2045 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States
Review №1

Buy Speed Queen, since Maytag was bought by Whirlpool they closed down the old Newton, Iowa plant and laid off everyone and cheapened their product. Speed Queen makes their stuff a lot tougher and have been the makers of those laundry mat washer/dryers that last forever. This place is the best in the area and carry the entire line of Speed Queen which are still made in Wisconsin.

Review №2

I recently purchased 3 Whirlpool appliances a microwave, washer and dryer.I love the appliances! My Appliabce Land Sales Associate was Dette Keany. She is the best in the trade. She is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Easy to work with and always available. My experience with her was a joy.So I would be remiss if I didnt tell you about the excellent delivery service from Jolly and Jasmine.These men did an excellent job, keeping me informed of arrival and being on time, had every tool needed to complete the set up and installation in a timely manner. Cleaned up was outstanding. Asked if I had any questions. I highly recommend Appliance Land at 2045 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland for any and all appliances you may need.Mildred

Review №3

Great deals to be had. Det will hook you up

Review №4

Large selection of name brand appliances, personal service with no pressure, price matching and delivery service. I have bought 3 appliances over the past few years and am very happy with their services.

Review №5

I would not recommend ApplianceLand to anyone, go to Best Buy or Lowes or anywhere. The manager of Annapolis store and the delivery men were extremely disrespectful, hostile and openly annoyed at having to rectify their mistakes. The initial crew brought me a dented machine. The second crew damaged my hard wood floors. walls, washing machine pan and were openly hostile/scary. The third crew white man was annoyed by the multiple visits to my house because they had to take away the second machine because it was bouncing around and feet were broken so they couldnt level it out it was also missing a lint filter. It took them 2 attempts to level, he had to clean out dryer tube because dust and socks were stuck up inside. They eventually decided to put a piece of cardboard under it to level and screwed the new pan to the floor. After they left, It was still not level and shaking, I had to eventually get my brother in law to my home to rectify. He put real shims under it, leveled machine and moved pan and sealed the screws (that they didnt do). Dealing with this company was a genuine nightmare, I would urge customers to go somewhere else. It literally took 2 months to get this resolved and eventually I had to make it right. They gave me some money for the damages to my home but did not pay the full estimate saying it would need to go to their insurance company. Customer beware!!!!!

Review №6

No one likes to hear the news its cheaper to buy a new washer than to fix a 6 years old Maytag. I should of bought a Speed Queen six years ago but settled on a Maytag. Today, I called one place and like usual sold out and so I decided to to call Applianceland. Seems they are about $ 300 to 750 less on Speed Queen washers than a competitor, plus Dette sounded friendly and knowledgable. So she explained warranties, the models and what she has an stock. She strongly suggested stainless steel lines, which I sorta said no. However, she asked would I like a line blow out, that is a no. I got the stainless steel lines which were cheaper than Lowes rubber lines six years ago.

Review №7

They didn’t have what we needed.But they were honest and up front about it.Told us when we COULD pick up a fridge.Where we could go to get it faster.They, like lots of places, are sold out right now.No hard sell or ‘bait and switch’, just honest and transparent.

Review №8

Great service we will definitely be going back again

Review №9

I took my mother, in her 70s, to look for a new refrigerator. ApplianceLand was our first stop among three planned. TJ greeted us when we walked in the door and told us to let him know if we needed any assistance, then he let us walk around and browse without being interrupted. No hard sell approach.My mom had it in mind to replace the stove and above-range microwave, which I only found out while we were browsing. She found a very nice refrigerator, we went back to TJ and he must have spent an hour patiently and politely answering her questions, discussing different options and brands, etc. He really knows his stuff.He wrote down prices for her and next to them wrote down the prices from the other two places we were planning to visit. They were right in line with what Id researched for her, already; competitive, in other words.He talked about delivery and installation services and she ended up ordering all three appliances.I cannot stress enough how difficult a shopper she can be when major purchases are involved. TJ was patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. He discussed realistic delivery dates given manufacturing backlogs due to Covid. That, plus the transparency and the no-pressure approach sealed the deal.Highly-recommended, do your research and start here; you wont need to go anywhere else.

