always have coupons.Roberta Foster

Review №6

Thanks New England Tire for taking care of my very urgent and last minute inspection today! Poor planning on my part almost prevented my kid from taking her MA Drivers Test today, and the guys at the shop told me to come on over and got me right in! Good service today.

Review №7

Carl, Phil and Derrick are amazing! They always go up and above when it comes to looking over my car and giving me fair prices along with getting it done in a timely manner. I purposely drive 40 minutes to get my car fixed because these guys are the best!

Review №8

Not only have these guys been the best price around when it come to shopping tires for both my cars and my girlfriends car but they are also the most pleasant and least pushy of service garages around. I called this morning to set up an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation and they were able to get me in this afternoon. I dropped the car off, went and grabbed lunch down the street, came back, and the car was done. When I came in to get it, I wasnt told anything else is wrong with the car, no pitch about intake or cabin air filters needing to be changed, no extras. Just what I asked to be done. Then during checkout, Phil applied a $26 coupon to my bill which I didnt even know about, and cut my total bill by a 1/4. Ill be back in a month for the same service. Awesome place.

Review №9

The people was very kind. Completed the work in a timely matter.

Review №10

I called to set an appointment for an oil change with New England Tire in Attleboro. They asked if I can drop it off the next day. I said sure. I’ve dropped it off many times before and it’s always been ready within 2-3 hours. I decided to call after I haven’t heard from them in 6-1/2 hours thinking I missed the call.. Phil said its not done yet and would get it done soon. 3 hours later still no call! I called again and spoke to Phil. I mentioned they have had my car for almost 10 hours! He said they have many oil change to do and since I didn’t have an appointment..... I said I called to make an appointment yesterday and was asked to drop it off the next day. Instead of apologizing, he suggested for me to take my car. I have been their customer for over 10 years and sent many business over with many friends and families. I rushed over, took my key and told him to take me out of the system. He said not a problem! I know he’s one of the managers! So unprofessional! He doesn’t belong to be in customer base business! I will never do business with them again and assure to let everyone I know the kind of treatment you might receive over an oil change!!!

Review №11

I had my car towed there, engine was running rough. I talked to Alex, I asked to have engine checked, 2 front tires, battery, inspection sticker. After $1,300, I pick my car up, no new battery and no inspection sticker. The employee hands me the bill and starts laughing and hands me 2 parking tickets and 2 tickets for expired inspection sticker. They parked my car at the public library for 2 days and let it keep collecting tickets. He then says ‘we took the tickets off the bill, it happens all the time’. Just because you break the law all the time, does not make it ok. I’ve spent a good amount of money there in the past couple of years and then to get disrespected like this is horrible. I will not be going back and will not be recommending them to anyone. Now I have to pay the fines and STILL get a battery and inspection sticker! Poor way to run a business

Review №12

Always a class notch treatment...

Review №13

Very efficient would recommend to all.

Review №14

First experience,They ripped every ball join cover on a brand new front end doing the alignment,,,,second experience they took a disk grinder to the inside of my rims to install the weights for balancing,,its a mint dodge challenger srt8 not a Toyota with steel rims,,,now I need about 3 to 4k if I want it to look good again,,never again,Im done

Review №15

My experience with this mechanic shop was great compared to others. The staff are respectful and courteous. They put in quality parts and do a great job with installing it. Their inspection before repair is above and beyond because they let you know with other issues not correlated with the repair.

Review №16

Ive been going here for years. They always do a good job and explain your options.

Review №17

Great guys who provide excellent service at a reasonable cost!!

