Desert Sun Honda
1501 Hwy 70 W, Alamogordo, NM 88310, United States
Desert Sun Honda
Review №1

We bought our Honda online and had it shipped to us in another state. While we had some hesitation completing the purchase from afar, Devin our salesperson was very responsive and addressed all our questions and concerns and made us feel entirely comfortable throughout the process. Randey helped us complete all the paperwork electronically as well which was super convenient. Our car was transported safely to our home within several days in perfect condition and we couldnt be more please with it and our overall experience at Desert Sun Honda.

Review №2

Bought a new Honda Odyssey - actually was only going to check it out but ended up purchasing it. Cameron was excellent in answering all our questions and helping us along the process. A friendly and honest dealership! Thank you: Cameron, Devin, Randy and Saul.

Review №3

The service department was great. Fast service, friendly, explained the process. I was in and out in no time. No complaints here. Just great service.

Review №4

Financing department was very shady in selling my mother a extended warranty claiming it covered everything down to maintenance, but it really doesnt. Service department is all but useless, tried diagnosing the vehicle based on assumptions, have had to take the car in multiple times for one issue and they can never seem to get it right. Just another bad case of why you should look into who you franchise to, they make honda look bad.

Review №5

Avoid this place like the plague. This place is basically a shady used car dealership disguised as a new car lot. If youre strictly a Honda lover I suggest driving to Las Cruses or El Paso. THIS PLACE IS GARBAGE

Review №6

Actually went to get my Ram 3500 serviced. They got me in and out as quickly as possible. Gave my truck the service requested and a little extra. Not disappointed!

Review №7

Great staff but the oil change price is ridiculous. I have had 3 civics over time since 2007 and been getting my oil change at the dealership every time. I never paid more than $70 (usually about 50s and I verified this with years of receipts) but this dealership charged $95! It was almost double the price from my last oil change 4 months ago. How’s it more expensive to get my oil changed at this dealership than other dealerships I been in multiple states. I’ll go to another dealership in El Paso or Las Cruces whenever I visit/drive-through them.

Review №8

Bought a nice 2021 Honda Civic and with the help of Cameron was able to get a price I was comfortable with

Review №9

Highly recommend this car dealership. Purchased a beautiful Tacoma with an amazing apr & got the trade price I wanted all same day.Ask for Bryan.

Review №10

Dont like the way they do business ask them to only run my credit in certain places and they took it upon their self to run with it little snotty

Review №11

I love desert Sun

Review №12

Convenient appointment time. Maintenance handled promply.

Review №13

Brandon and Becky in the service department always have the best attitudes. Their customer service is wonderful. They always deliver on time or early. And their work is top notch. We’ve really loved the service from Desert Sun Honda.

Review №14

I love that Desert Sun took over our local Honda Dealership! Now I feel comfortable bringing my vehicle in to have it serviced again, the Honda technician Bill is great, and the service and sales people are awesome! Thank you Desert Sun!!

Review №15

Quick, good service! Thanks Brandon!

Review №16

Went in to get a diagnostic on my civic and was told that I needed a $3,800 repair done to my car worth $2,300. I was hesitant at first due to the astronomical price of the quote, so I took it to another mechanic to verify. Found out all I needed to do was replace and sensor and my car is running perfectly again. STAY AWAY from this place (now called Desert Sun Honda). They are no good

Review №17

I just leased a 2020 Honda HR-V EX from Desert Sun Honda and I LOVE my Honda. I live in Las Cruces and they even delivered my new Honda to me. Justin Ligon is the BEST as I also give KUDOS to Saul Velasco and Steve Irick for GREAT customer service. Rest assured, all the staff at Desert Sun will go the extra mile to make your deal happen. If for any reason you are NOT happy, speak to General Manager Steve, as he CAN make things happen. Therefore certainly, I will lease or purchase my next Honda from Desert Sun. With that said, take care, stay safe, and God Bless! Desert Doug 😃

Review №18

Much improvement from last ownership.

Review №19

Brandon was awesome! My vehicle had a full service done and everything came out great!

Review №20

Sales people were very helpful and listened to what it was I was looking for in an SUV. I told them my budget and they helped me to get what I wanted in my price range. When it came time to purchase they made the process quite painless and carefully explained everything I needed to know. They were very responsive ... yet, not pushy ... allowing me time to do my own research and think through my purchase.

Review №21

Great Customer Service. Very helpful Automotive staff as well as the rest. Just all around good place for service on your auto or to buy a new one.

Review №22

The shop foreman was very helpful. Jack key auto dealer was purchased by Desert Sun.

Review №23

Mr. Peacock and the other members of the service team were outstanding.

Review №24

Great service and Knowledgeable . thanks Cameron.

Review №25

Becky and Brandon are great! Excellent service 👍

Review №26

Good deals great service

Review №27

Retired car dealer here. My wife and I moved here to retire and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Stopped into Jack Key Honda to see what they had and started to immediately notice all the scummy practices. Every trick a bad car dealer can pull was used on me, obviously thinking they could take advantage of my age. I walked right out and will never go there again. Take it from a old man who knows a thing or two, this place is no good.