Review №10

Wish I could give this place more stars. After a big box store put off delivery over and over again, we went to Applianceland. They told us what was in stock, got it ordered and delivered so quickly. They were even early on delivery day. Honestly, we should have just gone to them first. It would have saved us so many phone calls and emails. Smaller, local is better! I would still be waiting on my appliances from that other store.

Review №11

Had the pleasure of meeting TJ today. I was looking for appliances for an entire kitchen. He was sooo rude and wasn’t helpful at all. I didn’t know what I was looking for with brands but I did know the sizes I mentioned LG and he said he refused to sell me LG or Samsung. I asked for a price and he told me he wouldn’t give me a list with individual prices on it because he had his own list. I have never been treated this disrespectful. He was the rudest person I ever met. I would not recommend anyone going to this place. If I could give it zero stars I would.

Review №12

Applianceland is one of the best places to shop for good appliances. They never disappoint..

Review №13

Ordered a new refrigerator on August 17th, 2020. We were given a delivery date of October 8th, no refrigerator, no phone call from Appliance Land in Annapolis. They dont even know where the refrigerator we ordered is! They have no idea when we will see the refrigerator we paid for in full. 😞

Review №14

Installation/delivery personnel were excellent!!! Sales person at Annapolis store failed to follow up on numerous requests, but management from the Rockville location (headquarters) addressed the issues and resolved the matter to my satisfaction.

Review №15

Great washing machine. Awful customer service. Delivery guys had problems hooking up water lines so machine couldnt be checked properly. BF and I were able to figure out the problem and bought new hoses, etc. But the professionals should have been able to figure this out. Called our salesman who had a big story about how they werent responsible. Yadda yada

Review №16

Appliance Land is a GREAT business, the showroom, product choices, installation, and SERVICE (which is impossible to find these days!!). They are also a LOCALLY owned business, and we always try and support our local businesses. We recommend them highly to everyone, and weve been customers for over 15 years. Never disappointed. In fact, recently Tony, the owner, came out to the house on a tricky install. Luke (our salesman in the Annapolis showroom) is the best, too - he has worked with us many times and is always looking out for our best interests. Also, they offer the best in long-term warranties - both in cost and service. Bravo to this local Maryland business! Call them or - better yet - stop in to see them at a local showroom. They will take great care of you.

Review №17

Sales staff were incredibly knowledgable and helpful in assisting in our decision to purchase a new washer/dryer. Save yourself the trip to those other appliance stores, head to ApplianceLand. Youll receive better attention to all details of any appliance youre searching for. I guarantee it.

Review №18

Had a great experience buying our new washer and dryer. Did a lot of research to find a replacement for our 22 year old Kenmore (they dont make them to last as long anymore). Loved the reviews for the Speed Queen, Applianceland was the only place I could find them in the Annapolis area. Our sales person, Jerry Walker, was knowledgeable and low pressure (just the way we like it). Helped us purchase our new appliances, had them delivered yesterday, ON TIME and uneventful (also they way we like it). Very happy with this buying experience and will return should we need any additional appliances.

Review №19

I just finished a major renovation which included all new bathrooms and kitchen. Appliance Land supplied all of my appliances and cabinets for my kitchen and bathrooms. I worked with them for almost 2 years and became friends with all of the staff especially Aaryn the Designer.Along with being very professional she went above and beyond to make my renovation experience less stressful and fun.I would highly recommend Appliance Land for any of your future projects.

Review №20

Very knowledgeable employees, courteous, and helpful. You can bet that we will make our appliance purchases from there.