Review №18

Carl and Phil have earned my trust and my business. This is the only company I trust with my vehicles. They are very professional and they truly care about the customer. I initially contacted this store as a new customer around Thanksgiving 18 with an issue. Called and explained the situation my vehicle was having, asked if they had any openings with the holiday schedule, Carl had me tow it in same day. They assessed the issue, checked on a couple of other minor things that I had asked, and quoted me very competitively. Work was completed quickly and done right the first time.I just had a second experience with New England Tire as I had a steering system failure. Brought the vehicle in, again quoted on the job in a timely manner, and gave the go ahead. To no fault of theirs at all, a series of events unfolded that took longer than expected for repair. Incorrect parts shipped from supplier, etc. Carl and Phil kept me in the loop as to what was happening and took care of me as their customer. I have my vehicle back and I couldnt be more satisfied. Keep up the great work guys! It is refreshing to have a competent team that is focused on getting the job done right the first time. Hopefully I wont need to be back soon lol, but will be back for tires later this year. Thanks!

Review №19

Ive always gotten good service and tires here. Last night I managed to hole a sidewall on a curb, shortly after NET closed. My car didnt come with even a donut, so I tried the (expired) sealant kit on the theory of having little to lose (bad plan, aside from being doomed because I knew sealant doesnt help sidewall holes). Killian provided excellent, personable road service this morning; Carl and Mike worked out a good and affordable approach with short notice. They even managed to clear enough hardened sealant off the sensor to let it work properly again, after fairly warning me it might not even be possible. (Why Chevy provided sealant when it obviously can wreck the sensor, Ill never know.) The TV volume was even pleasantly low in the waiting area. I also really appreciate that they all treated me like a rational adult rather than talking down to or over me as many places do. Great service all around.

Review №20

Great service and welcoming people. The shop is at a good location in the middle of town and if you have to wait the library is right next door, cumberland farms is around the corner, everything is in a walking distance.They were right on top of changing my flat tire and made sure I was taken care of. They were straight forward and friendly, and the prices were not bad at all to get a new tire and spare.Will definitely be a returning customer and appreciate all they do!!

Review №21

Always so kind and helpful. They explain everything to me and never get sick of all my questions. I will keep coming back because they are honest and do great work.

Review №22

Called in to have a tire looked at and they checked it right away! No need to repair anything and didnt charge to have it looked at. Thanks!

Review №23

Very prompt with appointments and great service. All service personnel are extremely friendly and helpful. They go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and like a special customer every time you have your vehicle serviced there. I refer New England Tire to my friends and would also recommend New England Tire to anyone who wants good service. Their vehicle service work is much more than just for tires.

Review №24

Great service, friendly staff. Could make air conditioning cooler on waiting area though;)❄️❄️

Review №25

Great experience. Very helpful staff; they went above and beyond.I brought the car in to replace my struts, and the work took longer than anticipated. Michael lent me his car to get to work the next day, which was unexpected, but very appreciated.I had gotten an estimate from a dealership prior to bringing my car in to New England Tire, and I can say definitively that this was the less expensive option.As for the car, the issues were fixed and Im very happy.

Review №26

I got great service for my bmw at New England Tire Attleboro. It was my first visit at this Auto center and I was pleasantly surprised! The whole place is very well maintained and store manager (Carl Jr.) is very professional in his approach. The best part is I got multiple things fixed for less than half the price dealer was asking for. I got Brand new tires, break pads and emission repairs done for my car...will definitely go back again!!

Review №27

About a year and a half ago we got our motor replaced in our 2008 Nissan Sentra. The motor they found had 71,000 miles which was a plus. Fast forward to January 2018 with the freezing cold temperatures we started experiencing issues starting up the car. We brought the car to a friend of the family closer in New Hampshire while replacing the intake manifold, plugs, wires, catalytic converter but the problem persists. Days later the car has trouble going past 10 MPH. Bring it back to the mechanic and was told the timing chain was stretched and engine has low compression.I didnt think that was the issue because of having the motor replaced previously. When I was told this we called New England Tire and was told they did not feel it was necessary to change the timing chain because it did not meet factory range for replacement. We were never told this when they finished installing their new motor. Best practice for any major job would be to change the supporting systems as well. If your transmission mount is broken, you wouldnt just change one because of the time needed to remove the motor and transmission.We are now in need of a new motor and have to pay additional money because the failure to disclose information about the job they did. I just ask anyone getting work done here to double check and/or validate the work that is being done.