Review №28

Took my 2003 Honda CRV in because it was making a strange noise and the tires felt wobbly at a certain speed. I was told to get new tires which I did. When it didnt solve my problem I went online to Ask Mr. Honda and he answered that I needed new transmission fluid so I got that work done and problem was solved. I told the service manager that she should mention this at their next staff meeting.

Review №29

Experienced problem with car window. Could not get rear window to close. Stopped in unannounced just short of 5 and assistant manager got the car in, window up, a replacement part ordered, and an appointment first thing following morning. Prompt and efficient service - many thanks to assist mgr and mechanic.

Review №30

Family just experienced horrible customer service. We bought some key fobs online (knowingly taking a risk - weve successfully done this before on another vehicle) and they told us itd be ~$60 to program whether or not it works. Fine. We accept that risk. After we come to find out it doesnt work, we hear some lady employee saying Thats what they get for buying it online. Unnecessary. We had to wait awhile for that programming too because we heard a technician say he didnt want to do the job and wait for someone else. Im guessing that job bills an hour of work and takes about an hour to do. Obviously just speculating why he didnt want to do it. Finally, the debit card system was down. They offered to take my card info to run it later, but I was suspicious. I paid cash. It cost $60.80. I gave $61 cash. Young lady calculated on her phone and I got 2 cents back. We had to explain to her that 0.2 is not 2 cents, but 20 cents. Dont mean to talk bad about her education, its probably not their fault and couldve been an honest mistake. But it was just an overall bad experience. They did cut the keys, and they do manually work, so theres that.

Review №31

Brand new Pilot, moved here, got an oil change, and the Pilot was leaking oil and the interior lights when the doors are opened no longer worked. So my Pilot although had new oil, it left it worse condition than it came in(New Oil good--leaking oil filter + interior lights not working bad). I called a week later to get an appointment to get it fixed--25 min later on hold, and then they said they would call back-- 2 hours later said they could get to it. You would think fixing their own mistakes would be a priority?!?!!?

Review №32

Recommended unnecessary brake and other work. Now it was just a recommendation and they didnt try to scare me into doing it (as in youre going to die if you dont). Still, in my opinion looking at the brakes (verified later by an independent mechanic) they were a long way from needing to be worked on.Service is a distinctly different function from sales and the sooner these folks get that straightened out the better off theyll be.

Review №33

Came in driving our new Honda from Phoenix, after the tire pressure light came on. Service department took us in right away and fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes (tires were over-inflated!). Great service, no charge, and highly recommend.

Review №34

Both times I have come in for routine maintenance, I have sat here for 4 hours or more (had an appointment both times). I made it clear that I needed the car to be done at a certain time to make it to an important appointment, and here I am still waiting, going to be at least an hour late. They also claim that I need parts replaced that were newly installed by other shops. I wont be back again.

Review №35

Made an appointment for an oil change, when I arrive the desk worker mentions that I am the first person in a long time to schedule an appointment for an oil change. Decided i would wait for it to be finished. Shouldnt be too long of a wait because i made an appointment, right? Over an hour later it isnt done and the desk worker has decided that now is a good time to inform me that they dont schedule appointments for oil changes but it would be done in fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes turns into another hour. Should have told me when i called that there isnt appointments for oil changes or at the very least when i arrived. Poor service.

Review №36

Took my truck in for new airbags which was a recall and to program my keys great experience done quicker than expected everyone so really nice😁

Review №37

Didnt want to honor our free oil changes because we purchased our Accord from a different dealer....

Review №38

I was at jack key recently and it was the best experience ive ever had in dealing with dealerships. Im very happy with my 2017 jeep renehade a big thanks to my car salesman. Charles. The entire crew was amazing. Thank you

Review №39

This place is a joke. They have vehicles advertised on the website that they dont actually have. Never respond to emails or online forms.

Review №40

Good people

Review №41

New management, new sales persons. Not willing to work with you.

Review №42

This place is closed. It has been bought by Toyota but Google did not reflect that.

Review №43

They are money hungry liars, our trade in was not paid off until three months after we traded in. They laughed at our faces about getting our trade in back while we had Honda finance headquarters telling us we can since they havent sent over the payments within 15 minutes of signing papers. This was poor customer service after we made the deal. I wouldnt recommend this place to no one.

Review №44

Horrid, tried to charge us for unnessary things, new takeover and they dont know what their doing.Brandon, who is suppose to be head of service dept, total liar, doesnt return calls, o er charges for stuff not needed.when asked to speak to manager, they told us there was none.very shady

Review №45

They service my Dodge Ram Truck! Great place!

Review №46

Great employes and terrific service all around. GO Jack Key HONDA

Review №47

The dealership was completely dishonest and wasted hours of my time.

Review №48

Were able to put me in my charger the same day

Review №49

Better off at Vision Ford

Review №50

Good mechanics

Review №51

Woman supervisor in parts department was not personable

Review №52

Bought my car here two years ago and they have treated me well, and dinner all the maintenance with a smile.

Review №53

They try to find you financing

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Its closed

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  • Phone:+1 575-437-7530
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  • Sunday:8AM–7PM
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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