Review №21

Appliance Land pricing is great and the service is the most important aspect of our purchase. A kitchen remodel brings about many timing challenges and Jerry Walker worked right with us to provide assistance every step along the process. If you go to an alternate location you do not get the needed service. Job well done !!!!!!!!!!

Review №22

I recently made two separate orders from the Annapolis Store over the past few months. Each time I walked into the store I was greeted nicely with great service. The installers Joe and Tony made several trips because of the separate orders. They were professional and efficient. I would definitely use Appliance Land again.

Review №23

I regret buying my appliances from Appliance Land. They positioned themselves as a company that provides great customer service but that was far from my experience. I spent over $15K in appliances and they forgot to deliver part of my order. I had to follow up numerous times and they still left me with empty promises. Biggest issue is that they blame each other and no one owns the issue. The only time you get a timely response is when a payment is due. Dont believe what you hear.

Review №24

Sales staff answered all my questions which I felt was done honestly. Luke Estop was very helpful. Warranty cost was great! Delivery was painless - came when they said and hook up was done quickly and efficiently. Never used Appliance Lane before but will again the the future!

Review №25

Great group of people at Appliance Land of Annapolis, I dealt with TJ with my speed queen washer purchase on Halloween Day, he mentioned to me the store was closing at 5pm as opposed to 8pm due to the festive day - he offered to stay past closing hours to assist me with my purchase!!No pressure at all from any of the staff, they answered every question of mine in detail and not once did I feel I was being taken for a ride. Im very happy with my washer purchase and once my dryer craps out, Ill be buy to buy a SQ dryer as well.Thanks.Val

Review №26

We tried to purchase a new refrigerator from a local big box store but the included free delivery guys refused to deliver it twice! They said it was too big to fit it our house even after we got the sliding glass doors open wider. We finally canceled the order and went to ApplianceLand wit our very unhappy 6 month old who wouldn’t nap. They could not have been more helpful despite the squirmy baby! We ended up with a BIGGER refrigerator than the first one and the delivery was perfectly smooth. From the time we opened the door to the time they left, the guy was all about service and had a genuine smile on his face. The customer service at ApplianceLand starts when they open the door for you and continues at the same caliber through delivery. It’s true what they say, you get what you pay for! Although, evidently, you don’t get what you paid for when you shop at the big box store, at least not when you ask them to deliver it! Go to ApplianceLand first!

Review №27

I am thrilled with Applianceland just received my new washer and dryer and have the first load of clothes in. It is quiet and efficient.The dealer replaced our defective Kitchen Aid stove after we had 2 service visits without success. They brought a brand new one and was very understanding about our problem of not having the broiler work on a new appliance. We have replaced our entire kitchen and they are wonderful to work with, thank you Luke and Chris.The delivery team is top quality and only deliver for Appliance land. Tony and Joe were on time, friendly and efficient.

Review №28

Chris Pantene, Appliance Land Manager, was instrumental with helping me resolve issues with a new refrigerator. In addition, he searched long and hard to find a microwave which would fit into a small space. I appreciate his help and enjoy the microwave!

Review №29

We just bought a new fridge there. Our salesman was courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable, and when he didnt know something he found out the answer for me. He didnt pressure us but gave us good guidance based on what our priorities were. He clearly explained the options available to us for delivery and installation, everything happened as he said it would. The delivery and install guys were running a bit late but called well in advance of their appointment time to let me know and even though it had been a long day for them and mine was their last stop and presented some tricky delivery and install issues, they were super-friendly, courteous, and professional. I will absolutely be back and will encourage others to patronize this business as well.

Review №30

I stopped on my way back to our condo I Annapolis and had never notice this store before. I have been to Home Depot, Sears, Best Buy and Lowes. Luke Esop took the time to answer all of my questions and show me the different gas stoves that are available. I certainly will place my order with this company. I hope the install is as good as the information and attention I got from Luke today

Review №31

Nice, clean store with very personable, knowledgable staff.