Review №28

Everyone at New England Tire is great! Theyre so helpful and everyone at the desk and all the mechanics are friendly and knowledgeable. They always take the time to explain things to me and they try very hard to save me money. Would highly recommend.

Review №29

Honesty is big for me. And these guy honest and professional.

Review №30

Bought tires and shipped to NE tire...easy to schedule with as I had to change a couple times because of my own work schedule...these guys had a great attitude and customer service. I do recommend service here. Tires gave my jeep a nice rugged look.

Review №31

Well, went to get 4 winter tires. First things first, their prices was a little, if not too much, high compared to prices you get in northern MA for the same tires. I know because I also get quotation from my old tire place. However, I was still ready to buy the tires from them to save myself a lengthy trip. But, secondly, they know very very little about the winter tires. For example, I asked them to tell me the production date of the tires they were suggesting. The guys face was something... He couldnt grasp the idea of importance of the production date. For the record; winter tires get stiff very fast and easily, especially when they stored in the warehouses, and this is basically the opposite what you want from a winter tire. But anyways, he agreed to call the warehouse and asked them to let me know. I specifically asked him to call me back when he learns the dates, and that I am ready to buy them according to the production date.The guy took my contact information so seriously, I thought he was from the IRS. But no news after that whatsoever.My advice, at least for the winter tires, try to find another place with a little more knowledge. I am sure their service is good but they lost me on this one.

Review №32

I have come here a few times and had all positive experiences. They have consistently been courteous and on schedule. I would recommend them to anyone

Review №33

Staff there are very professional! The service is great and pricing is affordable! Definitely going to be taking my car there for repairs and regular maintenance from now on!!!

Review №34

Ive been a customer here since 2010 when I moved to the area. They have always been excellent at getting you in right away when you have a problem. If something is wrong with their repairs they always take care of it quickly. Prices are pretty standard but they always try to get you parts for the best price. Service is very good they take the time to discuss your car with you in depth and patiently explain your issue and options. First time I went there my SUV transmission as acting up a little, the guy suggested servicing the system might save money and get more time out of it. That worked out well and saved me a bunch, great place!

Review №35

I find this funny..25 years ago I had a problem with them. I thought after all this time, I would give them a second chance. Three times they told me that they would get back to me, and three times they didnt...I guess Ill spend my $1,500 somewhere else.

Review №36

Great professionalism, wasnt worried about leaving my baby with them, took great care of it an did the job right i couldnt be happier

Review №37

Went there to get mt inspection sticker. They told me I needed new tires....well they are a tire place so duh. I got new tires...they charged me for things they said were free...and didnt give me a oass sticker! Now Im visually impaired so I couldnt read my receipt until I got home. Dont go here unless you like getting ripped off.

Review №38

Everyone of the employee family, have exceptional, caring, and knowledgeable...Stellar customer service...the best....!!

Review №39

Excellent customer service!! So appreciative of everyone there, they really helped me out of a jam and did it on the fly. Thanks to the entire staff.

Review №40

Hrrat servicr good prices helped by me out when i was stranded been going back ever since

Review №41

The first time I went there was great. I got a inspection, got a couple of things fixed, they did a good job and gave me a great price.Every time since then... not so much. They do the same job but call it premium and charge four times as much (without asking if thats what you want, of course). And the car comes out worse than it did when you were paying less.Honestly, Id avoid this place. It seems completely hit or miss on what they will charge you and the quality of work. There are plenty of mechanics so do yourself a favor and find one that doesnt play games like this.

Review №42

Cant say enough about how helpful these guys have been for us! Started with tire purchase and have helped us thru a bunch of repairs.... definitely recommend!