Review №32

Wish I could say something positive, but the customer service at the Annapolis store is nothing worth bragging about. Purchased a Kitchenaid stove, hood, dishwasher, and refrigerator all in black stainless steel. Delivery attendants were also unsatisfactory. The Kitchenaid products are not standing up to the hype either. It hasnt been a good experience. Simply, not happy ... they dont respect the customer once the sale is made. I do not recommend Applianceland to anyone who is looking for some responsible and personable attention.Hi Chris, thanks for your response. Ive called you -- you arent answering your phone and theres no option to leave you a voicemail.

Review №33

Staff was great bit didnt have what I needed

Review №34

They were really helpful and I was able to pick up a new range that was a model better and at a better price than the lesser stove at other big box retailers in the area.

Review №35

We have had a great experience with Chris Patane, who has been so helpful and knowledgeable, as well as accommodating of our special needs for delivery. We bought a Kitchenaid stove, dishwasher, and hood, and it was a great experience.

Review №36

My husband and I cant say enough about Appliance Land...we were recommended to them from our electrician, Nick Haramis when our dishwasher died...went to the showroom in Annapolis on 5/31/16 and we were helped by Luke Esop who walked us through the many diswashers they had on display...we picked the one we wanted, and could not believe they could put it in the next day....we had it installed on 6/1/16 and the 2 technicians were amazing...had the old one out and new new one in within 1 hour...if you are ever looking for new appliances, please consider Appliance Land on West Street in Annapolis....

Review №37

Takes a week for a dryer to get to store for pickup by customer. Had I known it would take that long, would have went elsewhere.

Review №38

BEWARE!! Spent over $7000 on Kitchenaid appliances. Called store and spoke to Chris (manager) who sold us the Kitchenaid crap. Within a year the $2800 frig was getting rust spots. NO WARRANTY on stainless after SIX months. I think he forgot to mention that feature when we were writing our check. He asked about a half dozen times what cleaner we were using and it was what they sold us at the store when we bought the appliances. He suggested some other non-recommended stuff that was on-line but THAT WAS THE EXTENT OF THE SERVICE. Tried the cleaner-did not work. Frig is worse than ever and now the ice maker is broken and we dont service from our store but here is a local guy. Dishwasher also now has rust on it. UPDATE 4/28/17. The $500 Kitchenaid microwave, which is about 4 years old (all these appliances are in a condo we occupy part-time) now will not shut off and almost burned our condo down. Just sent ANOTHER email to Kitchenaid and Appliance Land, which I expect will generate NO response. I may have to go to the store with a big sign one day and let prospective customers know to beware.

Review №39

We purchased a large side by side refridgertor from Chris at their Annapolis store. He was very knowlegable, spent lots of time with us, and gave us a great price. He could not have been more courteous. He did not batt an eye when we told him that the very large almost three hundered pound refrigerator would have to be taken over the top of our peninsula island and set down on the other side. We do it all the time. No problem, if you plywood the counter before he delivery men get there.I padded the counter top and covered it with a piece of plywood with a couple of wood strips screwed to itos edges to protect the top and sides of the counter as per my agreement with Chris and evrything went perfectly smoothly. The delivery men were just as courteous and very careful. They arrived within the 2 our window that was promised.Put my 5 star review with the rest of them.saildaleKent Island

Review №40

Good deals, excellent staff, and great installers

Review №41

Will not buy from this company again. This place is rude and not very helpful. Kevin Dunkin is a poor saleman. Could not be bothered to get up from his desk to help me with my selection and load my equipment onto my trailer. I paid $2,679.00 plus tax for a CGS985setss GE Cafe Range and was told that I had to help load the stove. Make sure you look on the internet for pricing before you buy. I was told that I was wrong on items I had bought from another store. Stay away from the Annapolis store. I asked to talk to management and was told that it would not get me anywhere.

Review №42

The cabinet showroom is beautiful!

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