Review №43

I visited New England Tire in Attleboro about 6 months back to have my radiator replaced. Prior to that to get my exhaust fixed. Everything seemed to be running fine but about 3 months later my coolant began to run low. I took it to another location for brakes and they found the muffler was barely hanging on and the weld New England Tire had done was not done properly. The new mechanics promptly fixed that issue for me. a month after that when I found my fluid was running low we discovered my intake had been cracked and that was the reason for the issue. After talking to the mechanics at the new location they told me it wasnt something that wasnt wear and tear. I am disgusted knowing they would put a car on the road that is not properly fixed and could lead to bigger problems.The guys at New England Tire seemed to be helpful but they give you quotes for new jobs for wear and tear such as struts. I had the other mechanics look at them and they couldnt find anything wrong at all with them (I was able to look myself since I do know a thing or two about cars). They are too busy trying to up-sell. Do not go here for anything. They will take your money and make sure you need to come back to them for more. Not an honest place to get work done at. Dont go for a ride at their cost.Response to Owner- I just corrected my last name in google. You should be able to find me in the system now. Either Under St. Amand or Amand.

Review №44

Always a wonderful, professional service. Great team! Great job!

Review №45

Absolutely best service, very fair pricing and work was done when promised. I will never go any place else!

Review №46

These guys are always straightforward, patient, and affordable. We recently had a mystery noise that was difficult to diagnose and they spent alot of time finding it, at no additional cost.

Review №47

Just moved to MA so I needed a MA inspection sticker, and I had a message saying a light bulb was out. Brought my car in to New England Tire Care Center, asked them to replace the bulb and give me an inspection sticker. While I was in the waiting room, the attendant told an elderly lady she had too much play in her tie rod and it needed to be replaced. When he came back out to me, surprise surprise, my tie rod needed to be replaced. The only problem with that is that I JUST HAD IT DONE 2 WEEKS AGO! Told him to forget it and give me my car back. They charged me $30 in labor to replace a $7 light bulb. WTF? DO NOT trust these people.

Review №48

After a bad situation occurred, Im updating this review from 1 star to 4 because I received a call last week from one of the owners indicating that errors had been made at the store level. He rectified the situation and apologized so in all fairness I must say that although it never should have happened, he resolved it and was very nice. I give him an A+ in customer satisfaction.

Review №49

My fiancé and I always go here. The owner is usually around and is willing to work with you on pricing on big repairs. A lot of the times they can even get you in for a same day appointment. They are fairly priced and always have coupons which is great, you just have to keep an eye out for them. Ive only had one bad experience here when the owner was gone for a week or so because, as i was told, he was either opening a new store or training a new manager, and a gentleman that was covering for him pressured me into getting synthetic oil stating that my prius was only supposed to be getting synthetic and that I had been using the wrong oil this whole time. Then I mentioned I had a coupon in my car which he told me not to worry about it and that he would give me a discount. End of story, he charged me for more than the coupon that I had and no, I dont only have to use synthetic. I still continue with servicing our cars here because it was only one person and that does not reflect on the rest of the amazing staff, I just make sure I double check my facts with a little research and check with the couple of staff members that I know and trust if I have any questions.

Review №50

Not happy. I bought 4 new tires and was told it was one they always had in stock. I scheduled an appointment and after taking off my old tires they tell me they dont have the ones I asked for in stock but they could give me something else for a little less money. I did my research and knew what I wanted. They tried the bait and switch but I refused. They went to another location to get the tires but 1 hour turned into 3. They honored a competitors price so I would have gave them 3 stars but the car is shaking and they made it sound like I was crazy when I called to report it. My husband called and they made an appointment to bring it back. Rude and a waste of time.

Review №51

It was a snowy morning and the trip to New England Tire was a slow cautious journey I was long overdue for a little safety and 4 nrw tires and a 4 wheel alignment was coming my way. Rolling Smooth Now..... Excellent Customer Service. Waiting room had Free Wi-Fi always a plus. Overall time of the job was just over an hour. I also bought a set of Goodyear Eagles from this store for a different vehicle. About a week after my purchase I received in the mail a thank you packet with coupons for future visits, this was a big surprise and greatly appreciated. This shop seems to be operated in a very professional manor. Next time I need tires, Ill go back.

Review №52

We have always had a great experience with New England Tire. Derek has always been genuine and a pleasure to work with!

Review №53

They are competitively priced and have friendly staff!

Review №54

Very understanding to my situation Derek service manager very courteous he explain in detail work that needed to be done I had a transmission line and the rear brakes done this is definitely A + Service in my book did not feel any pressured

Review №55

They even put the windshield wipers on. Excellent service.

Review №56

No problems, staff was real professional which is nice these days.Downtown so you can get something to eat or hang out at the next door library while you get tires instead of needing a ride from somebody.

Review №57

First class experience the whole way. In and out with a blown tire in an hour or so on a Saturday.

Review №58

Called for a last minute inspection. They took me in just before closing . Great service! Will be back.

Review №59

They get the job done & Reasonable.

Review №60

This is your go to place for ALL your needs. They are day helpful and dont over charge for things you dont need

Review №61

Fixed my tire for a little under $30.I thought the tire had a leak, they checked and found none. Turns out the nozzle for the where you would pump air in had been damaged. Left it over night and got it back the next morning. Had no problems with them.

Review №62

They gave me an inspection and fixed my hood release that wasnt working well / resulting in the hood being hard to shut. I admittedly didnt check for a couple of months but I one day went to open my hood and the release wouldnt work altogether. Had to go to a dealership to get it fixed and it cost a lot of money.

Review №63

Very helpful and friendly. They never try to upsell you.

Review №64

Replaced tires on company vehicle.

Review №65

Bit on the expensive side I feel that they try to upsell

Review №66

I do not trust my truck with anyone else. The people who work there are knowledgeable and friendly.In response to the other reviews-- working on cars and diagnosing them is a really annoying process.One of the commentors mentioned that New England Tire said tie rod had been replaced. Yet, commentor said he had already replaced the tie rod elsewhere, and suggested that New England Tire was lying. It should be noted that cars have two tie rods, and you may have only replaced one. You probably learned that when you inspection sticker expired.Another commentor mentioned the battery draining issue. Given what was happening with your car, that the battery was draining, it was natural for the diagnostics to guess that it was your battery or alternator, as those are the parts that TYPICALLY fail on a vehicle. They probably got thrown off when none of these parts solved the problem, and then guessed that maybe the part fromn the manufacturer was bad. A drain from the radio is not somewhere you would usually look to solve the problem. Replacing the parts was part of the diagnostics to find the issue. Unfortunately, this is the way some car problems are solved.

Review №67

Always helpful. Good service

Review №68

They have what you need but the customer service lacked. People were rude and pushy

Review №69

Was cooler when I have my guy working there.

Review №70

Waited way too long for a simple oil change

Review №71

There always friendly helpfully and dont try to push unneeded repairs

Review №72

I always get fair service here. I will continue to be a customer of theirs for all my car needs.

Review №73

Awsome people owners are always around

Review №74

The employees are nice and helpful.

Review №75

Good mechanic

Review №76

Good customer service.

Review №77

Had breaks done great service and pricing

Review №78

NE Tire Owner and Employees care about their business and most importantly their Customers. Received a faulty battery $150 installed. They picked it up and replaced at no charge. Both my vehicles get their TLC @ NET.

Review №79

Depends on which one you go to..

Review №80

The best automotive service you can get

Review №81

Awesome service....

Review №82

Courteous, friendly, competent, clean.

Review №83

High prices

Review №84

To pricey

Review №85


Review №86


Review №87

Excellent service

Review №88

Very responsible

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